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Day 13 in the Celebrity Big Brother house
It’s day 13 in the CBB house. Read on to find out what the house...
Alec | Day -289

It’s day 13 in the CBB house. Read on to find out what the house has been getting up to and share your thoughts on tonight’s show.


Housemates awake to music being played in the house. Julie provides fellow housemates with entertainment as she puts on a dance performance. “Good morning and thank you everybody,” Julie says acknowledging housemates appreciation. As the shutters come up in the bedroom, housemates are intrigued by the garden which has been transformed for their upcoming task: ‘Gods and Mortals.’

Rhian speculates that housemates will be dressing up as Romans. Julian considers that housemates will be split up as Coleen reads aloud instructions for the task. Martin and Julie are told that they will be transformed into Gods called Zeus and Aphrodite. The rest of the house will remain ‘mortals’ as Julie and Martin make their way to ‘ Mount Olympus.’ “So Godly,” Julian quips as Coleen declares: “Oh look, they don’t even look back at us.” In response, Julian jokes: “Good luck to you and your family!”

Martin escorts Julie to Mount Olympus where they find out that they are able to spy on the ‘mortals’ through the ‘all seeing eye.’ “They’re eating like pigs!” Julie exclaims.


Julie and Martin are relaxing in the garden: “We can’t mix with the mortals,” Julie asserts. Two cherubs enter the house with an array of treats fit for Gods and begin to feed and fan Martin and Julie. Taking full advantage of the cherubs, Julie becomes demanding and requests a dish of olives. Inside the house, Prince Lorenzo informs his fellow mortals about Julie and her commands to the cherubs.

In the garden, Julie admits to Martin that being waited on by cherubs is “like being back at home.” Rhian is observing the model cherubs in the garden and brands them as “fit.” On hearing Rhian, Prince Lorenzo replies: “You are more fit than her.”

Outside, Julie asks Big Brother whether she is “allowed to touch the cherubs” before stroking one of them. On seeing Julie touching one of the models, Julian brands her “a dirty old woman.”

“I feel like I’ve died and gone to heaven,” Julie sighs and continues to ask the male cherub to peel her a banana. Julian has come into the garden for a better look as Julie begins to suggestively eat the banana that the cherub is feeding her.


For the first part of the task, mortals have been transformed into statues and the Gods have been given the power of the elements; wind, earth, water and fire. Mortals are told that the Gods will choose one of them to join them on ‘Mount Olympus’ and that they must impress Julie and Martin for this privilege.

Armed with the wind machine, mortals endure the breeze controlled by the Gods. Julie tells Martin that Harvey is “doing very well” as Martin observes that The Situation is “hiding” and Prince Lorenzo is “keeping warm.”
The next element is Earth and Julie and Martin begin to throw balls of mud at the mortals; “You are getting carried away Martin!” Julie affirms before launching mud at her fellow housemates. Water is the third element that Gods are granted control over, and Martin begins to laugh hysterically as the mortals endure the wrath of the both of them.

The final element is fire; Julie and Martin begin to throw fire balls at the mortals. The Situation takes a direct hit, loses his balance and falls off his plinth. As the Gods, Julie and Martin are informed by Big Brother that they must decide which mortal will join ‘Mount Olympus.’ “Well Julian is a definite no,” Martin declares and Julie responds: “My money would be on Harvey, he hasn’t flinched once.” In agreement, Martin announces that they have chosen Harvey to join them on ‘Mount Olympus.’ Big Brother pronounces that Harvey is now Ares, the God of War.


Julie and Martin guide Harvey into ‘Mount Olympus’ and inform him about the ‘all seeing eye.’ Julie persistently advises Harvey that he is not allowed to tell fellow housemates about the ‘all seeing eye’ and that they will lose all the shopping if he fails to keep this information to himself. In response Harvey declares: “Roger that, over and out.”

