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Coleen, Danica, Samantha nominated for double eviction
Two celebrities will be voted out of the Big Brother house on...
Alec | Day -287

Two celebrities will be voted out of the Big Brother house on Friday in an all-female eviction line up.

Shortly after Rhian became the third evictee of Celebrity Big Brother 10 last night, the remaining housemates were forced to nominate face-to-face for the second time this series.

Here’s how nominations unfolded:


Harvey is first to nominate and his first choice is Danica, “I’m kinda sick of this love triangle situation with Prince Lorenzo and The Situation.” “My second nomination is Prince Lorenzo, he should have put his friendship with The Situation first,” rather than siding with Danica he exclaimed.


Julian was the second housemate to nominate. Samantha was his first choice adding: “When I was in my cherub’s outfit, you said I looked great, and I didn’t look great,” he quipped. His second nomination was for The Situation. He mentioned that during the Gods & Mortals task The Situation remarked that the female cherubs “were a bit heavy for your taste but you’d still do them, I found it a bit offensive on their behalf.”


Coleen was next up and first nominated Samantha who she claimed has “very different views about men and women,” to hers. “We would clash but she’s a better woman than I,” she smiled. She then nominated The Situation, saying “I hate to do this again, they’ve both just been up” then claimed that he was just “happier with the boys and he’s not really interested in what I do.”


The forth housemate to nominate was Prince Lorenzo whose first nominated Julian. “I’m still getting to know you but you have some awesome qualities,” he added. His second nomination and her first, was for Julie who looked shocked to hear her name called. “I love you like my mother,” he started then referred to ex-housemate Jasmine’s mother entering the house during their task and claimed that Julie’s reaction was “cold.”


Ashley nominated Danica citing the “bad situation with the argument,” she had with The Situation. His second nomination was for Coleen which he said would be “a big shock.” He mentioned that he had spoken “deeply” to her about Rhian “But when I saw on the TV,” he started and says that Coleen telling Rhian, “Ashley, should just know what he wants,” was upsetting.


Next up was Julie who named Danica as her first nomination. “The problem with Michael and Prince has just got too intense,” she added. Her second nomination is for Coleen. Julie refers to what she viewed on screen during the Gods & Mortals task adding: “It was not very pleasant to watch and some of the things that we saw weren’t good, it was almost like you were moving from group to group.”


The seventh housemate to nominate was Martin whose first choice was Samantha who he claimed was “homesick.” “I also don’t think she’s not going to be here till the end,” he added. His second nomination was for Julian who left the house earlier to have a tooth removed. “He’s suffering from pain and discomfort” he sympathised and said that it must be hard to be in pain while being in the house.


The Situation wass next up and first nominated Coleen who he brands a “pot stirrer.” He adds: “She deserves to be put up to the public to see how they feel.” His second nomination went to Danica. “I feel that Danica uses my emotions, going back and forth with the Prince,” he claims.


Samantha was next to stand before her fellow housemate and first nominated Coleen. “I just didn’t feel supported by you tonight,” she tells her. Her second nomination was for Danica: “We’ve got very different views on how you treat and relationships,” she said.


Danica was the final housemate to nomination and opted for Samantha whom she agrees has “different views” to hers. The recipient of her second nomination was Ashley: “There’s been a gang created in this group which I know is making other people a bit uncomfortable, I see it as a form of bullying and I don’t like it, the group is intense,” she ends.


With five nominations, Danica will face the public vote to stay with Coleen and Samantha, who received four nominations each. This means the run of female evictions will continue with the three previous evictees all be being girls as well.

The celebrities are unaware that ten will become eight on Friday in a double eviction.

What do you make of the latest nominations? Who do you want to be evicted? Let us know below!

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  1. Coleen and danica out ! Good riddance

  2. 8 left after friday, I assume we will have a double (triple?) eviction with all up for wenesday, then a final of 5-6 for friday?

  3. Confused on 5:49pm August 30 '12

    From the comments on this forum, it looks like the only one who can bring sanity back to the house is Jasmine. Jasmine will not miss Sam, as she clearly doesn’t eat. She will quickly straighten out the Situation situation, de-puppify the Prince and put Julie in her place. Of course, they may need to hide the knives and other weapons and sleep with one eye open, but isn’t that what BOTS wants?

    Jasmine FTW. I have dyslexia, sorry.

