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Danica and Rhian favourites for third eviction
Tonight, the third evicte of Celebrity Big Brother will be...
Alec | Day -288

Tonight, the third evicte of Celebrity Big Brother will be announced. Who do you want to leave?

On Sunday, Danica, Rhian, Samantha and Mike were nominated for a four-way battle of survival in the latest public vote. The celebrity housemate with the least votes in tonight’s vote to stay will be evicted after 15 days in the house.

The two models, Danica and Rhian are favourites to get the boot – currently both have odds of 11/8 with Sky Bet to leave tonight.

In Tuesday’s highlights show, Danica was seen arguing with fellow nominee Mike and flirting with Prince Lorenzo, which, while providing entertainment, may prove to go against her this evening.

Samantha isn’t too far behind at 3/1, while Mike is the outsider to go at 28/1.

Away from tonight’s eviction, Julian, Martin and Julie are the favourites to take the crown at the end of the series.

Who do you want to leave tonight? Let us know below!

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  1. Alex Gourley on 11:56am August 29 '12

    I dont mind who goes out of danica or rhian i just want martin coleen and julian to be in the top 3.

    • Jules on 1:47pm August 29 '12
      MEMBER (2503 COMMENTS)

      I am with you there Alex but at the moment Coleen has lost a bit of ground she has gone down to 5th favourite with Mike going up to 4th!!! I like her very much and I think she is genuine. I hope she makes it to the top three. The clique have made it bad for her, grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!

      • JaniceR on 5:35pm August 29 '12
        MEMBER (3841 COMMENTS)

        I’ve been disappointed with Coleen not as fiesty and opinionated as I thought she would be. can’t understand why she sides with Danica at all.
        Would like her to up her game and get involved more with older group.

  2. Jules on 12:04pm August 29 '12

    Have been watching different clips and tbh I would rather that Mike went. Those lads together are becoming quite a little bully group with their ideas. I have lost interest in all of them ie Mike, Ashley and Harvey. They are totally manipulated by Julie. Hope the girls stay, anything is possible, we know this by Cheryls departure.

  3. microsis on 12:33pm August 29 '12

    Hey ,,when does cbb end ,if today is day 15 and cbb is for 23 days ,,that makes Thursday week final night don’t it ??? That’s a strange day for cbb to end on ,, Or have I got it wrong :surprised: :surprised:

    :music: :music: :music:

  4. Danica needs to go it’s just geting so boring with her game playing frist mike and now lorenzo is any one safe in that house. Rhian is a nice girl but just a bit dull. Danica can go 2night and Rhian can go on friday with any luck. This god task is so funny.

  5. I hope the girls stay just to upset Julie who has done her best to manipulate everyone into her way of thinking. Also, Mike is no injured party. He has no respect for women and has only turned on Danica because she no longer fancies him. Sure she is a flirt but look at Julie with the men very touchy feelie but no one says a word. I think Coleen was right Julie is the biggest player in there, hopping from one to the other in the hope of saving herself.

    • Jules on 2:38pm August 29 '12
      MEMBER (2503 COMMENTS)

      Agree with you totally there Granny. Hope the girls stay and those lads are out first tbh, that will break Julie’s little clique.

    • JaniceR on 5:37pm August 29 '12
      MEMBER (3841 COMMENTS)

      Seriously ,big difference is none of them want Julie so its seen as fun.

    • sammyvan on 7:25pm August 29 '12
      MEMBER (1316 COMMENTS)

      Seems to me that Julie and Harvey are pulling the strings in the house at present. Really dont like Harvey at all, and I said at the start of CBB that Julie was not my cup of tea. Give her her due though – she is a master at manipulation! The dream outcome tonight would be Mike thingy going, but that wont happen. Would love Sam to stay, but after seeing the ‘boys’ gang up as they have, I almost wish Danica could stay just to see their faces! We have a nasty lot this year!

      • Jules on 10:09pm August 29 '12
        MEMBER (2503 COMMENTS)

        I have never liked julie Sammy and I agree I have gone off of Harvey as well, in fact I am not in awe of any of the young men. I hope that Julian sees through Julie, she is now trying to stir it with him re Coleen. Nasty so and so….. :hi:

  6. I can’t believe some of the comments I’ve read on this site. Hoping the girls stay!?! Rhian is harmless fair enough, but she isn’t exactly entertaining or honourable. Don’t even get me started on Danica, she has got to be the most vile creature to ever set foot in the BB house. Regardless of whether Mike fancies her or not, she is a disgusting human being with morals that make Mike look as though he is a saint. I will admit that Julie is influencing the young boys opinions, but at least she is influencing them for the greater good, unlike Danica. I really disliked Jasmine at first, but now I would give anything to put her back in the house to put Danica in her place and stop her manipulating ways.

    • JaniceR on 5:39pm August 29 '12
      MEMBER (3841 COMMENTS)

      Agree with you except the bit about Rhain being harmless. She keeps nominating my Martin!!:)

      • Martin gimp is a bore, and quite a weasel , back stabbing bitch on Julie, Harvey , Coleen and now Julian who he has played more than anyone with his dull nice guy routine. I know he has an appeal for certain mature women , but i think he’s vile , now i can see why my mum was a Duranie.

        • Orchid333 on 1:08am August 30 '12
          MEMBER (3183 COMMENTS)

          :bigsmile: NOLLAIG: i don’t know if it is because I am jet lagged having just returned from NY but I don’t really understand that comment. And please don’t think that I am being rude to you please? :bigsmile:

          • orchid were in new york? really? cos i didnt know, wouldnt have known unless u said,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,oops, sorry, thats right, u only mentioned it in EVERY post u commented on lately, anywhoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo , i was in tibet 3 yrs ago, is it too late to mention??????????????????? lmao

          • orchid were u in new york? really? cos i didnt know, wouldnt have known unless u said,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,oops, sorry, thats right, u only mentioned it in EVERY post u commented on lately, anywhoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo , i was in tibet 3 yrs ago, is it too late to mention??????????????????? lmao

          • Maybe you missed some of the clips on CBB and BOTS when you were in NY.You would have been better booking a week in Borehamwood and keeping up to date with the housemates rather than going to NY and wasting soo much time concerned with goings on in the CBB house.

    • Jules on 10:15pm August 29 '12
      MEMBER (2503 COMMENTS)

      Everybody is trying to make their way through this life, none of us can judge anyone until we know the truth behind all things. We can surmise and dislike but we cannot say in all honesty that Julie is influencing them for their own good, She is a jealous creature and needs to be queen bee. She should leave the younguns to sort out their own problems. I would say that Julie has a lot of problems of her own but as I said, we mustnt judge just surmise.

      Danica is a young soul and will have years before her to learn one way or another which is the best way for her.

  7. Get Danica out! I can not stand that disgusting girl. Anyone who has done something sexual to someone for money is by definition a prostitute. Anyone else remember her from Elite TV? Get Her Out!!

    • Recker – yes deffo. Lets line up all the prostitutes in the world and stone them. I’ve gathered my fistfull of stones.

      Oh Noooooooo – Heck, people are peltering me for my ‘wrongs’ despite my being fortunate enough to have been guided by a brilliant mother well past 14years of age.

      I guess you’ve always done the ‘morally’ right thing?

      • I haven’t sold my body for money, so that’s why I feel that way about the subject…maybe you have and that’s why you feel the way you do. I couldn’t say. I don’t know you any more than you know me.

        These people come on the show knowing full well they will be judged. If I submitted myself to the show I would expect to be judged. They are naive if they think that’s not the case.

        • JaniceR on 5:43pm August 29 '12
          MEMBER (3841 COMMENTS)

          My morals are pretty damned good except for the whole piousness thing :) Want Danica out as she sets a very bad example to young people and CBB are focussing too much on her so we don’t get to see the other HMs. I’ve said it before she shouldn’t even be in CBB.

