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Brian and Emma discuss Big Brother live feed
Big Brother show presenters Brian Dowling and Emma Willis have...
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Big Brother show presenters Brian Dowling and Emma Willis have been discussing the success of the live feed ahead of the series launch on the 5th June.

Backing the live feed for the show, Brian seemed confident that it attracts and delivers an extreme potential for Channel 5.

Speaking to Telly Mix, he said: “Everyone always wants to know what’s going on in your neighbour’s house, I listen, I’m really bad. And Big Brother allows you to do that… but in a legal way!”

He further explained that the live feed will be back after every live show for an hour, and added: “It worked really well last year, when we did the live nominations in January, over a million people watched. I think then they realised there was an interest in live feed, so there’s going to be live feed after every live show.”

Emma, who presents Big Brother’s Bit On The Side, is also behind Big Brother’s plans to air the hour a week live feed, claiming that not enough footage was shown of housemates during the last Celebrity series.

“I thought we’d see more of Gareth Thomas then we did, but then it’s that age old debate of we don’t really see anybody because there’s no live feed. It’s hard to tell, Gareth might have done loads!”, she said.

Despite fans reactions for 24 hour live feed, Channel 5 will be continuing with using social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, to bring the latest news to fans.

Do you agree with Emma, that not enough footage is shown of housemates during their stay in the house? Let us know by commenting below…

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  1. coxyy on 8:52pm June 1 '12

    i didnt really watch live feed on laptop when it was on c5 only when it was on e4 but after the live shows all you hear is cheering and not anything that exciting. i only watched live feed during the day when it was on e4

  2. Avatar of

    I don’t mind if we have live feed or not. I think there’s more to BB than just the live stuff :)

  3. urbanangel57 on 10:41pm June 1 '12

    Think we should have more live feed. 1 lousy hour per week. What do we do for the rest of the time????

  4. BBNut on 2:23am June 2 '12

    So, are we getting the 1 hour live feed or not as I’ve heard rumours that it is not listed in the schedules on 5* or any other channel during the first two weeks of the series? :shake:

  5. roseanna on 7:25am June 2 '12

    Big brother is 100% better with live feed 24 hours!!! End ov!! :giggle:

  6. Why it is nice to know that that they have opinions on the subject, they are only hosts of the show and have nothing to do with what the producers and their dicissions on the mater.

  7. the show starts on the 4.of may but theres no LH show
    on the may5 what is going on c5 and no livefeed they
    can stick it wear the sun dose not shine :headbang:

  8. Sally on 3:32pm June 2 '12

    No live feed mentioned on the first eviction show.

    • coxyy on 1:10pm June 3 '12

      i thought they’d at least do it after the launch show as that would get alot of viewers and high ratings, ch :c5: are missing out on rating by not doing it!

  9. Biddy on 3:47pm June 2 '12

    Without live feed ,, channel 5 can stream the series how they feel fit,,,,this does not give a proper perspective of the housemates….
    Channel 5 have very biased views,,,last year they did everything possible to make Aaron look bad,,,thank goodness his fans saw through it and voted for him..
    We should be able to make our own opinions of HM’s but without live feed this is impossible..

  10. flodders on 4:09pm June 2 '12

    live feed is a must in my opinion, we don’t want little snippets of what BB think fit.

  11. microsis on 9:50pm June 2 '12

    One hour a week of live feed is not enough ,,,I have paid before for live feed and would willingly do it again :headbang:

  12. They can’t do live feed. Remember when they started being careful about LIBEL on B.O.T.S. (even to the point of Jamie doing ‘Libel’ skits) They will get sued if a housemate says the wrong thing,.. They carefully edit out all possible Libel,.. Change your Libel Laws and live feeds back.

  13. ive been begging for live feed since ch5 took over without it its not bb, but it falls on deaf ears
    if you dont know whats going on how can you vote someone of, i dont vote and won’t vote until we get live feed.

