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Caroline sabotages BB shopping list
With this week's eviction looming, a mischievous Caroline had some...
| Day -321

With this week’s eviction looming, a mischievous Caroline had some fun with the housemates’ latest shopping list.

Earlier this week, the group earnt a luxury shopping budget after passing their ‘Party Animals’ shopping task.

On Thursday morning they spent some time discussing and debating how to spend the budget, including a disagreement between Luke S and Adam over the purchase of cigarettes.

Whene the list was finally complete, Caroline returned the board only to erase the group’s hard work once safely in the diary room.

Instead she instructed Big Brother to purchase junk food and junk food only, and the housemates were not amused at discovering a store room full of chcolate and sweets when the shopping was delivered.

Caroline’s prank could backfire however with the bookies and online polls suggesting she is set to survive this week’s eight-way eviction.

Would see the funny side to Caroline’s actions?

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  1. AcerEntwistle on 1:28am July 27 '12

    Such a copy cat…Harry did this last year with bananas…its just a ploy to stay in the house. I hope she survives and then has to live with everyone hating her…vile person!!!

  2. on 2:55am July 27 '12

    She is the most contemptuous h/m ever this isn’t the least bit funny, it was done last year & that was funny. This is just her being the vile creature that she is. If she does stay ( hope she doesn’t ) any takeaways, dinners or treats B.B should stipulate that She isn’t allowed any.

    Why does the other munter off the house ( Ashliegh ) keep calling her Catherine what with that & 100% she is becoming the most irritating h/m ever ( hope she goes aswell )

    • I noticed that the other week, i thought maybe i heard her wrong as i tend to switch off when she speaks, and nobody seems to correct her, not even the vile Caroline. Same here hope they both go :yes:

      • yeahyeahyeah on 6:36am July 27 '12
        MEMBER (202 COMMENTS)

        I think it’s a “nickname” from when Victoria was in the house…she couldn’t remember Caroline’s name, and kept calling her Catherine. I think a couple of the other HMs stuck with it.

  3. AmericanCousin on 4:29am July 27 '12

    Not to seem vile but I thought it was utterly hilarious when Caroline busted herself in the eye. My nana always said that God didn’t like ugly. Hopefully, Conor will go and she will have to stay to suffer through ordering all that chocolate. What an idiot BB has casted. She isn’t even fun to watch.
    @Acrentwistle, I do remember when Harry did that with the banana’s but @ least he was a decent HM unlike Caroline. Sabotaging the shopping was just childish and boring. Not even her “friends” are thrilled.
    Outkast has a song called “Caroline” and I’m convinced they know her!!

    • Canadiana on 6:07am July 27 '12

      Agreed! When Harry did that, I think it did win him points with the public because it was evident that it was a joke and he was a decent human being. Caroline on the other hand was just flat out being a childish jerk.
      I have watched countless seasons of both American and UK Big Brother (UK format is my favourite though) and I can safely say that Caroline is one of my least favourite housemates ever!

    • poppy44 on 8:22am July 27 '12

      Totally agree american cousin.

  4. I really hope that Conor goes tonight, yes Caroline is vile but she wont win, Conor might win with the Irish vote so we need to get him out tonight, Caroline will keep, if she is there on final night it gives the outsiders more chance of winning.

  5. It is NOT a double eviction tonight…. please please take your chance and get Conor out, we all know that he will get immunity in the white room, if he is in the final he will win. Get him out this is your last chance.

  6. poppy44 on 7:58am July 27 '12

    BB i think caroline should eat all the chocolate seeing as she loves it soooo much. Give the other housemates a new task to win another shopping list. What goes around comes around, I feel sorry for her parents.

  7. jennyjuniper on 8:03am July 27 '12

    I’m sorry to say that Alice Levine knows that Conor is safe. She was in the task room last night and created a task just for Conor. Then she said ‘you can see the task on Saturday night’ Now how can BB say he is not their blue eyed boy??

  8. jennyjuniper on 8:08am July 27 '12

    Carowhine is a nasty, spiteful and stupid person, who can’t even think up something original. I know it would be justice for her to leave tonight but if she stays that black eye may not be the only one she gets.

  9. poppy44 on 8:12am July 27 '12

    Caroline needs to read a book called how to win friends and influence people.