        • Recker, like U I have also never sold my body for sex. I have – like everyone else – made mistakes in my life, and moved on. I allow others to do likewise.
          Whether or not they are on TV, they are still human after all.
          A lot of people who end up in prostitution tend to come from very difficult and disadvantaged backgrounds; quite often they get sucked and trapped into that sad ‘world’ at a young age thru drugs etc. by very powerful and sleazy people.
          In respect of Danica, her mother died when she was 14yrs. I think that may be one reason why she has ended up in the sex industry. I hope she will move on after CBB.
          In CBB, I have watched her being (unprovoked) viciously attacked and bullied by Jasmine and then by her mother. Danica remained calm.
          Then I’ve watched Mike (who is a player himself), Harvey (who committed adultery with his ex wife’s bestfriend, Harvey’s shadow (Ashley), and Julie (lewd and crude) all ‘throwing stones’ at her.
          I ain’t a religious person, but do subscribe to the Biblical ‘ Let he who is without sin …’ Hence my support for D. and growing dislike for the ‘stone throwers.’

          • Recker on 6:53pm August 29 '12
            MEMBER (27 COMMENTS)

            I understand people have their hardships which shape their lives. I myself lost my mother when I was 12 and my father when I was 19. Those that take the route of self destruction need to accept what they have done and move on. Danica has done nothing but deny what she has done. If she came out and said, “Yeah I made some bad decisions. I learned from them, and moved on,” then I would say fine and leave her alone. But she continues with the stance that she has done nothing wrong. That is where my biggest issue with her is.

          • Jules on 1:11am August 30 '12
            MEMBER (2503 COMMENTS)

            Good post ITHINK, as I said it is difficult to judge a young person, the younguns have a long way to go to finding their true selves and there will possibly come a time when they will rethink their attitudes and their stance in life.

            Each person is on their own pathway of life and we all learn one way or another. Some just carry on into their old age and have a love of bannanas and young men. Each to their own I guess.

          • Orchid333 on 1:14am August 30 '12
            MEMBER (3183 COMMENTS)

            Please get off your soap box for goodness sake!!! ITHINK :whew:

          • R and J – thanks for your informed response and positive feedback respectively.
            O333 – May I respectfully suggest U either ‘practice what U preach’
            After finishing your catch-up of BOTS, U hire Bambi DVD and take counsel from THUMPPA.

      • Jules on 11:49am August 30 '12
        MEMBER (2503 COMMENTS)

        Never sure on where these answers go to, are they being perceived by the correct person :rofl:

        Anyway Orchid, welcome back but it is strange how we see things differently in different posts, I didnt see ITHINK as being on a soap box tbh, there was a point to be recognised there. Only my opinion but tis mine, all mine :rofl: :love:

    • Everyone in the CBB house has prostituted their privacy , dignity and self worth for the pay cheque. Danica is refreshing as she more self aware of controlling her marketing. And why the double standards ? because she is a woman .she has not cheated on her spouse unlike Harvey , who appears pious at her flirting with the players who have met their match , but their playing females is more acceptable to the British public bizarrely.

  8. Danica to stay, i don`t see why people are ganging up against her. If she was playing the game she would be getting it on with Mike to win since he`s like a puppy dog around her.There`s nothing wrong with flirting. Julie is the shameless game player and her flirting is verging on disgusting but she can do no wrong just because she`s Julie??? Harvey is becoming vicious and draggiung Ashley along. The situation is just pathetic he needs to go.Danica to stay i`ll be voting for her a thousand times

  9. Sorry, I’ve made a comment on here under the impression that Intelligent human beings would be responding to my comment… How wrong I was! Since I’m obviously dealing with immature people, I’ll go and have a debate over which telly tubby is the best and why, at least that way I won’t be surprised when I recieve pathetic comments back to my perfectly rational comment. Voting for Danica a thousand times!?! just buy her some expensive gift off her wish list, I’m sure she’d rather you didn’t waste your money on something she couldn’t use. The longer she stays in the house the more the public will hate her, so if you really like Danica, get her out before it’s to late. The situation wouldn’t be acting the way he was if she hadn’t led him to believe that more would become of their friendship.

  10. Well done Anonymous/Jules lets spoil Julies plan. Keep the girls in. Start voting – my phone bill will be huge.

  11. riane to stay, she is being genuine and i will be voting for her to say tonight:)

  12. I honestly loved Danica when she first went in, up until about a week ago when I realised she playing everyone like a fiddle, especially the British public… apparently. I’m not a fan of Julie, I know exactly what she’s doing… talking to Mike and Ashely on the morning of the nominations about whether the girls are playing them or not (obviously are) The fact that you’re going to spend a massive amount of money on voting for Danica to stay shows me that I’m wasting my time responding to your comments. Julie may be flirting or whatever you think it is she’s doing but she knows she’s old and it’s more for commical value, with Danica she is deadly serious and thinks she has it all worked out, considering you call yourself a gran you’d think you would have the life experience to see through that. You waste your money, I can guarentee you that Danica will go, because fortunately the British public aren’t as naive as you, thankfully.

    • M – it’s a gameshow, they’re all fiddle playing to get far in the show and in life.
      IMO, D’s fiddling (!!??) sweeter ‘n’ smoother than the others – but not in a nasty way.
      With your powers of prediction – any chance telling (just )me – please whisper – the numbers for this Friday’s Euromillion Lotto instead PLEASE?

      • Predicting something as obvious as Danica going tonight, and the Euromillion lotto is on completely opposite ends of the scale. If you want to win some money, just put your life savings on Danica getting evicted tonight. :kiss:

        • M – which scale u referring 2 ?

        • JaniceR on 5:54pm August 29 '12
          MEMBER (3841 COMMENTS)

          Marcus,sometimes you are banging your head against the wall. The more I read granny’s posts the more I think she may be a thirty year old one! Some people have more money than sense to vote for someone that many times. Unless they actually know them? Buy the grandchildren a book or something with the money Granny.
          Don’t want to rain on your parade but the odds given for who will go have not been accurate over last few weeks,look what happened last week with Cheryl. I will despair of the public too if neither Danica or Rhian goes tonight.

          • Orchid333 on 12:06pm August 30 '12
            MEMBER (3183 COMMENTS)

            MARCUS: :hi: If I was you, I would just ignore what “ITHINK” has to say. She sounds to me as if she has lost the plot in the way she rants on of late :wink: Her user names says it all :giggle: :giggle:

            Anyway, back to BB. Coleen; Martin or Julian to win – get Julie asap. :music: :music: :music:

        • sammyvan on 1:40pm August 30 '12
          MEMBER (1316 COMMENTS)

          If anyone had taken this advice……………..? :wink:

    • Jules on 12:15pm August 30 '12
      MEMBER (2503 COMMENTS)

      Sorry Marcus I just do not find Julie comical, she is of an age whereby she doesnt need to betray herself, she has been a succesful artist in Coronation Street, why let herself down now? She was brilliant with Cheryl the first day but after that………ee by gum chum I wish she would throw out her gum and take a back seat.

      • Orchid333 on 12:26pm August 30 '12
        MEMBER (3183 COMMENTS)

        JULES: :hi: If Julie was my grandmother, I would be so ashamed of her. Especially that banana incident – yuk! Sorry JENNY. I couldn’t resist the urge to do a bit of “Julie bashing” LOL :giggle: :giggle: :giggle:

        :music: :music: :music:

  13. i hope the girls go..more so danica as even tho they are grown men shes playing them..yes yes i know men do it most of the time to us women but its still not right! and i hope julies up and out friday shes so manipulative and very 2 faced..dont like her at all and after watching her being fed a banana(i nearly puked) :tmi: my fragile mind(and eyes)need her out!!!

    • microsis on 3:54pm August 29 '12
      MEMBER (2007 COMMENTS)

      I know KELS ,,,i had to empty my fruit bowl of the offending articles straight away ,,,put me right off ,of bananas for life ,,,,,I wonder if the sales of bananas will rise or drop all due to Julie :giggle: :giggle:

      :music: :music: :music:

    • how do u not like rianne, she has not played any guys in the house, she has stayed far away from ashley because she now feels uncomfortable.

