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Channel 5 sign new Big Brother deal
Channel 5 have signed a new deal with production company Endemol...
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Channel 5 have signed a new deal with production company Endemol to air an extra series of Celebrity Big Brother at the end of the year.

This would be the second series of Celebrity Big Brother to take place in the same year, with the normal Big Brother series set to air in May.

Last year, Channel 5 signed a £40m two-year deal to run the reality show, the contract was originally set out to air one Celebrity Big Brother and one normal Big Brother a year.

The Guardian has recently backed the story that the Celebrity edition will return later on in the year after a 10 week stint of Big Brother, from May through to July.

This will be achieved by shortening Big Brother from 14 weeks to 10 weeks three days, in order to carve out an extra run of the celebrity version.

“Channel 5 is changing,” said Nick Bampton, the Channel 5 commercial sales director. “Our new content and commercial strategies are paying off. And as we’ve demonstrated today, there’s lots more to come.”

Famous faces for the Celebrity edition have already been rumored to be ex-Eastender’s actress, Cheryl Fergison, as well as footballer Freddie Ljungberg.

Let us know what you think of the proposed idea by commenting below.

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  1. microsis on 10:18am March 28 '12

    According to the Guardian the non celebrity BB has been cut back to 10 weeks to accommodate the 2 nd celebrity series , The 1 st series of BB on channel 4 were only 9 weeks and BB 12 !!!!I I just hope that B B is not being sacrificed for CBB ! But I have a horrible feeling this maybe the case. !

  2. xanniex58 on 12:55pm March 28 '12

    love the idea of a 2nd celeb bb but not very happy with the shortened version of the public bb after all we relate to the public bb more as we ARE the public and the programme is half run by us ie deciding who stays and who goes:(

    • BBNut on 12:08am April 2 '12

      Great post and good point! Can i ask…what is your opinion on ‘vote to save’? Has it worked? Should they revert back to ‘vote to evict’? I can’t decide this! Also, i cannot help wondering every series if the vote results are a true and honest reflection of the public vote? Have we really decided the final outcome? :wondering:

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      19 John

  3. I would much rather have a long normal edition of Big Brother any day!

    CBB is good, but I enjoy the public edition as it gives you more time to study which housemate you want to win, and also let the isolation effect come into play.

    BACKING TO WIN: Gina JOINED: 03/04/2011
  4. Sally on 7:30pm March 28 '12

    :hi: In total we will have 16 weeks of Big brother.
    10weeks joe blogs BB…. Cbb+2 = 6weeks.In 2010 when 4 dumped BB we were all disapointed.Thank goodness for :c5: lets hope it lasts.

  5. Whilst i’m overjoyed at the prospect of more Big Brother than ever before, i really do feel that they should concentrate on public BB more, particularly as this is their first summer installment which we’ve not yet had. Last year’s was far too rushed, a poor selection of housemates were chosen and it was too soon after the Channel 5 celebrity debut series. The house was surprisingly impressive and the tasks also. I do hope they don’t not skim over these all-important details, choose and good selection of housemates, introduce some exciting tasks and provide us with a much better civilian series than last year. I enjoy both BB and CBB and will watch the two as an avid fan. I just hope for their sake they still have plenty of fresh ideas, it doesn’t become stale and it isn’t overkill and there is a huge danger of that happening. If Channel 5 can secure some high profile names as before and choose the perfect mixture of civilians of all ages then every series will be a winner. I’m sure they know what they are doing and their publicity efforts will see to that as they have already proved. It’s now unbelievable to think the show was dead and buried a short time ago and yet, here we are, three C5 series’ in and two more to come this year, can’t wait! Long live BB, Channel 5 have done an excellent job! Still no live feed but i won’t even go there! :bigsmile:

    • Sally on 12:50pm March 29 '12
      MEMBER (2377 COMMENTS)

      :hi: BBNut love your comments.I think you covered everything I would like to say, I will just add more BB less CBB.

      • BBNut on 7:29am March 30 '12
        MEMBER (195 COMMENTS)

        Thank you Sally! Although i thought i had commented many more than three times?! Oh well! I could talk and debate Big Brother until the cows come home and never get bored! A few points to make about the upcoming civilian series… a May launch is an excellent start, just as it did in it’s hey day on Channel 4 and right on the cusp of summer, which, let’s face it, is what summer is all about if you’re a Big Brother fanatic! Also, a 10-week series is just right, not too short and not too long for people to get bored, Channel 5 will also have a clever publicity campaign at the ready i’m sure. So, all the core ingredients are there, build an amazing house, add in a genius group of housemates of all ages, even better tasks than last year, mix them all together and we have a recipe for success…or disaster as the case may be! Crank up the live feed again, ditch Bit On The Side (it’s awful), bring back the psychology show and Channel 5 could make this show bigger and better than ever before, whilst at the same time taking it back to basics and back to it’s roots…the opportunity is there for the taking and they need to just grab it!

