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Day 3 in the Celebrity Big Brother house
It’s day 3 in the CBB house. Read on to find out what the house...
Alec | Day -299

It’s day 3 in the CBB house. Read on to find out what the house has been getting up to and share your thoughts on tonight’s show.


It’s the second morning for the celebrities in the Big Brother house. “Cheryl, get that kettle on!” Julie requests as housemates prepare for the day. Julie sneezes then adds: “Now I’ve done it, sneeze, pee, that’s what happens what you get older, it’s nothing to look forward too,” she quips. In the kitchen Julie tells Samantha, “That’s why Bette Davies used to say, ‘Old age ain’t for sissies,’” and they both laugh.

The celebrities are unaware that later today they will nominate face-to-face and Julian and Coleen are in the garden speculating. “We might nominate today, I bet we do,” Coleen tells him but Julian doesn’t think so. “It will be really awful cos we’ve only been here two days, I’m not ready,” she adds.

In the bedroom Jasmine tells some of the housemates: “I hope they do do an eviction tonight, I’m ready to get s**t rocking in this house.” Danica sounds surprised. “I’m being myself in this house so if I do get kicked out for that, I couldn’t have done it any other way,” Jasmine says. She asks Rhian and Danica how long they have known each other and they say around two years. “We’ve only met twice but we’ve known of each other for two years,” Danica explains.

Soap stars Julie and Cheryl are in the kitchen. Cheryl is preparing breakfast for them. “Have you been sent from heaven, you must have?” Julie tells her. Cheryl kisses her admits that she was “scared” about living in the house with Julie prior to coming in. “I thought, oh my God, an icon, a bit scary. I’m so pleased they gave us that task (on the first night).” Julie reassures her and says she is also pleased, “We bonded straight away.” Cheryl says that this experience has taught her a lesson about having “pre conceived ideas” about people. Julie asks Cheryl what ideas she had about her and Cheryl says that she thought Julie would be a diva “wanting people to do things for you.” She continues then I thought, “No, she’s a northern, grounded woman.” “Plus, I’m f**king deranged,” Julie jokes.


Olympic hero Ashley is leading Julian, Samantha and Coleen in a workout. Danica is in the diary room talking about Jasmine. She says that she is the only person she hasn’t “connected” with. “I say good morning and she doesn’t really say hello.” She tells Big Brother that she feels “awkward” in a room alone with Jasmine. “I feel a bit scared, a bit nervous.”


The Situation and Prince Lorenzo are talking about their arrival at the Big Brother house. “It was crazy,” The Situation says. He mentions that he told host Brian Dowling that he would “wing it,” while in the house. “He said you’re gonna win it?” laughs The Situation as he relays the fact that Brian misheard him. Prince Lorenzo and Samantha laugh. “He didn’t even understand my accent,” he continues.

Jasmine is opening up to Coleen about Rhian and Danica. She mentions the girls not being forthcoming about how long they have known each other. “I wonder how close they actually are,” Jasmine questions and tells Coleen that she feels more drawn “to the older peeps.” Coleen says that she likes to “flit between the two” factions in the house.


Julie and Harvey are sharing a banana and she notices that it looks bad. “It’ like a mouldy c**k isn’t it,” she moans and Harvey laughs. “If there was a c**k like that they’d need to go the clinic asap,” Harvey tells her. Julie tells him that it tastes fine, “I’m not eating that after you called it…..” he laughs.” “Suck it and see,” Julie tells him and Harvey laughs. “You must have been alright back in the day,” he tells her. “Was I f**k, all talk and no f**king action,” Julie retorts.

Samantha has come to talk to Big Brother and confesses to being “surprised” by some of her housemates. She praises Ashley and says that he is “cute, determined and very mature,” while Rhian “avoids me like the plague.” She mentions that she has written about Rhian so may not be in a hurry to “forgive me.” She continues: “You know what, don’t’ play with fire, don’t text a married mad.”

Some of the housemates are in the garden. Ashley asks Jasmine is she would ever do porn and she says that she wouldn’t. He asks what the worst thing she would do “on a sexual level,” like “she sells her tits,” he says while pointing to Rhian. Jasmine says she would pose for Playboy magazine but doesn’t have the body for it. She compares the difference in modelling and says that while she is paid to model clothing Rhian is more body focused. She then likens Danica’s line of work to “gold digging,” adding “She’s selling the idea of it.” Rhian says that she and Danica’s line of work are different. “What ever it is she’s doing, she must be doing it good,” she quips. Ashley giggles.


