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Conor leaves house with £50,000
Conor has been evicted from the Big Brother house after choosing...
Alec | Day -313

Conor has been evicted from the Big Brother house after choosing to leave with £50,000, while Luke S wins a pass to the final.

At the conclusion of this week’s White Room task, Luke S and Conor were presented with one final twist during last night’s live show:

Stay in the house with a guaranteed place in the final, or leave immediately with half of the series prize fund – £50,000.

Big Brother gave the pair one minute to press their respective buzzers and claim the amount shown on a screen at that time, which increased from £0 over the 60 seconds. Each housemate held out until the figure stopped at £50,000, when they were informed there were only 5 seconds remaining.

Both then hit their buzzer but it was Conor who was quickest, and was given a case containing the cash before becomming the second evictee of the night after Rebecca.

Luke S will have the chance to win the remaining £50,000 of the prize fund after bagging a guaranted place in the final on Monday, August 13th, after spending four days in The White Room,

Did Conor deserve to be offered half of the series prize fund?

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  1. Yes, conor was out of order to speak about Deana like that but has apologised n deserved a chance to win the money as any other big brother contestant cz he kept everybody glued to their screens, id have switched off a long time ago if i was just watching deana. Deana is vain lazy dull n Sly. Took every opportunity to bring conors name into everything n turn ppl against him. I completely disapprove conors behaviour but its time to draw a line under it.

    • Orchid333 on 10:01am August 4 '12
      MEMBER (3184 COMMENTS)

      OMG – you deluded person. You cannot apologise and then start the next sentence with a BUT. HE HAS NOT APOLOGISED TO DEANNA!!! I do not think Ofcom will think that ” it is time to draw a line under it”!!! I don’t think that you would be so flippant about Conor’s disgusting vile rant about Deanna if it had been said about a female member of your family! :angry:

      • I think ur the delude one cz maybe u should accept that not everybody has the same opinion about issues n each person has a right to express their opinion, u disagree with my views n i disagree with yours but that doesnt make us any less entitled to voice them. I would b very angry if it was a member of my family but i also understand that people with no emotional connection to that person will not feel as much anger. I utilize my energies into fighting n caring for desparately ill n the disadvantaged not spoilt arrogant n vain beauty queens.

        • Orchid333 on 10:39am August 4 '12
          MEMBER (3184 COMMENTS)

          :yawn: :yawn: :yawn: :yawn:

        • jennyjuniper on 11:35am August 4 '12
          MEMBER (1179 COMMENTS)

          If it had ONLY been Conor’s rant against Deana at issue here it would be bad enough. But his behaviour in the house has been terrible. Not least encouraging his hags Caroline, Becky and Ashleigh to stir it with the others, while he sat back and enjoyed it without seemingly to get his hands dirty.
          Then what does his awful family do but start a vile hate campaign against Deana, Luke A and Scott. Conor had to get his nasty nature from someone and we now see where. It’s shameful that a bigot like him should have stayed in the house as long as he did, never mind leave with a reward. I despair.

        • IF you care as much as you say for the disadvantaged , maybe you should fight for the rights of victims of domestic and sexual abuse and see how they respond to your misguided support of Conor. You clearly are deluded if you think this matter is just a flippant comment by idiot conor.

          • Orchid333 on 12:56pm August 4 '12
            MEMBER (3184 COMMENTS)

            Nice one :cool:

          • he never kept me glued the wanker, i actually switched off, shoulda kicked the knob out ages ago :devil:

          • brokenangel on 1:19am August 5 '12
            MEMBER (122 COMMENTS)

            Anon I totally agree with you, I am for one a victim of domestic and sexual abuse from my spouse ! If only had listened to my inner self instead of excusing the angry rants etc not believing it would ever be acted on.Until one day it did I
            All the excuse making in the world – oh he was just angry- the thought itself that he could even think about doing that to a woman and showing blatant disregard about BB. He knew what he was saying and knew it to be wrong but he didn’t care . HE DIDN’T CARE
            If that can happen to someone that is loved then it is a lot easier to do it to someone not close.
            The words just made me go cold and having to be to be closely moniterd says it all- he was a risk, they knew it and he got well rewarded.

    • I totally agree, Conor has apologised and has kept the house entertaining…..unlike :yawn: deana!! She,s been just as vocal about she hates conor so how come she has got away with it! I’ts because she plays the victim so well…..please big brother next time don’t put any more miserable bores in like the ‘soldiers’, give us fun entertaining people who can make us laugh!!!!

      • Jules on 1:38pm August 7 '12
        MEMBER (2507 COMMENTS)

        No way did Conor make me laugh I was totally disgusted with him. The fact that BB kept him in and have let him get away with the money after proving what a nasty person he is when he cheated Luke S. It is a bad representation of the people behind the scenes. They should all be ashamed of themselves and then to say that he was the winner Arghhhhhhhhhhhh what has he won!!! He has certainly lost all respect from genuine loyal fans. A lot of damage has been done in this BB. I am all for a good game but not by cheats.

