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Danica, Rhian, Samantha, The Situation up for eviction
It has been confirmed that Danica, Rhian, Samantha and The...
Alec | Day -291

It has been confirmed that Danica, Rhian, Samantha and The Situation all received the highest amounts of votes in this weeks nominations and will therefore face the public vote to save.

All eleven housemates nominated again today for the third time after Jasmine was booted out on Wednesday and Cheryl closely followed by on Friday.

The voting lines will open during tonight’s Bit On The Side. Join Alice and Jamie at 10:00pm on 5* for all the numbers you need to save your fave.

Let us know your reactions on this week’s nomination results and who you’ll be voting to SAVE!

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  1. Out of all of them, I’d prefer Michael & Samantha to stay over them two girls.

  2. Sally on 6:27pm August 26 '12

    I would like Samantha to stay , :nod:
    I am not bothered about the other 3

  3. Samantha, then the situation to go! save the babes! :wink:

  4. With Cheryl going out last week who knows who will be next! :yes:

  5. Also i think it will be a double ! :bigsmile:

  6. Louiza on 7:01pm August 26 '12

    Very happy Prince Lorenzo isn’t nominated this time. :love: The Situation or Samantha to go.

    • microsis on 7:58pm August 26 '12
      MEMBER (2007 COMMENTS)

      Hi Louiza ,,hey I have just seen the noms for this week great :whew: Lorenzo :love: Isn’t up
      Not really sure who I want to go Mike/Rhian/Dancia/Sam
      We haven’t seen much of Sam have we ,,,,,she a lot different than I thought she would be when she first entered the house ,,,,,,
      I wonder why the hms nominated her I thought she got on with everybody ,,ummm

      Out of these four I would prefer Sam to stay
      And at a push Rhian

      :music: :music: :music:

      • sammyvan on 5:38pm August 27 '12
        MEMBER (1316 COMMENTS)

        My thoughts exactly, Microsis. Voting for Sam and hoping either the ghastly situation or Danica go. The difference between Danica and Rhian is the career choice. In my opinion.

  7. I think Danica and Rhian are at risk……
    :music: :music: :music:

  8. Please occasional table and samantha “i’m so beautiful” to be chopped. So bored of his whining , he needs a lesson in humility, that you can’t always get what you want. It will be good for his future when he is only known for being a reality tv zzzelebrity has been. As for samantha , i’m sure she needs to get back to the daily rag to spew her seething hatred on some of the other women.

  9. Louiza on 7:10pm August 26 '12

    I think you are spot on there Biddy. I don’t know why I want Samantha to go…..she seems really nice in the house. On reflection, i may have been hasty…..Yes I have changed my mind. Mike, Danica or Rhian to go.

    • Sally on 8:06pm August 26 '12
      MEMBER (2375 COMMENTS)

      :hi: Louiza Its not easy when four are up for eviction.
      I would like Sam to stay I think she may be a bit more interesting. It is possible that the house mates may be worried about what she might say about them in the news when she leaves. thats the risk they take.

    • Yes Louiza, I’m just pleased Lorenzo isn’t up….Not sure about Samantha, she seems ok in the house, a bit quiet….I don’t think people like how the girls are playing Ashley, Mike and Lorenzo.. so thats why i think they are at risk…Mike must have a good fan base , ….think he’d have gone Friday night if this wasn’t the case….
      :music: :music: :music:

    • sammyvan on 5:40pm August 27 '12
      MEMBER (1316 COMMENTS)

      Thank you Louiza! :handshake:

  10. Orchid333 on 7:52pm August 26 '12

    Were nominations done in the diary room?

  11. Jules on 8:07pm August 26 '12

    Good call, none of the elders in the batch. The Situation to go for me, alternatively Danica.

  12. Usawatcher on 8:10pm August 26 '12

    After Danicas complete switch from rubbing Michaels nipples to sharing chocolate w/Lorenzo. I want her out. She’s totally playing them. I didn’t want to agree w/Jasmine but they are players.

  13. Orchid333 on 8:11pm August 26 '12

    In the words of Mavis Riley from past Coro – “I don’t really know”. LOL :giggle: :giggle:

  14. save the 2 babes from the eviction

  15. yeahyeahyeah on 8:14pm August 26 '12

    Have we seen anything of Samantha yet? They’ve been in the house a week and a half, and I can’t recall a single thing she has said or done that’s been memorable.

    • yeahyeahyeah on 8:16pm August 26 '12

      Mike will get a lot of votes again, why I’m not sure, but he will. And I’d rather save Danica and Rhian than Samantha. But if it’s a double I think Samantha and Danica will go.