      • JADE – I was sorry to see R leave yesterday. IMO she gave the most measured & candid responses to Brian and on BOTS that I have ever seen from any C/BB evictees.
        She looked stunning in that beautiful dress. More importantly, I am now more likely to believe her version of events in the torrid Vernon ‘affair’.
        GOOD LUCK to her from here on in… :drink:

        • sammyvan on 1:50pm August 30 '12
          MEMBER (1316 COMMENTS)

          Yes, ITHINK, I agree and feel Rhian deserves a new start. Early on when she talked about the ‘texting’ , I may be gullible but I believed her version. So easy for the reporters and papers to embroider any stories they wish. Why do we find it so difficult to believe or forgive. I’m glad she is out though – purely because in the house she would continue to be picked on by Ashley, Harvey and of course Julie. Good luck to Rhian.
          my opinion.

    • Jules on 5:34pm August 29 '12
      MEMBER (2503 COMMENTS)

      I think Kel things would be different if Julie wasnt misleading those lads and that gum!!!! I cannot see her being put up though but would love to see her go.

      MIKE out tonight……..keep the girls in……please…..

  14. please get the situation out can’t stand his sulky barney rubble face any longer.

  15. Louiza on 4:13pm August 29 '12

    Yes,,, I bought a bunch of bananas yesterday morning… before I watched Julie get her Knashers around THAT! banana. Really put me off and my nanas remain untouched. :speechless:

    • microsis on 4:30pm August 29 '12
      MEMBER (2007 COMMENTS)

      Best leave it that way Louiza ,,put them in the bin like I did ,,keep temptation away , :no: ,, have an apple instead

      :music: :music: :music:

    • Jules on 5:27pm August 29 '12
      MEMBER (2503 COMMENTS)

      I couldnt sleep for thinking about her mouth around that nanna …………………. yuck, the men would have been villified had they been so productive against the young women. How could she say to the lads call me nan …………… grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr………. get her out!!!

      :love: :love: Louiza….

  16. puddleglum on 4:28pm August 29 '12

    I think the girls Danica /Rhian are being vilified
    Harvey is hardly a saint cheated on his wife had an affair with her best they had a child to-gether and he cheats again.As for Mike the situation have you watched Jersey Shore where they take girls back and then discard them hours later
    c.b.b owe those girls a duty of care !!!
    some of the comments are nasty.
    They have helped to ratchet this situation up
    the hatred out here is scary .Ashley/Mike/Harvey need to grow up

    • Agreed well said and accurate, unfortunately sister solidarity is thin on the ground among British women just need to refer to Samantha Brick for a classic example of that.

  17. Game or not, Danica is horrible. She acted like she did nothing wrong in that little argument with Mike. “I’ve got a boyfriend, let me pinch your nipples. I’ve got a boyfriend, let me rest my face on your manbits” I couldn’t believe how everyone was telling her she was the one in the right.

    Rhian, yawn. Samantha is nice enough. Not sure about Mike (I’m American but never seen the Jersey Shore, so can’t tell if he’s acting)

    • I agree with you JBETH, she turned everything round in the row as if she was the hurt little girl, yet she led Mike on so much earlier on, until she discovered that Prince Lorenzo could make her a Princess and had far more money than Mike.

      I also disagreed with the others for telling her she expressed herself well and ‘was articulate ” . ‘Articulate – what does that mean” said Danica….(!)

      The only one who defended Mike was Samantha, Mike was actually correct in everything he said in his defence.
      Rhian is just boring and harmless. Danica should go.

  18. Julie is the most offensive person in there. Manipulating everyone. She is soooo deperate to win. Danica is not a prostitute, she never even meets these people and if they want to send her money or gifts for photos good luck to her. Is it that either we can’t remember flirting when we were young or are still young and jealous of her good fortune. Get Julie Out a.s.a.p :devil: :hi: :star:

    • The petty flirting like Ashley/Rhian is fine (though annoying how much airtime it’s taking up). I’m not bothered by Danica’s job, but her leading people on and playing the victim about it is ridiculous. She should’ve stayed home, I’m sure she’d have made much more money.

      Yeah, Julie is manipulative, but I think most people have caught on and are watching what they say around her.

    • Jules on 5:24pm August 29 '12
      MEMBER (2503 COMMENTS)

      Many agree with you get Julie out she is a pain in the posterior, why is she meddling in the young mens affairs. With her behaviour how can she criticise the lassies?

    • Orchid333 on 1:21am August 30 '12
      MEMBER (3183 COMMENTS)

      ditto – MONTY :yes: :yes: :bigsmile:

  19. i want the situation ashleigh harvey and julie also martin to go far because them 5 people anre th only normal people in the house danica and rhian are both bitches and dont deserve to go any more far danica plays the situation and prince lorenzo can i go to the award with you and so whoever gets to marry you becomes a princess aah bitch what was she doing under prince lorenzo mortal coustume i hope she goes and rhian also plays ashley and she gets on my nerves.

    • Thank god they’re normal people out there, who understand what makes a person good or bad. I’ve been having to battle against these ass clowns by myself up until now. Martin to win! Danica out!

  20. puddleglum on 5:11pm August 29 '12

    Jersey Sore is centred in a house like BB
    with men and women its a hard drinking lets have sex with each other and any one else type of
    programme that’s his life I don’t care ,none of them are whiter than white.
    I think Danica has been humiliated enough
    Jasmine calls her a prostitute and a whore
    then sends her mum in to do the same.
    like or dislike who you want .Its the name calling I cant stand.As for Ashley the way he’s carrying on he will go far in this competition,simply
    through block voting not because he is liked with the public .lmo

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  21. northernmonkey on 5:15pm August 29 '12

    I am finding Danica annoying now, bored of it already, Rhian is ok but dull and brings nothing to the show.

    Mike is stupid beyond words but probably harmless, suprisingly I don’t mind Sam, didn’t think i’d like her.

    So I want either of the 2 daft girls or braindead to go, not bothered either way really.

  22. After the row with Mike, which incidentally I don’t think Mike was at fault for at all, I found a clip of Danica on the internet. What I saw amazed me…….it was 3 years ago, she had brassy long blonde dyed hair, hard make-up and was wearing very few clothes as she posed for the photographer. Pouting lips and all. She looked like all topless models do….common, brassy and hard.

    She has had a make-over since then and is now all fresh-faced and wide eyed innocent girliness. Mike was just so right….she is FAKE. She is faking everything and trying to portray herself as something she evidently is not.

    This girl really is a man-trap and is determined to get what she wants by fair means or foul. Let’s hope Prince Lorenzo doesn’t fall for it. The little innocent eyes, clutching her cuddly toy…whilst sticking her head under his tunic. PLEEEZE !!!. GET DANICA OUT.

  23. Keep the tits, keep the tits!!!

  24. Oh look Danica is safe she should have gone tonight lets hope she up and go’on friday. I’m glad mike is safe i hope sam stays and rhian go’s but i think it will be that go’s hope i’m wrong!!!

  25. jderbes on 10:18pm August 29 '12


    For the last year I have been coming back and forth to the UK from the US. I absolutely love it there. My partner who I was engaged to was an Italian who has lived in London for 20+ years. I have (apart from the typical icy nature that comes with the populous of any major metropolitan city) have found the UK to be very friendly and kind to the Americans. I am currently back in the US and I miss it there terribly so I have been watching this season of CBB. I had watched last year when it was like Lucien, Jedward, Tara Reid, Daryn and those other housemates. When I watched in 2011 I thought “well, no wonder they voted off Tara and Pamela…they are like the epitome of everything that is wrong with the Americans! I would have voted them off as well!” But I started going back through and I can’t for the life of me figure out why the Brits make certain they have at least one American in the CBB House every season…all they do is complain about us and talk nasty about us. So why do they keep having us on. This season I thought to myself, “DEAR GOD!! ‘THE SITUATION’?!?! REALLY?!?! Now they are just trying to make us look bad by PICKING the cast from the absolute dredges of American society.” But then I started watching and being that I never watched Michael’s show, “Jersey Shore”, here in the US because of their reputation as being right TOSSERS, I never expected to fall for the guy so quickly. The fact that Danica is a proper whore, I thought I would see so many people defending Michael on opinion shows like BOTS…nope! It’s all, “Michael is just a dumb American and poor sweet Danica is just trying to pay off her bills.”

