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Blue team lose access to garden
The blue team lost their exclusive access the garden after Luke A...
| Day -339

The blue team lost their exclusive access the garden after Luke A and Lauren entered green team territory.

As part of the Turf Wars task, housemates are not permitted to enter parts of the house they have not won control of.

Last night, Adam was left upset after falling out with Shievonne following the Secret Room task. As he sought refuge in the green team’s bedroom, he was comforted by blue-team members Luke A and Lauren.

The punishment for the pair looking out for their friend? Big Brother has banned all blue members from using the garden, including the pool and hot tub.

Yesterday the blues were punished after Caroline, Ashleigh and Conor discussed nominations. The trio forfeited their team’s right to nominate today after intially winning exclusive access to the diary room.

The housemates have struggled with keeping to the rules over the last week. Arron previously lost the green team access to the bathroom and kitchen and Ashleigh was punished with wasking up after both invaded opposing team territory.

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  1. Aaran on 4:29pm July 9 '12

    It does not really matter now anyway because Turf Wars are Over! Oh and Deana to WIN!

  2. cspring on 4:41pm July 9 '12

    I’m glad turf wars is over! That was rough! Ready for noms :rock:

  3. paulbad on 4:48pm July 9 '12

    Too many interventions with silly punishments, Ashleighs washing up was minimal, while Arrons punishment was far too harsh, theyre making it up as they go along, no one kn ows where they are, good idea, but spoilt by inconsistent rule break punishments, get them back together, give them some alcohol and let it rip, plenty of pent up pressure in there now :bigsmile:

    • Joseph on 5:28pm July 9 '12

      I thought the Turf Wars punishments were quite consistant… Ashleigh entered green territory for a matter of seconds to get a belonging at the start of the task when there wasn’t much room-wise to lose and got washing up… Arron broke the rule for the sake of it and the blue team had all rooms taken away bar one… Luke and Lauren’s punishment meant the green team were left with just one room also…

      • paulbad on 5:46pm July 9 '12
        MEMBER (39 COMMENTS)

        Washing up opposed to losing two rooms huge difference there, if washing up was the precedent then something like doing the other teams washing would have been appropriate, dont matter now its over, just seemed to jump from a tiny punishment to a huge one.

  4. jennyjuniper on 4:52pm July 9 '12

    Poor Luke A and Lauren, punished for doing a good thing. Arron and Ashleighs rule breaking was for purely selfish reasons and Conor and witches because they couldn’t resist talking about getting rid of Deana and Becky. Still when all is said and done I’m glad the green team get to nominate. I just hope they make the most of this opportunity.

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