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Big Brother plotting White Room twist?
It appears that Big Brother 2012 are planning a twist half way...
Nick | Day -329

It appears that Big Brother 2012 are planning a twist half way through this year’s episode as a mysterious TV listing appears within the Channel 5 schedules.

The 90-minute show, called ‘Big Brother: The White Room’ will air at 9pm on the 1st August, with ‘Big Brother’s Bit On The Side: White Room Live’ at 10.30pm followed straight after.

Currently, there has been no confirmation from Channel 5 as to what the show will entail, although rumour has it will follow a similarly named twist that took place in Big Brother Australia in 2007.

The psychological twist saw four housemates put in to a white room in the Big Brother house half way through the series, with a red button in the centre of the room. The housemates could press this button if they wanted to leave at any point, leaving the last person standing to gain housemate status and enter the main house.

Housemates in the white room could only wear white clothes and eat white foods.

As soon as we have confirmation regarding the task – we’ll publish it here, but for now let us know what you think the challenge could be?…

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  2. JMacleod on 7:59pm July 19 '12

    this seems a pretty good idea, if so, they should put Anthony from the wildcard comp in, Becky should never of gone in

  3. skippy1996 on 8:07pm July 19 '12

    Scott to win teeheehee

  4. cigs on 8:11pm July 19 '12

    :hi: Could be very interesting….Caroline seems to be waking up to her silly ways, and lets hope Becky gets the boot soon!

  5. jennyjuniper on 9:14pm July 19 '12

    I would like to ask all of you who are clearly angry at the way BB has been handling this show so far to show them people power by NOT voting to save, NOT watching the eviction and contacting Ofcom, SCHWARTZKOPF and anyone else in the media you can think of to complain. A company that takes money from the public is and should be accountable. Let’s make sure channel 5 and BB realise that it is us the viewers who pay their wages and make their jobs possible.

    • paulbad on 9:17pm July 19 '12

      For gods sake jenny its a game, if your so outraged try the off button honey :tongueout:

      • rionablue on 9:33pm July 19 '12
        MEMBER (3914 COMMENTS)

        Exactly Paulbad. My thoughts entirely. Some people are taking things too seriously. I cant see much difference in this years BB with some of the more bitchy years that have preceeded it

        • skippy1996 on 9:39pm July 19 '12
          MEMBER (237 COMMENTS)

          agree it’s all part of the game

          • AmericanCousin on 10:20pm July 19 '12
            MEMBER (278 COMMENTS)

            Jenny has a right to declare whatever she likes. Let’s not police what people have to say!

          • yeahyeahyeah on 10:36pm July 19 '12
            MEMBER (202 COMMENTS)

            totally agree Cuz! People can say what they like. Personally, I agree with Jenny. The HMs behaviour this year is appalling, and it should be taken to task, not just within the house, but simply following the rules of human decency. If anyone in my life had said to me what Conor said to Deana, you can bet the police would be involved. Can’t believe what people are getting away with in that house.

          • Tombolian on 10:58pm July 19 '12
            MEMBER (174 COMMENTS)

            Remind me again of what conor said to deana please?

        • Jillie on 9:32am July 20 '12
          MEMBER (45 COMMENTS)

          Sorry to disagree Rionablue. People (the viewers) are not enjoying the disgracefull behaviour of ‘THE INSIDERS’ and it is NOT making good viewing. I know it is a game show but in my opinion game shows are usualy fun to watch.

          I totally agree with Jennyjuniper

          • I agree with you guys Remember the Jade Goody incident she didn’t say half as bad as what Conner and Caroline have said yet she was removed from the house its a disgrace x

      • jennyjuniper on 1:15pm July 20 '12
        MEMBER (1179 COMMENTS)

        That’s the problem with the world today. If you see injustice or people being treated unfairly, just switch off or turn away. No thanks. Maybe in your world, but if that is your philosophy then I pity you.

    • to those saying it’s just a game should remember it’s a game with a huge cash prize at stake and contestants on other TV game shows have been prosecuted for cheating and trying to influence the outcome, this is no different

      • Jules on 1:54pm July 20 '12
        MEMBER (2503 COMMENTS)

        I agree Stu, this is why it should be looked into. I can remember contestants being brought down, what was that one when the couple went into a programme and one coughed lol….quite a while back now.

  6. Tombolian on 10:29pm July 19 '12

    Back to the point, I was wondering when the last housemate would enter the house… The time seems to have finally come (hopefully).

    And to Jenny’s point, please don’t make BBUK end! As an American I can’t choose to vote or not (read “pay or not”). Please if you don’t like it, don’t ruin it for the rest of us! Stop spreading your hate of the show.