  10. microsis on 8:38am July 27 '12

    Its not a double eviction tonight ,mores the pity

    I wonder how it’s going to work next week with nominations ,,,,,,what if the hm that wins the free pass to the final in the white-room task ,,,is one of the hms up for eviction :surprised:
    :music: :music: :music:

  11. Just proves how vile Caroline is, copying Harry from the previous series and doing such a bad job at it, at least Harry got healthy food (Banana’s) while Caroline has gone for chocolate and sweets? I can see people like Luke S being really p**** off with this, and hopefully this will give him a excuse to nominate her in the next nominations if she hasnt gone already

  12. microsis on 8:55am July 27 '12

    REX BB 9 was the first hm that I recall to sabotage the shopping list

    Having lost the shopping task and only on basic rations
    Rex ordered 50 surprise prizes
    :music: :music: :music:

  13. Sally on 10:16am July 27 '12

    Messing with the shopping list not funny never was never will be.
    A joke is supposed to make people laugh not get mad.The only reason that Luke s would be mad is if he didn’t get his protein shake. He didn’t want the smokers to have a decent ration of cigarette so it serves him right. We will see the true extent of this story tonight. :cool:

  14. jennyjuniper on 10:47am July 27 '12

    If the voting isn’t fixed, then how could Jamie Sutcliffe be so sure that only one will leave tonight? Say for example two of the housemates received the same amount of lowest votes, wouldn’t there have to be a double eviction?
    Also can anyone tell me how we the public can check out who counts the votes and what the vote count is for each person?

    • Fudge on 11:16am July 27 '12
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      He would have to know for production reasons for the show. The chance of two housemates each receiving exactly the lowest number of to save votes would be infinitessimal I should think. They might delay the closing of the lines for a few minutes if that were the case.

  15. This is the best thing ever she is the best one in there by far. GO CAROLLINE :party:

    • AmericanCousin on 12:19pm July 27 '12

      Shows your maturity level. Caroline offending and pissing people off that hasn’t done anything wrong to her(including her friends) is just awful. I wouldn’t ever want a friend like her. She’s the type of friend that sees a bus coming to hit you and sits back and laughs hysterically instead of yelling for you to get out of the way. No thanks. This girl has major psychological issues.
      She clearly hates her image brushing that mange into a wickety witch broom and always covering her with towels, sweaters,etc. Even Becky has more confidence than she does. She is very insecure,mean, and childish. That’s no good. She is not good to watch, nor is she a good person. I pray they hide her brushes for the rest of the show. Now that would be funny.

    • brains on 12:20pm July 27 '12

      you having a laugh must be a wind up no decent person could like or support her,the only one who thinks she is funny and laughs is herself.i hope she does stay tonight and coner goes then let her eat what she ordered for a week see if she finds that funny.

    • on 12:29pm July 27 '12

      Are you watching the same show as the rest of us ? Not only is she is a vile backstabbing bitch she also relishes in the idea of making people’s life hell. Her parents must be wondering why she turned out so vile, unless they are equally obnoxious which I somehow doubt. I think when she does come out she should seriously consider hiring a body guard , as not only has she intimidated & angered h/ms, she has also angered & infuriated viewers by ruining this years B.B :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry:

      • AmericanCousin on 7:47pm July 27 '12
        MEMBER (278 COMMENTS)

        I agree, guys. She’s unbearable. :puke:
        It would be funny if she had to be isolated and finished all that chocolate :happy:
        I do wonder how she will be recieved when she takes the walk of shame out of the house. I say a hailstorm of brushes and chocolate bars from the audience. :giggle:
        She’s the girl that mom warned us about being friends with! :puke:

  16. Can I just take this chance to say that Becky is completely nasty! Caroline and Connor have been very nasty to her in the past and yet she takes her dislike out on Deana, who in my opinion has never done anything nasty to her. Calling her a dick and saying she hates her over a secret task boy I bet she felt like an idiot. I can’t stand her, she needs to go soon, you guys may not see it but out of all of them she really thinks she is going to win! No chance!