    Horse Shit! Somehow it is NOT okay for Michael to use his nice body to make money and since he does he MUST be a dumb, tool, fake, tosser of a man. But because Danica does exactly all of those things and more, being paid privately by other men versus a proper company but doing it WBB (Whilst Being British) somehow that makes it socially acceptable?! I beg to differ. I would say that is not just a prejudice against nationality, but it is also sexist. To be completely honest, I don’t personally find Michael, Rhian or Danica’s professional prowess anything to be proud of but apparently these kids are making it work because they have a lot more money than me. But to slight anyone because of their gender, sexual orientation, nationality or anything other than who they are is just wrong.

    I am very well that it is just a game. That being said, I think how the game is played IS important and I think if you are able to do it without having to lead men around by their cocks or women around with their checkbooks then I tip my hat to THAT person…no matter who they are!

    So, if anyone has opinion about the game, please share. But I am also interested in whether I have entirely misjudged the British fondness for Americans. I find your culture absolutely charming and can always find something nice to say about the British…have I completely misjudged the whole thing? Would LOVE to hear it from a Brit. I have asked my fiance and I have asked all of his friends but they are all Italian, French, German, Brasilian. I am curious of what a born and bred Brit would say to this question. Thanks so much!!!!
    - Jonathan Derbes
    Indianapolis, IN, USA

    • You just don’t get it do you. The girls know exactly what they are doing and how it may be perceived by some, but the table who is doing the same thing, does not.

      And the xenophobic crap :giggle:

      • jderbes on 10:32pm August 29 '12
        MEMBER (18 COMMENTS)

        you’ve just substantiated the “xenophobic crap”. “you just don’t let it go.” What is that? American’s don’t let it go? I don’t understand, I have never spoken to you in my life so it’s not like you have come to “expect that kind of comment out of me over the years.” So it must be an American slight….couldn’t be anything else. I far prefer someone who has the balls to just say “yeah, I don’t like you American’s because: A, B, C” as opposed to “oh no, we are equal opportunity, we hate for no reason at all. Can someone intelligent like legitimately answer the question?
        Thanks a TON,

        • You really are a twit. I have been to the USA several times and love it and respect Americans.

          Americans have always fared well on UK CBB.

          And read properly, i never said “don’t let it go”
          Get a life.

          • jderbes on 10:53pm August 29 '12
            MEMBER (18 COMMENTS)

            You’re right, go figure, you didn’t say let it go. You said I don’t get it. Just as offensive.

            Anybody who sinks to just resorting to calling names obviously can’t properly answer the question or speak their mind.

            At least someone had the BALLS that you don’t have to say “Yeah, in general, we don’t like you. ” Instead you have to say “oh, yes, I love coming to your country, stealing your technology with all these iphones we are ALL walking around with. And we LOVE stealing your culture. And we LOVE stealing your entertainment. Yeah, we just LOVE coming over and stealing all the best of America but no WE REALLY LIKE YOU GUYS.” Take lessons from the other person who ACTUALLY ANSWERED!

            You are gross! :rofl:


        • aamile95 on 10:51pm August 29 '12
          MEMBER (228 COMMENTS)


          I think you misread Skyemans comment. He said you didn’t get it not you wouldn’t let it go. I don’t think he was saying anything about Americans just your comment.
          I do get where you are coming from though as Danica is being immoral although I’m not a massive fan of someone who calls himself “The Situation.
          I don’t think it’s that we have anything against the Americans but I’d just say that because of a difference in culture anyone coming from another country may feel alienated from those from that country. For example British and American humourare slightly different. That’s not to say that any culture or nation is worse than the other but that there are confusions when the two meet in an intense environment like the BB house.
          It would probably be similar if a Brit was to go into US BB as it takes time to adjust to a different set of people with different cultures and to effectively “fit in”.
          I hope that helps.
          Also any joke on BOTS towards Americans just friendly. I think our two nations like to poke fun at the other as we are quite similar and different at the same time. Its just friendly between nations. Every time I watch Family Guy and the British are depicted I can only laugh as i understand it is a joke.

          • jderbes on 11:01pm August 29 '12
            MEMBER (18 COMMENTS)

            I would tend to agree with most of what you have said. Have you ever been to the US? Because I have spent time over there. You are absolutely right. There is no doubt there is an IMMENSE difference between US and UK culture. I know that from my experience in BOTH countries for sustained periods of time. But my point is it seems there is all this moaning about how dumb Mike is because of his profession. I would tend to agree with that logic…pertaining to Mike or Danica. But when you go to these pages and see everyone justifying Danica doing it because what? There really is no justification for saying one essentially indistinguishable concept (minor differences, yes) is more acceptable than the other. Thanks for stretching your brain on that one! I like it! :bigsmile:

          • aamile95 on 11:12pm August 29 '12
            MEMBER (228 COMMENTS)

            Yeah I have been to the US. I am going again in October with school to NY and cannot wait. I think Danica is immoral but at the same time the Situation is being childish in the way he keeps on going back. I think people defend Danica because whilst she is being immoral it’s not like she is actually a prostitute and clearly she must have issues to feel the need to do what she does. I don’t like the way Julie Goodyear and Harvey are dropping poison about people but won’t say it their faces. At least the Situation confronted her unlike the others! So people are saving her to shove two up to Julie and her clique I think because otherwise her game would be working. Coleen was right when she said there is something insincere about Julie! She keeps on going on about how hard Coleen slammed the pie in her face, she placed it on her face gently! The Situation is a bit of a tool but its nothing to do with his nationality just watch TOWIE and you’ll find 20 more!

          • jderbes on 11:23pm August 29 '12
            MEMBER (18 COMMENTS)

            LMAO….TOWIE!!! EXACTLY!!! LMAO!!! That is pretty much the equivalent to Jersey Shore. I heard everyone else comparing it to some show I have never seen that sounds far more explicit. Jersey Shore is pretty benign. Just young men doing what young men do just putting it in everyone face making SHIT TONS OF MONEY DOING IT making us all entirely green with envy LMAO! Have fun in October!!!

          • Jules on 11:23am August 30 '12
            MEMBER (2503 COMMENTS)

            Hi AAMile good posts, I think I have possibly come in on this debate just a little too late but I hate the way that we pick on each other in a jokey way but that is the way of the comedian in most countries. To me it makes for bad feelings, the holiday camps are some of the worst ones for doing it. The way of the world I guess but we have to realise that that is all it is jokes grrrrrrrrrrrr!!

            We learn to respect each other for our qualities and they are found in all cultures and countries. Look for the positive and this will eventually overcome the negative, it may take a time but it will.

            The issue on hand two young people on a hate/love relationship, they make up but the one still nominates the other. I think Danica’s tears were genuine ( BB5 clip), she is either very naive and thinks that everyone sees things the way she does or she is playing a game but, she is human and she has a lot to learn.

            Mike knows what he is doing, he has a hard core in him, havent seen his shows but I do not really want to. However he has his foilowers who may see him through to the last three at least. He is to tied up with Ashley and Harvey and they think they have his back but, how do they know what is the right thing for him?

            Julie has the three in her hands but when the show is finished her hands will unfold and she will be off out picking bannanas waiting for her next episode of ……… well who knows what eh!!!

        • Orchid333 on 1:46am August 30 '12
          MEMBER (3183 COMMENTS)

          JEBERDES: sorry can’t help you sort all this out. Jet lagged cos just back from holiday in New York. But just to say, my husband and I love the Americans. :yes: :love: And my husband and I are born and bred in Britain.

          • Biddy on 9:17am August 30 '12
            MEMBER (906 COMMENTS)

            My husband and myself have been going to America twice a year for the past 12years and absolutely love it….Don’t want to go anywhere else..Have been to Florida, New York and LasVegas, and have been welcomed at all…Love your way of life and your respect of people….
            Would love to live there …Will be back in November !!!! :love:
            :music: :music: :music:

          • Athanie on 10:38pm August 30 '12
            MEMBER (98 COMMENTS)

            Beeing neither American nor Brit but have lived for over 6 years in both countries, I have NEVER felt/heard either country express dislike towards the other.