On Mount Olympus, Martin is gossiping about The Situation and Danica. Harvey claims that Danica has been inappropriate with The Situation: “She showed her breast to him!” Harvey exclaims and continues to say: “If my girlfriend did that – no. There is banter, and then there’s a line.”

In the bedroom, Coleen admits that she is glad that she is a mortal: “I wouldn’t want to be Zeus now with Aphrodite,” she retorts. Coleen and Rhian begin talking about Harvey and brand him as “long-winded.” On hearing this, Harvey smiles knowingly and asserts: “My instincts were correct. Not to be trusted.” Julie claims that Coleen has never liked her. Martin and Harvey question why Julie feels this way and she replies: “You should have felt the impact of that pie in my face!” The Gods discuss whether they should tell the mortals what they have listened to and Harvey declares: “Revenge is a dish best served cold.”


Housemates are gathered on the sofas to be set the next part of the task called “The Altar of Sacrifice.” “This is not my type of task,” Prince Lorenzo mutters. Each housemate is then informed by Big Brother about what they will have to sacrifice.

The Situation is told that he must sacrifice his ‘status’ and is therefore granted the responsibility of all cooking and cleaning in the house. “There is an awful stain in the bathroom!” Julian quips and The Situation looks unimpressed. Danica sacrifices her independence and in doing so must be tied to one of her fellow ‘mortals.’ The Gods are given one minute to decide who this will be. “Somebody she won’t like,” Julie whispers and Harvey admits that if she is tied to The Situation it’ll be “Gossip City” and she will start her “trickery again.” Martin announces that in fact they have decided Danica will be tied to Prince Lorenzo.

Samantha is told that she must sacrifice her beauty and is presented with a bald cap and warts that she must wear at all times. Coleen jokes: “You look like your wearing a condom on your head!” and Samantha admits that she feels “degraded.” Ashley is the final housemate to hear his fate. After choosing to sacrifice his ‘dignity’, Ashley is told that he must pour a bucket of fish guts over his head. The judo star obliges and appears to be repulsed by the experience. Sitting back on the sofas, Rhian is less than supportive of Ashley and exclaims: “Get away from me Ashley, you stink!”

After enduring the horror of fish guts, The Gods choose Ashley to join them on ‘Mount Olympus.” Ashley becomes the Posiedon, God of the Sea.


Waiting outside the diary room, The Situation appears infuriated. Danica and Prince Lorenzo ask whether he is okay and The Situation replies: “I don’t like these types of games!” As Prince Lorenzo and Danica walk away, The Situation imitates throwing something across the floor in his frustration.

Ashley enters Planet Olympus and is shocked that he is able to spy on the mortals: “Get the f*** out of here bruv!” he exclaims. Harvey explains to Ashley: “People you think that have got you – haven’t,” and Julie adds: “You’ve got to see the big picture.”

Danica is in the bedroom with Rhian. Danica claims that The Situation “scared her” outside the diary room and she speculates that he is upset because Rhian nominated him.

In the diary room, The Situation claims that he is upset because housemates laughed at Ashley after he “took one for the team” and poured fish guts over his head. In response to this, The Situation declares that he is “happy” about the nominations he made and continues to say: “I think the Gods made a great decision about chaining Prince Lorenzo and Danica together. It keeps her away for me. Those two are made for each other.” The Situation continues to speculate that Danica is “playing a game” and declares: “I see where she came from and it fits her perfectly.” He brands Danica and Prince Lorenzo as “ship jumpers” and continues: “The boat I stay on, is the boat that I stay on until it sinks.”


The cherubs have returned to ‘Mount Olympus’ to feed the Gods.

In the bedroom, Rhian asks Danica: “Have they got a crotch shot from the other side of the room?” Un-phased by Rhian’s question, Danica replies: “Most definitely” and Prince Lorenzo adds: “I’m sure they’ve got a lot more than that over the past few days.” On hearing this, The Situation mutters: “I’m sure she doesn’t care” and Danica asks him to repeat what he has said. “Nothing,” The Situation replies and continues to add: “I mean we are all potato sacks so we can’t help it.” Danica replies: “Mike (The Situation) if you have got a problem with me then just say,” and The Situation assures her that he doesn’t.

