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Day 2: Turf Wars task
Yesterday Big Brother revealed this week’s task to the house....
Nick | Day -344

Yesterday Big Brother revealed this week’s task to the house. For seven days the House will be at war… a Turf War. Day 2 of the task is already underway and has created more than a few itchy ego’s.

Duck off – Playing for the bathroom

Housemates will be going head to head for the bathroom in the game ‘Duck Off’. Housemates will be getting a right mouthful as they stick their heads down gunge filled toilets, in a race to retrieve rubber ducks. They must get their ducks into green and blue bath tubs where they belong.

This will be a relay race, in which all Housemates will compete. Both teams will be competing at the same time in the race. Housemates are only permitted to use their mouths to retrieve the ducks.

The first team to recover and put ten little rubber ducks into their bath will win the Bathroom!

[vimeo id="45217990" caption="The green and blue team go head to head for the bathroom, which goes horribly wrong when one of the teams cheats."]

You snooze you loose – Playing for the bedroom

For the next part of ‘Turf Wars’ housemates will play for the bedroom in the game ‘You Snooze, You Lose’, where housemates have to guess which fellow housemates have been slagging them off.

Big Brother will ask the blue and green team to select two members from each of their teams to play this game. These four Housemates will then be called to the Diary Room, individually. Big Brother will then play Housemates sound bites of juicy bedroom gossip. All Housemates have to do is correctly guess who ‘dished the dirt’, to earn points.

The team with the most points will win the Bedroom.

[vimeo id="45218024" caption="Housemates find out who has won the bedroom in this week's task!"]

What do you make of today’s part of the Turf Wars task? Let us know…

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