            If comments are made on tv or in movies then it seems both just like doing harmless fun of eachothers ways and traditions.

            (In my case – Just like how the Swedes loves to make fun of the Norweigans and vice versa, it’s like a lifelong joke contest but we love eachother :love: )

            American Tv Serie “Frasier” had Brittish “ditzy” Daphne Moon (My favorite show of all time) and we loved her :)
            And btw.. Big Brother UK does not ONLY take in people from the US, they have had other people from other countries too (Sweden for example – Basshunter, to name one)

    • northernmonkey on 10:40pm August 29 '12

      The honest answer, although probably not the one you want ( sorry) i don’t want to generilise but Brits, like alot of Europeans and the rest of the World, don’t like Yanks.

      Some people think Americans are very brash, ignorant and stupid.Certainly don’t get our humour at times. I know alot of people who dislike Yanks.

      Personally I wish BB wouldn’t put them in the house.

      • jderbes on 10:46pm August 29 '12
        MEMBER (18 COMMENTS)

        That is SUCH a respectable answer! I LOVE it! I wish everyone wouldn’t just skirt the issue. I am glad is just not a misconception. Won’t keep me from loving the country ANY LESS! LOL

        It honestly makes complete sense to NOT have the Americans on. If you guys dislike us so much it’s like bitching about something so preventable. I think it’s a bit dodgy to make generalizations about any population but I so respect you answering the f*****g question and not being a pussy about it. LOL A lot of Americans think everyone should like them and that is just not possible. I would like to think I rise above it but there are some things that can’t be denied.

      • And the stupid line, i can agree upon in this case.

      • Jules on 11:35am August 30 '12
        MEMBER (2503 COMMENTS)

        Aw NM I know that is your opinion but I say what do other countries say about us, the Brits, is it true what they say? In some cases yes in others no but we have lost a lot of support through our own inabilities.

        Tbh I do not see how we can judge anyone else because we know that we are not perfect, I like to take the globe as a whole with positive and negative in all areas of life.

        I love the Americans in the house, it give me an insight to some of their ways and tbh I have often felt that our own youngsters let us down wholesale whilst others tend the day with dignity.

        Matter of opinion I guess but I have to admit this time I am not for the Americans simply because we have three of our homegrown people taking part and they are far superior, ie JULIAN, COLEEN and MARTIN. None of them have been bragging about their success in the UK and other places but they are well loved and established. Nothing to do with USA v UK though, honest!!!

      • Athanie on 10:50pm August 30 '12
        MEMBER (98 COMMENTS)

        Well i disagree,( with NothernMonkey) I hear more good comments about the Americans than not, from people around me (been living in the UK for the last 8 years).

        What I do think people get intimidated by is the Americans sense of Patriotism, and frankly I admire it.

        A lot of other counties including England (and Sweden) have only a whole lot of complaints when it comes to their countries stands and issues, while Americans stand united when it comes to it towards the rest of the world.

      • Athanie on 10:52pm August 30 '12
        MEMBER (98 COMMENTS)

        double post sorry

    • brains on 11:04pm August 29 '12

      i have been visiting america for the last 20 years or so , and idont mean shopping in new york or laying on the beaches in florida . i spend a couple of months spending most of my time with family and friends that i have made over the years ,rich and working class , i find no differance between any of them. yes there are an odd a hole or two but isnt that everywhere. i find most americans warm friendly and hospitable but thats just my opinion.

      • jderbes on 11:09pm August 29 '12
        MEMBER (18 COMMENTS)

        Yeah, I find the differences just as interesting and charming as the similarities. Not one suits me more than another and honestly would like to just stay there if I could! :bigsmile:

    • Jules on 12:04pm August 30 '12
      MEMBER (2503 COMMENTS)

      Hi Jonathan, is it too late to answer, I think you will find that many love the Americans the same as many Americans love the Brits but……on the other hand many dislike the Americans the same as the Americans dislike the Brits. It is life and we all live in it taking the positive things to help us along to understand where we are going.

      We can only go by our own instincts and if you love us please do not alter because of someone elses views.

      We all have our likes and dislikes as we know but this refers to all cultures and all countries. It would be good if we could take away the headings in life and just be as one with our thoughts. We know this isnt possible in the whole but we can do it within ourselves. :love: I am a true Brit born and bred but my thoughts are universal. :happy:

  26. Danica safe, yeahhhhh

    • SKYEMAN – I must add a belated ‘YAY’ !!! :clapping:

      Not looking good for tomorrow’s eviction tho’ – I think…

      U must be shattered from going ‘off piste’ last night !!! :shake:

      • True, i think that Coleen will stay which will be good to wind Julie up.

        Lol, i did go over the top but to suggest that we don’t like the table because he is American was plain silly imo.

        Masden, Baldwin ??

  27. hope Danica goes Friday she only went with prince when he said who ever he marries will become a princess be4 that she never spoke to him

  28. northernmonkey on 10:25pm August 29 '12

    Have I missed something ????? BB for a hour then wait until 11.10 ( lose half the viewers) to actually see who goes ???? I am almost gobsmacked.

    Barrowman must be REALLY good on the casting couch to get that creepfest ( vomit ), he must have some “friends” in high places to get that gig between eviction.

    :c5: mustn’t know the UK and it’s people have changed alot since Dallass was on 20 years ago ( cack then ) and especially their opinion on brash yanks, the show will flop big time, even bigger than I did when watching Julie with the banana :bigsmile:

    I shall check who went tomorrow, I am off to prey.

    ” please God, never torture my eyes with the smug face of Barrowman, nor torture my ears with his trans – atlantic voice”

    • aamile95 on 10:57pm August 29 '12

      I’m really inclined to disagree! There are loads of American shows on Uk TV that get loads of views. If no one cared anymore than why is there all this hype about Dallas returning! It’s all I hear even on BBC which is the main channel! Also peoples opinions have not changed on Americans! We all have opinions and laugh at certain aspects of the Americans but few actually HATE them. I think that’s a bit of a harsh perspective tbh. Although I do agree about Barrowman ahaha!

      • Jules on 12:54pm August 30 '12
        MEMBER (2503 COMMENTS)

        AAMile, I love Barrowman tbh but I wont be watching Dallas, not my cup of tea at all.

        For the record OChecker are giving Coleen as safe with Danica favourite then Sam and Coleen in third place. Lets hope that it stays that way, I will be voting for C. I would love to see her in the top three as I have said.

        • sammyvan on 2:18pm August 30 '12
          MEMBER (1316 COMMENTS)

          I will be voting again and again for Coleen and then some more………….if only to see Julie’s face when she stays. Sorry to all Julie supporters, but I truly believe her behaviour has gone beyond ‘a game’ now. Some of her remarks, while doing the Gods and Mortals task, were just plain nasty and very pointed against those she wanted nominated. I felt very uncomfortable watching Julie, Harvey and Ashley in the room, watching the others on the screen and making them do those tasks. This is the side of BB I loathe.

  29. Danica said the other night if she went out Rhian should walk out with her bet she not walk to night if rhian goes get her out Friday


  31. What the hell has technology got to do with anything. If it were not for British inventors, you would not be watching TV or writing this crap on the internet. :bigsmile:

    • jderbes on 11:14pm August 29 '12

      I am not even going to go there. Not in a public forum anyway. Let’s just say STICKY FINGERS! :surprised:

    • jderbes on 11:38pm August 29 '12

      Francis and Farnsworth invented the modern day television. One is from the state I live in today. I know why I have the privilege to watch telly…..DO YOU? How about the electricity that powers ummmmm…EVERYTHING. Ever heard of a guy called Benjamin Franklin? He was the guy with the kite and the key!!! AMERICAN INVENTOR. So any electronic device you have on in your home tonight or plugged into your face….say a little thanks to us for that before you go to bed! :wink:

      • Hi,
        The British public voted Mike to stay in and he constantly gets big cheers from the audience, so I don’t really see you point. The only 2 americans ( ok american/italian ) are still in the house, only the Brits have been voted out. What makes you think we don’t like Americans? strange…..

