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Conor, Shievonne nominated for eviction
This week Conor and Shievonne will face the public 'vote to save'...
Nick | Day -339

This week Conor and Shievonne will face the public ‘vote to save’ as they have been nominated for eviction this Friday.

Today the pair have discussed leaving the house, so this news comes at a perfect time, although, only one will leave at the end of the week.

Facing eviction last Friday and being punished for the discussion of nominations over the weekend has led Conor to think about his future on the show.

In a conversation with Shievonne, he asked: “What would you do if you woke up and I was gone?”

Shievonne claimed she would be devastated, and said although it would be good to see family members again, their loved ones would probably want them to stay on and enjoy the experience.

“I feel like I’m literally not Shievonne at this point. I’ve had enough,” explained Shievonne regarding her feelings. “Are my family watching and saying keep on going, or is my Mum thinking ‘Get my daughter out of there because the girl is clearly cracking’?”

To SAVE Conor

Call from landline: 0901 616 1707
Call from mobile: 650 58 07
Or vote on Facebook

To SAVE Shievonne

Call from landline: 0901 616 1715
Call from mobile: 650 58 15
Or vote on Facebook

Calls cost no more than 36p from BT landlines and mobiles.  Calls from other networks may vary. For Facebook voting, 1 vote will cost you no more than 33p and may be subject to a minimum credit purchase. For complete voting terms and conditions, including costs, please see the Big Brother Vote Terms and Conditions.

Let us know your reactions to this week’s nomination results – who do you want to leave the house this week?…

Who is your choice to evict this week
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  1. :giggle: Good. Hope that Conner goes. He is so full of himself.

  2. Yayah on 6:41pm July 9 '12

    Honestly, there couldn’t had been a better result. Apart from Caroline joining them, but oh well. Still time for to get her, really can’t wait to see the reaction of their faces. It’s going to be priceless, don’t mind who goes, i hate both of them! :D

  3. I love Shievonne, get that Conor outta there

  4. Conor MUST leave this week! Surely he’ll get the hint by now? Shievonne is amazing and she must stay!

  5. dont mind wich one goes hate them both :giggle:

  6. Shievonne to go, cant stand the woman, Connor to stay another week……. jules

  7. Sally on 6:59pm July 9 '12

    I hope Conor goes get rid of the negative feeling in the house.This week has not had any fun in it. Shievonne was upset at Adam but she had reason to be.She just went over the top. So give Shievonne another chance get Conor out .

  8. dinky on 7:02pm July 9 '12

    i want both of them out :angry: but who do i hate the most ???? YES ITS CONNER. nasty bad mouthed 2 faced throw him out .he should have been thrown out after what he said about deana a few weeks ago what a p#@*k. love u bb :love: :love:

  9. sammyvan on 7:03pm July 9 '12

    BB will be the loser this week – looking on all sites it seems most people are not bothering to vote as either of these HM’s leaving will be satisfying. Me – I want Conor out. Not just ‘cos I dislike the plank, but I also think that him leaving will have Caroline isolated even more. :evilgrin:
    Shiv will be up again as she continues to taunt Adam, so please please – lets make this a “Conor out” week?

  10. Shievonne is amazing and Adam is making her upset, she had a reason, but conor is just a f****** bully and he should leave

  11. D3S1-J4TT on 7:14pm July 9 '12

    Connor needs to come out, especially after his “reaction” at not being evicted last week, let’s put this golum out his misery.. Shev can stew another week,unless she walks, doubt that..

  12. arvintaylor on 7:15pm July 9 '12

    True, i love Shievonne, one of my favourite housemates, get f***** Conor out!

  13. on 7:15pm July 9 '12

    Well judging by what they’ve both been saying since yesterday 1 will be evicted & the other will walk YEAH RIGHT. I want Connor to go because it will come as a big shock to the witches coldren Ashlegh,Caroline,Shievonne & Sara who have spent all week telling him that ” he won’t be going anywhere because the public love him” so much so that he believes it himself :angry: :angry:

  14. How the f*** is Connor a bully, Becky, Luke A and Deana are two faced morons, people are so stupid, Becky is a nasty bully.

