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Coleen hopes to survive eviction
Coleen has revealed she really doesn't want to leave the Big...
Alec | Day -293

Coleen has revealed she really doesn’t want to leave the Big Brother house during tonight’s eviction.

On Wednesday, Cheryl, Coleen, Juian, Lorenzo and Mike were put up for the public vote and one will be evicted from the house during tonight’s live show.

Speaking in the garden today, Coleen revealed: “I feel bad because everyone goes ‘Oh, I’m alright about leaving’ so I feel a bit embarrassed to say I don’t want to go.”

“You’ll be alright,” Martin assured her.

“If it is me I’ll be fine. I won’t burst out crying,” she continued. “But if I had the choice I wouldn’t go.”

Do you want to see Coleen to stay tonight?

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  1. jennyjuniper on 5:51pm August 24 '12

    No, Hope she goes.

  2. sammyvan on 6:14pm August 24 '12

    Would prefer the ‘occasional table’ to leave tonight. Dont much like the bitchy side of Coleen but still prefer her to others. We alwayd have someone we disagree on, dont we Jenny? I am not a big Julie fan! :shake:

    • jennyjuniper on 6:31am August 25 '12
      MEMBER (1179 COMMENTS)

      Hi Sammyvan, at least we can agree to disagree in a friendly way! I was shocked at Cheryl going last night and very puzzled why Lorenzo was booed so much. He’s not my fav, but he is a likeable chap.

      • sammyvan on 1:14pm August 25 '12
        MEMBER (1316 COMMENTS)

        Hi Jenny, also shocked that Cheryl went. Did not even consider her at risk. Nice to hear Julian opening up now and some of his ‘pearls’ being dropped in the house – not that some there understand!
        Saw a better side to both Julie and Coleen last night, and an even worse side to Danica. The way her eyes lit up at the “princess” conversation with Lorenzo!! Priceless. I think the ‘occasional table’ has just become the old table!
        I also did not understand why on earth the mob there was booing Lorenzo? When Jasmine left I even felt sorry for her – but the prince had done absolutely nothing to deserve that.
        What are your thoughts about Jasmine’s mother going into the house incognito? Good or bad?

  3. Jules on 8:55pm August 24 '12

    Sammy I to hope it will be Mike and also hope that Coleen is in the final. :hi:

  4. Colleen seems to be a bore, tonight should be a double though.

  5. Conor is Gwennies little bitch on 10:26pm August 24 '12

    Amazed Cheryl went.

    Must be a lot of stupid girls voting to save The Thickoation and Prince Borenzo//

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