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Day 26 in the Big Brother house
It's day 26 in the Big Brother house. Read on to find out what the...
| Day -347

It’s day 26 in the Big Brother house. Read on to find out what the Housemates have been getting up to and share your thoughts on tonight’s highlights show.


It’s a tense morning in the Big Brother house following an eventful evening where Becky felt insulted and intimidated by Shievonne.

Sara, Shievonne and Ashleigh are discussing the situation. Shievonne comments: ‘She (Becky) can turn it around on me all she wants, she can think what she wants about me…I don’t understand why she’s upset when no-one’s accused her of shit.’

Becky goes to the Diary Room to give her version of events. She tells Big Brother: ‘I feel alright today, I was stressed last night, I’ll be reet…Sara really annoyed me last night and still annoying me today, she changes off drink, they all change off drink, it’s horrible. Part of me dislikes Shievonne, she can just be really, really intimidating…I’m literally going to stand my ground. I shouldn’t care, I’m not here to make friends.’


Deana is in the Diary Room and Big Brother ask her how she fells to have been saved in the public vote: ‘It’s nice that that people picked up the phone to save me, a nice feeling, it’s given me a bit of a confidence boost.’

Sara asks Becky for a word and tells her she was a bit hurt by Becky’s comment that Arron only liked her because they’re in the house but that she’s sorry if things turned round and Becky felt got at. An emotional Becky tells her: ‘What’s happened, happened…last night everything got put on me…I cant be arsed any more, I just give up.’


In the garden, Luke S has planned a surprise picnic for in Ashleigh. Conor jokes to Arron about how much Luke S has changed: ‘It makes me sick…he’s making a picnic with rose petals made out of tissue paper.’


Ashleigh and Luke S are enjoying their picnic and planning their future, and Conor, tongue-in-cheek, says that he feels he’s lost his friend to Ashleigh.

Meanwhile, Arron is talking to Becky and Shievonne about Sara and says: ‘I think she’s attractive but I just want to be friends.’

He doesn’t think they’re compatible, and nor would they be even if they weren’t in the house. He adds that there might be a girl on the outside worlds he has his eye on. Arron tells the pair: ‘I like to be in control of my own destiny and relationships, I don’t like cupids, I prefer to do things my way.’


In the garden, Ashleigh and Becky are talking about Arron. Becky comments: ‘I’ve never known a boy say the cringiest stuff.’ Ashleigh adds: ‘He’s not right is he? I think he’s got a bit of a screw lose to be honest.’ Luke S notes that: ‘He’s terrible with women.’

They beckon Conor over to ask him his opinion but have to change the subject when the man himself, Arron, joins them.


Ashleigh is in the Diary Room talking about Luke S and his lovely picnic. Big Brother asks her how much she likes him on a scale of one-to-ten. She gives him a 10.

In the living area, Arron and Conor are talking about Sara. Arron says: ‘She’s not attracted to me at all. She said she’d get with a guy (in the house) but she wouldn’t have sex with him if she didn’t see a future…why get with him then?’

Conor says: ‘She seems far too much high maintenance.’


Ashleigh and Shievonne are chatting about Arron and Sara.Shievonne says: ‘She likes him, he likes her…he acts like he doesn’t like her.’

Elsewhere, Luke A says he wants to build up his physique and asks Luke S for some tips.

Lauren is called to the Diary Room and given today’s task. Big Brother tells her that as her family are big stuff in the world of Jersey Royal potato farming that she must pick the two best chefs in the house and they will have a potato-based cook-off which she will judge the winner of. She and the winner will then have an al fresco meal that evening as their prize.

Lauren declares that is ‘awesome’ and selects the two Lukes as the chefs. They each get to have a sous chef, and Luke A picks Adam, and Luke S chooses Conor.

In the bedroom, Caroline points out to Ashleigh that if Lauren picks Luke S as the winner then they’ll be going on a ‘hot date’. A clearly not happy Ashleigh says: ‘Are you f****** joking me?’ And when Becky asks her what’s going on, she replies: ‘My boyfriend’s supposedly going on a hot date with Lauren.’