        Point of order: the first ever TV was invented by John Logie Baird, a Scot / Brit , acknowledged even on Wiki, and the World Wide Web you are using you can thank Sir Tim Berners-Lee for, a Brit who released his invention to the public in 1989 so you could all enjoy it. Didn’t you see the opening ceremony of the Olympics where he was introduced? . shame on you – and the great big ol USA came first in the Golds whilst our tiny little country came third in the Golds. Not bad for a country with so many less people than yours. A case of quality not quantity perhaps. Just sayin…….

        Don’t get upset, these are just facts after all.

      • JaniceR on 6:18pm August 30 '12
        MEMBER (3841 COMMENTS)

        Interesting piece of info for you. last time I was in the states there was a program on TV titled “How the Scots created the civilised world!”
        The number of inventors and inventions is too big to post here.
        Also John Paul Jones founder of US Navy was Scottish.
        Before you go off down the line of US is better than Britain you should check out the ancestory of your great and good, you’ll find they come from Britain and other European countries.
        On another thread I had your back but you’ve annoyed me now.
        By the way when will US start treating the Native Americans with some respect.
        PS If John Logie Baird hadn’t invented the first TV Francis and Farnworth wouldn’t have known where to begin:)

  32. And the culture line :bigsmile: Where do most Americans {not native} come from.


    • jderbes on 11:17pm August 29 '12

      BELIEVE ME…I KNOW WHERE I COME FROM. You are OBVIOUSLY INTRIGUED BY ME because you follow my comments wherever I go and can’t help yourself from commenting. You wouldn’t be the first and you won’t be the last to be completely enraptured by my aura so please don’t fight it or feel ashamed…just embrace it the way you do your ignorance and ego. The point is WE ARE VERY INFORMED ON WHERE WE FLED FROM….I know the WHOLE BACK STORY!!! :inlove:

      • Now trying to play the victim. How sad and how low.

        A disgrace.

        There is a time and a place. Good bye.

        • jderbes on 11:28pm August 29 '12
          MEMBER (18 COMMENTS)

          NOPE!! We aren’t victims AT ALL. There was this whole thing called a REVOLUTION and, I don’t know…maybe word has not yet reached the Motherland but I guess I will be the first to tell you this….WE WON!!!! :devil:

          • jennyjuniper on 6:29am August 30 '12
            MEMBER (1179 COMMENTS)

            You may have won independence, but the USA was a little tardy in coming to our aid in WWII don’t you think? As for stealing from the US, I think Hollywood especially is rather good at changing history to suit the American public. The Enigma machine is just one of many things that the US claim credit for.

        • Orchid333 on 1:39am August 30 '12
          MEMBER (3183 COMMENTS)

          Now then SKYEMAN and JERDBES – calm down. Enjoy BB and BOTS and just comment on the shows and not each other’s countries for goodness sake. :love: :love: :love:

  33. I’m glad rhian went i thort it was going to be sam for min. Get danica out on friday with any luck. JDERBES i dont no if you no this but this wed site is about CELEB BB not about wot we think about the usa or wot crap you were going on about we just dont care. Also you are a twat now go and get a life.


  35. Orchid333 on 12:55am August 30 '12

    BRAINS: Don’t know if you remember me, but I have just got back from a lovely holiday in New York. Very jet lagged at the minute but had to quickly catch up on BB. Hope your daughter is well in America :love:

    • brains on 10:43am August 30 '12

      orchid, of course i remember you thank you yes my daughter is well, hope you had a great trip, just looking at one of your last posts agree this forum is about bb and the hms it seems some are getting to personal. back to bb, i think that one or two of the hms are being crucified and i think also that we know who by, bb set up noms face to face last night i think knowing that julie would not get many votes if any that way, she is working so hard to get coleen out by back stabbing and in the diary room she isnt talking to bb she is talking to the voters , the only hms i would not mind winning is sam coleen and martin ,we will find out soon. well get some sleep and come back fighting

  36. Good morning I’m happy Rhian has gone she nice girl sweet but she din’t really do any think. I would have like’t it to be Danica oh well there is always friday with any luck?

  37. jennyjuniper on 6:36am August 30 '12

    Watching Danica rifling through other peoples personal possessions last night was awful. She has no respect for others privacy and I don’t think Lorenzo looked too impressed either.
    As for Julie trying to make trouble for Coleen, we didn’t hear everything the Gods heard, but Coleen looked guilty when Julie mentioned it. Julie may be game playing, but Coleen is no innocent either.

    • Yes Jenny i thought Lorenzo looked very uncomfortable…Danica was so out of order..just wish he’d have stopped her….
      :music: :music: :music:

    • Jules on 1:33pm August 30 '12
      MEMBER (2503 COMMENTS)

      None of them are innocent tbh and we do not hear all that is going on but with Coleen she was on about the DR, we all know that they go in there to let off steam for something or another. She most likely said something about Julie, as she has said in one of the C5 clips, “I wish she would stop telling me that she loves me”. This is Julie’s tactics, sweet to the face but grrrrrrr to the back!!! She has been tactical with the immature lads in there.

      Coleen is ok, she is a lovely soul and genuine person. We cannot expect them all to be on their best behaviour at all times because there are things which will grate and which if they were in the outer realms of life, they would not take any notice of. I am positive that if C. were spuddling the powers that be would be in their element and it would be shown…….”just like that”.

      • sammyvan on 2:33pm August 30 '12
        MEMBER (1316 COMMENTS)

        I wonder if any HM in there can honestly say they have not said a bad word about anyone in there? Yes, have heard Coleen make a few remarks but nothing like Julie. I know it’s a game and, to some extent, they are all playing it, but some are way ahead! :wink:
        I’m glad Martin spoke to the boys – they have been quite nasty these last few days.
        I feel Julie’s story about the “hard” pie in her face will go against her with the voters, as from all the posts I have seen viewers realise that pie could not have been ‘placed’ on Julie’s face more gently!!
        With face to face noms, Julie will not be nominated. BB’s way of ensuring she stays….you decide!

  38. Coleen-Sam-Danica are up for Eviction on friday and two will go i think Coleen will be safe and Sam and Danica will go

  39. Confused on 9:31am August 30 '12

    Wow. This is the most confusing thread so far. Hope we have seen the last of WWIII USA vs UK. Or was it a metaphore for the Danica/Sitch battle. It did quick descend into name-calling.

    On the last CBB, 50% of the finalists were from the USA unless you consider the twin as one entity with one brain.

    It’s just a game show and the real winner is Ch5, getting you all hotted up to spend money on so many many votes. I am started to question whether BB staff are writing some of the inane comments. Pity BOTS is so scripted with safe predictable guests. One guest even disappeared when Jasmine was up for a “grilling”. Enough rambling.

    • You are so right…even though i added a comment to the American debate…. :giggle: But just to add ,,i don’t mind having Americans on CBB or any other nationality for that matter,,just adds to the interest…
      :music: :music: :music:

      • Jules on 10:54am August 30 '12
        MEMBER (2503 COMMENTS)

        I love the American aspect Biddy but have to admit that I am not keen on Mike, not at all. Having said that though he has taken over Julie Goodyear’s place on the OChecker, he is now third favourite. julie has lost ground and gone down to 5th with Coleen still 4th and Julian 1st, Martin 2nd.

        This is one American who I do not want to win though but he obviously has his own following.

        Voting to save COLEEN for Friday.

        • HI Jules,,,My favourite is Lorenzo, although not keen on his association with Danica, thought he was better than that,, as for Mike, he is ok ,,i don’t dislike him as i don’t think he has done alot wrong other than fall for Danica and show his jealousy of Lorenzo..I have never watched Jersey Shore or any other show of its kind, i am just judging him on what i have seen on CBB….

