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Big Brother punishes nomination discussion
Housemates have been punished for Samantha and Ashley's rule break...
Alec | Day -293

Housemates have been punished for Samantha and Ashley’s rule break in the aftermath of Wednesday nominations.

On Wednesday night, the celebrities nominated for the second time, but for the first time in the diary room.¬†Following the supposedly secret process, a few of the housemates neglected Big Brother’s fundamental rule banning the discussion of nominations.

After gathering everyone on the sofas yesterday, housemates were informed that Samantha had reassured Lorenzo she hadn’t voted for him.

In addition to this, as the group were being summoned to the living area just moments before, Ashley had told Martin he regretted nominating Julian after receiving a bouquet of flowers from the comedian in a task.

For these breaches of the rule, Big Brother cut off the house’s hot water supply for the rest of the day and Friday.

After the announcement, Ashley apologised to Julian, saying: “All I said (as a reason for nomianting) was that I didn’t know you as much as other people in here, but I made a wrong decision.”

“I should have nominated someone for not washing up instead,” he added.

What do you think of the punishment?

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  1. Pete who aint a pimp! on 4:33pm August 24 '12

    pretty borin punishment – shoulda been no clothes on top halfs of body for 2 days :D

  2. disappointed and let down on 4:55pm August 24 '12

    the punishment for nomination rule breakers should always be Up For Eviction.

  3. rule breakers should be put up for eviction :fubar:

  4. josh-lewis on 8:38pm August 24 '12

    should of been up for eviction :angry:

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