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Danica Thrall for Celebrity Big Brother?
Model and television personality Danica Thrall has been linked...
| Day -322

Model and television personality Danica Thrall has been linked with a place in the Celebrity Big Brother house.

CBB bosses have reportedly approached the 22-year-old following her stint in Sex, Lies and Rinsing Guys earlier this year.

The Channel 4 show featured women using their looks to persuade men into getting whatever they wanted in the way of money and expensive gifts, while offering nothing in return.

The Daily Star claims Danice will “cause fireworks”, and a source said: “Danica is a girl who knows what she wants and usually gets it.

“She exploits and manipulates and that’s bound to cause trouble in the house when people find out.”

Celebrity Big Brother 13 kicks off in August after the current public series. You can find out all the latest news and rumours by clicking on the ‘CBB News’ button at the top of the page.

Is Danica the sort of person you would like to see in the house?

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  1. jennyjuniper on 5:16pm July 26 '12

    This kind of person is no better than the ‘kiss and tell’ horrors who have been on previous shows. Soon no decent celebrity will want to be associated with this programme and I for one don’t want to watch parasites masquerading as women and calling themselves celebrities.

  2. joejoggerjoe on 6:23pm July 26 '12

    she is not celebrity ..she is spoiled brat

  3. Who, never heard of her.

  4. Sally on 7:15pm July 26 '12

    Yet another non celeb.

  5. str-8-edge on 7:45pm July 26 '12

    Hey, what ever it takes to get CAROLINE AND CONNOR OUT.GO FOR IT BB……

  6. Athanie on 7:46pm July 26 '12

    They seem to put in more and more non celebrities in the house each year :no:
    They could at least put in someone that would be interesting to watch :sadsmile:

  7. on 9:10pm July 26 '12

    Surely they should now change the name of the show to hasbeens & wannabes.

  8. yeahyeahyeah on 11:10pm July 26 '12

    Even the people running this website have now lost interest in the current series… :yawn: Next!

  9. BBNut on 1:39pm July 27 '12

    No! Absolutely not! Who the hell is she?! Enough of the non-entity airhead vacuous bimbos they don’t last five seconds anyway. Cough up for some real ‘celebrities’ or you may as well just scrap it! If :c5: want more viewers than they are currently getting they can forget it!

  10. How about someone from the regular show for celebrity bb?

  11. Recker on 2:11pm July 27 '12

    I’m still hoping C5 will save their rep and put in some interesting diverse people. I’m giving C5 one more chance to keep me from changing the channel.

    • BBNut on 2:32pm July 27 '12

      You just know it’s going to include a faded soap star, a loose woman, a bimbo, an unknown slut, a TOWIE reject, an ex junkie, a compulsory American, an X Factor or other ‘talent show’ ‘star’, an infuriatingly annoying ‘celeb’, a forgotten about ‘pop star’, a hate figure and several other nobodies, welcome to None-entity Big Brother. :angry:

  12. sammyvan on 6:06pm July 27 '12

    Shows how much of the “celebrity” world I know – have only heard of/know 4 out of the bunch! of those there is only one I like and after what happened the last time they had a ‘Loose woman’ in the house………I hate to think what may happen this time! No Michael to cheer me up!

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