          :music: :music: :music:

    • Jules on 10:57am August 30 '12
      MEMBER (2503 COMMENTS)

      I do believe that the majority have never made it a USA/UK battle, we study the people themselves and if they warrant our loyalty they have it from day one.

      I love to see other cultures and thoughts in our programmes, it has been happening since day one of BB. The minority do not speak for the majority tbh.

  40. Louiza on 10:53am August 30 '12

    Most surprised that Lorenzo escaped being put up for eviction, very happy though. Good for him nominating Julie, see… he isn’t as daft as some people think. :yes: I felt sorry for Coleen last night….what has she done wrong exactly….???? Julie really has it in for Coleen. :music: :music: :music:

    • microsis on 11:20am August 30 '12
      MEMBER (2007 COMMENTS)

      Yes I agree Jules ,,,well done Lorenzo for nominating Julie ,,,,I think Julie may have had more noms this week if it had been done in the diaryroom and not face to face
      I will be putting in votes for Coleen :phone:

      :music: :music: :music:

      • sammyvan on 2:40pm August 30 '12
        MEMBER (1316 COMMENTS)

        Microsis, Have even moved a garden bench to the bottom of the garden as I seem to be spending so much time there!
        So glad Lorenzo was not nominated…and sorry that Coleen was. I do wish they would stop with these ‘face to face’ noms……….never a true representation of nominations.
        Would some HM’s please grow some – and nominate JG.

  41. Julie’s s…….t stirring is working ! both Danica and Coleen up !

    Bet Coleen has it in for Julie now, good on her.

    Noticed Julie only has it in for girls,she’s trying hard to get Julian against Coleen.

    What’s up with the woman?

    Voting to save Coleen.

    • microsis on 11:49am August 30 '12
      MEMBER (2007 COMMENTS)

      Me too anonymous :yes: ,,,,,,,bb should have showed the mortal hms the bitching going on by the gods Ashley/Harvey/Julie ,,this task was so one sided giving some hms advantage over others
      I will be voting for Coleen :phone:

      :music: :music: :music:

      • Which as we know Microsis has been done before…
        So unfair…BB showing how biased they are yet again!!
        :music: :music: :music:

      • Orchid333 on 12:15pm August 30 '12
        MEMBER (3183 COMMENTS)

        MICROSIS: I thought that it was so unfair BB choosing who the Gods would be. I wasn’t surprised that they picked Julie for a God to give her any easy ride!! Thanks for supporting Coleen this week and thanks to ANOYMOUS and JULES. :love: :love: :love:

  42. Totally agree, yes I wish BB would show the Mortals the Gods bitching about them.

    Surely Julie can’t have it her way all the time….!!!!!! how come she’s aloud to chew gum all the time, carry a hand bag and gets the easy parts of the task to do!!!!!!!!!!!!???????

  43. Julie chews nicotine gum because she can’t smoke when inside as it is supposedly not allowed; her handbag contains her ciggies and nicotine gum which she is never parted from. I guess from your comment you have never been a smoker ?

    As for easy tasks, well…she IS the oldest person in the house. At the age of 70 I would not expect anyone to compete in the same tasks as those in their early 20′s who are at their physically fittest and strongest, wouldn’t be fair.

    Do agree, BB should show the Mortals exactly what the Gods said about them. Set the cat amongst the pigeons.

    • microsis on 12:49pm August 30 '12
      MEMBER (2007 COMMENTS)

      Hi CATKIN :love: ,,I am a smoker I’m afraid to say ,I have been trying really hard to give up by using the electronic cigarettes ,,,,so I do understand what any hms that’s smokes have to endure

      :music: :music: :music:

      • Hi Microsis, Same here, I stopped a year ago with the help of electronic ciggies, patches and little nicotine cartridges. But it must be really hard for the hm’s who do smoke when they are sitting inside waiting for evictions etc.etc. They have my sympathy.
        I have been ( pleasantly ) surprised to see that out of the entire group only 3 are non smokers, which means that the ‘smoke police’ haven’t infiltrated every corner of society yet, thank goodness.

        To all the non smokers who reply in anger to me, remember that no one ever killed anyone whilst under the influence of nicotine, unlike those who drink and drive. To be honest, alcohol destroys more lives than cigarettes ever did. As for those who talk about passive smoking…..pleeeze, there is no evidence whatsover that smoking harms anyone sitting nearby.

        Good luck with trying to quit Microsis, it isn’t easy.

        • JaniceR on 6:31pm August 30 '12
          MEMBER (3841 COMMENTS)

          Never proved to be the case but there have been extensive studies which show that smokers have a slower reaction rate so may have caused an accident.
          The arguments against smoking have been made numerous times but personally I think Julie’s chewing is preferable to her smoking,it may not be nice to watch but at least the others aren’t having to inhale her smoke.

        • JaniceR on 6:35pm August 30 '12
          MEMBER (3841 COMMENTS)

          There is evidence that smoker’s harm people sitting nearby! I had extremely bad asthma as a child and teenager which ceased when I moved into my own place. Loved my parent’s to bits but smoking was cause of asthma. Only problems I now have are when I’m in a smokey atmosphere.

        • Confused on 7:02pm August 30 '12
          MEMBER (237 COMMENTS)

          No, I am not drowning, I do not need a tobacco enema. I do enjoy breathing unpolluted air.

          Due to powerful tobacco lobby, the medical profession was slow to prove the link with cancer. Passive smoke will be next. Too late to say you’re sorry then.

          • Catkin on 1:03am August 31 '12
            MEMBER (41 COMMENTS)

            Dear Confused,
            There was a massive study done about 20 years ago by the World Health Organisation ( involving all European countries plus the USA ) but was never made public because its findings were deemed to be against the public interest and might encourage smoking. You see, they found no evidence to support that passive smoking is harmful. Hushed up like everything else they don’t want us to know.

            They also say that if you don’t smoke you get an extra 10 years of life. Those last 10 years are probably the worst of your life,
            ie. wearing a nappy and being fed by strangers in a care home. Do we really want those last 10 years? Quality not quantity I say.

            Another study also proved that nicotine stimulates the brain and can prevent Alzheimers. One doctor actually said ” if you’ve never smoked, start at 65″

            I agree that it can irritate those with asthma but it doesn’t actually cause it. the rising levels of asthma today are actually more to do with traffic pollution and other pollutants than from contact with smokers. I know countless people who grew up with parents who smoked, as was the fashion then, and they don’t have asthma or any bronchial problems at all. Conversely, a lot of young people have asthma today even though smoking is on the decline, again indicating that atmosphere pollution is the cause.

            What smoking DOES do is harm the person who does it. It can cause bronchial problems, emphysema, arterial problems and of course lung cancer – but only if you have a physical pre-disposition to lung cancer in your family. If not, everyone who ever smoked would die of lung cancer and they don’t.

            Like everything else in life ( drinking, drugs or over eating ) smoking is a personal choice. What I object to is being told by the nanny state that I can’t do it.

            Good luck to anyone out there who is trying to give up.

  44. CATKIN I am a smoker, but not a chain smoker which she must be, it’s nice to have a rest in between smoking, much more enjoyable and the mouth isn’t as smelly.

    Actually yes it’s good she’s chewing nicotine gum, good for her, glad she’s given up smoking !

    Lets hope the next task isn’t physical ay.

    • JaniceR on 8:22pm August 31 '12
      MEMBER (3841 COMMENTS)

      Catkin smoke away but can you do the rest of us a favour and buy private health care.
      I think if you care to look you will find lots of studies that have shown that smoking is harmful and so is passive smoking. I get so mad when I see pregnant women smoking as it has beeb established that smoking does affect unborn foetus.
      As a smoker you have heard all the arguments and continue to throw your money away on cigarettes.
      You have latched on to pseudo science to back up your position, but the bottom line is we are all better off with fresh air in our lungs.

  45. Orchid333 on 1:12pm August 30 '12

    JULES: Once again, you talk a lot of sense :love:

  46. Never gone off a person so quickly, thought Julie would be great, cant wait to see her out because of her lying and manipulating. Had no opinion of Coleen but now want her to win.