  16. microsis on 8:56pm August 26 '12

    Is it a double eviction on Wednesday ?
    Maybe ,,,maybe not ,,,

    :music: :music: :music:

    • Orchid333 on 9:23pm August 26 '12
      MEMBER (3183 COMMENTS)

      MICROSIS. I will be home by Wednesday (Tuesday in fact) and can’t wait to get back to BB. How sad am I?? And can’t wait to see my little kitty, Pippa. I think that I am getting too old for these blooming long haul flights. Give me Cornwall any day LOL :giggle: :giggle:

      • microsis on 11:24pm August 26 '12
        MEMBER (2007 COMMENTS)

        Oh I bet Pippa is missing you ,,I miss my pets so much when I go away ,we usually go somewhere where we can take the dogs ,,,,,,,,,,,,a few years ago ,we took our Old English Sheep dog ( Dulex Dog ) Digby on the Norfolk Broads ,,,,,oh dear what a big mistake that was :giggle: :giggle:
        You will be back ok then for the next eviction ,,it’s a strange call this week ,take care

        :music: :music: :music:

        • Orchid333 on 11:42pm August 26 '12
          MEMBER (3183 COMMENTS)

          MICROSIS: Thanks for that. I know it is late in England. You brought a tear to my eye. :yawn:

          My friend had an old engish sheep dog and he was a big old softie. I absolutely loved him. :love: Not with us anymore :sadsmile: I know that Pippa will be missing us but she is an indoor cat and at the cattery she loves being outside catching all the insects and flies. When we get home and pick her up she hears our voice and miaows at us so loud. Oh dear this is a TBB site not ” ANIMALS R US” site. :giggle: :giggle:

          • microsis on 12:02am August 27 '12
            MEMBER (2007 COMMENTS)

            Ok Animals R Us has now closed
            Who are we voting for this week ,,,unless anything changes over the next couple of days I think I may put in a few votes for Sam gosh I never thought I would be saying that :surprised:
            It’s 00 04 i better get some beauty sleep :giggle:

            :music: :music: :music:

    • Jules on 11:21am August 27 '12
      MEMBER (2507 COMMENTS)

      I doubt it Micro, i think they would have said by now? Anything is possible though as we know :rofl:

      • microsis on 11:52am August 27 '12
        MEMBER (2007 COMMENTS)

        Yes I think you are right Jules :love:
        Anyone you want to save this week ,,,or shall we keep our pennies in our pockets this week
        I haven’t seen sammyvan so don’t know what she is doing

        :music: :music: :music:

        • Jules on 12:13pm August 27 '12
          MEMBER (2507 COMMENTS)

          No tbh Micro so long as Julian is safe I dont really mind who goes now that Jasmine is out. :love:

          • microsis on 12:28pm August 27 '12
            MEMBER (2007 COMMENTS)

            Oh Julian was so funny in the diaryroom yesterday Jules ,,,when he said Julie had mounted him and had the marks on his leg to prove it ,,oh dear so so so funny

            I am not a great fan of Julian but I must admit he is steadily growing on me

            :music: :music: :music:

        • sammyvan on 5:53pm August 27 '12
          MEMBER (1316 COMMENTS)

          Keep missing you, Microsis!. Yes Julian was great yesterday – that’s the man I have been waiting to see and hear.
          I am voting for Sam to stay this week. Before she went in the house I had a completely different view of her – wondered if her head would fit thru the door? However she has been one of the nicest in there – very genuine and supportive. Must admit she is not the most interesting, but if saved who knows – could give her some confidence? I want the ‘thingy’ out, followed by Danica and then Rhian.
          So anyone whose favourite is safe this week….
          please give Sam a few votes?? :phone: :worried:

  17. jimbobjo on 9:10pm August 26 '12

    i’d like to save Samantha! Danica or The Situation to go! :rock:

  18. ABC123 on 10:10pm August 26 '12

    Danica and Samantha to go

  19. Florida2010 on 10:14pm August 26 '12

    Well on the housemates page the most backed to win,

    Rhian has 5 votes
    Mike aka “The Situation” has 4 votes
    Danica has 1 vote
    Samantha has 0 votes

    So hopefully Danica will get the boot :) !

  20. I dont care who go’s i think mike will be safe it will be one of the girls. Also is it me but is Ashley geting more sexy every time i see him and when he was just in that towel tonight OMG HE WAS SO FIT.