Danica tells him not to make “smarmy comments at her” and this sparks The Situation’s response: “I just don’t think I like you anymore.” Danica brands him as “a strange one” and The Situation replies: “No I’m not I just say it how I feel.” Danica claims that she has not “done anything” to make The Situation feel the way that he does and The Situation continues to tell her that he was angry she laughed at Ashley. Danica defends her actions by branding the task as a “game”, to which The Situation retorts: “The kid looked like he was about to cry. He took one for the team because nobody else wanted to do it.” Coleen interjects: “I said I would do it,” and Danica agrees that if Coleen had done the task, The Situation would not have had a problem.

Danica claims that The Situation is jealous that she is tied to Prince Lorenzo. Danica proclaims: “Take your jealousy elsewhere. I am fed up of pussy footing around you. I’ve done now. I couldn’t give a s***. You’re upset because you fancy me and I don’t fancy you back. If I want to talk to Lorenzo, I love Lorenzo. I really really like him. I don’t want to be with you, I want to be your friend. You can’t be friends be someone that gives you abuse all the time.” The Situation is shocked by Danica’s revelations and brands her as “delusional” which encourages Danica to bite: “You make me feel uncomfortable.”

The Gods hear the argument taking place in the house and Julie says “I know, there’s more to come. Brace yourself.”

Back in the house Danica is telling The Situation that he needs to “grow up and get some balls” and to “stop making girls feel uncomfortable.” Danica continues to ask Prince Lorenzo whether he would like to “leave the room” and he replies: “I think that would be a good idea. We need a breather.” On exiting the bedroom, Danica tells The Situation not to talk to her. Prince Lorenzo attempts to guide Danica out of the bedroom but she continues to declare: “It is like being with a sixteen year old boy. You are so immature.” In response, The Situation brands Danica as “one of the fakest people he has ever met” and she replies: “I love my fake tits.” The Situation adds: “I meant your character. Your character is fake,” and misunderstanding the reality star, Danica adds “I don’t have a character!” “Exactly!” The Situation quips and Danica responds: “Because you know me so well.” The Situation then claims that Danica has told him differently throughout their time in the house together. Imitating the model, The Situation says: “Oh you are my bestie,” and Danica responds by accusing him of asking her who she prefers out of him and Prince Lorenzo. The argument continues to spiral, and The Situation informs Danica that she is no longer on his “Christmas list.” Danica admits that she does not “give a s***” about his millions, and would rather a “bottle of a wine” from somebody. Danica exits the bedroom with Prince Lorenzo after her heated exchange of words with The Situation.


Watching the ‘all seeing eye’ Julie jokes: “She’s got a face like a slapped a***” as mortals roam about outside in the garden. Danica apologises to Julian for shouting and he admits that he though she was “very articulate.” Coleen agrees with Julian and both assure Danica that she expressed herself well. “It was like a machine gun on fire out of your mouth,” Prince Lorenzo quips.

Harvey informs his fellow Gods that Prince Lorenzo gets “dragged around” and he continues to claim that he has been “sucked in.” In the garden, Prince Lorenzo informs Danica that she handled herself very well and comments: “I didn’t even have to stand in to defend you.” Danica adds: “I would rather a nice bottle of wine from my Dad or a nice bottle of perfume than a Lamborghini from him.” Samantha is telling The Situation that he is the most “kind-hearted” housemate in the house assures him that a lot of people have “noticed what has been going on.” She continues to add: “Promise me that you will protect that heart of yours. The likes of Julie and Martin are not stupid, they notice things”


There is an awkward atmosphere in the kitchen as The Situation is tidying up around Danica, Prince Lorenzo and Samantha.

