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Caroline is eighth to be evicted from Big Brother 2012
Caroline has become the eighth housemate to be evicted from Big...
Nick | Day -321

Caroline has become the eighth housemate to be evicted from Big Brother 2012, while Adam, Ashleigh, Conor, Deana, Luke A, Luke S and Sara have been saved from the pubic vote.

Caroline, a 20-year-old former boarding school girl from Surrey, describes herself as “weird, embarrassing and a bit of a loser.” She also confesses that she is terrible with boys, “I’m not a very cool person; if I try to act aloof I come across socially inept.”

Earlier this week the remaining housemates were surprised with a shocking twist set by Big Brother, thatevery housemate to receive just one nomination or more was put up for eviction by Big Brother. The only housemates not to receive any nominations were Rebecca and Scott and they became safe for another week.

The only paid job she’s had was as a Chugger (Charity Mugger) which her parents forced her to get when she dropped out of University. She didn’t last long as she dropped her phone down a toilet meaning her employers couldn’t contact her.

She’s never maintained a relationship for longer than a week, she says she “repels” boys, “I’m really inappropriate”.

During the live eviction show the crowd shouted to get Caroline out of the house and as Brian Dowling revealed the result the crowd then cheered and applaused.

Upon leaving the house Caroline received only boo’s. During her interview with Brian, she reacted to the crowds reactions by saying: “I f**cking love it”.

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Let us know your reactions to this week’s eviction by dropping a comment below. Was Caroline the right housemate to leave tonight?

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  1. YES!! I hope Conor can make it to the final….I don’t want him to win but the house would be boring without him.

    Next to go: Becky Please!

    Anyone want to place some bets that Becky will bounce back to the outsiders once the power is back in their hands?

    • I’ll put £50 on that, what are the odds?

    • Saw a clip on BBOTS of Conor bitching to Luke S and naming the people he will never speak to again INCLUDING Sara. he is a horrible vile human being. He has never voted for the boys just the girls specially Deana and now he has Sara in his sights even though he was furious with Adam and Luke A He is putting plenty of ideas into Luke S’s head also. I absolutely HATE Conor. Why would he be so horrible about Sara??? Oh I know it didnt suit him that her name was called first when saved followed by the three outsiders. Horrible man!!!!!!!

    • zeppelin on 7:20pm July 28 '12

      Are you F*****G mental , Conor in the final , he should have out of the house weeks ago.

    • Sprinkle-doodle-pump on 12:07pm July 29 '12

      Conor or Becky to go next, both are as bad as each other.
      But wait, Becky has all that chocolate to devour before the next eviction, BB should make it the shopping task for next week easy-peasy for her.
      After all she’s given up speaking to devote more time to getting through it all :bigsmile:

  2. on 10:09pm July 27 '12

    I hope she gets ripped to shreds mentally & physically .

  3. dragon on 10:12pm July 27 '12

    It is ten past two Friday afternoon here in US How did Carolines eviction go, she was obviously booed a lot.

  4. Bad result, wish she could have stayed!!

  5. lillian on 10:38pm July 27 '12

    conor should have gone she would definitely have been nominated next week

  6. so glad caroline out horrible human being. however it would have been good to save her and luke s out to see how housemates treated her after the shopping fiasco etc

  7. Conor shud of gone but his plan to make Caroline look worse them himself this week worked and Caroline knew ruining the shopping wud do that too, as she wants keep conor on her side even though he as used her all the way through

  8. :rofl: im not glad caroline left cuz i was lmao wen she just ordered chocolate lol! i wnt ashleigh nd luke s 2 go 2 da semis cuz i just love dem!!! luke a nd adam i wnt out!!!! xx


  10. So glad Caroline the bitch is out :bigsmile: get awfull coner out next !

  11. Finally this fat hideous beast is out… she looked absolutely terrible.. foul mouth cow..her parents should be ashamed

    • Her parents are responsible for dragging the cow up, so she probably developed her racist/bigot views in the home.

      • no- one is responsible for how an adult chooses to be but the person themself. Sometimes an adult has to make difficult choices and stand alone. Carolie is not a child, therefore she is solely responsible for her own behaviour. If her parents are racists, she can choose to reject such destructive idealogies.
        That level of nastiness to others is ALWAYS a sign of deep pain inside. Basically when a person bully’s another, they are perceiving that other person as being in a better place than themself, and by bullying they are trying to bring that person to the sad place they are in.
        I honestly hope she sorts herself out, and starts adding positive energy into the world instead of what she has chosen to do so far.

        • Clearly the fact caroline has had spoilt upbringing is the fault of her parents. She obviously is a spoilt brat and i blame her parents for that. They are responsible for her reluctance to develop into an adult , instead she remains stagnant in a brat like state.

          • If only parenting was that simple. Those used to be my type of thoughts before I became a parent – it’s a real shock.
            Studies show that peers and society’s role models, ie. those in the magazine/newspapers and on popular show s like BB infact have a greater effect than parents on how youngsters of today choose to be.
            Last year a complete bully won BB, thats why this year there was more bitching than ever before. The contestants are merely behaving in ways that they think will curry favour with the viewers and hence give them a win. Further, if another bully wins again a lot of impressionable people especially kids will start bullying in real life as they see it as a good thing that is rewarded with being a winner, smiles from Emma w. et al, fireworks, applause, being famous etc.