  21. Get the berk{occasional table} out. How disrespectful calling women “titties” What a plank

  22. Occasional table, love rat and judo loser, what a bunch of women and gossips.

  23. Orchid333 on 12:20am August 27 '12

    MICROSIS Sleep tight. Don’t know who to vote for but glad Coleen is safe for now AND LORENZO :love:

  24. yeahyeahyeah on 12:39am August 27 '12

    I don’t like Mike, but I think a lot of other people do. I think out of this group he is going to be the only one to survive until the final. My thoughts on finalists are: Ashley, Harvey, Julie, Mike, Julian, Martin, in no particular order.

    • Orchid333 on 1:57am August 27 '12
      MEMBER (3183 COMMENTS)

      I sincerely hope that Julie BADYEAR is not a blooming finalist. :bigsmile:

      • Me too…Although she did make me smile tonight..
        But not my cup of tea at all….
        Think Danica or Rhian may go ……….
        Would love to see Lorenzo in the final….he is my fav….looks, charm, money what more can a girl want…. :giggle:
        :music: :music: :music:

      • jennyjuniper on 3:34pm August 27 '12
        MEMBER (1179 COMMENTS)

        Yes Orchid, we have got the message! You don’t like Juiie.! I don’t like Coleen, but I have tried to stop going on about her as it can get very boring for the rest to be reading those kind of comments all the time.

        • Orchid333 on 4:23pm August 27 '12
          MEMBER (3183 COMMENTS)

          JENNY :giggle: forgive me luv, but i don’t know what is going on here in NY. I will try and curb my nimble fingers on the keyboard. On a positive note I will be home at Heathrow tomorrow at 7.30am and will be able to catch up on BB. Can’t even get BB on Youtube here :sadsmile: :love:

  25. microsis on 12:07pm August 27 '12

    Martin and Julie are gods

    :giggle: :giggle:

    :music: :music: :music:

  26. I quite like Samantha but would rather she go than the others, firstly because they will all have to pitch in with the cooking and washing up ( make them break a false nail) , secondly to lose the girls and Mike would put an end to the present ‘ tensions’ which I think we still need in the house. Thank heavens Lorenzo is not up, or Julian. I am also coming round to wanting Julian to win.
    Still ‘Keeping my powder dry’ but even so….up to now it’s Julian for me. Much as I love Lorenzo he doesn’t ‘need’ to be the winner in the same way that Julian does. Julian is modest, not that self-confident and a lovely person, it would give him a tremendous boost.

    • yeahyeahyeah on 5:03pm August 27 '12

      You don’t think Julian is self-confident? I would disagree. That’s not to say that he’s not vulnerable like everyone else on this planet, but I do think that he has a high level of confidence. At least I get that impression from him.

    • sammyvan on 6:12pm August 27 '12
      MEMBER (1316 COMMENTS)

      I agree, Catkin. I thought Julian would be full of confidence but he is not is he? Really felt for him during and after the eviction this week and so glad he realises he is well thought of now. The cheers must have given him a boost. If I had not had Martin as my ‘chosen one’ it would be either Julian or the Prince – though Lorenzo needs to wise up some!
      I would like to keep Samantha in this week as I feel she has the same problem as Julian – no confidence that she is liked at all. She only wrote an article – no blood was involved! Give her a break?

    • Jules on 7:03pm August 27 '12
      MEMBER (2507 COMMENTS)

      I have never really been aware of Julian before with all his makeup and his brashness but within the house and without the makeup I find him lovely. He seems to be very vulnerable but he has a gentle side to him which I admire. Maybe we havent seen the other side yet? Suits me tbh. :rofl:

  27. Sally on 5:40pm August 27 '12

    CBB is only on for an hour on Wed 29th not really enough for time for a double eviction.
    I hope Mike the occasional table goes I didn’t like his sexist remark apart from anything else,he was suggesting getting rid of the girls.
    He should be punished for trying to influence nominations.

  28. jennyjuniper on 6:14pm August 27 '12

    I feel a certain sympathy for Ashley, with Rhian giving out conflicting signals. If she doesn’t want him to be interested in her, then she should sleep alone! However (BB’s favourite word) last night on BOTS Rhian was heard saying to Danica ‘Stay friends with the boys until nominations’. Then a couple of minutes later Danica came out and started being friendly to Mike and Ashley. Those two girls are playing the two boys like concerto violinists.

    • yeahyeahyeah on 8:09pm August 27 '12

      That’s not exactly how it went: Harvey told Rhian that she “should stay friends with the boys until nominations.” and Rhian reiterated what Harvey said back to Danica. She wasn’t making a suggestion to Danica, but rather quoting Harvey.

