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UPDATE: Confusion over voting line closure
Voting lines for this week's apparent eviction between Lauren and...
| Day -332

Voting lines for this week’s apparent eviction between Lauren and Luke A have closed.

Within the last hour, voting lines for Lauren and Luke A were suspended within minutes of opening.

The Channel 5 site and Facebook App have since been suffering technical difficulties and there has been no news on official Facebook or Twitter feeds.

There is currently lots of speculation across the internet as to why voting was closed and the official site crashed, and it unknown whether Lauren and Luke A will be facing the public vote on Friday.

Housemates nominated face-to-face this evening after the Gold Rush task.

We’ll keep you updated with the latest developments!

Conformation of the nomination result is likely to be made during tonight’s Bit On The Side at 10PM on 5*.

UPDATE 16/07/12 AT 22:18:

Since this article it has been confirmed that Lauren and Luke A will face eviction this week. Channel 5 have admitted to a technical issue with their voting lines and are working to resolve the issue.

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  1. Mikey on 9:31pm July 16 '12

    please please be a rule break and put everyone up

  2. MrTommiiee94 on 9:36pm July 16 '12

    if there is a rule break i can see them just putting the people who broke the rules unless its all then they wont put them all up.

    would be good if they do tho.

  3. Oblivious on 9:36pm July 16 '12

    Please please, let justice prevail…..

  4. Biddy on 9:37pm July 16 '12

    It is saying Lauren has walked out…..
    :music: :music: :music:

  5. ingemushi on 9:37pm July 16 '12

    The way certain housemates were carrying on and on complaining about other housemates was so obviously done to influence who others vote for. If BB does not do something about this and lets the housemates who did this get away with it and let the 2 nominated housemates stand for eviction, I do not think I will be bothering to watch BB anymore.

  6. BBNut on 9:41pm July 16 '12

    Someone pull the goddamn plug NOW

  7. ive heard lauren has walked?

    • Joseph on 9:49pm July 16 '12

      That rumour started after @BBUKlive tweeted “Lauren has finally taken off her costume. For good.” She had been previously been complaining about her costume during the task…

  8. I agree, Caroline etc have made it obvious what they are doing without actually saying who they are nominating it is still an obvious rule break – ARE THE VIEWERS STUPID. I for one have already decided not to watch anymore. Connor should have been kicked out after his tirade against Deana. I actually complained to OFCOM

    • Get a grip! Conor is hilarious. So glad he’s not up for eviction

      • your obviously a man to say that conner is hilarious, I didn’t find it hilarious what he said about deana he has disrespected the girl by saying stuff like that, you need to think about wether you would think he was hilarious if he had said that to a sister/mother/girlfriend/daughter of your’s I’m sure your opinion would change so seriously GET A GRIP

  9. I think Caroline is absolutely a B***H, with her ugly hair and face uuugh can’t stand her!
    I’m really looking forward seeing her go en seeing her face when she is up for nomination.

    Conor same story, with his filthy mouth.
    Them 2 must both go.
    Ugly human beings

  10. Jules on 9:47pm July 16 '12

    Aw I am hoping she hasnt walked bless her, but BB has to do something. I cannot remember this happening before tbh.

  11. anon i totally agree about conor,i cannot understand why big brother havent chucked him out yet,bully might seem abit strong a word to use about him..but thats exactly what he is.. get him and caroline out NOW!!!!

  12. brokenangel on 9:57pm July 16 '12

    Am I the only one tonight watching the show and feeling sick they way they are talking bout Lauren? Pack mentality.
    The outsiders can see what is going on with the talking about who they don’t like before noms, why is BB letting this all go on. I for one am not enjoying BB with all this going on, quite depressing —

  13. ingemushi on 9:58pm July 16 '12

    Just saw a tweet that Lauren has been removed from the BB house. Not sure what this means.

  14. whitemyst on 10:14pm July 16 '12

    if bb dont see this as a case of bullying, and dont do anything about caroline and connor who are the main bullies, then bb must have rose tinted specs. It is not fair that if bb dont do anything they are getting away with their fowl mouth talk. Get Caroloine, Connor out then
    becky is not far behind …..

  15. all we are getting is speculation, no one on the outside of the house knows what is happening…if she has walked they need to do something for this Fridays show. lets have them all up, ok three won immunity so let them keep it, after all there won it. I have said this before but will say it again…Caroline is a vile person and Conor is a bully but the more we moan the more BB will allow it as us watching and bitching is the only thing that is keeping the worst big brother ever going

  16. brokenangel on 10:27pm July 16 '12

    Just read on net that Caroline wants to leave on Friday after a bust up with Lauren. If she wanted to leave that bad she would have gone, why wait till friday ! Little biatch – i would open the door for her.