            You may be right that her parents are complete a*seholes and responsible, but none of us have actually seen/met them (well I certainly havn’t) so cannot blame them.

            Her behaviour and appearance was very much someone who has NEVER had a true friend all her life. I would guess she has/is herself in a group of frenemies.

    • Tell mi about so ugly an that dirty hair can’t stand her feel sorry for her parents :clapping:

  12. Poor Caroline, she’s an entitled brat and pitiful excuse of a person.

    The “insiders” should have a good think about who was saved first this week and ponder what they’re doing wrong to not be saved. Did you notice Conor’s chest heaving nervously when he realized he was in the bottom 4? Luke S also looked like he was going to break down any second. Not so tough and cool as they try to make themselves seem.

  13. Caroline Was giving me nightmares, literally, aweful person, get Conor out next, stupid fool

  14. on 11:49pm July 27 '12

    Considering B.B went out of their way to get Caroline a new eviction dress why did she still look like a bag of
    shit ? Answer: because she is a horrible, ugly bitch

    • yeahyeahyeah on 12:23am July 28 '12

      caroline got a new dress from BB? Why? Didn’t she bring one into the house?

      • on 12:42am July 28 '12
        MEMBER (189 COMMENTS)

        She did but the fat lazy cow didn’t excell in any of the tasks & all she did was eat & bitch consequently none of her outfits fitted the fat lazy cow. So B.B in their infinite wisdom decided that as she was such a good h/m they’d buy her a new outfit,

        • AmericanCousin on 3:20am July 28 '12
          MEMBER (278 COMMENTS)

          I am laughing hysterically @ your comments. I think they should have let her come out in that matted sweater to fit that matted head of heair,lol. Brian Dowling said it felt kid of brittle or something to that effect. I say put the cow on suicide watch because her emotions were bizarre. I’ve worked with psych patients before and she def acts like one. I wonder if she’s a cutter hence the stack of bracelets to cover the scars, hmmm. Def some deep pain within her.
          Anyway, I;m glad to see her go, should’ve been Conor but I’ll take what I can get @ this point.

          • Her hair and bracelets are her attempts at being ‘edgey’ – remember her comments to scot about his underpants.

            She has clearly in real life only accumulated frenemies who are advising her to her detriment. What we observed was a person who has never experienced true friendship.

            That is why she gravitated towards the group with abusive behaviour patterns, and became its leader’s (double headed monster: puke s and conman) right-hand person, tubbecka filling in role of his left-hand when it became absent with Shevonne’s exit.

  15. on 1:09am July 28 '12


  16. 5169paul on 1:09am July 28 '12

    the bitch has only been out ten minutes and the bitching has started again conor and kuke s are never gonna speak to adam and luke a . ashleigh is bitching to sarah about deana and becky. what a set of absolutely vile people. the interview caroline was sickening just ten minutes slagging adam and luke a off. and the swearing on national tv .pity the outsiders next week the will all be nominated just hope that ugly fat becky is . dont know how much of this piss i can take

  17. Whilst I had a mega dislike for caroline,I felt sorry for her as liken to a dear in the headlights,she had no idea or response to the mob or questions from interviewers,tore the poor girl apart it was crash at it’s finest with a prinkling of awkward thrown in….

  18. Good result although would not have minded Ashleigh or Becky going either. Adam or Luke A to win. Dull Deana is getting even more boorrrringggg.

  19. rionablue on 1:19am July 28 '12

    Sara did brilliantly. I love her. I think she is now officially an outsider and would do well to stick with them. If she does I cant see any reason for all four or them not to be in the final. It would be the best result definitely. What the F*** has Conor against her??????????

    • AmericanCousin on 3:26am July 28 '12

      Hate to burst your bubble, but she ain’t no outsider. She’s in no man’s land. Tonight on live feeds she let Ashleigh play with her mind about Deana and as a result Sara said to Ashleigh “I won’t trust her anymore” so then Deana and Sara went to talk about squabble to do with Caroline(still wreaking havoc even in her absence(just like a cancer)) in the bedroom and in walks Ashleigh just to see if she could get an eatful. Sara is cool and everything but def not an insider, soldier, nor a Dream Team member. She puts on as if she’s saved Deana when in fact she really hasn’t but questioned Deana’s loyalty over and over- what kind of friend is that? She even had Deana questioning her loyalties with Adam. Please, people stop making it out like Sara is some kind of saint. She misses and likes Caroline- if that’s not enough to go on, then I don’t know what is. Sara is not hero.

      • Biddy on 8:28am July 28 '12
        MEMBER (906 COMMENTS)

        Well said Americancousin…..I don’t trust Sara either, she flits from one side to the other,, think the outsiders must watch their backs, becareful what they say in front of her…..
        She stuck up for Deana when Adam fell out with her but what about when Conor was horrid to Deana ,,where was Sara then…..I agree Sara is definately not a hero…

        • AmericanCousin on 10:34am July 28 '12
          MEMBER (278 COMMENTS)

          Thanks Biddy. Note, the only person professing that Sara did all this great stuff is Sara. She even got Deana to say “yeah, you stuck up for me a lot in here”- when Deana??