  29. Louiza on 6:15pm August 27 '12

    Blimey! They are getting shot of the housemates thick and fast. The show will be over in a blink of an eye. What will we do then folks…??? I would love Lorenzo to win, but that’s looking unlikely. :sadsmile: I like Martin and Julian….So don’t mind if they win. Julie makes me laugh at times but seems two faced. I thought she would be dressed glam but she prefers to wear comfy clothes…. nothing wrong with that. just different to what I expected that’s all. I will keep voting for Lorenzo and see how long he remains in the show. :love: :love:

    • Hi Louiza,,,Yes 5 to go in the next week…Lorenzo is my favourite too, but cannot see him winning, will be giving him quite a few votes though, Just hope he makes the final….Julian is very funny and quite like his dry sense of humour…
      :music: :music: :music:

  30. Louiza on 10:42pm August 27 '12

    Hi Biddy,,,Such a shame the evictions happen very quickly on CBB…..Just as we are getting into the show and learning more about the housemates out they go into the arms of Brian. Oh well, it is what it is. I could watch Lorenzo all day long. How sad am I…???? :love: :love:

  31. JaniceR on 11:46pm August 27 '12

    On BOTs I heard Danica say that if Rhian goes she will too. Lorenzo said he’d follow. It would be wonderful if they all went this week. Really shake things up and allow the other HMs some airtime.
    I’m voting for everyone but Rhian as she had the nerve to nominate my Martin again :)

  32. Conor is Gwennies little bitch on 1:16am August 28 '12

    Prince Borenzo seems genuine but is so dull which means he should do well as the public seem to like the bland housemates.

    As much as I dislike Danica and The Thickoation, I would prefer the less entertaining Rhian or Sam to exit..

    • Canadiana on 2:02am August 28 '12

      There isn’t a ton wrong with the guy, but Prince Borenzo is just a so boring, and was most definitely just as boring in his season of the Bachelor. He was actually voted America’s least favourite Bachelor out of all the series haha

  33. Canadiana on 1:56am August 28 '12

    I was just wondering how much of ‘The Situation’ you guys have been introduced to in the UK? I live in Canada, so i have been shown too much of the boy and I can tell you all right now that he is most definitely playing a game in there right now. And he may be getting sympathy votes for how Danica is leading him on right now, but if any of you watched a couple episodes of Jersey Shore and see how poorly he treats girls, you won’t feel sorry for him anymore.
    I’m quite happy with the noms this week and hope for it to be a double eviction.

  34. Get danica out im fed up with it all its geting boring if not danica then rhian they r both geting so boring.

  35. Totally agree with our American/Canadian friends “The Situation” is a joke. Please watch Jersey Shore – what a plonker. He voted for Danica because she is playing with his heart. What he really means is she has knocked me back so throw her out. Also, Jamie East on BOTS was almost telling viewers to vote for Danica. It was so obvious he wants her out. Jamie you should be neutral. From start to finish this CBB has fueled the viewer into hating Danica and together with that vile creature Jasmine they have succeeded – shame on you. Also have i missed something when has Rhian flirted with Ashley. Apart from him lying on her bed trying “HIS” hardest to get in it nothing else appears to have happened. Sorry folks for boring you with my rant. :bigsmile:

    • sammyvan on 1:01pm August 28 '12
      MEMBER (1316 COMMENTS)

      Not bored at all, Granny EI, as i agree with all you have said. The Situation [thingy] needs to go. Shifty eyed game player! Lots of HM’s playing games – thats what its all about, but he does it playing the ‘poor me’ ticket. I also cant figure out how Ashley has escaped noms – needs to grow a pair! Hope Samantha stays this week.

    • ..G.EI – neither a rant nor boring – just a rationaly explained posting of your views with which I wholeheartedly concur.

      Not keen on Stepford Sam tho’- she nominated both girlies and gave us the nauseating, extremely sexist, and disrespectful to older people and just about everyone else Russell Brand …how can she ever be forgiven for that ?!!!

      Hope both girlies stay

      • sammyvan on 6:19pm August 28 '12
        MEMBER (1316 COMMENTS)

        Have seen you mention this before, ITHINK, would love to know more? If there was ever someone who makes my skin crawl it would be Russell Brand. How was Sam responsible for him blighting our TV screens? Wont stop me voting for her {just this week !} but would be interesting to know!

  36. Thanks Sammyvan i like Samantha too. Would be nice to get The Situation out, followed by Ashley but unfortunately mostly girls vote so doubt if that will happen. Think the girlies would loosen up and be allowed to mingle more without those two. Whats your take on Julie?