    • OHHHHHHH what a shame is it cause lauren has confronted her shes pathetic, She will be saying its cause Im fat im bitching I hope she goes if i were in that house I’d have kicked her threw the door

  17. Raykco on 10:29pm July 16 '12


  18. Covert Bullying – Personal insults and name-calling, spreading malicious rumours.
    Overt Bullying – Constantly humiliating or ridiculing others, belittling them in front of others, persistent criticism or sarcasm. Terror tactics, open aggression, threats, abuse, and obscenities towards targets, shouting and uncontrolled anger triggered by trivial situations.
    As these apply to Caroline, Conor and Becky I think it warrants another complaint to Ofcom…..another nine care to join me?

    • completely agree its nothing but bullying and bitchness

    • :angry: totally agree with mikey. something needs to be done about Conor,Caroline and Becky.I Normally a laid back person but Becky the sheep makes my blood boil :fubar: :fubar:

      • I think Caroline is the worst one. Will prob get abuse for this but I feel that Conor has improved his behaviour this week?

        • Tombolian on 10:10pm July 17 '12
          MEMBER (174 COMMENTS)

          No abuse from me… You’re spot on. Conor has improved. IMO, that’s precisely why he didn’t get nominated this week (nothing to do with face-to-face noms). He mended bridges days ago in preparation for this weeks noms, and apparently it has worked. Those in the house are over being sick and tired of him because he’s turned a corner and has become tolerable to those that previously hated him (except for Deana).
          So… let the abuse begin! (Future posters, you’ll be branded ‘bullies’ if you abuse us!) :cool:

  19. What can i say??? Totally and utterly the wrong ones up….How is it the housemates can bitch bite,be nasty,rule break about talkin about who they want up and they always say all this in there little group and its always about the same 4 people and nothing is bloody done about it. Is this not classed as a form of bullying( carloline been the main culprit in all this????) :devil: . I have watched big brother from the very first ever series but i wont be carrying on watchin if this bullying and nastiness carries on. Me personally would put all housemates up and let the public decide who should stay and who should go…. i know my phone would be continuously be dialling carolines number…… Rant over :devil: :devil: :devil: :devil: as you can see by the comment above i completely agree with mikey its time for action as ofcom should now be involved with this situation..

    • Raykco on 10:40pm July 16 '12

      I agree. They should put all hms up, but of course, they won’t. because Caroline, Conor and the rest of the evil group, are the golden housemates, who can never do anything wrong.

      Even when they have been punished for rule breaking, its been the rest who have suffered.

  20. It’s such an unfair big brother competition this year. Obvious Caroline slagging the people she wants up every week and being an all round bitch from hell.

  21. Pliz put everyone up pliz Or do something for a third person to be up why didn’t caroline go up she had 3

  22. BB12 is awful. Ruined by ch5 protecting Conor & Caroline! Even when not actually mentioning nominations they constantly influence with their constant bile and bithiness! All housemates should be put up. We all knew exactly how the voting would go and doing it live made it even more obvious as they pick easy targets. Worst show ever! Conor is a disgrace and Ch5 have not punished him at all! Seems unanamous after reading hundreds of blogs the show is over as the outsiders and only likeable characters will now be picked off one by one. Grow some balls and save the show ch5 put them all up. Cheers

  23. Mary on 11:11pm July 16 '12

    GET F****** CAROLINE AND CONNOR OUT!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. ingemushi on 11:12pm July 16 '12

    Andilea I totally agree with you. What certain housemates are doing is trying to influence the way the voting goes. Also the bullying and intimidation against certain housemates are unacceptable. I urge all viewers who agree with this to voice their concerns to ofcom

    Please all lodge your complaints. What has been happening with Caroline and Connor (and Becky too) discussing how much they dislike certain housemates over and over before nominations is clearly a breach of the rules. Just because the word “nomination” is not used, it does not mean that what the housemate is doing is ok when its clear to all that what is being done is done to get other housemates to vote certain people off.

  25. sma on 11:14pm July 16 '12

    guys as long Caroline and Conor are safe they (bb) gonna have more views, they will be the last ones to leave the house…its so pathetic ….worse BBUK ever…this year OMG!