In the garden, Martin asks Julie whether she is okay as she appears upset. Harvey declares: “It takes a strong woman to be here, your age to survive this far,” and Julie replies: “Oh don’t set me off.” She admits that she is having “a weak minute” and wants to “remain strong.” Ashley continues to advocate that Julie told him to “be true to himself in the house” and that no matter if “she cries for a week”, he will be there for her. “Everyone knows in the f****** world that you are a strong woman” Ashley continues to say and Julie replies: “F****** hell.” She confesses that she feels “hurt” by the backstabbing in the house and tells Martin and Harvey that she doesn’t want Ashley to “be hurt in the house.”


Samantha is in the diary room and declares that she feels “protective” over The Situation. She continues to claim that The Situation has been “well and truly rinsed” by Danica: “She’s been through his make-up like a rat down a drain pipe. He still doesn’t understand how she makes her money and how men exchange gifts to exchange in conversation. He has fallen for her and I think she has been playing him and Prince Lorenzo like a fiddle.”

The Gods are observing Prince Lorenzo and Danica through the ‘all seeing eye.’ Danica is asking Prince Lorenzo for a “proper hug” as she admits that what she said to The Situation “needed to be done.” Ashley says to Julie: “You need to see this nana,” as Martin imitates reeling in a fishing line.

Outside, Danica is speculating to Prince Lorenzo that he will have a girlfriend by Christmas and adds: “I think you need someone that you can take care of and really love.” She continues to ask him what type of girl that he is looking for and Prince Lorenzo replies: “Somebody just like you. If we could clone you, that would be the girl.” Observing Danica and Prince Lorenzo, Martin quips: “He’s completely forgotten about the cameras!” and Ashley adds: “Bless his cotton socks.” Prince Lorenzo embraces Danica and admits that he is “a big squeezer” before kissing a seemingly coy Danica on the cheek. On seeing this, Martin and his fellow Gods squirm as he continues to reel in his fishing line.

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  1. OMG just watch Danica in tonight show wot a ***** I’m sorry i dont like jasmine but i think im starting to agree with her. frist it was mike now lorenzo is no one safe i feel sorry for her boyfrend or maybe he EX. Vote her out it is geting boring.

  2. here here i agree get her out this is celeb bb not the danica show dont vote for her.

  3. Louiza on 12:16am August 29 '12

    OMG!!! Danica now has Lorenzo in her clutches. Run for the hills Lorenzo…..Don’t be reeled in by the little minx. There are more fish in the sea Lorenzo, namely me, Microsis, Biddy etc. Good show tonight. Julie eating the banana…..Yuck. Martin sowing seeds of doubt about Julie to Ashley and Harvey. It will be interesting to see if the boys change towards Julie.
    Rhian looks like she is proper fed up and is ready to go home. :music: :music: :music:

    • microsis on 12:36am August 29 '12
      MEMBER (2007 COMMENTS)

      Didnt Lorenzo :love: looked good in his mortal garb
      I think he could be up for eviction Friday Louiza ,,,,,,,,,,,so I am keeping my pennies in my pocket no more votes from me ok

      :music: :music: :music:

    • Oh dear….what can we do..!!! Think we have lost him…
      Lorenzo…for goodness sake get your brain out of your trousers and look over here….
      Smile girls…..Wow… how can he resist us ….. :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

      :music: :music: :music:

      • microsis on 10:39am August 29 '12
        MEMBER (2007 COMMENTS)

        Hang on Biddy :love: ,,,I will put my teeth in :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

        :music: :music: :music:

      • Jules on 11:02am August 29 '12
        MEMBER (2503 COMMENTS)

        Biddy :love: , I like Lorenzo but I do believe he knows what he is doing. He did say to her the other day that he was in there for a bit of fun and he realised she had a boyfriend. Now he has been The Bachelor and he has seen much prettier women than Danica. I believe he is playing her as well and enjoying it.

        They have each made their thoughts clear in the beginning. Whether or not he will eventually find himself trapped remains to be seen.