Prince Lorenzo is in the diary room. In the house, Coleen is informs housemates about a secret task; all of the female housemates’ must full-on flirt with Prince Lorenzo, as later today the Prince will get to choose himself a Princess.

A short while later, all of the female housemates get to work with complements, massages and special treatment. At the end of the task Prince Lorenzo chooses Samantha to be his Princess.


Big Brother has provided the royal couple with luxury cupcakes. Some of the housemates are enjoying them in the garden. Danica playful pushes Harvey’s cupcake into his face while she is eating and he quickly returns the prank. Danica chases him around the garden then runs into the kitchen. She asks The Situation to help to clean her up which he does. “I absolutely stink of cake,” she laughs as he wipes her face and smells some of the cake in her hair.

Big Brother has called Prince Lorenzo to the diary room and tells him that Princess Samantha looks bored so he must keep her entertained until further notice; he must also pay his Princess some compliments. Later, Prince Lorenzo strolls arm in arm around the garden with his Princess Samantha, giving her complements about how “nice” her toes are, and beams about the way her hair “glistens.” Samantha laughs and plays along.


Some of the housemates are in the garden talking about the Big Brother experience. Harvey mentions that he will have a good holiday after the show. “I feel like I’m on holiday,” Danica remarks and says that she feels “safe and relaxed” in the house. “Not for long,” quips Jasmine who tells housemates that she can feel trouble brewing, “I can feel it,” she muses. “Be careful what you wish for,” Harvey mumbles.

The Situation is in the diary room talking about Danica. He tells Big Brother that he hasn’t met a girl “that I thought was pretty and with a cool personality, but at the same time a playful personality.” He says that he normally tires quickly of girls but doesn’t think this would happen with Danica who is always nice to him. “Then again, if she does that for a living,” he remarks and tells Big Brother he has a fear of being “played.” He mentions how close they were physically when he was helping to remove the cake from her hair and face. “I guess I feel like she’s’ my kryptonite and I’m Clarke Kent, she will be the death of me.”


Big Brother announces to the housemates that this week’s nominations will be happening shortly. The housemates are shocked and gather on the sofas as instructed. “Whoever gets nominated, no-one take it personally, it’s a game,” Martin encourages. As they prepare to nominate Julie looks stunned, “This is horrible,” she worries. Big Brother tells housemates that they must each choose one housemate to nominate and must do so face to face.

Jasmine is the first housemate to nominate and chooses Danica. “We have very different morals,” she states. “Awkward!” giggles Danica. Next up is Julie who thinks that Coleen “might be missing her family,” so opts for her. Harvey is the third housemate to nominate and chooses Danica as he equates the word “celebrity with genuine talent, I don’t know what she does,” he states. Julian nominates The Situation as he finds him “a bit disrespectful towards women,” and Coleen claims not to have spoken much to Rhian so chooses her to face the public vote.

Prince Lorenzo nominates Jasmine citing that she said she is in the house for her son, “I believe she got exactly what she wanted to do,” he ends. Rhian is next to nominate and chooses Martin as she hasn’t spoken with him as much as she has with other housemates. Ashley is the eighth person to nominate and chooses Prince Lorenzo in line with Rhian’s reasons. Cheryl is up next and opts for Rhian who she hasn’t had any interaction with and also mentions the “problem with cleaning.” Martin nominates Jasmine and also mentions that although “we’ve got a lot in common,” he knows that she is missing her son. Jasmine sits in silence slowly shaking her head.

Samantha nominates Rhian who she feels “harshly judged her” about an article she wrote before speaking to her first. Danica is next to nominate and opts for Jasmine and mentions their differing views adding “I feel slightly awkward if I’m alone with her.” The Situation is the final housemate to nominate and names Coleen, also citing his reasons that she may be missing her family.” Coleen looks bemused and mouths “I’m not.”

Big Brother announces that with three nominations each, Jasmine and Rhian will face the public vote. As the housemates disperse Jasmine questions: “Is that’s what it’s like when you’ve got kids, I’m her for my kid?!” Some of the housemates console Rhian, Martin reminds her, “It’s a game.” Jasmine is sitting alone in the smoking area.


It’s been 12 minutes since Jasmine that she is facing the public vote. The rest of the housemates are reeling at tonight’s events. “I’m shocked at Julie,” Coleen admits and says that she has never said that she is missing her family.