    • Biddy on 3:52am July 20 '12

      I’m totally with Jenny too,,
      We loveBB but who wants to watch a show that is rigged…
      It is BB themselves that are ruining this show not the viewers, all we want is fairness and every HM to be treated the same….
      I for one will not watch this farce of a show!!!!
      :music: :music: :music:

      • Tombolian on 5:06pm July 20 '12
        MEMBER (174 COMMENTS)

        If you don’t want to watch a show that is rigged, then don’t watch. It’s really just that easy.
        Boycotting the show won’t make it better, it’ll get it cancelled (IMHO). Please don’t get it cancelled.

        • Fudge on 5:07pm July 20 '12
          MEMBER (1811 COMMENTS)
          Avatar of

          It should be cancelled if it is rigged. There is no point in it taking place if the victor is predetermined. None at all. And what about sparing a thought for the poor victims along the way….Deana, Lauren etc. They are people after all with feelings. BB need to play fair or cancel. End of.

        • Jules on 5:16pm July 20 '12
          MEMBER (2503 COMMENTS)

          Would rather it were cancelled and have something decent and honest to watch than something which is rigged.

          To stand by and do nothing makes one as bad as the those who are being dishonest.

          Nothing has altered in the forums and twitter, not many standing up for any HM most just against BB. Let them bring it to an end and do something worthwhile, if they do then they will survive. Let them listen to the public then if someone wins fairly (too late to consider many now though) so be it.

          Have never known a BB like it, just not much interest in it at all.

        • Biddy on 5:21pm July 20 '12
          MEMBER (906 COMMENTS)

          Sorry Tombolian, but i am very angry as to what is happening,,,so unfair on the people who are being picked on and BB allowing it…
          put yourself in Deanas and Laurens position.,,,these two have been picked on from the start..
          Did you ever watch it when it was on channel 4. a far better show and very fair…no favouritism….
          Now people are paying for their favourites to win,,,why? it is pre determined, save your money, treat yourselves….Lastly i will not watch a show i feel is condoning bullying…i will continue to boycott it….even though i love it, when it is done properly….
          :music: :music: :music:

          • Jules on 6:36pm July 20 '12
            MEMBER (2503 COMMENTS)

            Oh dear Biddy, I think that Lauren will stay tonight, I love the little soul and hope she does well but I feel so sad that Luke A will be going and am wondering whether it would be better for him to stay where Adam is concerned. He really loves her doesnt he and I think that they will be friends way after the show finishes.

            I hope that nothing happens which will spoil their friendship, the three of them have been great together. :hi:

    • Jules on 1:58pm July 20 '12
      MEMBER (2503 COMMENTS)

      The trouble is we love the show, but there has to come a time when we have to speak out for fairness and I personally cannot see any this time around. There really isnt any point in watching something when we know the outcome, it is the not knowing which keeps us going.

      I doubt whether they will put a new HM in now, it is to late. They must be coming to an end as they are talking about this white room and the one who wins will automatically go into the final. They usually do that near the end, especially when there arent anymore nominations and it is all down to the public. So I wonder who will win that then? Mmmmmmm we shall see,. :rofl:

    • jennyjuniper on 3:55pm July 20 '12
      MEMBER (1179 COMMENTS)

      Hi Tombolian, I don’t want to stop BB, even if I could!! And I don’t hate the show, merely the unfairness. If BB would only treat everyone the same it could be great.

  7. Sue123 on 12:01am July 20 '12

    im with jenny. No one is spreading hate of the show, it’s more about the point that there are buliies in the house that are being allowed to do as they please.

    • Jules on 10:58am July 20 '12
      MEMBER (2503 COMMENTS)

      Well said Sue, no matter what there has to be a certain amount of fairness but there just isnt any at all.

      BB are reprimanding, bit too late had they stopped it first of all it wouldnt be happening now. Had they been fair, it wouldnt be happening now. They have lost control and the only way they think they can progress is to put more stupid tasks on to cause more nastiness and once again it is the Outsiders who are suffering. Very biased this year, disgusting in fact. I wish I could like one of the others, but I cannot I cannot see a saving grace in any of them.

  8. BBNut on 12:18am July 20 '12

    I’m now three days behind of not watching, but it’s far too late in the series to introduce any new housemates. They never go down well half-way through or at all in most cases and we’re nearing the end. It’s been hard work enough as it is with the exisiting housemates. A bit late to be pulling various individuals up on their behaviour now – and still we see no punishment towards Conor who hasn’t altered a jot since THAT episode. Someone please tell me WHY has Caroline’s blatant pre-nomination rule-break (discussion and card cheat) gone completely unnoticed and unpunished? I’ve seen the clip today it is everywhere and the clearest evidence yet that the show is rigged. Won’t vote ever again and can’t watch Lauren or Luke A leave as it’s so unjust and totally unfair. Live shows are now also a joke as they are not live ( i knew this anyway after attending an eviction in 2010) and all the boos/cheers/chants are dubbed over, nothing is real – this has been glaringly obvious from the last few eviction shows.