        He is a strange person, not in with the boys really and not in with the girls, at the moment it is just Danica. If he is as rich as he says he is then he doesnt need money, he just loves the attention of the public I guess?

        • Jules on 11:07am August 29 '12
          MEMBER (2503 COMMENTS)

          Have just had a look at Oddschecker, he is losing ground (Prince) and has gone down to 8th favourite. I do believe that had he not got involved with Danica he may have done better. Nothing is fixed yet though as we know. The top four are still Julian, Martin, Coleen and Julie with Mike still at 5th place.

          Rhiann is still favourite to go tonight with D 2nd and S 3rd. Mike seems safe but who can tell eh!!! :love: :love:

          Prince is definitely a ladies man, I wonder if he really is a Prince, it seems so……

      • microsis on 2:43pm August 29 '12
        MEMBER (2007 COMMENTS)

        Smile sammyvan :love: :giggle:

        :music: :music: :music:

    • sammyvan on 2:31pm August 29 '12
      MEMBER (1316 COMMENTS)

      Strange, Louiza, I notice my name is not on that list!! I may have Martin down as my fav but Lorenzo is very near the top of the list too.
      Julie and the banana…….err no, not my cup of tea. :blush:

  4. jennyjuniper on 7:08am August 29 '12

    Danica’s body language in the garden was ‘superb’ and shows just why she is so good at rinsing men. When she said ‘you need someone you can take care of’, she actually appeared to become smaller and more fragile, clutching her soft toy and looking up adoringly at her big strong prince!! Surely Lorenzo is enough of a ‘man of the world’ to not be taken in by this blatant come on? If not, he deserves all the rinsing that Danica will no doubt give him.

    • Jenny you are spot on. Danica is now doing exactly the same to Lorenzo as she did to Mike…Surely Lorenzo can see this…I didn’t think he would be taken in so easily ………
      :music: :music: :music:

    • brains on 1:54pm August 29 '12

      i read somewhere that danica has shut her website down while she is in bb ,it does,nt seem to me that she has stopped working. clients for the future .

    • sammyvan on 2:40pm August 29 '12
      MEMBER (1316 COMMENTS)

      Really cant understand how Lorenzo is seemingly being taken in by Danica? For, as Jenny puts it ” A man of the world”, he sure is behaving like a school kid. Always easier sitting on the outside watching, but surely he is not that naive?

      • Hi Sammyvan,,, i don’t understand either, i for one thought he would see straight through her, he has seen how she has treated Mike…and he is putting himself up for the same treatment…
        :music: :music: :music:

      • Sally on 3:35pm August 29 '12
        MEMBER (2374 COMMENTS)

        I don’t think Lorenzo is taken in by Danica for one minuet. He is a grown man and unlikely to react the same as the boys. See how he makes her giggle and she acts so innocent and coy. He is also using flatteries.
        Whats your Ideal woman says she, you says he.
        Really says she :blush: :kiss: :cool: :giggle:

        • Jules on 3:38pm August 29 '12
          MEMBER (2503 COMMENTS)

          I think he is having a game with her, he knows what she is like and he is playing it well. Maybe in the end it will turn into a serious relationship, who knows eh Sal :love:

          • Sally on 3:53pm August 29 '12
            MEMBER (2374 COMMENTS)

            Thats quite possible Jules :wink: :nod:

          • sammyvan on 6:41pm August 29 '12
            MEMBER (1316 COMMENTS)

            Maybe thats it, Jules. He is having is own little game – just passing the time with a pretty girl. Not much else to do in there!
            What are the odds tonight, Jules? Hope Sam is relatively safe? I would prefer thingy to go out of the 4.

          • Jules on 7:27pm August 29 '12
            MEMBER (2503 COMMENTS)

            I am never sure of the odds Sammy, I just go by the list itself, ie who is top and who is bottom :rofl: but bearing that in mind Rhian seems the favourite to go, then Danica with Sam and Mike coming up 3rd and 4th.

