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Conor and Shievonne discuss leaving
Last night, Conor and Shievonne contemplated the idea of walking...
| Day -339

Last night, Conor and Shievonne contemplated the idea of walking from the show after a tough few days in the house.

Facing eviction last Friday and being punished for the discussion of nominations over the weekend has led Conor to think about his future on the show.

In a conversation with Shievonne, he asked: “What would you do if you woke up and I was gone?”

Shievonne claimed she would be devastated, and said although it would be good to see family members again, their loved ones would probably want them to stay on and enjoy the experience.

Conor added he wouldn’t want to be selfish after he was saved by the public last week, but admitted the option to go was tempting.

“I feel like I’m literally not Shievonne at this point. I’ve had enough,” explained Shievonne regarding her feelings. “Are my family watching and saying keep on going, or is my Mum thinking ‘Get my daughter out of there because the girl is clearly cracking’?”

Ashleigh and Sara urged the pair not to be silly, and said anyone who walked would regret it for the rest of their lives.

Would you be sad to see either Conor or Shievonne go?


It seems that one of them will get their wish as Conor and Shievonne have been nominated for eviction by their fellow housemates and will face the public vote to save.

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  1. yeahyeahyeah on 5:20pm July 9 '12

    Go ahead and leave…the less I see of these two on the TV the better! :fubar:

  2. paulbad on 5:23pm July 9 '12

    Wouldnt miss Shiv, and there’s bound to be a walker, every series has had one, but i think it might be Sara, theres not another confrontation in her.

  3. hate it wen h/ms say they want 2 either leave r walk its soooo annoying anything 2 get a reaction from ppl .. if u say ur gonna do it then do it

  4. microsis on 5:55pm July 9 '12

    Don’t worry Conor ,,hopefully you will be leaving this Friday anyway ,,, can not wait for noms to be announced
    I think BB having a recount of noms this week :giggle:
    :music: :music: :music:

  5. Fudge on 5:58pm July 9 '12
    Avatar of

    This is unrelated but…..I have just seen on another site that today Arron has accused Adam, Luke S and Deana of bullying him whilst in the house and therefore making him feel uncomfortable. I have heard everything now. Is it April 1st? No wonder I am not enjoying this series, what awful, awful people they picked as HMs.

  6. shy the witch and conor r up im voting for shy outtttttttttttttttttttttttttt yehaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  7. Yayah on 6:35pm July 9 '12

    -Spoiler- Connor & Shievonne up for eviction, finally getting what they had ahead of them! :D

  8. sammyvan on 6:36pm July 9 '12

    So glad to hear Conor and Shiv are nominated. My choice would be Conor to go………but the Irish vote will probably save him again. Surprised Caroline escaped, but Shiv was so ghastly to Adam that I think she is history.

  9. They only want to go because they know theyve been rumbled by the public, cowards, typical bully behaviour.
    Dont want sara to go I’m warming to her.

  10. I hope shiv goes as I have had enough of her and her scheming and whining. Conor is bound to walk or lose his temper so he is expelled by bigb.
    It’s vote to save so wouldn;t it be funny if no one bothered to vote for these two vile individuals.

  11. I’m Happy there both up noms cause public is seeing how scan less there are.I hope they both go.I’m rooting for Adam cause he’s a stand up Man .He makes you want to watch the show .Plus we need more people like him cause he’s honest stand up Man …

  12. Tracy on 8:49pm July 9 '12

    :party: GET shiev the witch out,and connor is mad as a hatter, then caroline i could choke the horrible snooty little cow, i go to bed every night all wound up but cant stop watching, the house mates this year all but adam luke a, becky n lauren are evil to the core theyre rejacts from the loony bin and id love to fit shiv up when she starts with her hip hop rantin thought she was a good en till she took her cloak off connor and caroline should be thrown out not voted out .

  13. hope they both walk and take caroline and ashleigh with them,vile the whole lot of them!

  14. so many nasty people in one house hard to decide who is the worst,,

  15. jennyjuniper on 9:20am July 10 '12

    If they are going to walk, then walk, don’t talk about it. Actually it would be good if they both walked. Save us some pennies this week for sure.

  16. brokenangel on 11:15pm July 10 '12

    Quick BB , save us some money and open the door for them – and remind them to watch their butts as the door will hurt when it is banged shut lol

  17. BAAM1989 on 10:04am July 12 '12

    Although I do not like either of them! Id love to see shiev go!
    :yes: Connor is way more entertaining :yes:

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