      • Really? You call that an apology? Oh dear.

        BACKING TO WIN: NOT YET SET JOINED: 03/11/2011
  2. Orchid333 on 9:54am August 4 '12

    OMG – BOTS. What a farce that was!! The audience was definitely not a true reflection of what the majority of the BB viewers thought about Conor. Where do they get the audience from??? and in answer to the question -” Did Conor deserve to be offered half of the series prize fund?”. 100% NO.

    And Conor when you apologised on BOTS about the vile comment you made about Deanna, you cannot say sorry and then speak the immediate sentence with a BUT!!!! Moreover, it is Deanna you should have apologised to – but you won’t will you? :angry:

  3. thought luke s would take it.
    hate luke s :brokenheart: :no:

  4. microsis on 10:01am August 4 '12

    In the cold light of day ,I dont feel any better ,still feel horrified by last nights outcome
    A real low in the history of BB
    The saying “cheats never prospers ” comes to mind
    But it appears that bullies do

    :music: :music: :music:

    • Orchid333 on 10:08am August 4 '12
      MEMBER (3184 COMMENTS)

      Morning Microsis. Feelings mutual. Yes Luke A to win.

      :music: :music: :music:

      • microsis on 10:14am August 4 '12
        MEMBER (2007 COMMENTS)

        Morning. Orchid333 ,
        :music: :music: :music:

      • I too was disgusted at Conor getting the money after his violent threats, cheating and lying. I was also disgusted with your favourite housemate Luke A. who informed Adam he was pleased it was Conor who won the money. I thought the
        “outsiders” were all about loyalty. Luke A. may not be aware of the controversy surrounding Conor but he is morethan aware of Deannas feeling towards Conor. Luke As. jealousy was stronger than any sense of loyalty to a fellow “soldier”. Deanna must now win to redress the balance. Good must triumph over bad .

        • jennyjuniper on 11:39am August 4 '12
          MEMBER (1179 COMMENTS)

          Hi Margaretrose, I still like Luke A. Granted he doesn’t like Luke S, but remember he and the other housemates don’t know Conor for the rat he is as we do. He knows Conor has never liked Deana and vice versa, but he wasn’t being disloyal to Deana. In the past couple of weeks, Conor has managed to hide his dislike for Deana quite well from the housemates, just not from us.

        • The outsiders ie Adam & Luke A don’t really like Deanna, they just tolerate her, throughout her experience in BB she has fought and twisted with everyone and gets there backs up. Well done Connor good to cu get the 50k, everyone else in there would have done the same so enjoy it. Adam to win.

        • Orchid333 on 12:37pm August 4 '12
          MEMBER (3184 COMMENTS)

          Margaret Rose. I initially was shocked about Luke A being pleased Conman winning the £50,000 but when I thought about, I think it was because he doesn’t like Luke S.

          Luke A to win :bigsmile:

          • Hello Orchid333, I appreciate your comments and your loyalty to Luke A. In BB you have to be yourself to survive. Luke A. is being himself with all his frailities, and jealousies, but is not aware of these failings in himself. How often has he told the Diary Room and the Public “I dont know what I am doing wrong?” You have to know your faults, acknowledge your faults and then claim this statement.

          • Margaret Rose do you find it tedious polishing your halo?!

  5. Orchid333 on 10:06am August 4 '12

    Connor said the £50,000 wil change his life!! OMG Conor get a job and earn some money to buy a house instead of cheating the winner of BB out of their rightful prize. I know stricly speaking it is not cheating but has the man got no morals? Clearly not – despicable ugly man. :puke:

  6. microsis on 10:11am August 4 '12

    Oh please Joseph
    I feel physically sick looking at that picture of Conors gloating smug face holding up £50 000
    :music: :music: :music:

  7. What did Conner do to entertain you anonymous?
    What I saw was a guy who hung around and took delight out of being nasty to people. ( Becky in diary room,Deana on numerous occasions) whenever there was discord between other HM he was there. He is the type of guy I would advise you to avoid.
    Luke S obviously thought they would share the money,as they had agreed in previous discussions aired. Poor deluded guy is going home with nothing.
    Conner’s most truthful comment on series was ” I don’t give a **** about anyone”

    C5 should now sack producer Jamie. He should have been concentrating on making this a good show instead of his search for a partner.
    Anyway wasn’t it you that was having a melt down the other day and kept re posting a copy of his vile rant?!

    • Firstly No that was not me and secondly he kept u interested didnt he????