    • Hi GrannyEI. Always feel like I have to duck under the kitchen table to avoid the fall-out when I comment on Julie. Cant put my finger on it really but its :no:
      I do enjoy her humour sometimes, appreciate it when she comforts a HM, but something just aint right?!
      Probably have to appear as anon for a few days now!!!! :sweating:

  37. Samantha to go! Heres why……

    • Sally on 3:47pm August 28 '12
      MEMBER (2375 COMMENTS)

      Old news.
      It’s what she does in the house that people will judge Sam on. We are seeing and hearing the person.
      You didn’t like her article. She was being judgemental yes, but so is your article you criticise women for making an effort to look beautiful.You are both entitled to your opinions. I make the best of what I have got if I say I have beautiful eyes and elegant hands thats only my opinion.
      I would prefer Sam to stay over the other 3.

      By the way your artical is worth reading. :handshake:

  38. Yes i agree women have the right to feel confident in their beauty, i was just trying to emphasise the ridiculous imortance society puts on beauty, when there are other things that i feel are more important when judging a person. Hopefully Samantha will prove her critics wrong in the house and show that theres more to her than a pretty face!

    • Sally on 5:00pm August 28 '12
      MEMBER (2375 COMMENTS)

      Then we are agree. :happy:

    • Also enjoyed your article. I really hope more people will see that apart from the Samantha we know from the Daily Mail, this woman deserves her place in the house. As Sally says, she should be judged on her contribution to the house, on the person we see now. Agree she has not been shown much – perhaps we would see more of several HM’s once the tiresome children are out!

      • yeahyeahyeah on 5:45pm August 28 '12
        MEMBER (202 COMMENTS)

        I disagree here. A lot of people always say that HMs should only be judged by what they do in the house…as if the house is some kind of vacuum where people don’t make choices based on who they are in the outside world. HMs don’t suddenly become absolved of all their faults the minute they walk through the BB doors. I do feel that everyone deserves a chance, and the house is an opportunity for many people to tell their side of the story and show a side of themselves different from what appears in the papers. That’s fine. But why say that people shouldn’t also be judged by who they are overall as a person? The house is a very false environment and people can act up for their own agenda, especially on CBB where it’s only for three weeks.

        • completely agree triple Y – CBB don’t mean Celebrity Big Baptism – ain’t seen anything from Stepford Sam but a contrived performance to get back to her two Mercs. lifestyle whilst leaving us to deal with her protege Russell Brand – No thanks on both accounts from me.

          Hope Mike’s evicted, but would be equally satisfied if it’s Stepford Sam.

        • sammyvan on 6:32pm August 28 '12
          MEMBER (1316 COMMENTS)

          Difficult one this. Will try to explain my reasoning. Before Sam went into the house I had obviously read her article and wondered what planet she was on. I also wondered why anyone would write like that – and not expect the back-lash that came within hours of it going to print. She was instantly forgotten – until I saw her in the house. I don’t think posters mean she should not be judged on her persona outside the house, just that some of us feel she is not all bad, taking into consideration how she has come across inside the house. I am prepared to ‘save ‘ her this week as I prefer her over the other three – though she would not be my overall winner. Make sense?

  39. Hi Anonymous don’t duck under the table when you discuss Julie. I also like her humour and as Bet Lynch she has a special part in our hearts. However, sometimes i feel she is trying to keep everyone on her side. She lets Danica massage her feet yet goes over to Mike just before nominations and asks if he is being played. She does the same to Ashley. Mike saying i am going to “man up” was Julie speaking, not him. Very clever lady. Do i want her to win, not anymore.

  40. As i said, despite criticising Sam in my article, i see CBB as a chance for her to show the world her personality so shes not forever known as that narsiccistic woman who wrote the daily mail article. We’ll see what happens with that one! Hope you all liked the article anyway!

  41. Danica to stay.Julie the shameless flirt and manipulator should go next and hope she is not in the final. Harvey is becoming nasty and vicious and taking Ashley down with him which is such a shame. Will be voting for the babes to stay, it`s the boys who are pathetic coz they can`t take rejection well. The situation is such a loser they treat women like shit on jersey shore now he`s trying to act the victim get him out.

  42. rianne to stay, i for one will be voting to save her tonight:)

  43. i really am not enjoying this years cbb, yes theres bitching n mixing etc but they all come across as “insipid” somehow? i think its no longer the same, theyre all too aware of the cameras and the public watching and they are being completely false, doesnt do it for me at all

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