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Chris and Arron nominated for week two eviction
Doorman Chris and model Arron are this facing the public vote,...
Alec | Day -367

Doorman Chris and model Arron are this facing the public vote, where one person will become the second evictee of Big Brother 2012.

During the nominations, Arron was the most nominated with 5 votes, while Chris came in seconds with 4 nominations.

One wil be evicted live on Friday, killing any hopes of winning that £100,000 prize. Remember that you’re voting to save the housemate you want to keep in the house.

We will update this post shortly with the voting numbers and a video. (Please don’t vote yet as the lines have not opened officially.)

Are you happy with the results of the nominations? If you was a housemate, who would you have picked, giving full and valid reasons in the style of Big Brother. (No, having evil eyes is not a valid reason!)

Who should win Big Brother 2013?
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  1. Tough one! I think I would want Chris to stay over Arron as I feel he has more tantrums in him, especially over food. :itwasntme:

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  2. microsis on 7:30pm June 11 '12

    Toss a coin ,I’m happy
    Oh dear though ,just think of Chris going on ,and on ,and on , if he is saved ,,,
    :music: :music: :music:

    • Biddy on 8:08pm June 11 '12

      Yes ,,,heads or tails,,,not keen on either,,,,,
      not bothered which one goes….but you are right Microsis, Chris would go on and on and on if he was saved………
      :music: :music: :music:

  3. skippy1996 on 7:31pm June 11 '12

    I want Arron to go

  4. rionablue on 7:38pm June 11 '12

    I want Chris to go. Arron is more eye candy. He might be a bit cocky but there is a greater chance he will have some nookie with one of the girls. Im so glad Sara isnt up. I was afraid of her fate after the episode last night but I am sure she woudl be saved by the Scots if she WAS on. Chris to gooooooo

    • jasonmetcalfe69 on 6:56pm June 12 '12

      really?nookie with girls?hmm, i think we don’t know too much of him, i think we can espect more to see him with Scott. i think Arron is even gay or Bi…

  5. Tombolian on 8:04pm June 11 '12

    I’ve been thinking, and probably should have posted before now, that if Chris doesn’t go in week 2, he’d be here for the long haul. That is, if, and only if, he can keep his drinking under control.
    Being a man who likes his alcohol though, I can attest that Chris does too, and he will therefore be leaving the house this week (there’s bound to be alcohol before Friday)

    I dunno though, Arron’s skull-face kida scares me. He might scare others enough to ‘not vote him in’.

  6. debbz2012 on 8:48pm June 11 '12

    So sad Chris is up but i believe he will stay. Please vote for him guys and girls.

  7. Daniele on 9:04pm June 11 '12

    Here is my deal….do I like either? No. But Arron will help out the help that I want there more than Chris will…so I want Chris out over Arron tbh

  8. Daniel on 9:06pm June 11 '12

    I want Chris to stay over Arron. I mean, come on- his squeaky voice….you just couldn’t take him seriously as a baliff! So he needs to stay in for the goodness of his own health…and he is pretty funny. Get rid of pretty boy Arron.

  9. BBNut on 10:08pm June 11 '12

    Another great show, last night we had sausagegate tonight we had ruggate are these housemates for real? Loving it! Despite the rule change, it is pleasing to see that it appears they are not going to form alliances as hoped (not yet anyway) and nominate as they see fit, go Adam in particular i like this dude. Tasks haven’t been that extreme as yet but i think BB’s evil streak is definitely still there. Can’t stand him but i’ve changed my mind and Chris must stay, give him more alcohol, fail the shopping task and watch him let rip and get stuck in! Arron is very easy on the eye there’s nothing else there.

  10. Not bothered which one goes, both of them are cretins :evilgrin:

  11. vote arron to stay a great friend of mine he is genuin not playin the game deffo not like lydia n chris dam there sly ones them, alwaysw saying things n plotting. least arron is genuin n prob will cause drama too if he’s crossed keep him in n ul see

    • jez doyle on 5:53pm June 13 '12

      Also know him he is so like that in person! He is a nice lad, but omg! He is so INLOVE!! With himself its unatural. But in Arrons world there is no place better than 1st place! Its quite funny :)

  12. Arron is supposed to be spelled with two As, not 2 Rs. I’d like him to go just for not correcting his name the moment he was old enough to legally do so.

  13. Lol RickJames!! Your comment made me actually laugh out loud! :bigsmile:

  14. applemartin1 on 12:01am June 12 '12

    Chris out…just on the voice alone and the constant rubbing of his belly!!

  15. rick james your an actual douche, that’s like saying every name that can be spelt more than one way is wrong like mine stewart/stuart so don’t be a mong

  16. coff3e on 9:34am June 12 '12

    ohhh iduno but dose any 1 know wen it finishes bb

  17. Toropop on 10:57am June 12 '12

    Get Chris out! Get Chris out! Get Chris out!

    At least SausageGate would be over once and for all.

  18. lorna22 on 1:44pm June 12 '12

    chris must stay he will bring more tantrums and arguing to the house arron just plain boring.. :yawn: :yawn:

  19. Sally on 1:58pm June 12 '12

    Chris to stay more Drama.He can even be funny.
    Arron eye candy. :sleepy: Just go.

  20. Chris to leave. His voice face and constant personality changes bug me really. Arron is a pretty boy but also a proper manc. He seems like a proper sound guy and the type of person i wud hang out with at home. Save arron. Get chris out unless u want to be annoyed to tears. Arron is also more likely to have a romance as well. Just wait and see

  21. skippy1996 on 5:55pm June 12 '12

    Arron is boring Chris is fun simple really………….

  22. jennyjuniper on 6:29pm June 12 '12

    If Chris stays, I want them to fail the shopping task, blow all the money they have on fish and watch Chris’s meltdown :devil: :devil: :devil:

  23. rionablue on 2:03am June 13 '12

    ive totally changed my mind after seeing tonights highlights show. Get back stabbing, vain, vile Arron OUT PLEASE. If you want to get rid of Chris just bide your time and his time will come but Arron has to GO

  24. Joseph on 3:41pm June 13 '12

    Arron to go! Don’t think he did himself many favours in last night’s episode…

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