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Daily Star: ‘Suicide shock in new BB race row’
Tomorrows edition of the Daily Star will feature a full page...
Alec | Day -336

Tomorrows edition of the Daily Star will feature a full page headline around Big Brother (the ‘hate’ show), with Shievonne Robinson apparently on ‘suicide watch’.

Sky news has released the Daily Star front cover ahead of the paper going to print.
Click for larger image.

According to sources, Big Brother show producers have had psychologist on hand after show contestant Shievonne made comments about suicide to her fellow housemates.

It is unclear if the remarks was out of jest, or as a possible hint that she is really thinking about self-harming.

In a conversation with some of her fellow housemates, Shievonne was heard saying: “When I go low, I go low. I was crying hysterically. I’ve had the worst three days of my life. I’ve been on suicide watch…”

Shievonne has since admitted her worrying remark was ‘flippant’ and she had no intention of causing any harm to herself.

A Channel 5 representative has commented on that matter stating: “We are satisfied that Shievonne can continue to participate in the show.”

Shievonne is currently facing eviction with fellow housemate Conor, and so Big Brother is not taking any chance.

What are your opinions?

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  1. if she,s that bad they should take her out now not leave her in

  2. Raykco on 12:03am July 13 '12

    There was an article about it in todays (Thursday), d/s. Quote: “Worried BB bosses drafted in a psychiatrist to see her, but she admiited her (suicide) remark was “flippant” and she had no intention of harming herself”.

    Looks like she’s being the actress that Adam said she was.

    • Thanks! We have since found this and added it to the article :)
      What a silly remark to say on a TV show that has been known to cause people to feel suicidal while taking part or shortly after.

      BACKING TO WIN: Gina JOINED: 03/04/2011
  3. This MP who has blasted it as a hate show needs to focus on running the country better than writing about an entertainment show, that he has probably never even watched genuinely.

    BACKING TO WIN: Gina JOINED: 03/04/2011
  4. Jules on 12:30am July 13 '12

    Oh dear, is she just being over dramatic trying to put Deanna on a guilt trip? Would she have said it to Adam as well? Best to get her out to be on the safe side eh!!!

  5. AmericanCousin on 12:58am July 13 '12

    See, this is a clear example of how her big mouth is gonna get her in trouble. Shievonne, stfu for once.

  6. on 1:20am July 13 '12

    What a stupid attention seeking twit she is :angry: She heard what Connor said about Deanna & thought she’d join the bandwagon. what an awful contemptuous person she is . Also off all the things going on in the country & the world as a whole I wouldn’t have thought an M.P would have had time to even know about B.B let alone mention in the house of commons IDIOT OR WHAT. :angry:

  7. I suppose she will blame that on Deana as well, Shievonne is after attention because she knows what she has done is is very likely to go on Friday, she has done all of this herself with her crazy rantings and should go on Friday, BB should take her out anyway…..just to be sure, its like the people who constantly say they are going to walk, let them say it once in the diary room then remove them, gone.

  8. ‘Suicide shock in new BB race row’ surely it should be Deana who pulls the race card not Shievonne, Deana has been targeted from the start, for what reason? I can not see what she has done wrong, BB should step in over that.

    • Absolutely! remember Shievonne’s “wake up and smell the hummus” comment!! Clearly referring to Deana’s Indian Heritage. Appalling she was not called in on this.

      • yeahyeahyeah on 6:20pm July 13 '12
        MEMBER (202 COMMENTS)

        Hummus is a mediterranean dish…Greek, Lebanese, Turkish…not Indian at at all! I don’t think that had anything to do with Deana being Indian…just a poor attempt at making up an idiom.

  9. yeahyeahyeah on 6:58am July 13 '12

    Hate show? Seriously? I wouldn’t be watching it if it were a Hate show! For most people BB is the time of their lives!

  10. Catess76 on 7:57am July 13 '12

    I think Shievonne would of said this really in a flippant dramatic kind of way. She is a very highly expressive personality and also trys to come across as a very strong character but she has weaknesses like any normal person, and when they show they show very clearly, because she puts on such a front most the time that when you see the real her she is nothing but a normal girl at the end of the day (rather like Deana) … the more front some characters put on the more heavily they fall when it gets too much…..