  15. on 7:34pm July 9 '12

    Mark the zombie are you watching the same show as us also no swearing please teens about :love:

  16. Mikey on 7:47pm July 9 '12

    Are we not able to voice opinion without the use of swearwords peeps?

  17. MarkSalem on 8:01pm July 9 '12

    That result is a win/win for me.

    • microsis on 8:35pm July 9 '12
      MEMBER (2007 COMMENTS)

      Win/win for me as well Marksalem ,,but if push came to shove I would prefer Conor to go
      I was hoping for more hms being up so that there was a possibility of a double eviction
      :music: :music: :music:

  18. I’d say shievonne is gone! :yes:

    • :surprised: Really? Even after all this backlash with Conor and his outburst about the epilator?

      BACKING TO WIN: Gina JOINED: 03/04/2011
    • Nope, Conor is going. Shievonne still has a fan base, she hasn’t totally ruined it for herself yet. Sure, she’s over reacted to some arguments and sided with the wrong team, but she’s no where near as horrible or conceited as Conor. Conor thinks he’s untouchable, he’s rude and aggressive, and he has no compassion or sympathy for his other HMs. Shiev has a bias for sure, but she’s not nasty like Conor. If the British Public can’t see the difference in that, then God help us.

  19. Not voting this week…wouldn’t want to save any of those two.

  20. Oh my days,,,,, Everybody i don’t care who you are or where you come from,,,,, Have felt really mad/angry/upset and said things that should not have been said IN THE HEAT OF THE MOMENT (mean :angry: or nasty :envy: coments ) when had/having arguments ,,,
    So leave poor conor alone when none of us know this person really or have been in a enviroment ANYTHING LIKE THIS SHOW

    • Mikey on 9:12pm July 9 '12

      I have had plenty of arguements in my years and said things I regret….but never would ever use that language especially in the company of others not to mention the viewing public. The bloke is a low life and all the negative comments are is own fault.

  21. Conor to stay :yes:

  22. I apologise for the swearing, but I think bully is used very loosely, COME ON PEOPLE! how about two faced Becky making Scott cry, How about Deana stabbing Becky in the back in the diary room, Luke A has def got a jealously issue with Luke S it’s plain to see. As for winning the show I’m going with Ashleigh or Sara at this point.

  23. brokenangel on 9:47pm July 9 '12

    Found it quite upsetting seeing Adam get so upset through no fault of his own. Bless the ones sticking by him, BB is out of order

    Be glad to see Conor go :)!

  24. Lauren and Luke a are the most bitchy hms and getting away with it soooo 2 faced all they do is sit slagging off how come they can plot about noms and get away with it. If we have got to sit and watch another bore like Aaron from last year win then :c5: might as well give up what is it another fix

    • Jules on 10:12pm July 9 '12
      MEMBER (2503 COMMENTS)

      Nothing bitchy about them, they know what the others are like and they are debating the consequences. They are loyal and wont turn on each other, the others will.

      Shevonne to go

      • bb lover on 10:34pm July 9 '12

        They are not 2 faced really hmm so why won’t they grow some and tell the rest of the hms wot they think of them why run to the smoking Corner and bitch bitch bitch

        • Do any of them run to the others, they are all false and the only thing this BB has had is to be able to bitch about each other. Connor has been caught out, did he go and tell D and B what he said about them, no…. Jules

    • microsis on 12:09am July 10 '12
      MEMBER (2007 COMMENTS)

      The outsiders has been in the minority from day one Lauren Adam lukeA would have been picked off one by one by the insiders if they had not stuck together
      There is nothing bitchy about watching each others back
      :music: :music: :music:

    • Biddy on 8:23am July 10 '12

      Are you watching the same BB as i am…????
      I think Lauren , Luke A and Adam are the most genuine in there,,,!!!
      Gosh i am flabbergasted!!!!..Do you want to borrow my specs…..
      :music: :music: :music:

  25. bb lover on 10:27pm July 9 '12

    Lauren Luke a and deana should be up with them for talking noms ooh I 4 got deana can do what she wants Luke a is queen bitch

    • backing conor to win? pathetic, and ur right, deana is a queen but shes not a bitch, she has more class than any of them in there, i cant wait til that loser conor goes, i,ll be celebrating :bigsmile:

    • Fudge on 5:52pm July 11 '12
      MEMBER (1811 COMMENTS)
      Avatar of

      Deana is the only one in there with class. She is the only one in there that does not initiate bitching. Perhaps that is one reason why she is quiet, after all there is, sadly, not much other conversation except for ‘bitching’.

      Bullying is an act of repeated aggressive behaviour in order to intentionally hurt another person, physically or mentally. Deana has been bullied almost from Day 1 of entering the house. Deana has not bullied anyone in the house. She does, however, have the courage to confront those she feels are treating her unfairly.

  26. :bigsmile: there can only be one winner deana ,,conor made up a story about money so did luke s,,for no other reason they could see another shilpa shetta winning bb she is there main threat so they think ,,,,,ash ,,in love tell me another ,,,but bb been down this road ,,they cant poss win ,,

  27. Bluerang1 on 11:11pm July 9 '12

    Where have all this people who still like Shievonne been? Unite so we can get Conor out.

    But she’ll be losing support because of her argument with Deana.

  28. :party: Glad :clapping: both :puke: Conor and :angry: Shievonne are up this week, can’t stand either of them but hope Conor goes but think it’s going to be another unpredictable one, :devil: Conor was bookies fav to go last week and survived probably on Irish :phone: votes, it could happen again.

  29. I think the real reason shievonne wanted to hear adam in the diary room was because she expected to hear him say he fancied her. She was shocked when she got the opposite, hence her inability to cope.

    I wish both connor and shievonne could be evicted.

    Adam to win.

  30. The thing is if connor never acted the way he did since arron left he might not of been up. i think he is a funny and nice guy. hes just acting like an idiot 60% of the time.

  31. Conor to stay, the house will be incredibly dull without him. Nothing against Shiv, although she’s a bit of a drama queen and does my head in at times.

    Scot to win!!


  32. Who is going to bother to vote to save either of them they are both awful, not much phone profit this week BB. Bring back the VOTE TO EVICT.

    • microsis on 8:38am July 10 '12
      MEMBER (2007 COMMENTS)

      I agree my pennies are staying in my pocket this week
      It’s swings and roundabout when it comes to vote to evict or save
      If your fav was up for eviction with three other hms that you didn’t like ,then you would be calling for vote to save
      As I said swings and roundabout
      :music: :music: :music:

      • on 9:18am July 10 '12
        MEMBER (189 COMMENTS)

        Much as I despise Connor I think he could end up being saved by the Irish voters & girls who will take offence at shievonnes horrid behaviour this week. I hope I’m wrong so come on girls just keep it in your heads of how vile he was to DEANNA & to WOMEN in general.(after all Shievonne is going to walk if her names not called anyway :giggle: :giggle:)

  33. I agree with everyone that if either Connor or Shiv go it’s a win win. BUt I would have much preferred to see Caroline be nominated. She is just vile. Nasty mean twofaced. She is probably the fakest person I have ever seen on BB ever! She never has anything nice to say about anyone. I just don’t understant how none of the other housemates have seen this yet! Just vile!

  34. I ain’t voting for any of them to stay..just a shame they both can’t leave, along with Caroline & Ashleigh!

  35. arvintaylor on 5:03pm July 11 '12

    Conor to go because he is a bully if he knows or does not but Shievonne is a funny housemate with reasons why she had arguments with some of the housemates, Shievonne to stay, get Conor out!

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