  26. sma on 11:17pm July 16 '12

    Pls Pls Caroline Out and Conor up for evection

  27. sma on 11:20pm July 16 '12
  28. sma on 11:21pm July 16 '12

    Im so said about the nominations results :_(

  29. sma on 11:27pm July 16 '12

    the bullying and intimidation against certain housemates are unacceptable. from Caroline and Conod band …

  30. the only thing :c5: care about is the money, well they aint getting any more of mine :no: :no: :no:

  31. This is a blatent fix, CH5 want the nasty people in the final. No longer watching or voting.

  32. sma on 12:24am July 17 '12

    no more money from me too

  33. dirtymonkey151 on 12:28am July 17 '12

    I don’t think complaining to Ofcom is the answer, and might end up getting Big Brother cancelled again :speechless:

    • Jules on 12:41am July 17 '12
      MEMBER (2503 COMMENTS)

      Many are going to complain though as it is obvious bullying and in this day and age it shouldnt be allowed tbh. It may be a game but everyone win fair and then we can applaud but not this way. If we cannot have fairness then perhaps it would be good for it to disappear again. We expect a bit of controversy but this lot dont even make an effort to be friends. That last task was obviously rigged by Connor and Caroline.

  34. Only tuned in for bots tonight , when the noms were revealed on that watched some ugly , bigoted woman in the audience make some transphobic comment about luke a , the irony is she looked more manly in a bad weave than any of the men there.

  35. yea i totally agree i wish conor would have went last week instead of shievonne, coz becky would not have the heart to argue with any1 she was too scared. This is the worst bb house, i cant stand most of the characters in there except 4 luke a, sara, deanna, adam and lauren! Becky is sooo stupid how can she forgive connor after he was plotting against her n made her sit on the floor like a dog! wtf? sooo annoyed hope caroline, conor n becky get chucked out next to loud boos!! they derserve that n more!!

  36. BBNut on 1:07am July 17 '12

    BOTS was equally as despicable as the main show last night. OFCOM have their work cut out. Controversy, relentless bullying, bitching, intimidation, rule-bending, vote rigging, dubbing over live shows, blatant disregard and ignorance towards housmates’ behaviour and the viewers, outraged fans, plummeting viewing figures…think we can safely say C5 and BB have effectively signed their own death warrant. CBB should be scrapped instantly. How any so called ‘celebrities’ want to take part after all this scandalous carry on is beyond me. That prejudice creature of a woman in the BOTS audience should have been removed immediately, but no, she gets a slap on the wrist from Emma, our host no doubt, who was also clearly offended. Better still C5 may as well put her in the house, after all, she’s the exact type of candidate they want and would fit in perfectly.

  37. I found both shows tonight quite sickening. the nominations were a fiasco and quite clearly rigged by the insiders and bots was a disgrace with that horrible woman slating Luke A she should be done for saying what she said. the only saving grace of the whole night was Emma’s reaction to her

  38. I have complained to ofcom. it is terrible how channel 5 are letting certain housmates get bullied and harrased by other housemates..and as for caroline being so racist and bb allowing it. I to have watched bb since the very first series but I can tell you now I will watch it no more and I know a lot of people who have said the same.. bb you have really let yourself down and as for the housemates that are clearly being bullied you should be ashamed of how you have treated them for what you seem to think is good tv. do you not see you are going to lose a lot of viewers over this.

    • jennyjuniper on 10:47am July 17 '12
      MEMBER (1179 COMMENTS)

      I too have complained to Ofcom, also to Schwartzkopf, BB biggest sponsor. It’s not doing their image any good, being associated with a gang of racist bullies.

      • sammyvan on 10:59am July 17 '12
        MEMBER (1316 COMMENTS)

        Jenny, don’t have time to post much. Just have to tell you that there is a huge backlash on all the BB sites and other forums. Seems to be a call to boycott the vote this week – nobody votes AT ALL. It is beyond a joke now and the only way we can have our say is to hit them in the pocket. The blatant nominations fix by Caroline and her ‘friends’ has ruined BB – and they get no punishment at all?
        Have to go to visit Mum now, will check back later.

        • Jules on 11:07am July 17 '12
          MEMBER (2503 COMMENTS)

          Have you all heard about Deana being pulled up and the whole house punished for 4 conversations with Luke A and Caroline? What about the conversations before the nominations with the other lot. Yes if they break the rules but so did they, big time!!!

          All Deana said was the truth sadly though she has upset Adam because she brought his name into it. Never really seen him have his say before but he has now, at least he has been up front with her.