    • microsis on 8:53am July 13 '12
      MEMBER (2007 COMMENTS)

      I agree CATESS 76. 100% ,Shievonne was one of my fav at the start she was great in the imitation task
      But her nasty domineering side soon came out and she went down hill from then on ,,
      I personally can’t bear to watch her on screen even when she is so say being caring :angry: ,,
      It’s got to the stage now where most of the hms are wary of her and knows that anything they say may offend her ,and she coukd go off like a wild thing over the smallest thing ,,,oh I wish it was anybody but Conor she was up for eviction with ,,this week ,,,can’t we throw them both out ,
      :music: :music: :music:

  11. Get GRUMPY out if she wants to commit suicide let her do it on her own time, NOT WHILE I AM WATCHING THE SHOW.

    Deana to WIN

    • Yeah! Shievonne’s a nutjob. Too paranoid to communicate normally. On the other hand; Deana’s Proud but not arrogant, Strong, but not overpowering and caring without ever ‘fake crying’. She’s Real. Likely that strong but sensitive personality is a factor in her Pageantry status as ‘Miss UK-India’. Clearly she has been liked by many before and Still – She is ‘Real’. Extra kudos considering that,…

  12. jennyjuniper on 10:10am July 13 '12

    The only trouble here is, that whoever we ‘save’ tonight is an enemy of Deana. I feel that Conor is more of a threat to Deana than Shievonne. Shievonne is gobby to the nth degree, whereas Conor is physically intimidating. Also once Conor is gone Shievonne will have very little support left. She really only has Ashleigh and Luke S and they are both too self centred to give her much support. Let’s get Conor out this week and Shievonne or Caroline next – please.

    • Fudge on 10:26am July 13 '12
      MEMBER (1811 COMMENTS)
      Avatar of

      I agree entirely JennyJuniper. The polls are neck and neck this morning, nothing between them, it’s anyone’s game. I see John McCririck is in trouble after saying no-one can understand Conor anyway because he is Irish. Why do people keep saying that when he is actually British, with a Northern Irish accent? The complaints have been flooding in this series.

      Let’s get Conor out. Nice or not, at least Shievonne is more entertaining. Save Shievonne :nod: :cool:

      • People in Northern Ireland have a right to call themselves Irish or British, in case you don’t know, there are 2 communities in Northern Ireland, the native Irish who have been in Ireland for 1000′s of years and the British who came from Britain in the 1600′s. Some areas in the Republic of Ireland have a similar accent as Conor, they don’t all sound like leprechauns.

    • microsis on 10:38am July 13 '12
      MEMBER (2007 COMMENTS)

      Yes jennyjuniper ,,ideally to get Conor out ,then Shievonne and that awful Caroline would be great :yes:
      It don’t look like there is going to be a double eviction for a while yet according to that guy on BBBOTS
      If the one out evictions continue as they have been
      we are going to be left with 7 hms in the house in the last week with a double eviction then 5 left in for the final night ,
      That’s how I see it panning out do you agree
      :music: :music: :music:

      • Jules on 11:04am July 13 '12
        MEMBER (2507 COMMENTS)

        Hi folk, Jules here, wont take me coat off I am not stopping :rofl: The only thing with saving Shievonne is, she is dead against Adam and I would love Adam to win. I know what you are saying about Deanna as well because I would love for her to be in the top four.

        At the moment with the Oddschecker, Adam has taken the lead, Lauren 2nd, Luke A 3rd, Deanna 4th and Sara 5th. I think these are the main contenders unless something traumatic happens.

        Have a great day folks, hopefully it will stay dry ?

        • microsis on 11:35am July 13 '12
          MEMBER (2007 COMMENTS)

          I can not believe Sara being 5th fav ,what has she done nothing as far as can see ,
          Scott should be up there ,his reasoning for his nominations this week in the diary room was classic
          BB couldn’t stop him once he got going very funny
          :music: :music: :music:

          • Jules on 11:58am July 13 '12
            MEMBER (2507 COMMENTS)

            Popped back in, I cant leave it go lol… Friday night eviction night who will it be eh?

            Micro, Scott is 8th favourite so he has a bit of work to do but tbh nothing is ever sure until that last day, even then surprises have been rung.

            I was just thinking you know, (I do sometimes lol), the inners say to the outers they should integrate more, do we ever see them making much of an effort to be with the three? We have seen the occasional one, there are more smokers but we never really see them all together.