Rhian joins Jasmine in the garden, “It’s you and me missy, we’re in it together,” she sighs. She tells Jasmine that she expected to be up alongside Danica. Jasmine becomes upset and starts, “I put in so much time and effort,” referring to some of the people who nominated her. Harvey joins them and Jasmine begins to cry. “I think she’d more upset about their reasons,” she comments. Jasmine rants: “I explained to that f***er why I’m here, its f**ked-up (to nominate) for the people doing it for their kids!” she shouts. Ashley is sitting with them and quips: “The game has started.”

Prince Lorenzo is in the living area and has noticed that Jasmine is upset. “Shall I go and talk to her?” he asks and heads outside. Jasmine is in the midst of telling housemates that she feels “betrayed,” particularly by the Prince just as he walks towards her. He asks to speak with her and she refuses. “F**k-off you p***k!” she shouts and he is clearly shocked. “I know you came here to get paid.” When Prince Lorenzo returns to the house Jasmine tells her housemates: “Honestly, they’re the last people I expect to vote for me!”


Jasmine is in the toilet with Julie and can be heard sobbing as Julie comforts her and encourages her rejoin the housemates. “Let’s go in together, f**k ‘em all, stand tall girl,” Julie incites. Prince Lorenzo is talking to Julian about the game. He says that he would never have done the show if he knew he would upset people. “I’m not here to ruin anyone’s life, she thinks I’ve totally betrayed her,” he adds.

Julie and Jasmine have come into the diary room. Jasmine is still upset and Julie continues to look after her. “I’ve tried hard to work on my character defaults, I didn’t let myself down in the way that people expected, in that respect, I’m proud,” Jasmine sobs. “I’m so grateful for you right now,” she tells Julie who tells her that they are “mates” and she is happy to look out for her. As they exit the diary room Jasmine jokes: “This has definitely got to be the worst Friday night I’ve had in ages,” and Julie agrees.


Some of the housemates are in the bedroom. Danica explains to Jasmine why she nominated her. “I knew you would voter for me but that’s not why I nominated you,” she adds. Jasmine says that she wasn’t upset that Danica opted for her “but those two idiots!” she comments while pointing to the living area. Danica implies that they are similar and Jasmine remarks, “We’re very different, I don’t wanna have this conversation,” and waves her away. “I came here to check that you were okay,” Danica tells her and Jasmine disputes this. “You change!” Danica remarks and leaves the room.

Rhian is in the diary room. “Jasmine made a few people uncomfortable by the way she reacted,” she starts. She mentions that how Jasmine spoke to Prince Lorenzo was “was intimidating and scary,” adding: “He’s a Prince, you don’t talk to a Prince like that,” and says that Jasmine “switched.” “She was a completely different person, I would like to get on the wrong side of her,” she adds.


Samantha and Jasmine are having a heart-to-heart. “You’ll turn it around, you’re lovely,” Samantha tells her. “You are too, I can’t believe you wrote (those articles), I think when you’re writing, it’s not really Samantha.”

In the garden Coleen and Martin discuss life in the house so far. Coleen likens it to being on holiday and Martin mentions tonight’s events. “I find it really silly, the show is driven to make us talk about each other,” he muses. “My natural reaction is to say that that’s an over reaction,” Coleen tells him referring to Jasmine’s actions. Martin mentions that Jasmine said his reasons for nomination her were and “easy option” but Coleen tells him that she would have said the same thing if she had voted for Jasmine.


Some of the housemates are in the garden. Jasmine announces: “I’m stunned that prostitute lasted longer than I did, if I get kicked out I’ll make a wish list,” she laughs.

Prince Lorenzo has come to the diary room and is talking about Jasmine. “It was not my intention to hurt Jasmine,” he starts and tells Big Brother that he was “shocked by the way in transpired.” The Prince is troubled by Jasmine’s outburst following nominations, “I was called all sorts of names,” and says that Jasmine was shocked and angry. “I expect Jasmine will be a little bit better tomorrow but there will be no communication. It will be unstable for however long we stay, there will be a black cloud starting from tomorrow,” he fears.

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  1. Orchid333 on 10:28pm August 18 '12

    I have just watched tonight’s BB and my initial opinion of Julie before she went into BB has not changed. As an actress, playing Bet Lynch, she was only playing herself. Further into BB, I think that her diva side will come out and she will show her true self.

    I think that Julie nominated Coleen because she thinks that she is her biggest female rival who is popular with the public. :wink:

    Not watched BOTS yet.

  2. jasmine should be given a very hard warning from big brother. The way she spoke to that young gir danica.And saying her parents must be ashamed of her was way out of order.big brother you need to act.

