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Cheryl: “I was scared of you”
Cheryl reveals to Julie that she was scared of her at the start...
Alec | Day -300

Cheryl reveals to Julie that she was scared of her at the start and is relieved that she does not live up to her preconceptions.

[vimeo id="47720975" caption="Watch Cheryl reveal to Julie her feelings...]

Would you have been scared of the ex-Coronation Street barmade Julie on first impressions?

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  1. Louiza on 3:45pm August 17 '12

    The way Julie chews on that gum … I would have been scared on first impression. Julie and Cheryl are so funny. I hope they end up being the best of friends. Last nights show had me crying with laughter. Julians comments are very witty and funny. Loved the rapping in the bedroom with all housemates joining in. A welcome change from all that bitching in BB. I look forward to the start of each CBB show, I hope that continues.

  2. on 5:35pm August 17 '12

    B.B please ban Julie from having chewing gum, she looks like a cow chewing the cud. She is driving me mad really off putting. :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry:

  3. AmericanCousin on 10:03pm August 17 '12

    The chewing of the gum I can tolerate. It prob is just an offset of all the ciggie smoke.

  4. Great live show and a result to match! Nobodies, both of them. Don’t mind if either leaves but preferably Jasmine! :nod:

  5. Orchid333 on 12:03am August 18 '12

    Why was “The Situation” holding on to all his nomination cards when he should have chosen one person to nominate and throw all the other cards in the bin? Good job it did not make any difference in the end but he chose that stupid reason that Coleen was missing her children – what a cop out!!!

  6. how patronising n sexists using nom reasons sayin colleen woz missin her kids…if u ask me wot they really mean is get outta here so i can have a easy run 2 the final, lol

  7. how patronising n sexist using nom reasons sayin colleen woz missin her kids ……if u ask me wot they really mean is get outta here so i can have an easy run 2 the final :devil:

  8. Jules on 11:41am August 18 '12

    Possibly though he didnt think she would get anymore? He most likely foillowed Julie’s reason who tbh, I cannot understand why! I would have thought the older ones would need to stand together tbh because the younger element are glamourous and will get the young votes.

    It must have been a tough decision for all of them tbh face to face because now they have put negative thoughts against themselves.

  9. JaniceR on 2:04pm August 18 '12

    Think it was inevitable that the “missing children/family” reson would be used. Probably seen as easy option when you have to nominate face to face.
    Surprised Danica isn’t up. “Who is she,who is she”

  10. Orchid333 on 6:52am August 19 '12

    MUCKERKITTY. No, I haven’t picked up on it – what a div am I eh? :giggle:

    • Jules on 12:25pm August 19 '12
      MEMBER (2505 COMMENTS)

      I think Becky used it to a certain extent in the last BB, she tried bits and pieces of quite a few of the older HMs. They do not seem to realise that the originals are the owners and it cannot be done successfully ever again. The chocolategate was pathetic and yet when it was the bannagate I roared with laughter, I loved him.

      Only talking about the HMs there as different bits and pieces come across from posters at the appropriate times, my favourite one is “End Of” quite a good one to use with the children :rofl: :rofl:

  11. Where does Julie put that gum when she eats! maybe on the inside of that bag she’s always carrying around with her, celebrities ay.

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