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Caroline gossips about ‘the outsiders’
Ahead of today's nominations, Caroline has been bitching about...
| Day -332

Ahead of today’s nominations, Caroline has been bitching about Luke A and Lauren – both part of the group known by viewers as ‘the outsiders’.

It’s nominations day in the house, and Caroline is making it quite clear who she wants to see up for eviction on Friday.

Earlier this morning, the 20-year-old Surrey girl spent almost an hour discussing her dislike of Luke A and Lauren to Luke S and Rebecca.

“It’s so unfair that they’re still here at the expense of nice people,” she told them.

“I can think why Luke A doesn’t like me. But that’s his problem,” Luke S agreed, without expanding further.

Caroline later had a similar conversation with Scott in the bathroom, where she described Lauren as a “horrible” person who acts nice to people only to gossip about them to the other ‘outsiders’.

Later housemates will have to nominate face-to-face at the end of this week’s ‘Gold Rush’ task.

Do you think Caroline’s gossiping will be enough to get Luke A and Lauren nominated should they fail to win immunity in the shopping task?

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  1. sammyvan on 3:12pm July 16 '12

    Of course it will which is exactly what she wants. It is the most obvious way of “talking” about nominations without actually saying ‘I am going to nominate ***** and ****.
    She really is the most revolting person and, second only to Conor, she needs to be evicted, to hear exactly what the public think of her and her bitchy personality.
    Would love a Lauren v Caroline eviction.
    Not sure how this Gold Rush will ‘pan’ out, but if it results in an all ‘outsider’ nomination then its all over.

  2. karenlink on 4:02pm July 16 '12

    couldnt agree with you more jenny.i think these have been the worst hms to date. never seen so much bitching.not just bitching, but the aggression from some of them does not make comfortable viewing.i think by far, caroline is the worst.she floats from group to group.adam was the 1st 1 to cotton onto her.face to face nominations is a bad idea.some who maybe wanted to nominate conor, will feel intimidated by him. and this is what bb want.ideally, it would be great to see both conor and caroline up, and a double eviction.but thats not going to happen.she said that adam was like a gorilla with no sanitation, and he was like martin luther king. clearly 2 references to the colour of his skin. nothing was said to her. someone needs to take that silver spoon out of her mouth, and shove it where the sun doesnt shine.

  3. bb should do something about that, get her out!

  4. What an absolutely horriable person Caroline is.I can,t bear to listen to all the nasty things she keeps spouting.Would love to see her up for nomination wish the housemates could see her for what she really is.

    • whitemyst on 10:03pm July 16 '12
      MEMBER (3601 COMMENTS)

      here here I agree, caroline and conner should be gone, it is uncomfortable viewing, and yes bb should be caroline up on the comments regarding adam. All of Carolines and Conners comments should be played into the house whilst everyone is on the sofa, so the housemates can see what horrible people they are. Becky is not far behind them as well ……

  5. dragon on 4:30pm July 16 '12

    As Caroline is repeatedly going from housemate to housemates saying how awful Luke A and Lauren are, I think BB should punish her by putting her up for eviction, to teach her a lesson that she cannot go around giving her opinion about housemates EVERY TIME nominations are due to be held. She is by far the bitchiest, and causing a lot of ill feelings.

  6. skippy1996 on 4:39pm July 16 '12

    I personaly Wouldn’t Mind an Outsider going because I find them Boring Guess I don’t mind Aslong as Scott stays he’s the only one thats not completly Boring and yet he’s also not nasty

  7. Jules on 4:42pm July 16 '12

    Scott has had his moments and he can be quite nasty tbh.

  8. brains on 4:49pm July 16 '12

    should give caroline and becky a cauldron and let them sit round it like the couple of witches that they for conor i have no respect for him at all, he is just a loud mouth bully and like a bully he knows who to pick on

  9. rionablue on 5:11pm July 16 '12

    I agree about Caroline being a bitch but I cannot TOLERATE Lauren with her whinging and her ‘Where am I going wrong?’ She is acting like a baby. And dont get me STARTED on Conor. I would love all three of the above out of that house!