        • You are both very much in the minority if you say those things about Sara. She has proved herself time and time again in the house as being a nice girl not in the least fake and when the housemates voted the most genuine housemate they voted Sara. It was absolutely unaminous with both insiders and outsiders. She is not your average model, doesnt constantly look at herself in mirrors, slather herself in makeup, drop hair extensions all over the place, or jump into bed with the first available man. Of all the models who have come into Big Brother Sara is head and shoulders above the rest and Im NOT talking about her height :yes:

          • No sorry,you are the one who is in the minority. sara realised she wasn’t making a good impression and asked BB if she was an extra. Since then she has been Deanas friend. Sara did not stick up for her against Connor. She mixes with insiders when they bitch about outsiders then fawns over outsiders. if she had a backbone she would choose a side.

      • I totally disagree with you americancousin. Sara is a really nice girl and is probably trying to get on with everyone but I think she is drawn more towards the outsiders. Ashleigh is a complete and utter shit stirrer and of course maybe at times Sara cant see through this. She probably acted in haste when talking to Deana but when push comes to shove she is the ONLY girl ally that Deana has and that in itself is a good thing. Even the best of friends in there have fallings out. Look at Adam and Deana???? How many times have they fallen out. I agree that Sara used to like Caroline but she saw her true colours the other day and took her to task about it when Caroline was be littling stuff that Sara was saying. Sara Luke A and Deana are the three housemates I think deserve to be in the final. Possibly Adam, and Scott might reserve final judgement on those for the moment. Sara has a big following and I think this is very worth noting. She has proved that not all pretty girls are full of themselves, bitching, or jumping into bed with the first available man

        • sammyvan on 1:14pm July 28 '12
          MEMBER (1316 COMMENTS)

          I would have agreed with you about Sara until I saw her during live feed last night. Maybe she had been drinking…that always seems to mess with her mind? I did not like her questioning Deana continuously, but not being able to give Deana an answer when Deana wanted to know “what and when” she had said to make Sara question her loyalty. Sara repeated again and again…’ err I dont know….its just like… dont know… but sometimes…well you said… dont know really, maybe I misunderstood’ and on and on.
          What on earth was Sara trying to say? Did she think she was somehow now more popular than all the outsiders? I dont like the Sara we saw last night, even if Ashleigh had been messing with her mind she should have realised simply from the fact Ash was in the bottom 4, that the outsiders could be trusted more. In Shiv’s words, Sara needs to stop being a “flip flopper” and sort out where her loyaltys lie. I hope she wont make me regret giving her votes?. Lets hope the F and F who are doing the nominating this week give her some indication as to who she should be well as Scott.

          • Yayah on 2:38pm July 28 '12
            MEMBER (37 COMMENTS)

            I think after last night, we all did see a very unpleasant side to Sara. It could have been the alcohol talking? Herself? We can’t tell. I hope BB shows the clip tonight. However, I feel like there is no one to blame but Ashleigh. Ashleigh got into her head as Sara, at the moment, believed she’s top notch on the show. But, I don’t know if it’s just me who noticed this, when Deana was up with Arron, Conor & Becky and Brian revealed she received the highest votes; Sara all of a sudden turned. Before that, their relationship wasn’t even a conversational, I don’t know if Sara is using Deana or not, but we know she’ll never be an outsider. You really can’t tell if she’s a gameplayer or not, but my four soldiers will always be Lauren, Deana, Luke A & Adam. Let’s not forget Sara is still Ashleigh’s wing man, she was just drunk at the time & let Fartleigh get into her head.

          • BBNut on 5:25pm July 28 '12
            MEMBER (195 COMMENTS)

            I’m so glad you acknowledged this with everyone too SammyVan! I actually shouted “shut the f*** up!” at the screen and was close to throwing something at it! She was extremely grating, repeating the same sentence over and over again, not answering Deana at any time or giving her the opportunity to stupid girl! Alcohol or no alchohol it seems she’s made her mind up and it’s no excuse! I too hope they air this clip in tonight’s show as i think Sara’s true colours were definitely shining through there, and no she isn’t the saint people make out she is. Infact, i still believe that every housemate has given Deana a hard time for absolutely no reason whatsoever. She deserves to win for so many different reasons and i hope she does. :clapping:

  20. Sue123 on 1:40am July 28 '12

    didn’t like caroline but rather conor had gone.voted to save every one but conor.wasted my money.

  21. yeahyeahyeah on 1:52am July 28 '12

    I would have been more brilliant to see Conor out, and have Caroline stay in the house one more week and face the consequences of her actions.

  22. AmericanCousin on 3:34am July 28 '12

    Caroline is a stone away from being institutionalized. Mark my words, kiddies, I see a life of regimented activities and modd stabilizers or a house full of cats, piss smelling matted sweaters, and a face full of makeup. Kids will tell legends about her and how she chases people down the street with butcher’s knives. It ain’t gonna end good for this little girl if she doesn’t change her ways.
    p.s. Sara is no saint. Reiterating to Deana that she stood up for her, puh-lease. Against who? Big bad Adam. I am so over Sara and her annoying voice. I just hope Deana doesn’t fall for it because Ashleigh is trying to throw a monkey wrench in their “friendship” and as of late, Sara has fallen for it. Sara should’ve stood up to Conor and Arron when they were bullying her or to big-mouth Becky. Sara full of shit. She sat with the insiders when it served her purpose, now she wants to flip-flop between the two group as to come off as neutral when she still let’s Fugshleigh put ideas into her head. Just because she doesn’t like Conor doesn’t make her favorable to me.

