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Day 42 in the Big Brother house
It’s day 42 in the Big Brother house. Read on to find out what...
| Day -331

It’s day 42 in the Big Brother house. Read on to find out what the Housemates have been getting up to and share your thoughts on tonight’s highlights show.


The Big Brother house is waking to its second day in The Wild West for this weeks shopping task. Housemates wake up and noticed that the garden has been transformed into Wild West featuring a rocky river. Yesterday Sheriff Conor and Deputy Caroline have split the housemates into three teams: The Good, The Bad and the Really Ugly. What they don’t know is that each group is competing for the ultimate prize – immunity from today’s nominations.

Luke S and Sara are in the garden talking about Luke A. Sara mentions that Luke A is too “moody.” “He does my head in,” Luke S tells her as she continues: “I just don’t know what the f**k I’ve done to him!” “I just don’t think he likes anyone,” Luke S adds and mentions that Luke A only seems to like Adam and Lauren. They both think that Luke A has a “split personality.”

In the bedroom, Really Ugly Housemate Luke A is suspicious and thinks there’s a big twist in this week’s task. “Big Brother must think we’re stupid,” he muses and tells Scott that Scott’s team deserved to win yesterday’s dancing challenge. “I think it was for a reason,” he says but Scott is unsure. Lauren enters the bedroom and asks Luke A where his winner’s badge has gone. “I’ve chucked it, it’s not a good thing to come falsely first,” he quips. Lauren and Scott reassure Luke A that there is nothing strange going on and that The Really Ugly housemates deserved their win. “Something’s definitely going on,” Luke A muses. Scott leaves the bedroom and Luke A quips, “He knows,” and tells Lauren that Scott will probably head off to the bathroom and speak to Caroline and Lauren rushes out to check.

Scott and Caroline are in the bathroom. “Oh s**t!” Scott exclaims as he sees Lauren watching him across the garden. He mentions the conversation he just had in the bedroom and tells Caroline: “They probably think I’m in here b****ing to you about it.” “They were probably talking about me then?” Caroline spits but Scott tells her it was a general conversation. In the bedroom Luke A worries and asks Lauren: “What if we’re wrong though?” In the bathroom Caroline is letting off steam but Scott tells Caroline to ignore it.


For today’s Spaghetti Western challenge housemates must go head-to-head in a spaghetti eating competition. The task will be judged by Sheriff Conor and Deputy Caroline. In the bedroom, Lauren and Luke A conspire to “Do badly,” in the task. As the teams tuck into their large pile of spaghetti, Luke A is deliberately chomping slowly. Becky looks worried and raises her concerns to Lauren. “He doesn’t like spaghetti,” Lauren quips. During Lauren’s spaghetti assault she also eats slowly. At the end of the challenge the judges announce that The Good housemates have won the task.


Some of the housemates are in the bedroom. Luke A says that he was put off the task because the pasta was cold. “It was my kryptonite,” he moans. Becky is in the garden complaining about Ugly Housemate Luke A. “Little d**khead,” she shouts during her rant to Luke S. “Is it right that he took on piece of pasta and gagged, oh my God, I’m fuming. He wanted to jeopardise the task!?” she booms. “On a Richter scale of trying your very very hardest and your worst, he was s***e! Playing bloody pranks who does he think he is!?” Becky steams. She refuses to leave the bathroom and tells Luke S: “Tell everyone I’ve died.”


For the final Wild West challenge housemates must pan for gold in the Rocky River. The team who pans the most gold will win a special prize; immunity from tonight’s nominations. Sheriff and Deputy are instructed to weigh the gold, then announce the winners of the Gold Rush challenge. Big Brother also informs the housemates that the winning team will receive immunity from nominations. Sheriff Conor and Deputy Caroline announce that The Good housemates have won the Gold Rush and they all cheer. However, housemates were not only playing for immunity, they were also tasked with collecting a certain amount of panned gold in order to receive a luxury shopping budget. Housemates failed to achieve the amount needed and will therefore receive a basic shopping budget.


The time has come for housemates to nominate. The Good team of Sara, Scott and Luke S have won immunity and therefore cannot be nominated. However, housemates are unaware that Big Brother has a surprise in store; housemates will nominate face-to-face around a camp fire in the garden. The housemates look shocked as Big Brother instructs them to gather around the camp fire as the nomination process is explained. Housemates have been provided with large packs of cards featuring each housemate’s face. Housemates must select the two housemates they each wish to nominate.


Nominations are taking place around the camp fire. During Conor’s nominations he chooses Deana and brands her “devious and sneaky.” Sara’s names Lauren as her second nomination adding: “I don’t know where I stand with you.” At the end of the nominations, housemates Luke A and Lauren were named as the two housemates that would face eviction this week.

On the way back into the house, Sara apologises to Luke A for having nominated him. “It really upset me cos I really do like you,” Luke A tells her.


Some of the housemates are talking about tonight’s nominations. In the bedroom Sara tells Deana that she would like to know where she has gone wrong. “There are always gonna be certain people that are going to nominate me,” Deana bemoans. Luke S is in the kitchen weighing Becky’s boob on the kitchen scales as she giggles. “Are you really weighing your boobs right now?” Adam asks while preparing his meal. “2 ½ ounces!” declares Luke S and they quickly questions if that is correct.

Luke A has come to the diary room. “I feel like s**t, I’m gutted,” he confesses in response to his nomination. “Either way, it’s me or Lauren going. I didn’t realise that people hated me that much, I’ve only ever tried to be nice to people.” He tells Big Brother that he realises that to be liked in the house “you’ve got to be an a***hole.” Luke A says that he feels he has let his family and wife down. “I’m scared of walking out and getting booed,” he worries then sits back adding, “I know I’m being stupid, I need to man-up.”