      • sammyvan on 11:18am August 4 '12
        MEMBER (1316 COMMENTS)

        No – he did not keep us interested. He is a vile human being who did NOT deserve to be paid to leave the show. Even Luke S never expected him to go back on his word – having said Luke could take the money as he wanted to stay and win ” for his fans”!! Wonder when it finally struck him that winning the show was never going to happen? The only plus is that we do not have to see him again. Just hope BBots will not have him on too many times, though judging from the way Emma and gang treat him……..? Ghastly man. Good riddance.

      • Jules on 1:43pm August 7 '12
        MEMBER (2507 COMMENTS)

        Nope definitely not.

    • Orchid333 on 10:37am August 4 '12
      MEMBER (3184 COMMENTS)

      Janice R. I have noted your comment about the producer, Jamie. Apparently his search for a partner has been unsucessful. Maybe it is because nobody wants to be associated with a loser. :giggle: :giggle: :giggle: :giggle:

  8. Maybe u dont know this but every person making a comment without a username comes up as anonymous.

  9. It is not called hiding it is called not wanting to b a permanent member of this site n although ur called Janice does that mean i kno who u r?? Ur still anonymous.

  10. noodledoodledoo on 10:57am August 4 '12

    I’m shocked and disgusted that a person who should have been thrown out of the house weeks ago has been rewarded in this way. I wouldn’t have wanted Luke S to have the money either, by the way. How disgusting, to rob the eventual winner (who will it be?….we decide, apparently!!! :wink: ) of half their prize money.

    • Do we ??? Don’t be too sure of that…
      BB have constantly ignored our views , our protests and have changed the rules to suit their backing of the vile ,,bully, Conor….
      Adam shoild have had the chance to win that money too….but BB once again changed the rules,,Conor has been nominated overall more than Adam…..
      All i can say is Good Riddance to this vile selfish,obsene ,greedy, bully hopefully never to be seen again….
      :music: :music: :music:

      • Jules on 1:48pm August 7 '12
        MEMBER (2507 COMMENTS)

        Hi Biddy, i did see somewhere two different scenarios on that white room choice of HM. The original gave the facts as the ones with the lowest nominations over all their time in there. The other was then changed to show, the ones with the least of that particular nom. I dont think Adam has had a lot of noms so he could have been chosen with the first option, not sure on that though but they changed there mind. I think that once something is printed, it should be stood by and they shouldnt have the option of changing the rules. :love:

  11. anonymous what a load of crap you talk.nobody likes conor hes a scumbag.

  12. Lisaxx on 11:39am August 4 '12

    I’m amazed he was even given the opportunity, he should have been removed from the house.

    He’s been protected since he made those comments towards Deana.. I’m surprised they didn’t give him the full 100K.

    Scumbag. Give BB back to ch4.

  13. jennyjuniper on 11:41am August 4 '12

    I hope he gets mugged on the way home. :evilgrin: :evilgrin: :evilgrin:

    • i hope so to.that money should have been for the winner

    • sammyvan on 2:31pm August 4 '12
      MEMBER (1316 COMMENTS)

      The most depressing thing about Conor walking off with £50.000 of the prize money……….probably all paid for by OUR votes to save the HM’s we wanted to win the prize!
      Definition of fraud = intentional deception
      We voted for a winner – we did not vote for this contestant to be gifted money in an underhand way.

  14. Conor should donate half the money to a battered womens shelter or some other similar cause.

  15. Vienna on 12:14pm August 4 '12

    This is so awful. I can’t even believe they made the prize money that huge. The only way this can be half amended is if Deana wins.

    • Jules on 1:51pm August 7 '12
      MEMBER (2507 COMMENTS)

      Or Adam :bigsmile: even then though nothing will be amended, hopefully they will all think about it and regret all their decisions but I doubt it very much.

      • Sally on 4:39pm August 7 '12
        MEMBER (2376 COMMENTS)

        :hi: Jules did you have a good holiday?
        I was backing Adam up until a couple of weeks ago. To be honest I would still be pleased if he won. Who Is more deserving is difficult to say this BB
        I am swayed to Deana as my favourite.
        I will be saving Deana and Adam this week.
        In the hope that they will both be in the final.

  16. brains on 12:26pm August 4 '12

    you cant blame coner, i hated the guy because he was an evil bully to the weaker house mates, you have to blame bb for not throwing him out,and letting him into the white house with the chance of winning anything.of course he is going to take the money and stupid luke s like all the other of his cronies fell for it.he conned them all got them to do his dirty work with noms and so on and then walked out with a smile and the money shame on LITTLE brother

  17. OH MY GOD wanted conor out of the house but not with a case of money.Adam to win its a pity that half the prize fund has been given to such a vile individual.

  18. bb gr8t job good on conner 4 taking the 50k just a pity he gone i would have like’t him 2 av won. As denna adam and luke a there just as bad as every one in that house .