  17. monty on 3:15pm July 27 '12

    If BB would give Adam and Luke A a special task to win 200 cigarettes then when they successfully complete it tell them they MUST NOT share them with the other hm’s that will wipe the smirks off the insiders’ faces. Surely it would start another bitchfest!! :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

  18. Recker on 3:48pm July 27 '12

    OK The audience thought it was funny when Harry did it because Harry was a nice guy and because of that the public saw it as a funny joke. Caroline has shown herself to be a spiteful manipulative person this entire series. She thinks she’s gong to get evicted, that’s why she sabotaged the shopping.

  19. put caroline in a seprete room herself with all the chocolate and make her eat it till shes sick the nasty piece of work she is

  20. Hope :devil: Caroline stays this week, not coz I like her but to take the flack for the shopping list :party: , she will be back up for eviction next week. Get rid of :puke: Ashleigh or :puke: Conor this week. :party:

    • unfortunately if she and conman stay I don’t think that she’ll get any flack. Conman gave her his support as it was causing max. stress for Adam and Luke A. The bully bunch wouldn’t dare speak out against conman for fear of being pushed out of the bully bunch and conman attacking them like he does Deanna. I think Adam may say something, but she will be completely protected by the bully bunch

      • Maybe she will get some protection from Conor, but Becky and Scott are really annoyed with her, there could be a major conflict between them all next week

        • once tubbecka know’s conman is ‘on board’ she will not squeal in any shape or form; and as for Scot don’t forget carolie is the type of person he aspires to be. He’s a working class lad pretending to be a toff, therefore we may get a grumble or so out of him but not much else.

          However I really hope I am completely wrong and you’re right – i’d love for her to get her just desserts – literally and metaphorically !!!!

  21. jennyjuniper on 5:01pm July 27 '12

    The danger is if Carowhine and Conman stay tonight that they will both be in the white room and ensured a place in the final. Not a happy thought.

  22. cazzerefc on 5:03pm July 27 '12

    i think conor will be in the final and caroline, because bb want them to stay in . conor for his vile comments about deana should have been booted out and caroline,s racist comments should also have been kicked out , but have been let off constantly. with a telling off. would not have happened on c4. hope the outsiders win.

    • BBNut on 5:22pm July 27 '12

      Due to the dwindling viewing figures :c5: are obviously looking for maximum ratings for the final. I expect every BB viewer is itching to see the moment Conor and Caroline and whoever from their vile crew is left fed to the wolves as it were. So In a way that is the only positive of them both making it to the final, it’s normally quite manic and the crowd will make their feelings clear without doubt! Unless tonight changes everything? :wondering:

  23. AmericanCousin on 7:56pm July 27 '12

    I just want Luke A. to lay it on Caroline nice and thick. She would go running away with her tail tucked between her legs.
    …on my way to rewatch the clip of Luke A. laying into Becky’s fake @ss.
    Oh, before I go, one more mean thing about Caroline- is it me or does she look like one of those bag ladies you see with matted hair and mangy clothes and a thousand cats walking through the streets smelling of piss and muttering nonesesical’s. I can’t even imagine her dating a young man. Is it me or is she asexual?

  24. brokenangel on 9:09pm July 27 '12

    She is a manky mare. Adam asked her not to leave off baccy on purpose. Good job I wasn’t in there, she would of been put in the pool.

    • AmericanCousin on 9:32pm July 27 '12

      lol @ manky mare :evilgrin:
      I think the same thing, like my level of patience would have been tested fold and one of those many times I’d throw caution to the wind and spaz :angry:
      This is why I admire Deana, Adam, and Luke A. for their patience and maturity. :clapping:

  25. brokenangel on 9:28pm July 27 '12

    If we all vote Ashleigh to stay then one of the others will be gone :)

  26. I wonder if Conor and gang would have thought it hillarious if one of the outsiders had sabotaged the shopping list, doubt it. BB shouldnt give them anything extra, let them stew untill the next shopping list then dont put any treats on it, dont give them any option to buy chocolate, protien shakes or anything treat wise, just veg salad meat etc, watch becky go into meltdown.

    • Nope, i’m afraid it’s always only ‘funny’ when you’re instigating stuff like this, not if you are on the receiving end. Thats the nature of bullying.
      Bullies always hate the taste of their own medicine. Highlighted by Tom’s question to caroline on BBOTS last night.

  27. Conor was in his elements on seeing how upset Adam and Luke were about the ciggaretts, I however was in my elements to see how vile mouthed Ashley was when they wouldn;t share with her, that was classic

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