            I could say that Sam and Mike are safe but look what happened last week with Cheryl! I honestly think that the split voting made a difference and couldnt really understand why they did that other than the fact of more cash. Typical but hard on those who bet and vote by phone etc.

            Wonder what they will do this week? :love:

  5. danica is unreal man…putting her forehead on the prince’s tallywacker…wth!

    now i know why the prince has never been
    married! he just wants rinsers or slags… maybe all the ladies use him and then drop him …

    Dani out Wed. then the prince friday!

  6. usawatcher on 9:20am August 29 '12

    You know.. what Danica said has a ring of truth…but if she weren’t shoving her fake boobs in Mikes face, and rubbing his nipples and who knows what else when we haven’t been looking, I dont’ think he would have let it go that far. I sooo expected him to be the player and leaving her all heartbroken, but now he just looks like a sad puppy. He just needs to say the right words to make her understand what she did was wrong, but he’s def a man of action, def not a man of words.

    Not that I want to take his side, because for a guy who is a complete player, he got played good.. now if someone would slap Lorenzo before we lose him completely…

    I think its quite distasteful how she quickly went from being so friendly w/mike, to arguing, to being so ‘innocent’ w/Lorenzo. He’s like the guy in the movie who never knows whats going on even though hes been there all the time…

    apologies for the possible typos, grammar, and probably lack of sense. its bed time :)

  7. usawatcher on 9:22am August 29 '12

    How come there is no ‘online’ 24hr? I understand them not showing on t v because of others shows, but it would be cool online.

  8. Andie on 9:23am August 29 '12

    The Situation looked like Fred Flintstone in his mortal outfit. Just can’t see why this man is such a highly paid “star”. Wish he had had the intelligence to wipe the floor with Danica after her bullying outburst.

  9. Sarasmile on 2:30pm August 29 '12

    LOL Andie! All I could think of was Barney Rubble when he was walking around the kitchen!

  10. Sally on 3:14pm August 29 '12

    I think the boys have taken this flirting far to seriously and are now being spiteful because they didn’t get their own way.
    Danica is well over the top with her actions there is nothing wrong with flirting but touching and climbing on the bed cuddling is going to far. it’s giving out the wrong signals.
    Ashley almost got to the stage of stalking Rhian who backed off a few days ago.
    The problem is that young people move to fast into relationships.The girls flirt the boys expect to much to quickly.
    ( Who’s to blame for all the upset? No one) Thats life :bigsmile:

  11. Louiza on 4:00pm August 29 '12

    Sorry, Sammyvan…. for leaving you off my list of girls waiting in the queue for dashing Lorenzo. Trouble is… once Microsis puts her teeth in, we have no chance being noticed by him. :bigsmile: How can we compete with that…?? He will only have eyes for Microsis. :giggle: :giggle: I would like to see Danica leave tonight for two reasons. Firstly it will get her away from the Prince and secondly, I would like to see how he fares in the house without her. :music: :music:

    • JaniceR on 5:32pm August 29 '12
      MEMBER (3872 COMMENTS)

      Lorenzo is using the Danica situation to keep himself in the game. He was totally shocked when he was booed last week so he thinks if he plays a game with danica the public will keep him in to see what will happen. Personally I’m finding the whole thing a yawnfest. I hope however that Danica doesn’t realise what he is doing though
      Hope as it would be nice to see her reaction when the tables are turned on her.
      Hope Rhian goes tonight but as she is favourite to go it will be someone else. (odds have been all wrong for weeks now BB and CBB)
      Sorry but if Julie eats another banana I’m going to heave.