  19. microsis on 12:33pm August 4 '12

    Two questions then I am going to lie down in a darkroom
    Will we have normal nominations this week with only 7 remaining hms in the house and only 10 days to go ?

    Did the spectacular never seen before White-room task
    blow your socks off ?

    :music: :music: :music:

    • Orchid333 on 12:46pm August 4 '12
      MEMBER (3184 COMMENTS)

      Afternoon Microsis. Hope I have caught you before you retire to a dark room. :yawn:

      1. I think there will be nominations but with cheating BB, we don’t know what cheating ideas they will come up with next.

      2. BB stole the idea of the white room from BB Australia !!! Didn’t have any socks on – just boot slippers and they did not move one little bit. :giggle: :giggle: :giggle:

      :music: :music: :music:

  20. Queen Bea on 12:39pm August 4 '12

    I am disgusted myself that that vile man who treated deana disgusting has got 50k……although i dont like Luke S either he shud have got it…..although to be honest im not very happy that either of them 2 had the chance to win it at all

  21. idc i liked conor

  22. BBFANDEBS on 1:16pm August 4 '12

    The only way the White Room could have been made exciting was if all the housemates were put in there, from the Monday to the Friday, and pitted against each other by doing various tasks. Each day the prize money up for grabs could have been increased by £10,000, with one single red button in the middle of the room to be hit if a housemate wanted to leave with the money instead of going out the normal way. It would have been fair, but as we have seen in this series, being fair is not in the vocabulary of the producers. The remaining housemates then return to the house and would have to nominate straightaway and the housemate (s) with the most nominations would have to leave also within the hour. Now that would have been worth watching!!


    • brains on 2:14pm August 4 '12

      the only way the white could have been made exciting was as soon as sara left evict the other two

    • jennyjuniper on 5:58pm August 4 '12
      MEMBER (1179 COMMENTS)

      That WOULD have been the way to do it. Shame you are not part of the production team, although you are probably too honest to be accepted as part of that load of conmen and women.

  23. Holton on 1:54pm August 4 '12

    This is effing disgusting.

  24. northernmonkey on 2:18pm August 4 '12

    A farce of a show, happily I didn’t vote once, for those who did ? Well i’d be seriously miffed and doubt i’d bother watching again.

    Personally this is the final straw for me, I haven’t been watching much over the last few weeks because it’s got beyond a joke now – :c5: seemed determined to help out Conor and make him a winner ( which he is now) total disgrace.

    I won’t bother watching now, I suggest others who feel cheated do the same. It’s the ONLY way to hurt the show. :c5: have treated it’s viewers with contempt – Don’t be as stupid or fickle as they believe you to be.

    I shall just keep abreast of what happens on this site

    • You hit all the marks. I have been MAD AS HELL since this happened. The shows producers are mostly to blame here. Hope they are the ones that get the hate at this point.

  25. Sally on 2:25pm August 4 '12

    Thank goodness the white room task is over
    Thank Goodness Becky is out of the house. Most of all thank goodness Conor has gone.
    Did anyone notice that the crowd on Conor’s exit seamed controlled all those cheers didn’t sound genuine.

    • BBNut on 5:13pm August 4 '12

      Oh yes! Sound Engineers were run ragged again, had their work cut out! Did you spot the ‘Conor to win’ banners? It was obvious everything about the eviction was fake and that the BOTS audience were given strict orders to cheer. Brian seemed to ask two questions and two questions only whilst cautiously eyeballing the autocue (as ever), he looked decidedly uncomfortable, extra security was surely in place. Notice there appeared to be no family or friends interviewed or present? Also no BOTS panel or audience interviews were conducted with Conor or Becky? Emma’s forced reiteration of Conor’s so-called ‘appology’ already ‘addressed’ with fellow Irishman Brian? Where was Jamie? He clearly disapproved of Conor from very early on. It was clear as day that last night’s show was very intricately and carefully constructed in order to prevent any discord – but we all know better. This show has more slick than an oil rig. Just one more show to piece together without any instructions – The Final. What awaits us I wonder? :wondering: To your stations sound engineers! :lipssealed:

      • Did you not know that the 50k was a surprise twist – so how/why would friends/family be there as no one would have known, also BOTS panel/audience participation was not possible in the timescale as it was normal allocated time for the friday night show – what are your looking for from Conor, how many times does he have to apologise for his outburst of words because thats all they were..

        • Biddy on 8:08pm August 4 '12
          MEMBER (906 COMMENTS)

          “A surprise twist” I don’t think so..BB new exactly what was going to happen,,so had time to arrange everything as they saw fit…and that didn’t include questions by anyone other than Brian and Emma who were both told exactly what to say…And by the way that is the first time vile, bully,Conor has apologised and not to the most important person, Deana..
          Even Deana’s friend when nominating wasn’t allowed to say anything ,,,yet Becky’s sister opened her big gob to be little Luke A…
          Please don’t patronise true BB followers .this vile piece of sh** should have been thrown out weeks ago with sweet FA….

