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Celebrity Big Brother confirmed for August 15th
Dates for the final of Big Brother 2012 and the launch of...
Alec | Day -302

Dates for the final of Big Brother 2012 and the launch of Celebrity Big Brother 10 have been confirmed by Channel 5.

The current regular series of Big Brother will end with a 90-minute finale on Monday, August 13th at 9PM, on what will be day 70 in the house.

A special Big Brother’s Bit On The Side will air on Tuesday, August 14th.

Celebrity Big Brother 10 – the second all-star series of 2012 – will then launch with a 2-hour show on Wednesday, August 15th at 9PM.

The celebrities will make their first nominations live on the evening of Friday, August 17th.

For all the latest news and rumours, click the ‘CBB News’ button at the top of the page.┬áNames linked with the series include Dog the Bounty Hunter, Coleen Nolan and Cheryl Fergison.

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  1. I’m hoping that C5 do something good with CBB10. Something to redeem their credibility after an awefull series.

  2. Just WHO will be the Celebrity Big Brother house bully??? THEY’LL DECIDE! The White Room task has been totally crap after all the hype and build up, utter let down. Just one big set up by Conor’s pals on the production team, is there any point in watching when we already know the outcome ffs. BB has become like a sheet of glass – totally see through and easily shattered. They really should tread carefully with the final around the corner things could end very badly for them depending on what they have ‘planned’.

    • yeahyeahyeah on 11:34pm August 1 '12

      Couldn’t agreet with you more ‘Nut…the White Room has got to be the most boring thing ever available on TV. :yawn: Now instead of watching the program from beginning to end, I just scan through the YouTube video, and I’m probably going to stop watching after this series. I don’t even watch TV, but this show had me hooked and was so awesome. But they have totally ruined it. :(

      • I know and they seem to have it down to a fine art sadly. It isn’t about the viewers anymore whatsoever. What we say doesn’t go and they decide (on everything) not us so not much point really other than providing cheap entertainment and we don’t even get that any more. It’s hard to believe another disastrous series has run it’s course and yet another so-called celebrity edition is about to begin. It is too much and as many expected, overkill, particularly in light of the controversy the current series airing is still swimming in. Just because the January series did exceptionally well doesn’t mean the next one will. C5 and Endemol are just pure greedy money grabbing daylight robbers. I thought Channel 4′s treatment of the show in it’s latter years was terrible but C5 have surpassed that and tarred it with an entirely new brush. It will never see past 2014 – if it reaches that and i doubt it will. The interest appears to be waning now more than ever before and C5 have done the really hardcore fans like myself a serious injustice and most probably signed the show’s death warrant. :sadsmile:

  3. Let the games begin :clapping:

  4. I dont give a damn bout celebrity big brother. Its the main big brother i watch and unlike most of you “cowers in the corner” and dont hit me please. I loved the show this year. I didnt like the bullying antics of Conor but I thought the housemates were really great and diverse. Sorry Im in the minority but I loved this series much much more than last year when it was all love fests and Aaron

  5. jennyjuniper on 8:20am August 2 '12

    I’ve just heard a disturbing post on another site, which says that calls to save Deana are being diverted to Becky!! If this is true it might be better to use which is supposed to be approved by Offcom.

  6. Orchid333 on 8:59am August 2 '12

    I have already posted this comment but it seems to have been deleted – strange !!! Is it because I was being negative about the production team and others on C5 BB???? What I said was Aren’t Brian Dowling (who I love), Emma Willis (who I did love but definitely don’t anymore) and the rest of the BB production team ashamed working for such a cheating and obviously biased show??? Davina did exactly the right thing by choosing not to join the C5 BB.

    • skippy1996 on 1:02pm August 2 '12

      No it’s because it aload of bull shit and talking about Scott he only said Deana had a “Slapabilty factor” which is no way a reason to kick someone out of the house

    • Orchid333 – are you trying to sabotage BB ? is this because your favourite is not leading the poll. Why ruin something for so many because you have “backed the wrong horse”…….think seriously what you are doing, it is very dangerous to make allegations without proof. ASHLING (17) hrs. ago, hit the nail on the head, CHEERS, ASHLING.

      • Orchid333 on 5:54pm August 2 '12
        MEMBER (3184 COMMENTS)

        What on earth are you talking out???? :wondering:

      • Thanks Margaretrose. It really is only a game show and we have two choices, watch it or dont watch it. If I didnt like the way the housemates were treated by big brother or thought there was favouritism or anything I would simply not watch the show. I think its pointless watching a show and then ranting about how bad everything is simple. Sorry orchid

    • Why would you not like Emma anymore? She is great and at the end of the day she can’t slag off Bb too much otherwise she would not have her job!

  7. Orchid333 on 9:18am August 2 '12

    It seems Scot has had ANOTHER warning !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why are the housemates this year being allowed to make threats to other housemates and get away with it? Scot has been said to want to slap Deanna!!! This show is a farce when Conor made the most disgusting and outrageous rant about Deanna and got away with it. And he seems to be helped along by BB to get to the final and win.

    Incidently, did anyone notice when the insiders were talking with Becky about Luke A’s BMI comment that Conor was agreeing that it was a disgusting thing to say – WHAT???? Has he forgotten what he said to Deanna and his subsequent warning from BB??? Obviously he has. :angry:

  8. skippy1996 on 3:20pm August 2 '12

    What he said was not even bad lol big brother could not possible remove him for that even if he was on his final warning

    • Orchid333 on 5:14pm August 2 '12
      MEMBER (3184 COMMENTS)

      Skippy. Come on. You can’t give someone a FINAL warning and then give them another warning- it doesn’t make sense. As far as Scott’s comment about slapping Becky is concerned, it is something I could do often after every episode. She is the biggest fake. :puke:

      By the way, are you a bush kangaroo? :giggle:

      • I’m afraid I have to agree with Orchid333 here. What Scott said, may have not been bad compared to others. However, they did already give him a final warning before. It’s not deemed acceptable if you’re going to state that someone has the ‘slappibility factor’, it’s a threat at the end of the day, even if it was taken out of context.

        • Orchid333 on 6:18pm August 2 '12
          MEMBER (3184 COMMENTS)

          Thanks Yayah. :handshake:

          • brokenangel on 2:26am August 3 '12
            MEMBER (122 COMMENTS)

            Well let’s face it- they can hardly throw out Scott even on a final warning and a definate final warning lol He refers to Deana as it (technical point number 1 and secondly , how the hell would they justify chucking out Scott after helping Conor who stated that he would like to punch and violate Deana get to the final and either way be rewarded for it.

  9. adamlink on 4:21pm August 2 '12

    it is good for big brother mate skippie1996 so what u talking about

  10. This would be a good year to get some Olympic Athelets, even some higher calibre celebrities due to the olympics.

  11. can what lets hope 4 some gr8t celebs not boring ones like adam luke a and her. Good on conner for takeing the 50k backy u were a gr8t house mate.

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