Luke S checks with Ashleigh that she doesn’t mind him doing the challenge, to which she responds: ‘I don’t care.’


The knives are out, the oven is on and the chefs have one hour to deliver their dish. Lauren looks on and notes: ‘Smells so good guys.’

Times up and the chefs have done their bit, now it’s down to Lauren to judge the winning dish. Luke A has cooked potato gnocchi ‘a la schlong’, which is asparagus and pancetta. Luke S made ‘Silk Reds’ which were flavoured potato chips with steak and sauce.

Lauren loves both dishes but announces: ‘The gnocchi was amazing and I think it’s just tipped it for him.’ So Luke A will be having dinner with Lauren that evening.


Luke A and Lauren are enjoying their three-course al fresco meal with Luke S as their waiter.

In the living room, Caroline, Conor and Sara are amusing themselves with a bit of pass the ball. Caroline tries to liven it up a bit and when Sara drops the bell, Caroline dares her to kiss Arron. Sara goes over to Arron and gives him a peck on the cheek. Arron asks what that was for and guesses it was for a dare. He says: ‘Right, so she takes bribes just to give me a peck on the cheek.’

Back outside, Luke A tells Lauren that Luke S has been nicer to him recently but that it’s ‘too little, too late.’


In the bedroom, Deana, Conor, Arron and Luke S are discussing romantic gestures and buying your partner flowers. Arron doesn’t understand why you would want them: ‘They’ll just die.’ Deana says she’d rather just have the money.

Believing her to be quite money-orientated, Luke S asks Deana if she’d rather have an amazing wedding or the money instead, and Deana replies she’d prefer the money.

Tensions begin to rise as Luke S insinuates that for Deana, it’s all about the money. Deana defends herself saying that they have got her wrong and that she’s worked hard since she was 16 and has never had money given to her and isn’t a money grabber.’


In the garden Deana is telling Scott, Adam, Luke A and Lauren about her heated debate with Luke S. She tells them that what she really wants to say to Luke S is: ‘Look what you’re doing for money, having a fake relationship on national TV, how low can you get…that’s not having any morals. That’s why he cleans so much cos his head’s messed up.’

Becky is in the bedroom and overhears parts of the conversation and tells Ashleigh that Deana is saying something about her and Luke S.

Scott goes into the bedroom but when quizzed by Ashleigh says; ‘I’m not just going to repeat the conversation.’ However, they glean enough information from what they heard to understand that Deana was questioning the reality of Luke S and Ashleigh’s relationship.


Deana is working out in garden, and Ashleigh and Luke S are in the bathroom discussing her. Ashleigh tells Luke S that Deana was saying something about the ‘lowest of the low’ and was commenting on their relationship. An unhappy Luke S says: ‘Unlucky Deana, you’ve just started a war.’

He goes to find Deana and asks her if she’s been questioning their relationship. Deana tells him firmly: ‘I think it’s fake. I’m not the only one who thinks it but I’ve got the guts to say it…you’re so sly and calculating.’


Luke A, Adam and Lauren are in the smoking area, and as Deana jogs in the background, Luke A says: ‘Be careful with that one (Deana).’ Adam adds: ‘I don’t give her information.’

Later on, Caroline says to Deana about Ashleigh and Luke S: ‘I do think they like each other.’ Deana tells her: ‘I’m entitled to my opinion.’

Caroline tries to offer up some advice: ‘How ambitious you are and how successful you’ve been could be misinterpreted as you’re here to make money…if I was you, just don’t have more confrontations.’

Lauren is in the Diary Room talking about the situation and comments about Deana: ‘She’s not doing herself any favours, bless her.’

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  1. AmericanCousin on 11:34pm July 1 '12

    I love Deana. Clearly, Becky and Caroline are sh!t starters going back and forth between peopel as if they’re getting cool point from the public.
    Kudos to Scott(always liked him) for not stirring the pot more.
    Luke S.