  4. sammyvan on 6:13pm August 30 '12

    Ashley and Mike are vindictive little twerps, who need to do a lot of growing up. Julie has them right where she wants them, with all this talk of “what she saw on the screen” and the pie in the face. Thought they may listen to Martin but they are obviously beyond redemption now. Sorry Sam……have to support Coleen now.

  5. Orchid333 on 7:00pm August 30 '12

    It seems very unfair that when Mike’s cheating and subsequent punishment cancelled his nominations that Coleen is still up for possible eviction!!! Danica and Sam 4 votes and Coleen only 3! Am I missing something?

    I cannot understand why the housemates have not picked up on that when it was announced to the house. As far as I am aware, they don’t know 2 will be going tomorrow. :wondering:

  6. chelsea on 7:42pm August 30 '12

    Coleen and sam out

  7. coleen to stay and danica and samantha 2 go. Dont vote for danica

  8. chelsea on 7:45pm August 30 '12

    This show is going way too quick for me please can we have more four in a year no

  9. How about a real CBB with a cast of Jolie, V Beckham, Cruise, B Johnson, Schwarnegger, Willis, Stallone, Kidman, J Foster, Streep, Joe Pasquale and Tom Hanks.

    So much for the anti USA hey.

    Mind you C5 might go bankrupt :rofl:

  10. Should be good tonight:

    Julie accuses Lorenzo of having lost his balls, also adding that she thinks Coleen is two-faced. Erm, is that the sound of the pot calling the kettle a colour that isn’t white? She’s not the only one throwing around these kind of claims though – Martin also reckons there’s some double-crossing in the House, pointing the finger towards the original accuser, Julie. Whatever the case, it seems like the House has more faces than the number of residents.

    Well done Martin, about time she received some back.

  11. It’ a game show thats why they are playing game’s. GET DANICA OUT.

  12. Louiza on 9:41pm August 30 '12

    Yes SKYEMAN….should be a very good show tonight, especially the fall out, after face to face noms. I forgot Mike nominated Coleen and Danica. Of course it was Harvey who nominated Lorenzo. :music: :music:

  13. Louiza on 9:50pm August 30 '12

    Yes Microsis, now Lorenzo has been man enough to nominate Julie…..maybe It will encourage other housemates to do the same. We can only hope..hey!! If Coleen stays on friday and I hope she does, I reckon she will nominate Julie.

    • Hope so. Coleen has so far voted Rhian, Julie, Table and Sam.

      I just wonder if Julie would have got more noms from Coleen if all done in diary room. No bottle?? or she believes Julie is getting better??

      But from the 1st secs of BB, i now know who she will vote for if saved. JULIEEEEEEEE

    • microsis on 12:15am August 31 '12
      MEMBER (2007 COMMENTS)

      Hey Louiza :love: ,,,do you agree that we must get behind Coleen this friday,,,can you imagine Julie’s face if she stays
      I can’t believe I voted for Sam what an idiot I was
      Sam is now sucking uo to Julie and what’s his name
      And she even said that she thought she was saved because of her friendship with what’s his name

      :music: :music: :music:

      • Orchid333 on 12:34am August 31 '12
        MEMBER (3183 COMMENTS)

        MICROSIS; Can’t believe Sam has fallen for Julie’s sucking up to her :surprised:

      • sammyvan on 6:18pm August 31 '12
        MEMBER (1316 COMMENTS)

        Sorry, Microsis – probably my fault! I can be such a gullible idiot sometimes – voting for Sam. Really did’nt see her becoming Julie’s little lap dog. I think she will have lost all support she had gained and pray she is out tonight. Did you get my message about Coleen and the garden bench!!!

  14. FFS Julie is good at the game, telling Danica she loves her and wants her to stay then slagging her off later.

    But not that good, the public see.

    • Orchid333 on 12:31am August 31 '12
      MEMBER (3183 COMMENTS)

      SKYEMAN; I think that Julie will be there at the final unless for some reason everyone is up and the public, who see her vindictive and two faced ways, vote her off. We cannot vote her out unless she is up. Get Julie out for goodness sake. I have been campaigning for this since day one and I know that I have peed some people off for banging on about her. :giggle: :giggle:

      • :yes: But she should not be allowed to nom for her blatant rule break. That would pee her off.

        It was mentioned on bbbots, so i expect they will do something, i hope.

