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CBB : Simon Cowell’s worry over Jasmine Lennard
The man behind The X Factor, Simon Cowell, is reportedly...
Alec | Day -307

The man behind The X Factor, Simon Cowell, is reportedly apprehensive about rumored Celebrity Housemate, Jasmine Lennard entering the Big Brother house. Jasmine is Simon’s ex girlfriend, after having a 6 month fling together.

Simon, who is currently out in the US filming for The X Factor USA with new additions to the panel, Demi Lovato and Britney Spears, is reportedly concerned as to what Jasmine could reveal about the music mogul. And of course, more to the point, what she could reveal about the relationship he had with her.

According to the Daily Star, Simon still has feelings for Jasmine, and is therefore expected to tune into the upcoming celebrity series.

The Daily Star states a close friend of Simon’s as saying “Simon’s secretly still very fond of her which drives some of his current squeezes mad. Although he is pleased for her that she’s going into the Big Brother house he is also wondering what she’s going to say about him. She’s a free spirit and very chatty.”

Despite reports of Simon’s worry, a different source has spoken out to the Daily Mail, claiming that both Simon and Jasmine have came to a mutual agreement, which ensures that information on their relationship is not leaked, and is kept private from the public.

The source claimed “She has never spilled the beans on Simon because they came to a mutual understanding. That’s not going to change.”

If Jasmine does indeed enter the house on Wednesday, we wonder if she will spill the beans on her relationship with the TV Mogul? Would you like her to enter the Big Brother house? Let us know in a comment below.

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  1. on 3:57pm August 10 '12

    Who is she ??? & more importantly who cares what went on with her & Cowell, where do B.B & :c5: Get these so called celebs from? They always seem to be washed up hasbeens & mediocre wannabes

  2. Sally on 4:28pm August 10 '12

    Can’t say I know anything about Jasmine Lennard. probably recognise her when or if she goes in the house. Simon Cowel loves being in the lime light but must worry what will be said about him.
    I can’t see him watch CBB though. :bigsmile:

  3. who that and who cares

  4. yes who’s that so she’s hailed as a celebrity just cause she went out with simon cowell. makes me wonder if i really want to be watching these nobodies get some real celebs in not these people that we’ve not even heard of get freddie star in ha ha

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