    • Biddy on 6:20pm July 16 '12

      I think Lauren has every right to whinge,,so would you, with that vile lot talking about you all the time…they loved when she was dishing her cigerettes out to them , but once they were all gone they have been vile to her…….
      :music: :music: :music:

      • I agree with you on that one biddy I would winge if i was in her shoes I just wish lauren would stand up for herself cause its like she said caroline wouldn’t be like that with her in the real world, caroline wants karate chopping lol

  10. MrTommiiee94 on 5:36pm July 16 '12

    Well the Good won the task which means Scott LukeS and Sara are imune frm noms this week

  11. She is influencing nominations, as a punishment BB should put all the housemates up for eviction with a vote to EVICT.

  12. Biddy on 6:42pm July 16 '12

    We just have to hope the outsiders all vote the same or at least one nom each the same, then that will give one insider at least 4 votes which is usually enough to be up…..
    :music: :music: :music:

  13. Sally on 6:45pm July 16 '12

    I don’t think Scott Sara and Luke S being immune. has made any difference to the noms I doubt any of them would have been up anyway. :shake:

  14. on 7:37pm July 16 '12

    I think it’s most unfair off bigbrother to allow Caroline & to a lesser degree Bekky, to talk & influence h/ms votes it’s pretty obvious that Luke.A & Lauren will be up for eviction this week . Bigbrother should put that nasty conniving little bitch Caroline up for eviction she is the worse person ever on bigbrother .

  15. Mikey on 8:16pm July 16 '12

    it’s time they were all up….would love to see the faces of the so called in crowd when the outsiders get saved first

  16. Caroline’s parents must be so proud – not

  17. ingemushi on 9:02pm July 16 '12

    I totally agree that some housemates try and influence votes by constantly harping on how bad certain housemates are.

    I personally think that Deana has been behaving with so much dignity even though Connor is behaving terribly towards her. I think slowly but surely she is becoming more and more outspoken in a dignified manner. As Deana said, Luke S s relationship with Ashleigh is fake and as he said “the relationship with Ashleigh would most probably not continue on the outside” Shows what he is really about. Caroline is horrible and bitchy. Connor is a nasty, disgusting man. Ashleigh does not have her own brain.

    I do not want someone to win just because they caused problems in the house and were fun to watch. By all means keep some of these people, but ultimately I hope either Deana, Lauren, Luke A or Adam win.

  18. AmericanCousin on 11:59pm July 16 '12

    Caroline and Conor both are vile disgusting human beings. It just goes to show people like watching train wrecks on tv. I can’t stand Caroline and I doubt she can stand herself, hence her nasty and sneaky cunning ways. This child has a lot to learn about the world and I reckon it’ll be done the hard way.

  19. every week caroline slags ppl off then what a surprise the ppl shes been talking about (Lauren & Luke A) are up for nomination sort this out big brother before I decide I won’t be watching the show

  20. rhero on 2:00pm July 17 '12

    This article should of been called “The pot calling the kettle black”
    Seriously, she made these claims about them all being nasty and two faced, then she pretty much takes a giant sh*t all over it later on mocking Lauren in the bedroom..
    To me, it seemed like she said that because she knew it would probably make it to air and tried to look like the innocent one.. or as they’ve famously put it: BEING AN ACTRESS!

  21. luke A is more of a man than Conor or Luke S could ever be. Wake up Big Brother and smell the coffee.

  22. Does Caroline talk about anything else besides how disgusting and vile she finds other house mates?

    Every clip is just someone, mostly Caroline spewing nastiness about some one else.

    And what is up with the hair do? It looks like Cotton candy or candy floss as you call it :)

    Scott and Becky seems to be the only ones actually enjoying the experience, and having lots of childish fun which is quite entertaining.

  23. brokenangel on 12:03am July 18 '12

    What I want to know is : on BOTS -showed clip Becky saying to Lauren I didn’t know it would sway nominations – so if she guessed that happened how the hell did BB not pick up on it ? Why did they choose to ignore it more to the point?

    • I don’t get why they were so disgusted that Lauren went into the diary room to tell them about the nominations talk.. did they not think BB would hear that without her pointing it out?
      Do they actually think they can have conversations that wont be picked up by 50 cameras……………… ?

      It’s obvious they are now just voicing their disgust for 2 random house mates the day before nominations and just avoiding the word *nominate* and that seems to work well.

      BB needs to do more small secrets tasks and mix them up so they stop being so hateful towards each other, this is not entertaining any more :(

  24. carolypolyline fancies connor big time so when he says jump she says of course where into bed and she would big time!!!. they suit each other.

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