        • Orchid333 on 12:48am August 31 '12
          MEMBER (3183 COMMENTS)

          SKYEMAN: Yes Julie should get the same punishment as Mike – not being able to nominate. Wouldn’t her face be a picture? Especially if they showed the whole house the clip of her saying – “Danica next” tee hee :giggle: :giggle: :giggle:

        • microsis on 12:58am August 31 '12
          MEMBER (2007 COMMENTS)

          I don’t think the hms will be nominating again do you ?, Next Wednesday is a double eviction so there would only be a day left for the lines to be opened for us to vote for our winner

          I think after Friday the lines will open for us to vote for our winner ,,,the hms with the least votes will go on Wednesday ,,,I could be completely wrong though , :giggle:

          When does cbb finish is it Thursday or Friday
          :music: :music: :music:

  15. Everytime i see the table, i think of yabba dabba doo

  16. FFS Was that not a whopper of a rule break; Julie saying to Sam just after Rhian left “Danica next”

    BB why punish the table and not Julie. Which was worse!! YOU DECIDE

    She should not be allowed to nominate AGAIN :devil:

  17. Well said Danica, go girl on the gang.

  18. Tactical voting from the Table :tmi:

  19. :devil: Sorry but frigged off with Harvey, who the fck his he to judge Danica {who is not even engaged} when he cheated on the beautiful Aleisha Dixon {wife}. ARGGGGGGGHHHHH

    • brains on 10:46am August 31 '12

      at first i thought harvey was a nice guy i have changed my mind this last week, i think ashly would have been better without him now i read they have poured hair cream over danicas bed, he says being called a bully was an insult to him,may be he should think about that,bullies come in all forms bye the way i am not a big fan of danica

  20. Coleen, i would not of hugged her, i woild have told her to fuck off.

    Not a hug from Julie with the right intentions, it was too make her look good. What a bitch.

  21. Raykco on 11:09pm August 30 '12

    Would love to see the table’s face, when he finds out that Jersey Shore has been cancelled in USA. They’ve pulled the plug.

  22. No more game playing no more nom’s the show ends next friday.
    No more big brother till the new year. Whot will we all do!!!

  23. Come on Coleen, you are or were a loose woman {not in that way} :whew:

    Give that bitch some,

  24. I wish they would get Julie out, she’s playing them all. Can’t stand her and her two faced comments. GET HER OUT!

  25. What’s the difference between Julie Goodyear and a Goodyear tyre:

    One gets you going and the other leaves you flat.

  26. Or one is exspensive and the other is like a well used rubber condom.

  27. Orchid333 on 12:17am August 31 '12

    JULES – yes Coleen did have 4 noms initially but then Mike’s noms were null and void for his cheating – hence Coleen’s reduced to 3 noms.

    Thanks for supporting Coleen this week :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

    • Jules on 12:25am August 31 '12
      MEMBER (2505 COMMENTS)

      With you there Orchid, you are correct I had forgotten that but so was Danica’s thus we had Samantha still with 4 and the other two with three.

      That was so obvious of the cheat, he seemed to wait for the first nom and then put one back in the envelope. He did admit it as well so it was an obvious cheat. The perisher!

      Have just put some votes in for Coleen, hopefully her support will grow as she seems to have quite a bit. :clapping:

  28. Jules on 12:26am August 31 '12

    I was saying earlier on let us see more of Julian, my wish has been granted, there are some lovely videos on channel 5 of him taking the lead in dancing and also the ballet dancing. Brilliant. Still room for more though!! :bigsmile:

  29. My final thought for tonight.

    CBB can help flagging careers in some cases, or help make others {the lesser known} but it can also destroy a career or reputation or how they were once thought of.

    Julie, i have heard from many actors can be a right diva {to put it politely} but i never really thought anything good or bad of her. To me she was just a fairly good actress.

    But i think her reputation will now be in the gutter and i hope Coleens old friends on loose women go to town on her.

    Just sad that a once celebrated star is showing herself up for a few grand.

    But does she care, probably not.

  30. Canadiana on 6:00am August 31 '12

    Is it just me, or are there a ton of perpetual victims in this house? Ashley being an immature jerk with Rhian, Colleen complaining about not understanding why people wouldn’t like her when she is talking shit about them constantly, Julie playing all sides and then acting the victim with Colleen, Danica flirting up a storm but crying when people call her on it….Ugh, get them all out now! Haha, I think I’m a bit annoyed.