Housemates are eating dinner. “Something really horrible has happened, my stomachs shrunk!” laments Becky. With the eviction over, Deana is giving Luke A some words of advice. He tells Deana that he is unsure what he has done to warrant his nomination. “You are strong, this is nothing, be proud of what you’ve done,” she encourages. Luke A says that maybe he should have joined in more and Deana asks: “Why do you want these idiots to like you!?” “If we’d have stuck together it would have been different,” Luke A starts, adding: “I’d love for them to know what it feels like to be an outsider, it would be nice to feel popular for a change,” muses Luke A. “F**k ‘em, don’t let them see you upset,” scolds Deana.


Big Brother has gathered housemates on the sofas. Housemates are reminded that they are forbidden to discuss nominations. Big Brother then cites a conversation between Deana and Sara where Deana mentioned that a “certain group” would nominate her. Big Brother then cited an additional conversation between Deana and Luke A. During the conversation Deana mentions that Adam might be up for nominations next week. Luke A mentioned that a particular group in the house had issues amongst themselves. Big Brother tells housemates that because of this rule break housemates will have no hot water until further notice. Deana squirms and looks embarrassed.


Adam is angry about Deana. Meanwhile in the garden Deana tells Luke A that that she feels like crying. “It’s a game show, in the morning you won’t feel as bad as you feel right now,” he reassures her. He tells Deana that Adam is a “decent guy” and that she will just needs to explain and apologise.

Later, Luke A sits down with Adam and explains that Deana is “genuinely sorry,” but cannot understand why Adam is so upset. “It’s been put into their heads,” Adam tells him and says that people may now think to nominate him. “You can only play stupid for so long, it’s always about her,” Adam exclaims.


Deana has come to talk to Big Brother. “I’m so stupid,” she starts and is clearly upset. “I’m supposed to act like a lady and handle myself in a good way, I’m slipping, I want to leave with my head held high.” In the bedroom, Adam announces that he can no longer sleep next to Deana and swiftly moves beds.

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  1. I have watched every episode up until yesterday. As of the moment, reading the recap is better than watching the real show, at least I get to avoid hearing the annoying voices of the insiders. I think I will not watch again unless BB do something to break up the ruling group inside the house.

  2. Raykco on 12:42am July 18 '12

    Tonight (Tuesday), was the first time I have deliberately missed a main show since day 1 of BB in 2000.

    • on 2:10am July 18 '12

      I can’t bring myself to watch it any more either, have decided to just check on web sites for now. 1 st time i’ve not watched an episode from series one. Shan’t watch again unles BULLIES ARE OUT.

      • Fudge on 1:36pm July 18 '12
        MEMBER (1811 COMMENTS)
        Avatar of

        You and Raykco should tell Channel 5 that. Viewers are dropping like flies. I record it, watch it later, and then I can whizz through nastiness and bitching. All in all takes about 7 mins to watch the programme now!!! :giggle:

        • sammyvan on 1:47pm July 18 '12
          MEMBER (1316 COMMENTS)

          Fudge, I get more entertainment from reading the posts here than the show.! Stopped watching on Friday [ for the first time since BB started] after seeing Lauren’s face as she was picked off by that disgraceful gang. Deana is stronger, but even she has her limits – and I cant watch.

  3. chelsea on 7:47am July 18 '12

    I find every show very entertaining and just love adam nice guy :yes:

  4. Conor is Gwennies little bitch on 10:18am July 18 '12

    It’s a GAME SHOW! For those who are hard of thinking, that means, it is a game show.

    If you are getting peeved at this, then heaven knows what will happen when REAL LIFE bites you on the bum.

    Will you stamp your feet and scweam and scweam that it’s not fair either? :angry:

    Now my little bitch Conor is being so nice and kind that he’d be devastated that his public were switching off.

    He would be ideal volunteering for the Samaritans as he is so empathetic and understanding :)

  5. MarkSalem on 12:59pm July 18 '12

    i find it amazing that Lauren was called a grass,are they too thick to realise Big Brother would of seen and acted on them discussing nominations anyway?
    Oh…no…hold on…..retract that…they are too thick.

    • jennyjuniper on 1:12pm July 18 '12
      MEMBER (1179 COMMENTS)

      Exactly. The camera was on Conor the whole time he was flapping his big mouth. Mind you, since BB seems insistant on ignoring his and Carolines persisent rule breaks, perhaps if Lauren hadn’t said anything they would have conveniently ‘missed’ it!!

      • Fudge on 1:34pm July 18 '12
        MEMBER (1811 COMMENTS)
        Avatar of

        :hi: I’ve been wondering the exact same thing! Surely they cannot have forgotten where they are? They are so conscious of everything else they say and do and are constantly playing up to the cameras. It was just an excuse by Caroline et al to gang up on Lauren. Deana is right – they will use an excuse to gang up on her next week, and then Adam the week after. But, oh wait, no Deana you are not allowed to speak the truth. Shame on you. Please, be bitchy instead. You will fit in much better. AAAAGGGGGHHHHH.

        Jenny, please could you go and get a job at Channel 5 and sort this whole damn lot out! Now!

  6. skippy1996 on 1:53pm July 18 '12

    I liked this episode found it very intresting and Lauren proved that she was just as bad as some of the insiders

  7. MarkSalem on 1:57pm July 18 '12

    And if I was one of the hate mob,id be mindful of Becky….no hesitance in ratting Lauren out……..but they probably wouldnt think of that.

  8. Pidän teistä erittäin pljon,toivottavasti nähdään
    elokuussa tai syyskuussa.Terveisin BigBrhoter fani in Finland.

  9. double standards when it comes to rule breaks the insiders are favoured it’s plain to see.

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