    • :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: I cant understand why Caroline and Conor are getting away with racist and bullying remarks.Becky the sheep is getting just as bad. BB SHUD BE ASHAMED they are going to lose alot of viewers including me :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry:

      • After last nights nominations I have watched my last BB. I find it unbearable to watch Conor, Caroline, Becky and Ashleigh bitching. More Bullies than nice people so they will go one by one! Disgraceful!

  39. jill on 6:40am July 17 '12

    wrong two people up you should let who ever is evicted this week choose the two for eviction next week better still three people lets have a double eviction, lets see the insiders smug faces then.

  40. have these idiots not realised that once they get rid of the outsiders they will then have to turn on each other when it comes to nominations………………muppets

  41. i have just complained with the ofcom link that bb12 is promoting that we must conform to bullies or we will be treated badly. Bullies always wins is BB12 motto!!!

  42. i have just complained with the ofcom link that bb12 is promoting that we must conform to bullies or we will be treated badly. Bullies always wins is BB12 motto!!!

  43. i am infuriated-the best people up for eviction. no one is perfect but these two people are a lot more decent than most in there. in my opinion constant belittling and bitching about people is as good as discussing nominations as its hardly a big secret how someone will vote when they bitch about someone all the time! i have had it with this show…so many good people have been pushed out the door before their time by a group of people who are controlling big brother and not the other way around.

  44. It would be incredible to have a competition involving Luke A and Lauren, and whoever wins, wins immunity from the elimination and can pick anyone else to replace them (If I remember correctly they did this with Aden last year).

    Caroline, Conor and their sidekicks are just so mean and b–chy it is hard to watch anymore. I’m really feeling bad for the “outsiders” and Sara stuck in the middle of the groups, poor girl…

  45. oh my god alot of people on here are so bloody deluded take conor out of the house and it will be a snooze fest. plus deana is just as bad back stabbing and bitching.. remember its a game you fools.

    • jennyjuniper on 9:12am July 17 '12
      MEMBER (1179 COMMENTS)

      Games are all very well, but any game that involves tormenting and intimidating someone else should not be played.

    • Yes, it’s a game, but these people are also living in a confined space where they are unable to escape bullying.

    • Jules on 11:11am July 17 '12
      MEMBER (2503 COMMENTS)

      Get the backstabbers out and maybe we will see a fair game played when others have the cameras on them. What exactly have we seen other than Caroline, Connor, Becky and some others bitching. None of them even try and get along with the others, they have made their minds up from day one and that is all there is to it. If they are going to win let them win fairly and not by rigging the votes. BB are letting them get away with it.

  46. monty on 9:09am July 17 '12

    Have just complained via OFCOM link about bullying. It’s an absolute disgrace. The only way BB can salvage the programme is to put them all up and 2 evictions Friday

    • Unfortunately, I don’t think the powers that be, i.e BB will listen. Quite obvious that they enjoy racism threatening behaviour intimidation and bullying. This maybe the death-knell of BB.

  47. Totally outraged that bb has allowed this to go on. If they are not seen to reverse this injustice, I think that they are steering a sinking ship.

  48. put all housemates up


  50. It’s obvious how racist Caroline is and yet BB allows her to continue her foul mouth ranting. If Lauren or Luke A go then next week the other one will be up against Adam and all we will be left with are vile, ignorant, disgusting people and one of them will be REWARDED for it by winning the show. Get a grip BB and sort this out NOW – unless you want these kind of people to win?????

    • Now I remember in Big Brother 8 when Emily was automatically ejected from the house when she said something racist to Charlie, but I also remember that Emily didn’t mean it in any harm as she and Charlie were friends, she was only having a laugh.
      However with Caroline she’s been racist because she hates Adam, however Big Brother has done ****all about this, not even a warning. Benedict was right, she is scum in the vilest form (he said it differently but it was something like that)

      • I agree with you both Remember the Jade Goody incident she didn’t even say half as bad as what caroline has said, the lass got removed from the house had death threats etc and took a while to get the public on her side again, yet caroline is still there channel 5 are a joke, There is no way channel 4 would have allowed this, I will not be voting this week as in my eyes conner, caroline and ashleigh should be up

  51. Jules on 11:13am July 17 '12

    Hopefully one of the outsiders will be saved for when they turn on their own and then whoever it is we can vote for to get them to the top.