  14. a hour arfter live show is not enough . they said that last time then they cut it down to a half a hour .channel 5 have already drove millions of big brother fans away by not having a proper live feed on for a few hours every day .they wont be happy until there is no one left watching . we want the proper live back every day not this crap they call a live feed. how is anyone expected to get to know a housemates properly for themself without the proper . i am a big brother fan but i refuse to watch big brother without the proper live feed

    • microsis on 2:24pm June 3 '12
      MEMBER (2007 COMMENTS)

      Sorry ,John Doddy ,Mary Tait
      I completely agree with you both ,,,but I think we are just :headbang: :headbang: :headbang: nobody is listening :shake:

    • Biddy on 8:43am June 4 '12

      Totally totally agree…..but for some stupid reason they don’t seem to think we need it….Why so they can try to influence us again…Well that they may try but i think we see through there little schemes….
      Live feed is a necessity to get a true reflection of the housemates….why why why don’t channel 5 see this!!!
      I’m :speechless:

  15. No live feed no real BB.24/7 live feed =24/7 The BB name dominating the TV schedules for ten weeks.WAKE UP C5.

  16. jaminben on 7:14pm June 3 '12

    :clapping: wow

  17. Big brother is 100% better with live feed 24 hours!!!

  18. Big Brother is nothing without 24/7 livefeed,thats why its called BIG BROTHER !! :headbang:

  19. big brother is not big brother without live feed we need live feed wil not be watching if there is no live feed not happy

  20. tiger on 12:53pm June 5 '12

    :c5: Listen to the fans, we need to get to know the personality of the housemate, the only way to get this is 24/7 live web feed and streaming, THE REAL FANS WOULD PAY FOR LIVE WEB FEED, come on let us enjoy BB again :party:

    • totalbbfan on 3:46am June 6 '12

      i couldnt agree mre it started as a reality show tht public could watch an judge ppl an get to no the personalitys an vote out who thy thought werent the best hm but now we have had tht taken away an i wont b voting again on just watchin edited catch up an 1 hr live feed a wk its just not good enough

  21. moonstar6girl on 8:09pm June 5 '12

    It is not Big Brother without 24/7 livefeed. Guess I won’t be watching again.

  22. channel 5 yet again no live feed 24/7 their arrogance astounds me how can you judge people and vote when you cannot view them the only people who can watch big brother live 24/7 is big brother them selves whats the point of that we are the voters we spend our money voting not them and as for facebook and twitter stuff that whats wrong with the old fashioned phone vote i said last year make a small charge to watch live either on the net or a special tv channel another chance lost.

  23. Raykco on 2:23am June 6 '12

    When the live feed was used, I used to vote every week. But I’ve never voted since it stopped. I agree, producers can manipulate the viewers into believing what they show is correct.

    Also, the vote to SAVE is also wrong. It now means that if we want a certain person OUT, we have to vote twice (once each for the other two), to get our way.

  24. totalbbfan on 3:41am June 6 '12

    i said it since 5 took bb and brought it bk to our screens the first thing thy should have dne is put live ffed bk on, thts wat killed it on 4 an there was just not effort from 4 but channel5 has made it a good show again but how can we be expected to vote if we cant see the housemates doin daily things tht wont mke it to the edit tht we see i watch every bb an cbb it angers me as like most viewers we havent even got the choice of an online stream tht we could buy a pass for us who want the live feed to accsess it . channel 5 have to tke notice thy are missin out on raitings an the money thy could mke an use for the show or even a charity wouldnt have thought tht takes a geinious to work out so cme on 5 ur not tht stupid :fubar:

  25. flodders on 3:06pm June 11 '12

    I can’t be bothered with it at all. l like reading your comments better than watching the 3rd. rate show that it’s become, without the live feed, it’s not a proper show, IMO. Such a shame.

  26. jgjanes on 9:33pm June 17 '12

    Why are they not showing the challenges…..only see clips of them on bit on the side…..not showing enough in the show….but love watching BB……feel we are missing out on alot though.

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