    • Sarah is Deanna’s frenemy, not her friend as evidenced in the live feed last night. As such sarah is worst than the bully bunch, as frenemy’s do real head f*ck in order achieve their aim.
      Sarah latched on to Deanna when they were told Deanna had most votes. Last night, even though the results were announced in no particular order, sara’s name was read out first and Deanna’s last in the first round. This created an impression of Sarah having the most and Deanna the least votes in that group of four.
      Sarah was not acting under nastleigh’s influence, but wanted to drag Deanna into an argument in order to reduce Deanna’s popularity with viewers. to improve her own chances of winning. Deanna is the person she perceives as the real theat to her winning BB.
      She does not want a repeat of the Miss Scotland beauty pageant result where she still feels she was the rightful winner, but only got second place.
      Frenemies are worst than enemies.

      • microsis on 10:23am July 28 '12
        MEMBER (2007 COMMENTS)

        Hi goodstuff,,,, some really good observations
        I still don’t understand what the argument between deana and Sara was all about
        When deana asked Sara why she no longer trusted her ,Sara went round and round in circles
        “I like think like ,,why like ,,I like like ,,don’t understand like ”

        Well I don’t understand like ,and I’m sure deana don’t
        :music: :music: :music:

        • No one will understand, as it was in the follow-up of sara having her confidence boosted from being the first named housemate that was saved. As sara’s intentions since she first latched on to Deanna have consistently been insincere, it was sara’s clumsy attempt to secure ‘more ground’ relative to Deanna in her overriding aim to win BB. – simples!!!

          She was merely trying to drag Deanna into an argument and delivery a present to the bully bunch that she is one of them. Sarah thought she could outsmart the lot by a foot in both camps, but has angered conman as bully leaders demand complete loyalty. Sara was shocked when her friend caroline was taking the piss out of her, hence her angry self defence. Her tears in the diary room where linked to the realisation that the bully bunch had expelled her; and she is desperate to get back into its fold. ‘birds of a feather….’

          As last night sara’s aim was outsmarted by Deana,( who wouldn’t take the bate, and remained calm and rational) she will today put on a tiny bikini (in case any prof. footballers and lags mag editors are watching)
          and ‘apologise’ to Deana etc.

          Read my other comments on sara on her own page on this site if you have several hours to kill !!!!! Nice to get agreement, I’ve been taken to task by her supporters!!!

          • jennyjuniper on 11:43am July 28 '12
            MEMBER (1179 COMMENTS)

            I agree with what you say. I like Sara, but her motivations are a bit suspect. I especially thought that when she told Adam off, but never said a word to Conor, who let’s face it is Deana’s sworn enemy.

        • on 11:40am July 28 '12
          MEMBER (189 COMMENTS)

          The argument was a continuation of Daenna saying how pleased she was that she had met Caroline. None of the h/ms ( inc. Adam & Luke.A ) could understand that what DEANNA was saying was that she was glad she met a character like Caroline because she couldn’t believe that a horrible character like that existed. They took it that DEANNA liked Caroline. She has tried to explain what she meant for the past 2 days but none of them understand what she’s trying to say

          • I’m fairly confident that is not the case, but lets see if tonight’s show can give us clarity?

            We may all be ‘barking up the wrong tree’!!!!

      • AmericanCousin on 10:26am July 28 '12
        MEMBER (278 COMMENTS)

        GS, I’m with you every step. I just can’t believe how she went around campaigning to Deana as if she is this Godsend. It blew my mind at the nothingness that was coming out of her drunk mouth. She really did try to do Deana in, well.
        I definitely agree that a frenemy is worse than a friend. I just hope people will see Sara for what she is.
        Let’s not forget the beligerent drunk on one of the first few night who went on a tangent about God saving the Queen-which is fine but note how she reeled in that nasty buzzard personality quickly when heads went to turn.
        You said it, yesterday, GS :handshake:

        • welcome aboard again AC !!!
          see my comments on her page on this site if you have time. Her supporters not pleased about my views!!

        • The ‘God save the Queen’ rant was another one of her attempts to gain viewers votes. As you know because of the extensive propanganda put out by the Royal Family in recent years, there is presently a lot of support for Royalty in Britain . This was evidenced during the recent Diamond Jubilee celebrations.
          Sarah thought this would win her favour hence votes – although as a Tory party supporter the two do always go hand in hand, so I think she genuinely does believe that its good that one family of people live opulently at the expense of the majority who ironically pay for them – Perverse or wot??

      • THAT IS A REALLY RIDICULOUS THING TO SAY. Sara looked really touched and grateful to be saved. She was fully aware it was in no particular order. She is a smart girl. God you REALLY hate Sara dont you???? Why dont you pick on a housemate that deserves all those horrible comments. There are plenty to pick from, Trashlieigh, awful Becky, Horrendous Conor, Luke S the vainest man I have ever seen. Why why why are you constantly slating Sara on all the posts in here??????? I agree with rionablue and alot of Saras supporters. Obviously the British public like her also :devil:

        • NO, SORRY BUT:

          1) It is my honest view, it’s different from your’s and other sara supporters, but as valid.

