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Big Brother to be broadcast from BBOTS Studio
Tonight is the first live eviction of this year's Big Brother, but...
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Tonight is the first live eviction of this year’s Big Brother, but in true Big Brother style, there’s a twist. Due to severe weather warnings, for the first time in Big Brother history, the main show will be held inside Big Brother’s Bit on the Side studio, the main shows popular spin off series.

During Big Brother’s 13 year run, the main show has never needed to be moved to a spin-off set, but due to some severe weather, expected to take place throughout the live eviction, Big Brother executives have been forced to broadcast from an inside studio.

The news was confirmed on the official Big Brother twitter account, as they tweeted:

BREAKING NEWS! Due to severe weather warning, tonight’s #bbuk live show will be coming from the @bbbots studio! First time in BB history!

The Big Brother live shows usually feature a huge crowd of screaming fans, but with the eviction happening inside, it has yet to be confirmed whether or not a crowd will be present.

Meanwhile, tonight’s live show is expected to feature a “huge” twist. It is yet unknown as to what the twist could be, but possibly could be focused on the three wild card acts, including Anthony, Bhavesh and Rebecca.

What do you think of tonight’s live show being broadcast from the Big Brother’s Bit On The Side studio? And what do you suspect the twist could be? Let us know in a comment below.

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  1. aamile95 on 5:40pm June 8 '12

    The indication of the twist from Brian’s blog was that the wildcard will have a secret task. I was hoping for a secret task myself!

  2. All the nominated out, all three wildcards in. Then next week we have a triple eviction.

  3. coxyy on 8:14pm June 8 '12

    hope they have a big auidence and not the boring small bit on the side size auidence

  4. Avatar of

    After watching the live eviction, it lacked any excitement for me :( I was surprised they didn’t make an effort to make it look a bit better, maybe some extra lights or something.. but nope.

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