  52. I decided to stop watching after the results of the nominations. It is sad to see such behaviour and intimidation for a young, vulnerable girl who appears to have no real way of dealing with things unlike Deana who confronts. Big Brother must stop this weeks eviction of two decent people. Enough is enough! It’s not entertaining any more


  54. the same here sunni, im not watching anymore or voting, total farce

  55. don’t bother with ofcom…. hit channel 5 money go to company LIve XXL they put money into show leave they hair stuff on shop floor

  56. flakyo on 11:37am July 17 '12

    I am so angry with big brother this’s portraying so much hatred…have there is not enough to deal with in the real world.
    What has Deena done to Coner that we have to watch him on a daily base confess his hatred for the poor lady.Coner should have been sent out of the house along time ago.if he wins,it means big brother is saying it’s ok to behave the way he has been behaving.I think it’s bullying of the highest order.
    Why is big brother not calling him to order?…….why? If he is like this in the house what is like outside where big brother is not watching him? Big brother can do better.I have stopped my whole household from watching’s heartbreaking and saddens my heart to watch Deena go through what she’s going through.and because of ratings no one can stop it.
    No money is worth her staying there and receiving so much hatred. I think she should leave and let’s see who con or will turn his hatred on.he is a bully,racist,sick,angry young man.never seen someone with so much hatred.big brother needs to stop it!

    • Fudge on 1:57pm July 17 '12
      MEMBER (1811 COMMENTS)
      Avatar of

      I wouldn’t blame her if she leaves now. If that happens she will leave with something which most of the others can only dream of : dignity. You can’t buy that. She will have a future just because of the person she has shown herself to be in the house and I am sure she will earn much more than the prize money being offered.

      In a way, I hope she does leave so that then I can turn off the TV and not feel guilty for abandoning her. :love:

  57. Get a grip people and remember that we’re here to be entertained and not and watch paint dry aka Luke A. I also find Lauren so childish and stupid, she does my head in.

    Fine by me if they both go but then, I only really like Adam and he’s not the most exhilerating character either. No, it’s not because of Bully Conor or stuck up racist Caroline but because of the voting public, that I would stop watching.
    The voting public had 3 chances to get rid of Conor but didn’t.

    I hope all of those moaning
    about him voted to save Shiv last week, like I
    did or you haven’t done enough to try to get the vile creature out!

    • Jules on 1:37pm July 17 '12
      MEMBER (2503 COMMENTS)

      I think that many people didnt vote last week as they were both disliked so much at that time. Why waste our money to save if we disliked both. I prefer shevonne now that she is out but she was really making some of the HMs life miseries and she was bitching along with the others. Connor just sits back now smirking, he has his underdogs to do his work for him. He knows what he is doing and he along with Luke S are very sure of themselves.

      • Fudge on 1:52pm July 17 '12
        MEMBER (1811 COMMENTS)
        Avatar of

        Yes, but we are partly to blame for not voting in greater numbers to save Shiev last week. She might not have been the model housemate, particularly how she treated Deana, but they did make up and Shiev did show that she could have a kind heart. We had our chance to get rid of Conor and we blew it. We had no guarantee that he would be up this week, and he’s not.

        If Shiev had been still there instead of Conor, Caroline would have had an extra vote and been up too. Then they (Conor and Caroiine) would both have been gone. Scott’s nominations would not have been swayed either by Conor this week, perhaps not Becky’s either.

        Sadly, we have to take some responsibility for this result.

    • Yeah, theyre not the most exciting housemates, but bullying aside, there have been very little laughs this season. Put the fun back in BB, please, or at least fun people – even the tasks meant for laughs have caused more fights than hilarity!
      I have a feeling Chris, Benedict, Shiev, Adam, and maybe even the quieter ones would have been hilarious together had the bullies not ganged up from the beginning.

    • Sally on 2:36pm July 17 '12
      MEMBER (2372 COMMENTS)

      Gwennie you are so right with regard to last weeks voting. IF all those people who disliked Conor, had voted to save Shievonne.Then Connor would have gone. Shievonne went on a rant for a few days but prior to that she had been ok.

  58. brokenangel on 1:51pm July 17 '12

    I am totally disgusted! The “animal pack mentality” in that house should be stopped. What sort of nation are we? If it was an animal under threat or intimidation as pet lovers we would take steps to fix things- but BB is allowing it to happen with humans- this is not good TV – this is a trailer to promote ” the lambs to the slaughter house”
    And as for the ignorant woman on BOTS last night regarding LUKE A, well she should have been removed from the studio.

  59. why turn off the hot water again if talking noms put them up and they will soon shut up

  60. :devil: :devil: i think the only way bigbrother can calm this down is to tell the house that the public outcry has canceled noms and put the house up and tell them why then thay wud all no what we thought

  61. No voting for me this week cant believe one of these two has to go im disgusted the way bb is favouring the bullies !!!

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