    Harvy, blerk, what a wuss.
    Julian, doing good.

  47. [mod by="Sally" text="Typing in Capital letters is against TBB rules.
    Your post has been removed."]

  48. SAMANTHA should of gone! Heres why
    [mod by="Sally" text="Thank you for your comments. Please do not post links."]

  49. Jules on 2:14pm August 30 '12

    I find it amazing tbh that the powers that be concentrate on the antics of the negativity of the house. We have been inundated with Jasmine, Danica, Rhian Julies stirring and the lads insecurities. What about our real Celebrities?

    What happened with Cheryl, we only saw her good funny bits after she was out. What is Julian doing, he is a comedian, is he so subdued by what is going on that he is afraid to shine? Has he shone? Loved his fairystory but what else? If not come on PRODUCERS give us something to enjoy not all this pathetic backstabbing.

    The ball is in your court, we have the chance to enjoy, now close the youngsters and the oldie, who thinks she is a youngie, close their doors and give us something worthwhile!!!! It will soon be over and it is the same old, same old……..I want to see more of julian and Coleen in their celebrity status. Not sure on Martin tbh…….

    Past CBBs have been far more entertaining tbh, this one has gone by far too quickly and nothing gained imo.

    • Yes JULES I agree. :hi:

      Would like to see more of Julian and Coleen, because they can be very funny and I do like Martin.

      Don’t know how much longer I can watch Julie chewing that gum, it wouldn’t matter if she kept her mouth shut at all times. Manners 0.

      Coleen, Julian or Martin to win. :bigsmile:

      • Jules on 4:43pm August 30 '12
        MEMBER (2503 COMMENTS)

        Same three for me Katy, when I say I am not sure of Martin what I mean is his talent. We know he is an actor, we just need something to involve them all in tbh.

        The gods thing was an excuse to split the house and to undermine those who were classed as ordinary folk. The Gods did BBs job very well and thus created a disturbing vibe in the house.

        We now need something that the others can get their own back. Not many days left though.

    • Athanie on 7:25am August 31 '12

      yeah it seem quite obvious that the producers choose arguments and bitching over fun entertainment when it comes to editing this show.

      I’m growing more and more fond of the American BB version which is about a game play to win the show tactically and not displaying peoples bad sides and arguments cause they keep being forced to only stare at a wall.
      I wish I would have started to watch it sooner.

      I think BB UK needs to come up with something new,( like not having the first and/or second housemate get a secret task !! :sleepy: )

      It’s just not entertaining anymore :crying:

  50. jennyjuniper on 2:21pm August 30 '12

    I’m packing for my hols now (NO I’m NOT going to New York!!) so I probably won’t be posting again this series. I still hope Julian wins, and I still like Julie, although I have to admit she would do herself a favour by leaving the young ones to get on with it. I still want Coleen to GO GNOME. Anyway thanks for the good discussions and thanks to Alec and all those who maintain this website. :rock: :bigsmile: :bigsmile: Bye all.

  51. I am not the CAPITAL LETTER ‘ANONYMOUS’ I am the lower case one.

    Shame Julie is like she is, because she can be very funny.

    Coleen to win

  52. Anyone read the Samantha Brick article about how pretty and beautiful she thinks she is and that other women are so jealous of her beauty and that friends have never invited her to be a bridesmaid because she’s too beautiful.

    She’s got to be having a laugh.

    Voting for Coleen :yes:

    • BigBrotherLover on 3:30pm August 30 '12

      Samantha is having a laugh — a good laugh at people like you. You’re part of her success story talking about her article and expanding the coverage and you don’t even realize it! Does that give you a clue how much smarter than you she is?

      Coleen to win? That fat little bag of stanky wind? Coleen is a celebration of mediocrity and all that is mundane. She blathers and drags on and on in a never ending trance. It’s quite mind blowing how this blob of boredom is so convinced she is interesting. But alas, I think the truth of it is that she knows she’s a door knob and has found a little crack to slip through and milk the media system for all its worth — gathering up support from her idiot masses.

      • Actually I do realise it, success story, yes, she’s not talented though, it’s cheating I know, so what, what is she proud of, cheating her way to success, what is she going to have on her gravestone ‘I Cheated my to Success’ so what half of the people in there are cheats, and you’re talking about her anyway shhhhhh then.

        What are you mumbling on about, your mumbling, Coleen is actually talented, remember, and she was great on Loose Women, they all are, it’s really funny that show.

        Lets hope that you don’t end up being a fat little bag of stanky wind yourself !

        Oh yes always remember you are just like the person your backing to win….. vulgar, rude, stinky breath, bitchy, talentless, jealous etc etc etc etc etc etc etc :bigsmile:

      • brains on 4:05pm August 30 '12
        MEMBER (792 COMMENTS)

        well i guess us idiot masses have seen through julie for what she really is,nasty spiteful and two faced, about she loves everyone in the house and doesnt know who to vote for then, my nom is for coleen every time, why is she so frightened of her.

  53. Lowercase ANONYMOUS

    Signing out.

  54. Orchid333 on 3:45pm August 30 '12

    SAMMYVAN: I agree with you 100% :bigsmile:

    I really warmed to Martin when he spoke to the boys about being careful of Julie’s comments.

  55. Confused on 5:09pm August 30 '12

    It would be interesting to see the contract deal Julie signed to be on the show. Remember, she was the only HM to enter the house through the diary room; I assume, due to limited mobility. They rarely show her even walk up a step or two. I am amazed that she participates in any of the physical tasks.

    She was not a movie star taking on diverse dramatic roles. She played one part and played it well. Anyone who even knows a bit about her private life should not be shocked by her swearing or crudeness. She was never a saint or faultless, so don’t expect it now.

    With her ciggies and coughing fits, she can not be in th best of health. This may be her last performance. Give her a break.

  56. northernmonkey on 5:55pm August 30 '12

    Ahh so Rhian went, nice enough girl but dull, she wasn’t enjoying the show, Even though my penis still likes her, I wanted Danica to go .

    Although I don’t mind Julie and found her quite a funny/interesting housemate – She really has upped her game playing.

  57. Mike The Situation has been punished for ‘cheating’, he has had his nominations taken off him and been banned from nominating for the rest of the series….He had three pictures in his hand,, he told BB when he nominated…
    This does not change the nominated HM’s

    :music: :music: :music:

  58. Louiza on 6:41pm August 30 '12

    Seriously,,,Biddy. How did you find out this info? Little sneak, isn’t he. Well he would probably have continued to nominate Lorenzo…so being banned from nominating could be a blessing. Mike kept his cards during the first face to face noms….whilst the other housemates discarded their cards in the bin.
    :music: :music: :music:

  59. But it should have because Coleen would only have 3 noms and the other two 4 noms.

    But then BB would not earn anything with a double eviction.

    Rules to suit.

  60. Orchid333 on 6:42pm August 30 '12

    BIDDY: This the 2nd time he has done this!!!!!

  61. JaniceR on 6:42pm August 30 '12

    Why couldn’t BB have doen the same to cheaters last series. Would have been great to watch Conner and Caroline being refused nominations.

    • Exactly Janicer….The rule breaking last series was loads worse than this,, Caroline showing Conor her cards..etc…
      Strange that they should suddenly be so harsh…
      Who are they trying to protect?
      I agree that everything should be fair , but also everyone should have the same punishment…not one rule for one and one for another..
      Come on BB be consistent at least….
      :music: :music: :music:

  62. Orchid333 on 6:45pm August 30 '12

    Mike’s cheating and subsequent punishment may well affect him being up for eviction for the rest of the series. :wink:

  63. Confused on 7:08pm August 30 '12

    Is the Sitch smart enough to understand that he was cheating?

  64. MTV has today announced that Jersey Shore – the show that made The Situation famous – will come to an end after its upcoming sixth season.

    Out of a job, and hopefully soon out of the house :clapping:

  65. Glad Danica out.

    Wish julie would stop chewing! Yuk!

    Coleen should be gone.

    It must be a fix Coleen and Julie remaining.

    Martin to win !

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