      • Superb post BBnut – says it all for me.
        I am eternally grateful for ch5 bringing BB back but please don’t shorten the non- celebrity version as it really is what BB is all about.

    • microsis on 11:10am March 30 '12
      MEMBER (2007 COMMENTS)

      Hey BBNut. You have put into words exactly how avid bb fans feel , Thank you. !!!

    • Biddy on 8:07am April 1 '12

      Hi BBNut,, Have just read your post,,,you have many valid points,,i too much prefer BB rather than CBB, i think the public relate better to BB …, but having said that i think channel 5 must get their act together and be much more strict with housemates, no breaking of rules, no talking about nominations and if they do the punishments must be harsh,,,,,(am i being cruel),, but what is the point of letting them have as much food and drink as they want, it’s not a party, we need to be entertained in every which way…… :giggle:

      • BBNut on 11:56pm April 1 '12
        MEMBER (195 COMMENTS)

        Again, it’s all about going back to basics in various different ways. I think this is where Channel 5 are going wrong with the show other than the absence of live feed, otherwise the show would be almost perfect! I agree, the original rules should be strongly adhered to and the game played as it should be, it would be far more entertaining. The rich and poor divide in Big Brother 3 presented us with the most entertaining series as we saw sufferance on both sides of the fence simultaneously. A shocking twist at the time but as it turned out it was an absolute genius idea! Something as shocking needs to be implemented, not sure what, to ensure both sky-high ratings and that viewers are glued!

  6. microsis on 11:33am March 29 '12

    Since C5 is owned by Endemol why couldn’t they try to get the rights to BBUSA and air it on 5 USA Just a thought. Lol.

  7. microsis on 8:19am March 30 '12

    Hey. BBNUT,I also love reading your clear precise from the heart comments. I can recall seeing your posts before maybe the comment total has been cleared , I will try and find out if this is the case , keep the posts coming please !!!

  8. microsis on 10:49am March 30 '12

    BB has for the last few year focussed mainly on the fun side of the show ( parties etc ) , now it’s Bb13 just the right time to go back to being evil Bb ( unlucky for some )

    • BBNut on 11:43pm April 1 '12

      I agree, however, not too many twists as that’s how Channel 4 steered it faultlessly towards the scrap heap. The BB6 launch night twist with Makosi being the unlucky 13th housemate would take some beating and the majority of BB5 come to think of it. It would be quite fun to go crazy with the number 13 if they really wanted to, i.e, launch on 13th, 13 weeks, end on 13th, 13 housemates once more, 13 of everything in the house etc to give the series some real impact, particularly if there’s a chance it could possibly be the final civilain BB, hope not of course!

  9. I don’t like Celebrity Big Brother.

  10. this means less ppl in the norm big brother just to get a cbb. what a shame. big brother is all about ppl getting to know each other a 10 week show will give us less to talk about
    give big brother back to channel 4, if this is the best you can do.

    • BBNut on 11:33pm April 1 '12

      A ten-week duration series is fine, however, what they need to do is go back to basics and feature less housemates. Fourteen or even sixteen housemates is far too many. The less people in the house there are, the more time there is to observe and get to know them. This way, viewers instantly warm to certain housemates and get behind them from a very early stage in the series, instead of being completely confused as to who is who and what their names are as the house is overcrowded and teeming with people. To perfectly explain my point, i refer to Big Brother 3, still the best and most perfect series to date in my opinion, it was flawless.

  11. how about a uncut dvd

  12. I would prefer LIVE feed back please!

    And why not a Big Brother channel…..running BB from all around the world constantly?

    I don’t like the idea of BB being cut back to 10wks to accomodate 2 CBB’s but I do like the idea of 2CBB’s.

    Without LIVE feed though BB is not the same imo :sadsmile:

  13. i love normal big brother, the normal bb are the people who want to be celebritys so whats the point of celebrity ones!! i love big brother 2012 !!! ASHELEY TO WIN!!

  14. Justin

  15. Thanks Sally. :mmm: I think that I might start my diet after my drinks and nibbles DO :giggle: :giggle:

  16. Orchid333 on 11:37pm February 1 '13

    well my little Pippa (nearly 12 years old) is running all over the tops of the sofas going absolutely mad so I think that she is saying – “come on Mum and Dad, I am tired and it is bed time now”. So i think that we should obey her and go to bed. :yawn:

    irene, Does Rosie boss you about like that? :sleepy:

    • Hi Orchid yes Rosie does just that. Rules the roost. She is relentless in getting her own way and I’m sure she is not just copying me! How have you ended up posting here? Been at the cooking sherry in your crystal glass no doubt. Little :devil:

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