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Coleen Nolan to sign Celebrity Big Brother deal?
It has been rumoured that the former Loose Women gossip girl is in...
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It has been rumoured that the former Loose Women gossip girl is in the running to be part of this year’s Celebrity Big Brother.

The singer and TV personality is reportedly on the verge of singing a six figure deal with producers, following footsteps of her on-screen friend Denise Welch, who won January’s edition of Celebrity Big Brother.

Coleen has not confirmed the rumours but recently said she had ‘loads of exciting things coming up’ ahead of quitting her role as host of This Morning’s Hub segment.

‘Coleen gives good chat and that’s what we’re really looking for on the show,’ a source told The Sun. ‘She also appeals to women so she’s a great booking for the show.’

Celebrity Big Brother returns in August on Channel 5, after the run of the current series.

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  1. Jules on 2:07pm June 23 '12

    Oh no not another Loose Woman, after that last one arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!

  2. BBNut on 2:25pm June 23 '12

    Jenny Eclair would be much more entertaining although I’m not sure she would do it even though she entered the jungle. We never seem to see any comedians in the CBB house, I wouldn’t count Les Dennis as he’s not even funny and never has been! Coleen is lovely don’t get me wrong but can’t we have a series without the token loose woman, TOWIE reject, dumb model and ex-soapstar? :sleepy:

  3. Don’t think there should be another series of CBB this year, two in one year is too much, is the next one gonna be CBB 2012 Series 2? and who’s gonna be the official winner of 2012 Denise Welsh or whoever wins the next one? :c5: should leave it till Jan it’s traditional month when everyone looks forward to it to cheer us all up on the dark cold nights.

  4. Ugh! Hope she isn’t as bad as Denise, she was horrible! I still don’t understand how she won.

    • jennyjuniper on 3:24pm June 23 '12
      MEMBER (1179 COMMENTS)

      Me neither!! Someone I would like to see in there is Dawn French or Joanna Lumley, lovely women both of them.

      • sammyvan on 3:35pm June 23 '12
        MEMBER (1316 COMMENTS)

        Laughter – just what we need in the house. I like Coleen, but then I liked Denise before she went in to the house……….and look how that turned out!!! What an eye opener getting to know her. Almost scared now to have another Loose Woman in there. Dawn French or similar, would be a breath of fresh air!

        • I do not dislike her tbh but I would love Dawn French to go in as well. Mind you we may be disappointed and then our enjoyment of their art would be destroyed. ie I loved Denise in Waterloo Terrace but when she went in the house…, I dont even watch Loose Women now. If Coleen does go in lets hope she doesnt just think she can win by following Denise’ footsteps, I will turn off LOL….

  5. Sally on 2:40pm June 23 '12

    :cool: I liked Coleen on loose women,Dancing on ice, and This morning. we have heard of so many who are supposed to be going into CBB So it depends what the mix is. :happy:

  6. Was there any truth that Robbie Savage had been approached?

  7. on 8:12pm June 23 '12

    Quite like her from what i’ve seen, she could make a great hm and a vast improvement on the last loose woman

    • on 8:14pm June 23 '12

      Haven’t heard that rumour and cannot stand him but i would love to see him in there he would provoke reactions alright. Can’t see him doing it tbh
      edit that was in reply to the robbie savage comment

  8. Like Coleen – but I think Big Brother might ruin her?

  9. WHO ?

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