  12. jderbes on 10:11pm August 29 '12


    For the last year I have been coming back and forth to the UK from the US. I absolutely love it there. My partner who I was engaged to was an Italian who has lived in London for 20+ years. I have (apart from the typical icy nature that comes with the populous of any major metropolitan city) have found the UK to be very friendly and kind to the Americans. I am currently back in the US and I miss it there terribly so I have been watching this season of CBB. I had watched last year when it was like Lucien, Jedward, Tara Reid, Daryn and those other housemates. When I watched in 2011 I thought “well, no wonder they voted off Tara and Pamela…they are like the epitome of everything that is wrong with the Americans! I would have voted them off as well!” But I started going back through and I can’t for the life of me figure out why the Brits make certain they have at least one American in the CBB House every season…all they do is complain about us and talk nasty about us. So why do they keep having us on. This season I thought to myself, “DEAR GOD!! ‘THE SITUATION’?!?! REALLY?!?! Now they are just trying to make us look bad by PICKING the cast from the absolute dredges of American society.” But then I started watching and being that I never watched Michael’s show, “Jersey Shore”, here in the US because of their reputation as being right TOSSERS, I never expected to fall for the guy so quickly. The fact that Danica is a proper whore, I thought I would see so many people defending Michael on opinion shows like BOTS…nope! It’s all, “Michael is just a dumb American and poor sweet Danica is just trying to pay off her bills.”

    Horse Shit! Somehow it is NOT okay for Michael to use his nice body to make money and since he does he MUST be a dumb, tool, fake, tosser of a man. But because Danica does exactly all of those things and more, being paid privately by other men versus a proper company but doing it WBB (Whilst Being British) somehow that makes it socially acceptable?! I beg to differ. I would say that is not just a prejudice against nationality, but it is also sexist. To be completely honest, I don’t personally find Michael, Rhian or Danica’s professional prowess anything to be proud of but apparently these kids are making it work because they have a lot more money than me. But to slight anyone because of their gender, sexual orientation, nationality or anything other than who they are is just wrong.

    I am very well that it is just a game. That being said, I think how the game is played IS important and I think if you are able to do it without having to lead men around by their cocks or women around with their checkbooks then I tip my hat to THAT person…no matter who they are!

    So, if anyone has opinion about the game, please share. But I am also interested in whether I have entirely misjudged the British fondness for Americans. I find your culture absolutely charming and can always find something nice to say about the British…have I completely misjudged the whole thing? Would LOVE to hear it from a Brit. I have asked my fiance and I have asked all of his friends but they are all Italian, French, German, Brasilian. I am curious of what a born and bred Brit would say to this question. Thanks so much!!!!
    - Jonathan Derbes
    Indianapolis, IN, USA

    • JaniceR on 5:36pm August 30 '12
      MEMBER (3872 COMMENTS)

      I for one don’t hate americans or think that they are dumb.I’ve holidayed in USA many times and look forward to my next visit. I have found Americans to be friendly and the young people polite and well behaved. What struck me most on my last trip to a mall was that the teenagers were a joy to meet. I didn’t hear the F word once whereas it seems to be the mainstay of the vocabulary of British youth . Last BB series showed Ashleigh unable to string a sentence together without using the F word and walk down a high street or ride on a bus,subway or train here and F is the most commonly heard word.
      What you get on BB and this site is a skewed view of what “Brits ” think. Its the same with the French, a lot of Brits make comments which are anti French but again thats not the majority.
      I thought that we had all moved on in the last 40 years or so from the stereotypes and racial slurs but scratch the surface and its still there. If you were to view any of the old sitcoms from British TV from the 60′s and 70′s you would understand what I mean.
      Programs like Jersey Shore(which I have never seen) will be like The Only Way is Essex and portray a very skewed and bad image of our socieites and should in my opinion be ignored! keep watching CBB but remember the views of BOTS are not the views of the majority of British people.

  13. “Samantha is told that she must sacrifice her beauty and is presented with a bald cap and warts that she must wear at all times.”

    hahahah thats pretty funny! Bet she was gutted! Possibly the vainest person in the entire world! take a look at this and see if you agree

  14. Don’t you go on and on and on i like reading your coments at night they put me to sleep. Thanks

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