            With Luke A and Adam they seem quite prepared not to be fitting in with the others for the sake of it. Good on them tbh,. lets hope that they can beat the odds of being up for noms. About time I guess, we had a twist there, BB usually do it.

      • Jules on 11:06am July 13 '12
        MEMBER (2507 COMMENTS)

        How many more weeks are there Micro, it said 3 months at the beginning which was on 5th May I believe. How many do we have left, surely we will need a double eviction? :love:

        • microsis on 11:28am July 13 '12
          MEMBER (2007 COMMENTS)

          Hi, there Jules
          I believe the series was 63 days( 9 weeks ) only,
          I could be completely wrong though
          Have a nice day :love:

          :music: :music: :music:

          • Fudge on 12:01pm July 13 '12
            MEMBER (1811 COMMENTS)
            Avatar of

            Hi Jules, according to the top of this page the series is 73 days long. However, I thought there were only 4 weeks to go, but it says at the top that we are at day 39 of 73, leaving 34 days to go….. not sure! Looks like there will be quite a few going into the last week in any case!
            Raining here – again :sadsmile: :cool:

      • jennyjuniper on 4:59pm July 13 '12
        MEMBER (1179 COMMENTS)

        Hi Microsis, that guy on BBBOTS got me thinking. If the voting isn’t rigged, how can he tell if there is going to be a double eviction or not??

        • Fudge on 5:29pm July 13 '12
          MEMBER (1811 COMMENTS)
          Avatar of

          Hi jennyjuniper!
          I suppose the man from BOTS has to know how many are being evicted to plan the show – timings, interviews, music etc. It would be a bit unfair to spring that upon him at the very last minute!!! Also, if there were to be a double eviction tonight, wouldn’t that just render everyone’s ‘save’ votes null and void? There would be a riot :giggle:

          Looks like it is too tight to call – polls are saying one thing, bookies another. Let’s just hope that nasty man goes…. :nod: :cool:

    • sammyvan on 2:44pm July 13 '12
      MEMBER (1316 COMMENTS)

      Of course it has to be Conor out tonight – no question! I have to visit mother this afternoon and then will be spending time voting for Shiv. As Jenny says, she may be a pain and have a run-away gob, but the threat to ALL the HM’s comes from that vindictive creep Conor. So hope to see many of you all voting this afternoon and evening……..please?

  13. microsis on 11:48am July 13 '12

    Friday the thirteenth ,unlucky for some :devil:
    :music: :music: :music:

  14. Someone over a Daily Star is looking for a bonus this month – something she said has been taken out of contex!

  15. Sally on 12:00pm July 13 '12

    I agree with Jenny and Fudge.Lets get conor out.

    I would miss Shievonne more than I would Conor. Im sure we can put up with another week of Shievonne.

  16. jennyjuniper on 12:48pm July 13 '12

    Another reason to get Conor out, is that despite his chummy act over the last day or so, if he stays he will target Deana and Adam or Luke A because he knows they are possible winners. And lets face it, on moral grounds alone he shouldn’t even still be in the house. His stupidity last night with the megaphones shows that his hate campaign against Deana is still ongoing.

  17. yeahyeahyeah on 1:27pm July 13 '12

    Just wondering about all the aggressive/racist remarks flying around BB this year, and what BB should do about it as far as airing it on the show.
    I agree that Conor was not dealt with severely enough, and should have been ejected. There should be a ZERO tolerance policy for that kind of language in the house, and it should be crystal clear to HMs from the time they walk into the house that language like that is unacceptable. If he had made comments like that in a workplace he would have been fired immediately, regardless of the reason for talking like that, anger, joking, etc. The same should happen in BB.
    I do also think that Caroline’s comments were racist as well, however, they were slightly more covert and a little more difficult to pinpoint. She was not being aggressive, and I don’t know if Caroline is racist in the sense that she actually has active prejudices against black people, but is more just ignorant because of her sheltered upbringing and is not smart enough to realize how awful her comments are. I’m not condoning or excusing what she said, however, I think in her case a stern warning could change her behaviour. And unlike Conor’s comments, the other HMs are not at risk of being emotionally or physically abused over her language; hurt and offended maybe, but there is a big difference there.
    Anyway, what I wanted to know was how people felt about BB airing all this stuff. Some people have said that they shouldn’t show these things, because they are offensive and give the wrong impression to the public. However, somehow we need to know about these things happening in the house, so I for one think that they should be aired and discussed. If you don’t think they should be aired, how do you think the public should be informed of such incidents? Maybe by just reporting it to the media and not showing the footage on TV? How will we verify the facts are true and accurate and make a judgement based on what we know.
    I think it was good to see the way in which Conor delivered those comments about Deana, rather than just reading a transcript or a paraphrase of what had been said. What do you think?