          2)I honestly have no hatred whatsoever towards her. I have never met her so cannot have a reason to hate her. I’m reflecting my thoughts from the observations I’ve made.

          I am watching a gameshow where people (as in real life) try to get ahead of the next person. I only respect and admire those winners who achieve their win through their own skill and determination. Those who try to ‘win’ by exploiting, destroying and ‘piggy backing’ others need to be exposed.

          If once again BB delivers a winner whose used bullying tactics (like last year), this has a negative effect on impressionable people and kids, hence society; and next year’s candidates will be worse than this year’s.

          Yes I agree she has supporters. My guess is that most of her votes are either loyalty votes from Scotland (as per conman’s loyalty voters from Ireland), her real life friends and family, and a lot of men voting with their genitals as she is a stunning looking young woman.

          You are right that there are plenty of other nasties in the house. But I believe a frenemy is worse than an enemy; and a frenemy is definately what sara is to Deanna.


  23. AmericanCousin on 3:58am July 28 '12

    And Sara voted for Luke A. and Lauren, let’s not forget when it was face-to-face. She’s def no outsider.
    Also, I don’t mean to offend any Sara backers, I think she’s an alright gal but she has some cracks. Just watch the live feeds for day 53 when she and Deana are in the bedroom.

    • I hope Caroline actually learn’s from her experience for real and changes; and hope she realises she needs no make-up. She is actually quite a pretty girl. I hope all the housemates stop wearing the slap – they look better without.

  24. Would’ve been nice if she’d stayed so she’d had to eat chocolate for a whole week but hey, I’m happy so long as the outsiders are still there :)

  25. Well done people, by getting Caroline out you have just put Conor into the final, he will in no doubt get immunity this week. A kick in the teeth for all women out there.

  26. jennyjuniper on 8:29am July 28 '12

    Caroline leaving is a double edged aword. Happiness that she’s gone and despair that it wasn’t Conor. Still I’m glad that Lauren was on the BOTS panel last night and that she really let Caroline have it.
    I’m puzzled by the people who say the house would be boring without Conor? Why? He doesn’t do much except push ups, sit on the sofa and silently (most of the time) encourage the idiots to gang up on the outsiders. He has no personality and what bit he has is horribly sexist and nasty. He and Luke S are as thick as one another. Even now they don’t get why the crowd cheers the outsiders and boos the insiders. Thick or what?

    • Biddy on 9:03am July 28 '12

      Well said Jenny,,,,Couldn’t agree more….
      Loved it when the outsiders were saved and the insiders sitting there looking glum to say the least!!!!
      Cannot wait for the moment Conor is evicted followed by Becky, then Luke S and Ashleigh, wipe the smugness off their faces…
      Would love to see Adam, Luke A and Deana in the final…
      :music: :music: :music:

    • AmericanCousin on 10:57am July 28 '12

      I agree with you both. I was puzzled myself as to how they could doubt outsiders looking in on the matter. If the viewers started watching the show from an objective view, wouldn’t we have a more level idea of what’s what and who’s who? Luke S. and Conor are so egotistical to think that they are in the slightest bit likeable or favorable or even fun to watch. You’re correct, both are quite boring.
      I vote thick.

    • AcerEntwistle on 12:41pm July 28 '12

      So glad Lauren was on the panel too..just a shame Caroline didn’t bother answering any of the questions properly. She was just like ‘I don’t care’ ‘i found it hilarious’…change the record! you could tell she was trying to dodge the bullet because inside she’s worried about how much she is hated. She couldn’t justify anything…she’s just nasty! Glad people cheered Lauren and booed Caroline…hopefully Caroline will watch back and realise how wrong she was about everything! Luke S really did seemed shocked and I bet Conor will be on his best behavior now his sidekick is gone. Considering they both want to win so much…they really are c**p at playing the game! Good riddance to Caroline…Ashleigh/Luke S/Connor/Becky next!!!

  27. microsis on 8:35am July 28 '12

    I really thought we were going to get a double eviction
    when Brian first said the voting line are now frozen ,and not the voting lines are now closed ,,,
    So glad Caroline is gone, if only she could have taken Conor with her
    :music: :music: :music:

  28. jennyjuniper on 8:39am July 28 '12

    Just thought of a PS. Loved it last night when Adam refused to give Ashleigh tobbacco, saying that she was in on Carolines plans with the chocolate, so she could eat that instead.Even though he relented and gave her some (I would have done the same, I couldn’t see my worst enemy without a fag, well maybe Conor and Caroline!!) it was still worth it to see the look on that dumbo Ashleighs ratty little face.

    • AcerEntwistle on 12:53pm July 28 '12

      That was so funny…Ashleigh completely spat her dummy out. She had a right cob on saying Adam better share and she goes outside and he’s shared it with everyone but her. She flipped her boat! And then when Luke A wouldn’t share his cig she stormed off and threw a cup…oh my life…so funny!!! I thought it was a bit harsh not to share it with her at first but i can see where Adam is coming from…if she knew the shopping budget was going to be sabotaged and didn’t do/say anything about it then she has to accept the consequences….and plus if the shoe was on the foot…would Ashleigh share with Adam and Luke??…would she heck!

