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Corrie legend Julie Goodyear for CBB?
Actress Julie Goodyear and comedian Julian Clary have reportedly...
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Actress Julie Goodyear and comedian Julian Clary have reportedly signed up for CBB, while singer Nadine Coyle quashes rumours linking her to the house.

The Sun claims that Goodyear (pictured main), who played Corronation Street landlady Bet Lynch for 25 years, will earn £300,000 for entering the house.

Producers hope the 70-year-old can replicate the popularity of Denise Welch, who triumphed in the series last January. A source said: “Julie may be getting on a bit but she’s certainly game for a laugh.

“Denise proved that the Corrie stars bring in a decent audience and don’t mind poking fun at themselves and having a laugh. Julie is keen as mustard to get in the house and is already talking about winning.”

The paper also tips comedian Julian Clary (below, left) to become a housemate, this time for £325,000. The source said: “He’s not afraid to speak his mind and it’s usually in a comical way.

“Big Brother is an adult show so he won’t get any flak for coming out with outrageous comments. That’s why he will be getting so much cash.”

One star who appears to have distanced themselves from CBB speculation though is Girls Aloud member Nadine Coyle (above, right). The Daily Mail reported yesterday that a £500,000 deal had been agreed, which would help the singer pay off debt owed in America.

However, Coyle posted on Twitter last night: “Such rubbish written AGAIN in the UK press attaching my name. They live in a fantasy world and create characters. I am not playing, ever.”

It was also reported in The Daily Mail that Celebrity Big Brother will return to our screens on August 15TH, with a gaggle of 12 celebrities entering on launch night.

Would you like to see any of the latest rumoured celebrities feature on the show?

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  1. I would defiantly like to see Julian Clary enter the house. He has such a infectious personality, and I personally think he will be a main focal point to the series if he did enter.

    As for Julie Goodyear, I don’t really now her personally, as I’ve never really been a soap watcher.

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  2. Sally on 4:29pm April 21 '12

    Julian Clary and Julie Goodyear should make good viewing. Along with Cheryl Fergison. If Its august 15th Cbb starts. Then BB must be starting the end of May?

  3. adamlink on 7:27pm April 21 '12

    its not sally its the june big brother lanch night

    • Sally on 9:59pm April 21 '12
      MEMBER (2374 COMMENTS)

      Yes thats what has been said. I was just suprised. They have mentioned CBB starts on 15th august. If BB is on for 10weeks it wont finish until the 17th August. hey ho we will know soon I hope.

  4. Avatar of

    Sounds interesting :) I say, get her in there! But £300,000.. I’m sorry, that’s a ridiculous amount of money to offer someone, especially since the CBB version isn’t that long. To be honest, I’m getting a bit fed up with C5, they’re making a huge thing out of the CBB one (which starts AFTER the usual one) and yet there’s hardly any mention of the normal summer run. It’s annoying because I think they’re amazing at doing the CBB series, they’re fantastic… but the normal BB, last year, was the worst there has ever been. They need to work on bringing BB back up to scatch. :swear: Besides, most of us enjoy the “normal” version more.. soo… C5.. listen to your fans.

  5. Interesting that we are getting rumors this early and that the celebrities they are trying for are of a higher calabre.

  6. Biddy on 6:35am April 23 '12

    I am so looking forward to BB starting..But at the moment all focus seems to be on CBB with channel 5 prepared to break the bank to get better calibre of stars,,if they achieve this it will only be for the better…..Having said this BB is still my favourite…….

  7. microsis on 10:14am April 27 '12

    Julie Goodyear , is keen as mustard to get in the cbb house and is already talking about winning ,!! I would like to see her and Janice Dickingson together in the house there’s bound to be a clash of the Titans. ( bring back Titan :love: ). :rofl: :rofl:

  8. microsis on 11:28am April 27 '12

    Ooops. :rofl: Janice Dickinson ! Not Dickingson :shake: :shake: : : :itwasntme:

  9. microsis on 9:00am April 28 '12

    Here’s a few fillers !!! Carol Decker (80 s pop star ) Stephen Rahman Hughes ( west end actor ). Darius (. Winner of pop star to opera star ! Who can forget his rendition of Hit me baby one more time on pop idol ) :coffee: :shake: tea please

  10. microsis on 9:36am May 2 '12

    BB stars has spent today filming a trailer ,for the new bb series that will start the 9 week bb in June :nod: :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

  11. microsis on 9:53am May 4 '12

    May The Force Be With You !!!!! Oh dear :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :doh:

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