          :music: :music: :music:

        • Orchid333 on 11:31pm August 4 '12
          MEMBER (3184 COMMENTS)

          :mmm: :mmm: :mmm: :mmm: :mmm: :mmm: :mmm: Bloody obvious fix :devil:

      • Orchid333 on 8:02pm August 4 '12
        MEMBER (3184 COMMENTS)

        BBNUT. You always talk sense. Keep um coming :giggle:

  26. Im happy Connor took the money when he was asking Luke s what they should do Luke was blanking him when connor asked what about ash he still was blanking him Luke s wanted it soooo bad he don’t give a flying f##k about ash or the rest
    And they will see that when they all come out

    Put a side the way the girl slags off
    I feel sorry for her she has been sucked in by Luke s
    And is going to get her heartbroken by a loser a bad loser at that :no:

    Luke a all the way :nod:

    • Orchid333 on 11:53pm August 4 '12
      MEMBER (3184 COMMENTS)

      ABBEY X BB get real – On BB tonight Conor said – ” I don’t give a flying fuck about the money. I want to be in the final”. He is a piece of shit. Of course he gives a flying fuck about the money – he pressed the bloody button for goodness sake to win £50,000! I don’t like Luke S either because he pressed the button aswell. LUKE A to win, if not Luke A, then Adam or Deanna. For goodness sake, don’t feel sorry for Ashleigh – she knows the game she is playing!!! She doesn’t know where eggs come from ?????? Did she not know the answers to the questions about the meal for Luke S and Conor???? SANTA CLAUSE?? where did that come from? I am sure she wanted Conor to get that meal !!!!! RANT OVER :sweating: tired – going to bed :yawn: :yawn: :yawn: :yawn:

      • Hello Orchid333 – I usually disagree with your comments, however, this time I am in full agreement. Ashleigh did say in the Diary Room if she won the final she would give half to Conor, not Luke S. Perhaps she had every intention of sabotaging the quiz in order for Luke S. to come out to keep her company. Either way she wanted Conor in the final. I still feel Deanna should win but do appreciate your rooting for your fav. regards………

  27. sammyvan on 2:45pm August 4 '12

    The public and the viewers have been treated with contempt by BB and also Emma and her crowd of sycophants on BBOts – crawling to Becky and Conor, as they did in a lesser way to Caroline last week. Actually clapping Conor??! Are they totaly nuts?
    These shameful, fawning and idiotic interviews……for Heavens sake, you are meant to be letting the evictees know why they were evicted, why we dislike them, and why we would prefer never ever to see them again.
    Why did we not have the evictees grilled by the panel last night – I thought we were in for a good question time with the panel they had, but once again those two were protected. :lipssealed:
    Like Microsis I now need a cool, dark room and absolute quiet before I :angry:

  28. zeppelin on 2:53pm August 4 '12

    This will go down in Big Brother history as the worst one ever . I didnt realise that that cretin who is supposed to be still looking for a partner , i think his name is Jamie something , was the producer of the whole thing , he looks incapable of running a bath . Also that statement `Who Wins You Decide`has been blown out of the water once and for all because i didnt vote for Conor `Desperate Dan`McIntyre to walk off with 50,000 .
    As for poor love lorn Jamie come back Phil Edgar Jones.

  29. I agree with Luke s is so sly

    I was not a fan of Luke a but last night he changed my mind on him he was the first to say well done to Connor and stuck up for him

    Luke s made himself look a right prick
    He was going to tell the rest of the hms a different story to what had happend until Sara I think it was said we know we watched it live on the screen he was going to make out he did not even try to hit the button when really he could not have hit it any harder you could see it all over his face gutted loo

    I hope ashleigh can start to see Luke s for what a smug sly prick he really is the poor girl is just so silly

    Adam or Luke a to win

    • Unfortunately, I think Assleigh is too fucking dumb to realize what actually happen. That Luke S actually buzzed to get the money but Connor beat him to it. The look on his face was priceless when he thought he won until they called Connor’s name out. Ha Ha

      • I think when you are obviously cheated out of 50,000, yes fifty thousand pounds by breaking the rules you are entitled to go a little crrrrazy! with your temper. When you play by the rules but others setting the goal posts move them it must be devastating. It is a shame the whole White Room was ever invented for such a disgrace as Conor. Questions must be asked of the Production Team. You do not have to sympathise or even like Luke S. but you have to appreciate fair play otherwise it is a free for all with serious consequences. Even you SFDRAGON with your obvious dislike of Luke S. must have some sense of decency for playing the game.

  30. What I really wished happened: When BB started the 5-4-3-2-1 countdown and held the 50k still, they should have immediately dropped the number back to 0!

