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Celebrities complete flower bouquet task
On Thursday the housemates sent bouquets of flowers to each...
Alec | Day -293

On Thursday the housemates sent bouquets of flowers to each anonymously. Read on to find out what messages they sent with the flowers.

Yesterday, Big Brother set the celebrities their latest task – ‘Never a rose without a prick’. They each sent a bunch of hand-tied flowers to another housemate accompanied with a note.

Big Brother later sent the bouquets to the relevant housemates, who had to guess who the sender was from the note.

Here is who each housemate sent flowers to and why:


Ashley received 2 bouquets (from Harvey and Julian) and sent flowers to Coleen:

“The lovely, splendid Coleen. I’m giving these to her due to the fact that she’s been like a mother to me. She’s helped me. Given me great advice and mostly she’s given me hugs.”


Cheryl received 1 bouquet (from Coleen) and sent flowers to Julian:

“He’s the funniest and driest man I’ve ever met. I will always give my bouquet to Julian Clary because he’s worth it and I love him.”


Coleen received 2 bouquets (from Ashley and Danica) and sent flowers to Cheryl:

“I think she’s a bit angry or hurt about nominations. She’s been the life and soul and made me laugh out loud. She’s a genuinely nice woman and I love her.”


Danica received 2 bouquets (from Lorenzo and Rhian) and sent flowers to Coleen:

“I’ve really bonded with her. She deserves them because she’s very caring. She doesn’t judge me and likes me for the person that I am.”


Harvey received 0 bouquets but sent flowers to Ashley:

“He’s my brother, I love that kid. We’ve got a bond and these flowers represent our growth.”


Julian received 2 bouquets (from Cheryl and Julie) and sent flowers to Ashley:

“If I go in the next eviction I want him to look after Julie. He’s a very cheerful presence. It would be very dull without him.”


Julie received 2 bouquets (from Martin and Mike) and sent flowers to Julian:

“He is unique. His sense of humour is so special.”


Martin received 0 bouquets but sent flowers to Julie:

“I’m giving Julie these flowers for making me feel at home. For making me laugh and giving this whole house a grounding.”


Mike received 1 bouquet (from Samantha) and sent flowers to Julie:

“Last night Julie stayed outside with me all night. The person who didn’t was Danica and that upset me. She let me down last night in a big way. That’s definitely why I’m giving Julie my flowers.”


Prince Lorenzo received 0 bouquets but sent flowers to Danica:

“I feel I misjudged her, it’s my way of saying thank you. She’s a beautiful person.”


Rhian received 0 bouquets but sent flowers to Danica:

“I love her to bits. She’s always been there for me. It means a lot that she cares about me.”


Samantha received 0 bouquets but sent flowers to Mike:

“Over the last couple of days he has fallen hard for Danica. His heart has taken a beating in the last 24 hours. He is my idea of a perfect gentleman.”


As a collective group, the housemates guessed 9 out of the 12 (Ashley, Cheryl, Harvey, Julian, Julie, Lorenzo, Martin, Mike and Samantha) correctly and therefore passed the task. Housemates were rewarded with tea and cake.

What are your thoughts on the task?

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