  29. on 9:03am July 28 '12

    Thought that Luke.S face was a picture all the blood drained from him when he was left to stew with Caroline, he & Connor are so deluded, they honestly believe that it’s an affront that the outsiders are more popular than the insiders.
    Hopefully at least 1 of them will be up for noms this week, but then we have double evictions to think about & the white room. This COULD be a good couple of weeks as long as B.B play fair & don’t give in all the time to the outsiders.

  30. str-8-edge on 10:17am July 28 '12


  31. sara makes no sence talks a load of crap boring “insider”.

    • RUBBISH!!!!! How could she be boring. If she was the public wouldnt save her. How many times in the past have pretty girls been voted out just because they are pretty??// Sara is more than a pretty face. She is a really sweet girl. Even most of the housemates think she is the most genuine.

      • NO, Anon’s view is just different from yours but just as valid.

        Sarah was most probably saved by loyalty votes from Scotland, her family and friends, and men voting with their genitals because she is definately a stunning looking young woman.

        For the record, BB has in the past produced three very good looking woman who were also ‘beautiful on the inside.’ Namely, Kate Lawlor, Rachel, and Sophie. All three had the looks and did not need/try to ‘piggy back’ their way to win, as sara is doing with respect to Deanna. They used there own skills and strengths.


        • I wouldnt call Sophie goodlooking with her hair extensions massive fake boobs and dim personality. It was that year that men were voting with their nether regions for sure. Kate was a lovely girl. Rachel was completely and utterly boring and dull. She sat on the fence with NO OPINION on anything just goin witth the flow. She was booooed all the way when she won. I think Sara is a very nice girl. As do alot of people in here. I see no evidence whatsoever except the stuff her dislikers have been picking on, to believe otherwise. Sara for the final. And Pleeeeeeeeease her name is Sara not Sarah

          • I note your views. Whether or not someone is or is not good looking is always subjective ‘beauty being in the eye of the beholder’ etc., but I thought Sophie was a sweet little package, but like you I did struggle with all the fakery – i don’t think she or anybody ever needs to mess with themselves cosmetically.
            It’s good to agree on kate ‘one out of three aint bad’ misquoting meatloaf!!!
            Rachel was a calm thoughtful, not boring beautiful young woman in my opinion.
            Ignorant people booing does not take anything away from a deserved victory for rachel.
            I hope at some stage I can also see ‘nice girl’ Sara – I’ll let you know when/if it happens.
            Apologies for misspelling her name, I ‘ll try my best not to in future. I thought I heard h/m’s all call her Sarah not Sara – but maybe I’m mistaken? – I’ll listen properly tonight.
            If a lot of people in here agree with you, then you have nothing to worry about.
            Lets both enjoy the Game show in five.

  32. AmericanCousin on 11:17am July 28 '12

    Can I say Alice on BOTS is a horrible host? She sat there and coddled Caroline the whole way. I’m not saying she should’ve been rude to her, but I prefer Emma.

    • on 11:55am July 28 '12

      Quite agree with you she is a terrible host not the least bit funny, even when she has funny quips written for her on the auto cue she cocks it up,very amateurish.
      Also Emma would have laid into the vile creature more & told her a few home truths.

      I was hoping last night that we’d see the h/ms friends & family, maybe the likes off Connor, Luke.S, Ashleigh & Caroline haven’t got any. It would have been interesting though to see what Caroline’s family said about her behaviour. Mind you there probably so disgusted with her they wouldn’t want to own up to being related to her. Imagine your friends & maybe business associates found out that she was your daughter ! You’d drop them like double quick no messing about.

    • Canadiana on 10:47pm July 28 '12

      Agreed AC. Alice was a bit too passive with Caroline. Hope Emma gets well soon so we can see her with Caroline’s BOTS guest spots this week

  33. jennyjuniper on 11:51am July 28 '12

    When Adam and Luke A were telling Carowhine what a stupid, selfish b…. she was, her good ‘friends’ Conman and Luke-I love me, who do you love?- S, didn’t say a word in her defence. Yet after she left they were saying how much they ‘loved’ her. What a ciouple of hypocrites they are.
    Luke A and Adam on the other hand stayed put when Carowhine was leaving, thus proving that they at least are not hypocrites.

  34. I have never wanted someone out of the BB house more in my life. Caroline will likely have allot of issues with the public long after this is over. She will likely face a backlash so intense it will harm her for life. Hope she is smart enough to walk away and hide for a decent amount. If she attempts to “do the rounds” on tv. She will regret it quite allot. I have never actually wanted to spit in the face of another person but she is one that I actually would likely do it to. She is a horrifically spoiled young adult – learning the hard way may be the only way for her to understand.

  35. on 12:16pm July 28 '12

    Have just seen a VT on :c5: & it appears BEKKY isn’t talking to anyone because she thinks that the public saved Adam & Luke.A because they don’t talk to anybody & so thats what the public like !! The poor deluded beached whale is assuming that we are a bunch if numb nuts , she has failed to realise that the reason they were saved was because they are genuine guys who dont spend the whole time trying to see who they can upset & belittle.