    Luke S’s temper is crrrrazy! Think he would’ve done worse if the cameras weren’t around.

    I didn’t like Conor or Becky, but the house is too quiet now…..

  31. northernmonkey on 3:38pm August 4 '12

    Yes , all the blame lies with the production team and it’s cronies. It had potential but ended the worst series EVER.

    Because the show was not :c5: to start with, the idiots who run the show feel a strong need to put their own mark on the show and have failed miserable.

    People can complain all they want, it won’t make a differance as these :c5: fools clearly couldn’t care less, in fact they think the viewers are so stupid that by complaining etc – it means they’ll watch even more.

    Certainly hasn’t worked for me and a few mates stopped watching all together weeks ago.

    If people are that angry than you must stop watching, it’s the only way to protest and hit them where it hurts – To be honest it’s been a very grim series, very few laughs – It’s been easy not to bother watching for me lately and I will make a point of not watching now, giving Conor 50 k is a effing joke.

    I will stick to the Olympics, it gives a few smiles and a feel good factor, unlike this pile of cack we have had to endure.

  32. yeahyeahyeah on 4:27pm August 4 '12

    That show last night was the most staged and scripted thing I have ever watched on TV in my life. As if Conor hit that button on the exact right amount. And what the hell was Luke S doing with his hands behind his back the whole time, while Conor’s hand was ON THE BUTTON?! And the interviews that followed were complete cringe. It was all over Conor’s face that this wasn’t a surprise for him. If you all are thinking about complaining to Ofcom, how about complaining about the fact that this is scripted television, and certainly NOT reality TV? And not just this incident…several events throughout this series lead me to believe they were scripted.

  33. I’m not really hating Conor for ‘winning’ that money, I know everyone says it was a fix and everything, believe me, it did look like that. However, with it being live, you can only blame the producers if it was a fix. I really don’t care if Conor won that money, he didn’t deserve it, but what’s done is done. I was more disgusted at the fact that he betrayed Luke S like that. I know it may sound silly, but at that moment, it was really tense. Conor clearly lied on BOTS when he was saying that Luke S said ‘na na na let me go for it’ etc. As in he didn’t care for Ashleigh, but then he stated that he did it for another reason, which blatantly showed that he was lying. I know it’s a game and everything, but to do something like that, shows how pathetic the insiders are. If it was the outsiders, they would have made a deal, but with Conor? He’s a greedy person.

  34. [mod by="Alec" text="Comment removed. You have been blocked from commenting on the website. Racist comments will not be tolerated, nor will comments regarding terrorist threats."]

  35. Sally on 5:52pm August 4 '12

    I am so glad Conor is gone.
    No bots for me this week-end. I don’t want to see him hear him or read any posts about him. For goodness sake let it go make an end of it.
    What is going on in the house now is :rofl:
    Yes lets hope we can watch a bit of fun and a few good tasks in this the last full week of BB

    Be Happy :giggle: :bigsmile: :rofl: :cool:

  36. jennyjuniper on 6:01pm August 4 '12


    • Already have, will just keep up with this site to hear who won. Hope CBB is a total flop. When are ofcom going to fine BB? or are they just as complaisant to rape threats on light entertainment shows. Maybe all those idiots cheering conor and that includes the dubious presenters, may one day, know ,what it’s like to have a child/sister/wife etc abused or bullied .

  37. iloveinsiders on 7:28pm August 4 '12

    Your all hypocrites and bullies. Grow up.

  38. on 7:37pm August 4 '12

    What was the point in having guests on last nights show?
    The reason they don’t let them ask the evictees questions like normal is because once again they were scared off the result. This show & the main show have become so tediously boring & predictable. Where has Emma Willis gone? She seems to have been replaced with a B.B & :c5: yes woman, she used to be entertaining & unbiased now she seem to do & say whatever she’s told, even the audience seem to have changed whatever happened to the lengthy heated discussions we used to get ?
    I shall not be watching either show this week in case I see Connor, Becky or Caroline & once this series has finished I shan’t be watching CBB or next years series.


    • Orchid333 on 8:14pm August 4 '12
      MEMBER (3184 COMMENTS)

      Exactly Lowery_kevin. I think that the audiences of late on BOTS are probably relatives of producers and crew and told what to say(or what not to say!!!!!). This last couple of BOTS’s have been really strange and if I was on the production team or Emma (who I used to love so much) I would be ashamed. It is blatantly biased now to protect the bullies coming out of BB. :angry:

      • Emma is as bad, giving that vile man a hug on Friday night turned my stomach, any decent woman would have refused to even interview him.

        • I agree,the repulsive emma willis is an embodiment of treachery. How would she feel if her child or sister/mother were threatened in that way , would she hug their aggressor ? I wonder , she actually has behaved in such a low manner, it would not surprise me. Anyhow this is the end of BB . Only scum will watch this sort of entertainment now.