  18. Sally on 1:32pm July 13 '12

    I can’t see Shievonne being a threat to the favourite 5
    Adam, Lauren, LukeA, Deana. And now SARA has come into the frame. I am not surprised about Sara becoming more popular. I quite like the girl :cool:

    • yeahyeahyeah on 1:48pm July 13 '12

      Yep, that’s exactly who I would like to see in the final + Scott.
      I have a bad feeling that somehow Luke S & Ashleigh are going to work themselves in there somehow though…but maybe just because they are a couple.

    • Fudge on 2:45pm July 13 '12
      MEMBER (1811 COMMENTS)
      Avatar of

      Yes I agree. My final five would be Deana, Adam, Sara, Scott and Luke A. Sara has really blossomed over the last week after a very quiet start. :cool:

  19. dragon on 2:00pm July 13 '12

    Can anyone explain why the hate campaigne of Conor is so rife? Why is Deana so special? A member of royalty perhaps? Shievonne and Ashleigh say and make up nasty things about Lauren on a daily basis, mainly behind her back, hoping other housemates will put her up for eviction. At least Conor is up front, and lets his feelings be known.

    • sammyvan on 2:38pm July 13 '12
      MEMBER (1316 COMMENTS)

      I can only speak for myself, and my answer to your question about a ” Hate campaign against Conor” is this.
      The original ‘rant’ that let Conor down may have been against Deana, but this is not the main reason for the dislike of Conor that you will read about on all the forums. Conor shows no respect for anyone other than himself, he is arrogant, offensive and vindictive in his dealings with HM’s. His hysterical and uncontrolled hate toward Deana merely shows up the flaws in his character – she is not responsible for his shortcomings.

  20. dragon on 2:07pm July 13 '12

    Shievonne is obviously a drama queen, she is hoping people will give her the simpathy vote to keep her in. I think the house will be a better place without her.

  21. playme2loud on 2:44pm July 13 '12

    :giggle: what an attention seeker they should give her a crown for being such a drama queen

  22. Jules on 2:51pm July 13 '12

    Looking at the DR interview with Shievonne and Connor I believe that yes she does fancy Addam. This is why she was so upset at his words. Thereagain she asked for them but, did she expect to have a good result from them? She would have done better to have chosen someone else, ie Luke S would most likely have been downing one of the then green team.

    To late for her to make amends now, she had her chance and she spurned him. I have a feeling she will go tonight. As she started to say, on the outside she thinks that her and Adam would get along together. Connor had to get his mouth in there though so we didnt hear the end of the speech. grrrrrrrrrrr.

  23. sian2012 on 3:36pm July 13 '12

    Get her out!!!! this has been without a doubt the worst set of bb contestants. best one in there is bex, Get all the actress’s and drama king/queens out n get some proper people in. Absoultley discusting the way people have been bullying deana.. come on BIG BRO sort it out, also tasks have been far too easy make them live on rashions!!

  24. Shivonne’s a bigger bully than Conor. There’s something wrong with that girl. Poor Deena didn’t know what to think by the time Shivonne was finished messing with her head.

  25. Shivonne’s a bigger bully than Conor. There’s something wrong with that girl. Poor Deena didn’t know what to think by the time Shivonne was finished messing with her head.

  26. telegramsam on 6:14pm July 13 '12

    I think this as well as Shievonne’s polarity in behavior ultimately proves that she’s unstable. I really believe she needs to get out of the house for her own sake. It may have just been mostly a dramatic ploy but these things do need to be taken seriously to some degree. As much as I do dislike her actions and words over the last week or so, I’m concerned for her well being. I think she needs to go and be with her family now.

  27. Glad to see that last night Brian said in the interview with Shievonne that Adam does not bitch about people behind their backs.He was asked questions in the diary room and gave his honest opinions.Most genuine upfront person in the house.Most definitely Adam to win.

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