    • brokenangel on 12:19am July 29 '12

      And what she has forgotten is that the public voted her in there so she should be grateful, she has took the public for suckers because she hasn’t delivered. So she is treading on very thin ice.

  36. brains on 1:12pm July 28 '12

    just read that bb is changing noms this week, the family are to do the nominations, is,nt it amazing now that it seems the outsiders are on a level playing field they take it away from them.if it is,nt a vote to evict why does,nt bb just share the money out amongst the four stooges and call it a day

    • I dont like this way of nominating they did it last year, but hopefully everyone will be up because the families of the outsiders will vote for the insiders, we might be lucky and get Conor up with only one other person, that would be good. It is about time BB gave the choice to the viewers though, with a vote to evict. I would imagine Deanas family will vote Conor,, lets hope they show the reason why because I dont think most of the housemates heard his sickening threat to Deana.

    • jennyjuniper on 5:35pm July 28 '12
      MEMBER (1179 COMMENTS)

      I agree, the level of unfair play on this show is incredible. BB are not even subtle when it comes to their favourites. I only hope the parents of Scott, Sara and especially Becky can also see clearly that Conor,Luke S and Ashleigh are vile and nasty. I say especially Becky, because while not to everyones taste, she was a good natured girl before she fell in with Conor and his gang. Since then she has become as bitchy as they are.

      • If the families vote this week and the housemates see the reason on the plasma screen wait for the fallout, lets hope the famiies of the outsiders milk it for all they are worth, tell them exactly what they think of the insiders. dont usually like BB messing with noms but this could be interesting. Come on outsiders families get Conor up for us.

    • sammyvan on 6:29pm July 28 '12
      MEMBER (1316 COMMENTS)

      It could be good this year. Last year the families were allowed to give their reasons without censorship – remember Faye’s family and their reasons!!
      So if the same is to happen this year would BB censor the families – would Deana’s family or friends be able to give the true reason? Would Ash’s F & F be able to tell her about Luke S and his ‘Bachelor’ comment?
      The F & F outside are in a much better position to nominate as they have seen the bitching going on and can make a decision that perhaps the HM’s would not. Lets hope Sara’s F & F will not target Deana – whether based on some perceived slight or tactical reasons?
      This could result in Conor, Luke S, Ash and Becky being up? We can but hope!

      • Biddy on 7:40pm July 28 '12
        MEMBER (906 COMMENTS)

        So hope you are right Sammyvan and those four are up…But i did hear Scotts dad on BBOTS say how much he liked Becky and Scotts friendship…just hope he can see her for what she is now,,a horrible vile person….
        This way of nominating worries me,,,,as i did think Scott and Sara may have nominated an insider… :sweating:
        :music: :music: :music:

        • People on here blame Carolines parents for her behaviour so that said can we hope that F&F willmake the right nominations. All is not right in the force I fear we could lose 2 outsiders on Wednesday.

      • jennyjuniper on 1:50pm July 29 '12
        MEMBER (1179 COMMENTS)

        I read on one of the other sites that Deana’s mum is furious with Scott over his ‘racist’ jibe, but I hope she realises that it was Ashleigh who started that conversation, also that Conor is far more nasty to Deana than anyone else in the house. Caroline said on BOTS that Sara’s mum had come up, given her a hug and said she Caroline was Sara’a mums favourite housemate!! So there could still be one of our insiders up next week. :worried:

        • sammyvan on 2:25pm July 29 '12
          MEMBER (1316 COMMENTS)

          Strange that this site has not updated for awhile? Whats up?
          Lots been happening – Adam won the latest task. He, with Deana and Luke A, were the final 3 in the task. Luke S and Conor, who gave up earlier, continuing to bitch inside, assisted by Becky and Ash. Conor still can’t get over his hatred of Dean and having ******* rants about her for absolutely no reason.
          Latest worry is the “white room task” which seems to indicate 3 HM’s will be chosen to enter the room [ does not say how they will be chosen] and the fear is they may be immune? One of these three will be eligible for a cut of £25.000 from the prize money….not going down too well that once again BB seem to be messing with nominations AND the prize money. Sounds like a double eviction on Friday. No doubt one of the reporters will update TBB soon……and give you more details.

  37. Sally on 2:27pm July 28 '12

    Last nights BB was BB at its best it had me on the edge of my seat.
    First the 3 outsiders and floater Sara were saved. :clapping:
    Then we get 4 outsiders the look on their faces was one of confusion. :doh:
    We were left with luke S and Caroline. Luke looked as though he was about to poo his pants. :rofl:
    Caroline out :yes: I wish that Conor was out of the house. I for one have not forgotten his evil rant or his continued vendetta against Deana. Conor out next.

  38. :worried: :wait:

  39. Luke S’s ego was so bruised last night – I’m sure he and Conor will be getting fired up about it (as we already saw with “I won’t ever speak to them again” clips). They still think they’re cool and apparently not getting the hint that the public doesn’t care for their cruel bashing ways. Not sure what to think about that Sara mess, maybe they’ll show more this week.

  40. jennyjuniper on 5:41pm July 28 '12

    Ashleigh’s one brain cell was overworked last night trying to figure out why she was booed. Conor and Luke S will no doubt convince themselves that the boos for them were meant for someone else and Scott in his quiet way was taking it all in and saying nothing, which in that house is probably a very wise thing to do.And for those people who complain that Deana is too quiet, can you blame the poor lass. Every time she says something, there is always one of those thicko insiders ready to jump down her throat and take offense. Deana, Luke A and Adam for the final three please.

