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Day 1 ‘Rules are for fools’ task details
In order to teach housemates the importance of obeying Big...
Alec | Day -337

In order to teach housemates the importance of obeying Big Brothers rules, for this week’s shopping task, Big Brother has introduced some new rules to the Big Brother House.

Adam, Luke A and Luke S have been made wardens, their task is to monitor whether or not housemates break these rules.

It will be up to the wardens whether or not the Housemates pass this task. They must spot and correctly identify all rule breaks over the next two days.

The wardens will incur fails if they do not spot the rule breaks. They can also incur fails for handing out tickets unfairly.

The number of fails that the wardens are allowed to incur is inside an envelope in a glass case. This will be broken open to reveal the result at the end of the task. Whenever the wardens spot a Housemate breaking a rule, they must issue that Housemate with a ticket.

Any housemate that has been issued with two tickets will result in that housemate being sent to the punishment area.

Big Brother will reveal at the end of the task how many fails have been incurred.

The following rules are ongoing rules that the Housemates must abide by all day:

In the House:

  • Seat belts must be worn on the sofas.
  • Safety gear must be worn whilst eating and preparing food. Housemates must wear yellow chemical suits, black rubber gloves, safety goggles, and black and yellow wellies.
  • Housemates must eat using safety equipment: grabbing tools.
  • Housemates will only be allowed on the matted area leading to the Diary Room door if they forward roll.
  • Do Not Disrespect The Wardens – the wardens must judge whether or not the housemates are treating them with respect.
  • Beds are out of bounds – To stop the housemates lying around in bed all day the bed will be cordoned off and made out of bounds.


  • Safe Zone – All housemates must be within the safe zone when the alarm sounds. The safe zone is a platform just big enough to stand nine housemates.
  • Decontaminator – Housemates must ‘decontaminate’ after smoking or eating in a booth that blast housemates with foam and smoke.
  • Smoking Zone – Housemates must bounce on trampolines whilst smoking, dressed as giant cigarettes.
  • Safety equipment must be worn whilst swimming- If housemates wish to use the pool they must wear a life jacket, arm bands, rubber ring, swim hat and goggles.
  • Punishment Zone – housemates who are given two or more tickets by the wardens will be sent to the punishment zone to paint coal white, and then paint it black again.
  • No Ball Games – A sign will be next to a big pile of balls.

Day 1: Diary Room Tasks:

Big Brother asks one warden to accompany one housemate to the diary room. Inside the diary room they find a sign saying ‘do not ask questions’ and ‘obey Big Brother’. On the table in front of the chair there are three mystery boxes. The boxes each contain a missing microphone battery which Big Brother would like the Housemate to find. The boxes contain:

  • Dried insects/bugs, holly leaves and spider webbing
  • Tinned Lychees, Stinky Tofu and Slime
  • Chicken Feet and Slime

If housemates ask any questions in the diary room or refuse to do as Big Brother says they will be given a ticket by the warden.

Big Brother asks one warden to accompany one housemate to the diary room. Inside the diary room they will find a sign saying ‘do not say yes or no’ and ‘do not repeat yourself’. As you may have guessed, housemates must not say yes or no in the Diary Room.

Big Brother then bombards the housemate with questions that are tricky to not say yes or no to, e.g:

  • Are you enjoying this task?
  • Would you like to be evicted?
  • Do you wish you were a warden?
  • What is the opposite of Yes?
  • Did you just say no?

Shievonne Sandwich board

Shievonne is called to the diary room and given a sandwich board to wear which says ‘I must not talk with my hands’.

Employee of the week

As an added incentive to hand out tickets and punish the housemates, the wardens are offered the chance to win the ‘Employee of the Week’ award. The warden who hands out the most tickets on day one will get their photo in a special frame, and receive a £30 shopping voucher to spend on whatever they want.

The task will be active from Wake Up and will continue until tomorrow.

For continuous video and picture updates to this task, please click here.

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  1. yeahyeahyeah on 7:14pm July 11 '12

    haha! can’t wait to watch Shievonne struggle with that sandwich board! What a great task! :rofl:

  2. jennyjuniper on 8:40pm July 11 '12

    This could be good, depending on who the wardens are!

  3. Deena to win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :star:

    • Why not register for your free MyTBB name and set Deana as the housemate you are backing to win. This system will be used for an upcoming feature to predict who will win according to our users.

      BACKING TO WIN: Gina JOINED: 03/04/2011
  4. jennyjuniper on 10:37am July 12 '12

    Alec, why does the spell check point out an error, when the word is spelt correctly? An example is the word favour and I’ve just noticed ‘spelt’ has come up as being incorrect!! Is it an American spell check? I ask because it’s quite annoying when you know a word is correct to have those wiggly red lines coming up on the screen. :wondering:

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