  39. Luke got out played by a scumbag.

  40. dragon on 8:27pm August 4 '12

    I do not understand why everyone is complaining about Connor winning half the money (50,000) you all knew this was going to happen, most of you even predicted that by hook or by crook he would get a big wack of money.
    I don’t think you should waste your time on this subject, the more you do the more the producers are loving it.

  41. str-8-edge on 8:43pm August 4 '12


  42. on 9:00pm August 4 '12

    I would like it that when Daenna came out she made a formal complaint to the police & race discrimination board , Connor then gets busted & ordered to pay 50k in compensation to a charity of Deannas choice, now that would be sweet revenge. Alas I’m only dreaming . That scumbag Irish twat is laughing all the way to Derry hopefully too never be heard off again.

    • If the people of Derry have anything about them he will be run out of town, they must be ashamed of him surely, not a good advert for Derry at all.

      • His family kept saying all of Derry were supporting him, which if i was from Derry , i would find that very offensive. Derry is renowned for human/civil rights movement in the UK, so why would anyone proud of that heritage support this misogynist and racist.

  43. Sue123 on 9:13pm August 4 '12

    Just think if Conor had lost. I think he would have trashed the room and punched Luke S in to the bargain

  44. big brother has got a lot to answer for by allowing that idiot conor 50k. so many missed opportunities to kick him out. such a big reward for disgusting behaviour.

  45. brokenangel on 1:00am August 5 '12

    And watch this space — Conor annouces he is going to have a big flash wedding —- at whose expense ? he won’t be paying for it – a magazine deal will for an exclusive.
    He has more than been rewarded for being a racist bullying thug!
    He will not be forgotten only for the wrong reasons! Nothing right about any of it.

  46. Luckily I didn’t lose money voting but those of you who did could complain that you had your money taken unfairly. For instance, if we had known this was a possible outcome from the start, I think many people would not have voted as many voted to save others to try to get Conor out.

    I would like to know who actually made the decision for the 50k to go like this as they have taken the piss out of the voting public and condoned bullying. The only producers I’ve seen are the box jellyfish lookalike Ian and the gay guy with no personality looking for a boyfriend.

    I have stopped watching both shows now as that was unjust and disrespectful to everyone who has kept these numpties behind the scenes in jobs. I hope the viewing figures plummet and the production team and presenters are replaced..

  47. I doubt that the money will last long, if I were Deanas family he would need to be spending it on a good lawyer.

  48. bb said not to touch the podium connor had his hands on the button most of the time and when he saw luckless move to hit the button he (conman) whos hand was already on the button luckless did’nt stand a chance bb obviously favourd connor yet again.

    • microsis on 9:36am August 5 '12
      MEMBER (2007 COMMENTS)

      Yes you are right anon ,,,,,,,the rules given by BB before the count down started was they weren’t allowed to touch the podium
      Luke S had his hands behind his back ,,,,Conor’s hands were around the button

      Oh my :surprised:
      He should had been disqualified

      :music: :music: :music:

      • sammyvan on 12:37pm August 5 '12
        MEMBER (1316 COMMENTS)

        Microsis, such an interesting point! Now if we can find the clip with the instructions [ I may still have it recorded] and see exactly what Conor did………….there may be grounds to have BB up for cheating? Fraud?
        What would the ramifications be if it was proved that the task was not completed according to the rules? Any out there with a legal brain….help!!

        • Biddy on 1:25pm August 5 '12
          MEMBER (906 COMMENTS)

          It would be great if we could do something about it…but you know BB ,,they would say “we can change the rules when ever we want”,,,,Yes…to make sure Conor wins…..
          This series gets more deceitful by the minute!!!

          :music: :music: :music:

          • Orchid333 on 2:00pm August 5 '12
            MEMBER (3184 COMMENTS)

            Afternoon Biddy. Do you think that the BOTS’ audience was gagged last night? Why was Conman cheered???? AND why did they let a girl from Derry phone in to Jamie to speak to and support Conman????? BOTS’ staff and presenters should be ashamed of themselves working for such an obviously fixed programme. OMG are they really going to let Conman propose to his girlfriend on BOTS???? Sorry rant over – for now anyway. :whew:

      • Orchid333 on 1:54pm August 5 '12
        MEMBER (3184 COMMENTS)

        Microsis – I agree with you about the cheating conman :yes:

        • Biddy on 6:00pm August 5 '12
          MEMBER (906 COMMENTS)

          Hi, orchid123…I didn’t watch BBOTS last night
          I don’t really want to see Conor ever again..
          But i definately think the panel and audience were gagged on friday night,,no one was allowed to ask him a question or tell him a few home truths….I was dying for Nina to start on him,, she new exactly what he was,,a vile ,abusive,foul mouthed bully…,but no, not a word allowed …!!!
          :music: :music: :music:

  49. i wont be voteing again i wasted lot of money to get conor out,end of the day it was a fix. bb already know who will win so no point .in voteing to save my fave .emma and alice keep saying it’s a game.yes it is and all games must have rules.conor broke those rules long ago. :phone: :phone:

    • Yes Sue123 i agree….Yes it is a game but at our expense…without the BB fans and viewers it would not be a game, not a show nothing…BB has shown the fans no respect whatsoever…
      There has been more rules broken in this series than any other, and nothing done about it ….why indeed do we bother…

      :music: :music: :music:

  50. Big Bro UK 1st timer on 12:31pm August 5 '12

    Conor cheated! Big Brother said they could not touch the podiums and he had his hands resting on the podium right next to the buzzer. This is why he buzzed in quicker then Luke S. As usual, the rule breakers are rewarded.

  51. bb protecting the bullies yet again not allowing anyone to question him he got off lightly and the same on bots .

  52. brokenangel on 2:49pm August 5 '12

    The clip shows Conor with hands resting on podium- Luke S hands nowhere near it.

  53. brains on 3:23pm August 5 '12

    i thought they were told you can take the money and leave the house. surely thats the same as walking and if you walk no interview suppose bb just wanted to rub it in our face also someone mentioned the legality of giving half the prize money to coner , yes they can change the rules but can they change the promised prize money

  54. Conor is Gwennies little bitch on 5:51pm August 5 '12

    Anyone who voted has been muggeg by BB. Your hard earned money has helped Conor get pissed in Derry. All those who hate him have helped line his pockets.

    Either the producers who made this decision are thick, immature, immoral or all three.

    I didn’t watch X Factor last year because it is farcical and now I have stopped watching BB and BOTS.

    I’ve watched since 2000 and this is by far the worst and BOTS is absolutely horrendous. I think having Bodger and Badger on just summed it up.

    The only way to protest is to stop watching, end of. Where the hell that jelly boy Ian and the non personality gay one looking for a boyfriend came from, heaven only knows. They are embarrassing.

    • Agreed , stop watching and then lets celebrate when ratings are down dramatically. How dare they treat all their viewers as imbeciles lacking moral integrity. Most of us know wrong from right and this grotesque favouritism from all involved in BB is nauseating .

  55. Ifboth of them where in it for the experience then why not leave the money as it was.The truth is both wanted it for themselves,and Conor was quicker.Neither thought about the other housemates ,Luke s was mortified Conor beat him to it,If neither had hit the button then the whole amount would have gone to the true winner which would of been neither of the greedy lowlifes.

  56. Conor did not rob luke,s,they both robbed all the housemates.Luke s was just to slow but then pretended he had morals what bullshit.Good on Deanna for rubbing it in that was class loved it.

  57. SCOTT to win

  58. ashtray can’t help but bitch then when confronted she run and involves all her mates good on deena you tell her .

  59. O for Christ’s sake give over. There was no fix whatsoever on Friday night. Conor was just faster than Luke S. It just goes to show Luke S didnt give a shit about Ashley when he pushed the button.

    Now he’s trying to deny he was even going to push the button to the rest of the HMs who all agreed they would never have took the money (a pack of two-faced liars). If 50 grand was sitting in front of me for the push of a button I would be outta there. So well done Conor hope he enjoys he new found wealth

    • o for chirst’s sake.the whole show has been a fix.if it wasnt connor would have gone long ago.he wouldnt have had the chance to win 50 grand. come on luke s not careing for ash.conor didnt care for anyone.ash said she didnt mind if luke s went when he was up.said she would be able to see him in 14 days so she didnt mind.all of a sudden luke has got the chance to win 50 grand and she dosn’t want him to go.hope conor dosnt enjoy his new found wealth.he’s the most vile male i’v ever seen on bb

  60. Confused on 2:05pm August 7 '12

    Although BOTS tried to cover it up, Conor made it clear that he didn’t care about anyone but himself, had no guilt, thought it was funny that Luke S got the shaft and gave us all his lovely grin and said “I’ve got the money”, then stuck out his tongue. Unless that’s some Irish way of showing remorse, he wins the gold for the Olympic Screw-You-All competition.

    • Orchid333 on 2:31pm August 7 '12
      MEMBER (3184 COMMENTS)

      Have you noticed the times when Conor was on BOTS, the audience appeared to have been gagged and everyone was cheering him? Last night’s BOTS’ audience was so different and voiced their opinions. It is obvious that BB have complete control of who should be booed and who should be cheered :angry: :angry: :angry:

      It is funny that Conor had previously said -”I don’t give a flying fuck about the money, I just want to get to the final” but soon pressed that bloody red button. He is the :devil:

      Luke A to win. :love: I am voting to save Adam this week. :love:

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