  41. alice leivene is no presenter andrubbish at it and willis is not much better oh davina come back get becky out fat pig if u notice on the show she is always in the kichen doesnt suprise me

  42. zeppelin on 7:30pm July 28 '12

    Well done channel 5 , the lowest viewing audience in the history of BB , a `massive` 615,000 , maybe you might have got a little bit more if that brain dead irish cretin Conor had been kicked out weeks ago like he should have been :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry:

  43. Mikey on 9:44pm July 28 '12

    Did you notice only Carolines friends were there to greet her……no family!

  44. on 10:01pm July 28 '12

    How come theirs been no other posting on this site for
    24 hours ? Is it going kerputt like the others ?

  45. i am watching bbbots at the moment is there any person on this earth as horridor obnoxious as caroline please don’t promote her any more as she just has no concept of real life she is a true bitch

    • microsis on 11:25pm July 28 '12
      MEMBER (2007 COMMENTS)

      I agree Jean G ,what a nasty person she is
      And it was disgraceful that she was allow to be rude and insulting to one of the callers that phoned into bbbots tonight

      :music: :music: :music:

  46. brains on 11:06pm July 28 '12

    becky says she is not going to speak anymore cos thats what the public like (a dig at deana) well that should not be hard she has always got her hand over her mouth stuffing food in it, should get her a conveyer belt

  47. brokenangel on 11:24pm July 28 '12

    Who is that odd couple on B.O.T.S, the wierd one with Elvis hair has just insulted the whole of fekking Essex. When asked the question about Ashleigh giving someone a hand job under the table, said it could be true -she is from Essex. Cheeky basket, Ashleigh is not typical of Essex. We do have standards and morals.

    • microsis on 11:35pm July 28 '12
      MEMBER (2007 COMMENTS)

      I’m not certain Brokenangel,but wasn’t he a contestant on The Voice or XFactor ,
      What ever it was he was a very ignorant rude man
      Very disappointed in BBBOTS tonight
      :music: :music: :music:

      • brokenangel on 11:40pm July 28 '12
        MEMBER (122 COMMENTS)

        I can honestly say this is the worst night of B.O.T.S that I have seen, rude star guest and a what seems to be a drunk Caroline – if she isn’t then they need to book her into a mental health hospital soon. Disgraceful.

        • microsis on 11:47pm July 28 '12
          MEMBER (2007 COMMENTS)

          Well said Brokenangel :yes:

          :music: :music: :music:

        • Sprinkle-doodle-pump on 11:39am July 29 '12

          I totally agree and what was she wearing, it looked like she had just robbed a down and out. The shirt didn’t fit and she was holding it closed.
          She was also drunk, she needs some time in a closed ward bad taste bbots to put her on in the first place. She is the most vile human being ever. :devil:

          • maybe it was a new show – BB Bedtime?

            I thought she was in her jimjams and the two on the sofa were slugs in slippers (move over banana in pyjama’s two new superheroes have arrived…) who’d begudgingly had just gotten outta bed, had never watched a single episode of the series, and spouted nonsensical diarrhoea about h/m’s

            :dull: :dull: and more :dull:

  48. on 1:08am July 29 '12

    Plsssss plsssss do not have that vile creature Caroline on out screens again

  49. on 1:09am July 29 '12

    Plsssss plsssss do not have that vile creature Caroline on our screens again

  50. Caroline will be on BOTS, more asre kissing tonight. I hate how Alice kisses her asre no tough questions will be asked not that Caroline would be honest. Lauren is such a bitch the other night to her on Bots
    is what most people are saying Caroline never was mean to her while in the house.

  51. Sprinkle-doodle-pump on 11:30am July 29 '12

    I really feel sorry for Caroline’s parents.
    What a waste of a very expensive education, they would have been much better sending her to the local comprehensive and donating her school fees to a third world country where the books would have been really appreciated.
    They must be :brokenheart:

  52. Oh for GODS sake why hsnt this site been updated in TWO DAYS!!!!! Other sites are up to date

    • jennyjuniper on 3:00pm July 29 '12
      MEMBER (1179 COMMENTS)

      Don’t you ever have a day off?? This site is free and the best one going, so if we have to wait for an update now and again , so what.

    • We are sorry you are finding the website not updated as much as even we would like.

      When we started the website, we was all students with ample time on our. Now things have changed most of us don’t get as much free time as we would like.

      We always update the site as much as we can. If you would like to help us keep updated, why not apply to become a fab voluntary reporter? :)
      See the contact page for our email address if you would like to apply.

      BACKING TO WIN: Gina JOINED: 03/04/2011
      • BIG THANKS site people for the hard work that you do to enable us to rant and rave about h/m’s.

        What do you mean you had ample time when you were students?

        ummm. wasn’t like that in my days…we were busy playing pinball!!

        You should have been busting your guts studying !!!

  53. agree – the site people should be allowed to have a life.
    me thinks patience is a virtue…

  54. JUST like nasty shiv once out of the house they change caroline has done the same who said they can’t keep up an act what a nasty pair.

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