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Cheryl becomes second CBB evictee
Former Eastender Cheryl Fergison has become the latest housemate...
Alec | Day -292

Former Eastender Cheryl Fergison has become the latest housemate to be evicted from this summer’s Celebrity Big Brother.

Cheryl spent 10 days in the house but lost out in a five-way eviction battle on Friday night.

Julian and Mike were confirmed as safe when voting lines were frozen, leaving the public to vote to save their favourite out of Coleen, Lorenzo and Cheryl.

Cheryl, who was the most backed to win by myTBB members, will be remembered for her secret mission with Julie on launch night, when the two soap legends staged an argument in front of their fellow housemates.

Upon leaving the house, she told host Brian Dowling: “I am so chuffed, but I thought I would go a bit further.” The actress also revealed that she entered with some preconceived ideas about Julie, and thinks that there is an age divide in the house.

She would like Julian or Martin to go on to win the show and hopes that Mike will be the next evictee.

The third eviction of Celebrity Big Brother 10 will take place next Wednesday, August 29.

Was Cheryl the right person to leave? Let us know below!

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  1. Louiza on 12:31am August 25 '12

    Cheryl should have stayed longer she was a fun housemate.

    • microsis on 12:53am August 25 '12
      MEMBER (2007 COMMENTS)

      Yes I agree Louiza ,,,,,,, Cheryl was a great hm ,no way did she deserve to go ,,,I thought she had a good chance of winning ,,,,,,still what do I know :bigsmile:
      Good night :love:

      :music: :music: :music:

  2. skippy1996 on 1:17am August 25 '12

    fixed ;)

  3. Canadiana on 1:17am August 25 '12

    I’m really surprised by this! Cheryl was a fun housemate and I think there would have been some great moments in the house with her. I figured The Situation would be kept in because viewers want to see a showmance, and that Julian would stay because he seems to be quite liked by the public. I totally thought it would be Lorenzo because he is dull or Colleen because she is insecure and catty, to go.
    I think this is possibly a case of everyone assuming that Cheryl would be ok, so they didn’t toss any votes her way

  4. Cheryl should not have gone but if dont wont house mates 2 go PICK Up THE PHONE and vote that why cheryl went !

  5. Sally on 4:28pm August 25 '12

    I was surprised Cheryl was evicted last night ,I have been away and was looking forward to watching her this week I am so disappointed. :crying:
    I can only assume people didn’t vote for her thinking she would be safe.

    ( Bring back vote to evict.)

    • Absolutely agree with that. I was hoping she would go far with Martin & Mike as I love them three. :clapping:
      I really did not like the fact how people were moaning, it’s the vote to save issue. People were considering that she’d be saved automatically by other people, yet the ‘other people’ thought that. Hahah, just hope Martin goes far with Michael. Your posts are bang on Sally! :giggle:

  6. Louiza on 11:57pm August 25 '12

    Cheryl was very funny on BOTS. She ran rings around Jamie East. :bigsmile: Cheryl had an answer to everything. My only complaint about her is…..she doesn’t like Lorenzo. Are you mad woman..???

    • JaniceR on 5:28pm August 26 '12
      MEMBER (3620 COMMENTS)

      Don’t think its a crime to not like Lorenzo! Personally I’ve found him boring up to now. Not sure of him and danica situation. I have a feeling he’s trying to raise his profile so he stays in. He can’t understand boos and so he’s desperate to change things. I don’t believe he would ever really fall for someone like Danica. She would never sign a prenuptial and he wouldn’t marry anyone without it.

  7. northernmonkey on 1:34am August 26 '12

    How can a thick Yank with no personality get more votes than the fat bird from Eastenders.

    Not over until the fat lady sings ? What a shit phrase :bigsmile:

  8. AmericanCousin on 5:45am August 28 '12

    I thought I liked Cheryl, but she is quite obnoxious which seems to be some sort of insecurity. She’s just made comments that has turned me off. Not disappointed in her absence.

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