  3. Orchid333 on 11:56pm August 18 '12

    JULES I agree. I have my favourites at the minute but I am waiting to see how they really are in the BB house. It is early days yet. :wink:

    At the minute, my favourites ae Coleen; Martin, Cheryl and Julian. Not necessarily in that order at the minute.

    I will probably get a lot of flack for saying this but my least favourite housemate is Julie. :shake:

    • AmericanCousin on 12:40am August 19 '12

      Orchid, noooo :evilgrin: I like Julie. I do agree when you said it’s rather early to set a backing or who we like, etc. I thought I like Jasmine but she is so jealous of Danica. It’s almost like the witchhunt the girls put Lauren through. I don’t care for Rhian trying to say what she does(showing her :surprised: :surprised: for money is so different than Danica. Don’t hate, :giggle:
      I do like Cheryl, Martin, and Julian. I think it is Coleen that has the diva side to her.
      Flack or not, it’s our opinions :wink:
      Hope all is well with you~

      • yeahyeahyeah on 2:38am August 19 '12
        MEMBER (202 COMMENTS)

        my only beef with Julie is great big gum chewing gob! She’s hard to look at when she’s chewing her cud all the time. Other than that I think she’s a riot. Her and Julian are the wittiest HMs for sure.

      • Orchid333 on 2:46am August 19 '12
        MEMBER (3183 COMMENTS)

        :hi: AMERICANCOUSIN. Nice to hear from you. Hope you and your little babby are well. :bigsmile:

        Yes, I felt sorry for Jasmine initially but she has been so nasty of late but is this her tactics to stay in? I love Coleen and she may be my favourite unless she upsets me later on. I have read her autobiography. But as you say these are our opinions and it will be interesting to see how they change throughout this series. TAKE CARE. :love: :love:

    • Jules on 12:14pm August 19 '12
      MEMBER (2505 COMMENTS)

      I am definitely not sure of Julie, I think she will definitely act up to the screen. She may turn out to be great but she isnt one of my favourites. Depends on what she does, i think she went over the top comforting Jasmine. Jasmine was piling it on herself.

      I to love Cheryl, Martin and definitely Julian, he is favourite at the moment with Martin 2nd and Cheryl third. I am not so sure of Coleen. In the paper it says that she will get a lot of support from the Loose Woman series so I guess she will be staying in. Just as long it isnt a repeat of that dreadful person last year, Denise, who made it so bad for Michael.

  4. AmericanCousin on 12:41am August 19 '12

    Jasmine is just an insecure wet little puppy in the rain, hence her anorexia.

  5. bobby_boundy on 1:57am August 19 '12

    hi BB love you. you cant iet Jasmin get away with calling danica a prostitute. realy not good when you consider she is a tart!!!!! LOVE BB long live BB :no: :no: :no: :no:

  6. microsis on 8:48am August 19 '12

    What was that all about ,, :surprised: Julie talking to a seagull ,,,,,,she said it was her friend that she had recently lost ,
    Was this part of a task ,I missed it if it was

    also she agreed with jasmine that lorenzo :love: was wrong to nominate her for the reason he gave ,,,when she nominated Coleen for exactly the same reason

    I am not sure about Julie now ,she always appears to be in an acting mode most of the time to me :shake:

    :music: :music: :music:

  7. Orchid333 on 9:21am August 19 '12

    I cannot be sure, but I don’t think that Julie was on a task regarding her talking to a seagull !!!!

    I have posted a previous comment saying that Julie acting the role of Bet Lynch was just playing herself. She is a rotten actress. I also think that in time her “diva” side will come out.

  8. OMG orchild333 Julie Goodyear has a bin around for years she is a hard working actress and funny so if she wonts to act like a diva she has that right

  9. Orchid333 on 11:51am August 19 '12

    STAR :hi: My opinion is that just because Julie has been around for years and hardworking, does not give her an automatic RIGHT to act as a diva !!

    There are many actors/actresses who have been around for years, but they don’t all act as divas.

  10. who acting like a diva now?

  11. carolkay33 on 2:14pm August 19 '12

    Please get julie goodyear out the house,i find her top class cringe material after watchin her in diary room wi her new found interest jasmine!

  12. jennyjuniper on 8:11pm August 19 '12

    I like Julie, not so sure about Coleen (could be because I’m not keen on the loose women series as a whole) My favourite four at the moment are Julie, Julian, Martin and Cheryl. I also like Harvey and admired him saying what he did when he nominated Rhian.

  13. brawweebitch on 9:36pm August 19 '12

    i luv danikas body :devil: :devil: :devil:

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