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Bit On The Side are looking for you!
Big Brother are looking for dedicated Big Brother fans to come...
Alec | Day -378

Big Brother are looking for dedicated Big Brother fans to come down to Elstree Studios (home of the BB house!) and be part of Emma’s studio audience. But rather than just sitting back and politely applauding, they want the audience to join in the discussion.

Do you have something to get off of your chest? Then why be a big mouth on the show?

So if you love Big Brother, have got something to say and are over 18, make sure you apply to be in the audience!

Here is some more information that our contacts have sent to us:
Bit On The Side are looking for you!

Let us know if you are going to be in the audience and we will look out for you! Also say ‘Hi’ to the fabulous Emma and Jamie for us.

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  1. i love big brother really looking forward to big brother 13 and celebrity bb10 when is the show starting up again :star:

  2. coff3e on 12:40pm April 30 '12

    yes yes yes errrrrm em YES oh i may need profecinal help lol

  3. coff3e on 1:28pm April 30 '12

    having problems with chat and sallys alone

  4. Sally on 9:54am May 2 '12

    It does’nt Look like fans are rushing to be in the studio audience of Bit On The Side.I suppose it depends how far you live from the studio.Have you applied? Let us know. :)

    • I live in Newcastle Upon Tyne and I applied last November through the official mediums which are featured on the show.

      I suggest anyone wanting tickets for any of the Big Brother productions, should be following the official @bbuk @bbbits and @applausestoreuk accounts.

      • microsis on 10:37am May 5 '12
        MEMBER (2007 COMMENTS)

        Hey Calum ,,thank you for the info ,,you don’t say if you were successful in your request for tickets or not : Please let us know, would love to hear more ,, : :)

        • microsis on 12:49pm June 2 '12
          MEMBER (2007 COMMENTS)

          According to a statement made ,Aaron will not be appearing on Tuesday’s BOTS ,,it appears that he has cut all links with BB oh dear ! Cricky ,holy mackrel No that cannot be true ,
          He will however be on The Wright Stuff I think on Monday :crying: :crying:

  5. The new website is coming on great! Won’t be long to go now before our full 2012 website launches!

    BACKING TO WIN: Gina JOINED: 03/04/2011
  6. adamlink on 3:53pm May 24 '12

    hi i love bit on the side its excacentle

  7. Tombolian on 4:20pm May 24 '12

    Let’s start a ‘Get Tombolian to the UK so he can attend BBBOTS’ campaign! Anybody want to donate?
    There’s never enough Americans in the audience, y’all need more! (No, I don’t really talk like that).
    Really, there’s no possible way I wouldn’t be in that audience as often as possible, like, oh, what’s his name with the big glasses? Always talking with his hands? (I can’t believe I can’t remember his name) He’s in about 50% of ‘em. I’d be like that guy!

  8. microsis on 8:12pm May 24 '12

    Tombolian. Lol. Thank you for the B .Greeting !!!! The name you are trying to think of is Paul Glasses Man , :yes:

  9. january on 11:47pm May 25 '12

    :bigsmile: I love Bit On The Side. Jamie makes me laugh. He’s so funny. I’m 4000 miles away, so I won’t be coming to the show. But, I really enjoy it.. :giggle:

  10. microsis on 7:18am May 26 '12

    You took the words right out of my mouth Tombolain :nod: :nod: :bigsmile:

  11. Sally on 11:14am May 31 '12

    Aaron and fay will be on Bots on Tuesday

    • Tombolian on 4:09pm May 31 '12

      Wow! That’s still a ‘thing’? I thought for sure they were headed the same direction as JohnJames/Josie or Arden/Rebeckah. Things that make you go ‘huh’. :speechless:


  13. Fudge on 7:16pm June 1 '12
    Avatar of

    Help! Can’t get into chat!!!

  14. Tombolian on 7:27pm June 1 '12

    Well, they work if you type them, just no clicky.

  15. Sally on 5:18pm June 2 '12

    Aaron Allard Morgan. According to twitter Aaron has given back word and will not be involved with bigbrother this year. Pity a lot of his fans were looking forward to seeing him.

  16. _staceosulli on 2:59pm July 16 '12

    Guys go to and get your free audience tickets for this weeks eviction.. They are all FREE, Ive got mine :rofl:

  17. Who are these infantile people who sit in the audience of “BB Bit on the side” and exchange inanities about nonentities ?

    I could perhaps accept that people under say, 25 would wish to uncork their natural youthful exuberance on such a show but most of the audience seem to be over 40!

    This grotesque spectacle of middle aged “trendies” with no brain, shouting, squeaking,”Oh my Godding”, high fiving, and generally talking vacuous twaddle about an event of absolutely no consequence is truly astonishing.

    Please tell me that the individuals in this audience are not “real” people but are Production Staff planted by Channel 5.

  18. Dear Dirty Desmond.

    Please take this Crap of our screens immediately.

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