    Also just a side note, for those that have watched Jersey Shore. Does anybody notice the similarities with The Situation, Danica and the Prince compared to The Situation, Ronnie and Sam?

    Martin or Julian to win!

  31. GEt Jullie out, what a bitch, soo two faced, she plants evil things in all the other housemates, and sucks up to them just after talking about them..She is horrible, inside and out. Hope to god she doesnt win, it would be a shame. Julien or Coleen to win. :rofl:

  32. brains on 9:54am August 31 '12

    who would you rather have in the house julie or danica just wondering

    • Jules on 10:42am August 31 '12
      MEMBER (2505 COMMENTS)

      Danica please.

      It will seem strange when two are out there will only be two females left. If that is Julie and Coleen it will be very interesting. Who will the males stand by when it comes to nominations or will they just turn on each other? I think that Prince will nominate Julie again and hopefully Martin will. Who will go if it is just Julie and Coleen up together?

      Morning everyone…… :bigsmile:

      • brains on 1:02pm August 31 '12
        MEMBER (792 COMMENTS)

        jules, if only those two are up together i think to her surprise julie would go,in bb there is always been a bit of talking behind hms backs but julie is really nasty in what she says she tells everyone how much she loves them ,the house wouldnt be the same if you wentand then nominates them, i find her the most two faced hm ever

        • microsis on 1:24pm August 31 '12
          MEMBER (2007 COMMENTS)

          An eviction with just Julie /Coleen how good would that have been :yes: I would have loved to have witnessed that but it is now to late I think
          I will be voting for Coleen :yes:

          :music: :music: :music:

  33. Hello everyone, Still recovering from jetlag having flown in from LA on Tuesday and not having slept a wink on the plane!!! I have watched a few episodes of CBB this week and very unimpressed with the characters remaining. Some I have liked in the past (Martin, Julian) but not doing anything for me now they are in the House.

    On the upside, wow the television in the US is simply appalling and it is so good to get back here. No wonder our fantastic BBC make so much money exporting their programmes all over the world! And now we have the Paralympics too – so uplifting.

    I’ll keep watching CBB in case it picks up….not voting this week though. :shake:

    • Jules on 10:48am August 31 '12
      MEMBER (2505 COMMENTS)

      Was saying Fudge, we need to see more of them although Martin was seen quite a bit in the Gods thingy. The vibes have been to strong for any of them to overcome, tbh they do not really need to sell themselves so they have either been quiet or we have not been shown the bits we would like to see. Cheryl was a good example of this as we know.

      BB need to orchestrate another good theme for us including Julian, Martin and Coleen. Julie has had her time along with the others.

      Welcome home, hope you had a good time. :love:

    • Sally on 4:19pm August 31 '12
      MEMBER (2377 COMMENTS)

      Hi :hi: Fudge Welcome home, there is no place like home.
      I think the housemates will be glad when it’s all over they have been paid well for their 3 weeks.
      We have not seen much of Julian and Martin its been a big disappointment to me.Lets hope the last week will prove more entertaining.
      I am voting to save Coleen this week in the hope that this flirting story can be ended its been such a drag. :nod:

  34. Microsis – i deffo feel better now – not sure about U?
    SV – my kid’s inheritence was blown SKY (but at least it is still there…) high on Wednesday. Still got my lotto ticket tho’ :whew:

  35. northernmonkey on 5:29pm August 31 '12

    Again, I am not bothered who goes out of these 3 really, probably edging towards Sam staying.

    So I would be happy to see Danica and Coleen go, reap what you have sowed.

  36. Never thought I’d say this but would prefer Coleen and Sam to go and Danica to stay. I’m not tired of the flirting yet, and want to see where this is going with Lorenzo – and Mike too of course. It could just get a bit boring if she goes. Still want Julian to win and so far nothing has changed that, but still keeping my powder dry.

    Here’s to a good eviction night. Cheers. :happy:

  37. Please let Danica go tonight. Sick to death of this storyline. Sick to death of seeing her backside. Please just for the last week show something else before I die from terminal boredom. Your viewers are not all 16 years old. This has been the most boring celeb BB ever. Julie Goodyear is dreadful. Left any integrity she had??? at the door.

  38. colleen to go, she is such a big head

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