  2. microsis on 11:58pm July 1 '12

    In the diary room Becca did a nikki ,,
    ” who is she ”
    :music: :music: :music:

  3. Becky’s an ass. Get her out!

  4. on 3:08am July 2 '12

    Bekkys in for a shock tomorrow, I think she will be up for noms with Scott,Arron & Laurren. Hopefully it will be Arron he is an annoying little twat with his head so far up his own arse he could easily be mistaken for a chocolate fountain LOL. :devil:

  5. mamap on 7:42am July 2 '12

    i think they all should be up no noms just put them up and get the bullys out

    • Yes with a double eviction,,, perfect…dislike more than i like….

    • Raykco on 3:25pm July 2 '12

      If they put all hms up, they would have to change the voting though. If it was kept at “vote to save”, then it would cost us all a fortune to kick a certain person out.

      ie: With 13 hms still there, if its vote to save, and three people vote to save Arron for instance, then it would take combined 48 votes spread evenly amongst the others, to get him out.

  6. jennyjuniper on 9:20am July 2 '12

    I still like Becka, although I feel she would be better if she stayed apart from Caroline and Ashleigh.If Caroline goes (soon I hope) I think Becka and Scott would be okay as a friends twosome, a bit like Alex and Tom from the last show. She’s young, unsure of herself and doesn’t want to be the fat kid that everyone picks on. Bring more fun to the house with good tasks, get the trouble makers out and I think Becka would shine.

    • microsis on 9:35am July 2 '12
      MEMBER (2007 COMMENTS)

      Hi ,I’ve been rather disappointed in Becky these last few days ,,it going round that it could be Becky and Deana up this week ( I don’t think that will be the case ) and that Becky would stay over Deana ,,,,,, , ,,that would be a hard one to call
      :music: :music: :music:

      • Jillie on 9:49am July 2 '12
        MEMBER (45 COMMENTS)

        I have been disappointed in Becky as well as I think she is becoming somewhat of a ‘s***stirer as we saw from last nights programme. If it is indeed Deana and herself that are up for eviction I would think people were very impressed with the way Deana stood up to Luke S regarding the ‘fauxmance’. For that reason she would get my save vote for sure.

        • rionablue on 2:57pm July 2 '12
          MEMBER (3792 COMMENTS)

          Me too. I think Becky isnt as sweet and wholesome as some people think. Luke is trying to set up Deana and he succeeded. Becky was acting as if she was being bullied with the spat about how she hates Sara now etc etc. She was quoting her age saying she is a 19 yr old girl and Sievonne is almost old enough to be her MOTHER> i do hope she is at least up for eviction so she can see she isnt as popular as she thinks she is!!!

  7. Fudge on 10:27am July 2 '12
    Avatar of

    I’ve put a long comment on Deana’s page about last night so I’ll just say this….Deana you were fantastic last night. :yes:
    Lauren, Luke A and Adam, very disappointed that you couldn’t back up someone who was speaking the truth :shake: what exactly has Deana ever done to you.
    And Becky, well Becky was so desperate to stir up trouble that she fell out of her dress :giggle: oh dear, and it was only the previous day that she herself had been so upset when she had felt targetted, what a short memory :worried:

    • Sally on 3:16pm July 2 '12
      MEMBER (2374 COMMENTS)

      Fudge you are so right. I also noticed that at the end of the confrontation. Adam whispered to Lauren and Luke A, That Deana could be dangerous .Did I miss hear this? :nerd:

  8. rionablue on 2:58pm July 2 '12

    Totally agree Fudge

  9. jennyjuniper on 5:28pm July 2 '12

    While I’m still rooting for Becka, I must admit that this is the first time I have watched a BB show and not had at least 2 favourites to win. This time I don’t feel any of them deserve 100,000 quid. I think the rot set in by allowing people to discuss noms from the start, instead of people making friends, they were all on the offensive from the word go.

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