    • microsis on 12:29am July 20 '12
      MEMBER (2007 COMMENTS)

      So who do you think is going into The White -Room
      Could it be 4 evicted hms ,,,, or 4 of the remaining hms
      :music: :music: :music:

      • Jules on 2:02pm July 20 '12
        MEMBER (2503 COMMENTS)

        Be interesting to see eh Micro, hey that would be good if they put 4 evictees in, who would we choose, whoever goes out tonight and and and cant think of his name now, one of the ones at the table, not Chris plus Lydia.

        • microsis on 2:27pm July 20 '12
          MEMBER (2007 COMMENTS)

          Yes it will Jules ,,in BBAUS ,,the white – room was used as solitary confinement for 4 people
          battling for a place in the BB house
          There is enough hm in the house now so that can not be happening here
          I like the idea of evicted hms going in there ,and being able to cause mayhem ,and playing tricks on the bb hms ,,,even maybe having a say in who goes up for eviction
          :music: :music: :music:

          • sammyvan on 6:30pm July 20 '12
            MEMBER (1316 COMMENTS)

            What about Lydia, Benedict, Chris and Victoria – they would really mix things up! I feel that total newcomers would not be able to play the remaining HM’s at their own game – they dont know them well enough. The 4 evictees have had experience and could mess with their minds :evilgrin: The only new rule would have to be that they could not win – as the public have already voted them off.

  9. BBNut on 12:39am July 20 '12

    I’ve absolutely no idea, but bringing back evicted housemates doesn’t work and i think it would cause yet more uproar after people have paid to vote which they need like a hole in the head. I will backtrack and catch up and continue to watch as I’m just too addicted to abandon ship but that doesn’t mean I’m happy and I’m no longer enjoying the series – it’s beginning to drag and of course we are heomorrhageing decent housemates :sadsmile:

    • microsis on 1:20am July 20 '12
      MEMBER (2007 COMMENTS)

      Ok thanks ,,,I thought maybe evicted hms could return ,not to enter the bb house ,,,but have the chance to nominate ,,make decision on tasks etc ,glad you are still hanging on in there I like your comments
      :music: :music: :music:

  10. If you don’t like what is going on complain. You’re entitled to your opinion but tbh C5 did tell both of them off. Caroline may have broken the rules or she could have just been laughing at the pictures. This article was all about an exciting twist so can we talk about that and stop going on about the same things. None of you would be happy if it stopped airing so just let the public show the idiots where there place is when they don’t win! Anyway I think this task will involve the nominated housemates and they leave via the challenge. ie the first two to press the button.

  11. I think that they will bring back the evicted housemates….hence the vote to save…that way we cant moan if they come back because we didnt pay to ‘EVICT’ them as such, very underhand on BBs part. I dont agree with bringing back EVICTED housemates but either Lydia or Benedict just to stand up to Conor, wind him up let the rest of the housemates see his true colours before he snakes to the final.

  12. Jillie on 9:26am July 20 '12

    My personal choice, if it were a case of evicted housemates, would be Lydia and Benedict. The entertainment value would go up a notch because, lets face it, this year is not entertaining. I did’nt watch all of last night’s show and only watched a bit of BBOTS. I was very glad that Emma addressed the issue on the various forums not liking the nomination debacle. Hopefully the Producers will take note and act accordingly. Put everyone up for eviction next week … simple.

    • Jules on 10:52am July 20 '12
      MEMBER (2503 COMMENTS)

      Sadly I dont think they are going to take note of anyone tbh. Benedict was such a plonker in the house but I do like him tbh. He didnt fit in with the Insiders but he would have been good as a permanent outsider.

      We can say it is just a game and good game plans are just that good and they have to be admired but……there has to be limits and this lot are cheating their way to the final.

      There was a tweet saying that he/she had a friend who could lip read. He/she read one of Luke S telling the others who he had nominated, words to that effect. This is obviously the cheat that others were talking about.

      They are all desperate to win but will they be able to face themselves afterwards when they come out in the public eye. So much has been said about all of the Insiders and it isnt nice. Not one of them deserves congratulation imo.

  13. Jules on 10:54am July 20 '12

    Would love for one of the other standbys to go in. Didnt want Becky to win at all and no matter what anyone thinks about wanting to keep the b**tching going, it is boring!! Cant they just change her over at the moment? :rofl:

  14. Jules on 2:03pm July 20 '12

    If any of the Outsiders are left it wont be any good putting it to the Insiders for one of them to go in, look how they soon put Luke A down when he suggested that Adam was the most genuine HM. grrrrrrrrrrrrr they chose Sara.

  15. Mikey on 9:47pm July 20 '12

    If big brother producers ever read these blogs they are probably laughing at us all….in order to bitch we have to watch….if we watch then why would they change? I agree this is the worst show ever and last years was also pretty poor. Channel 4 did the right thing when they ended the show. In its current format it has run its course, it has become predictable for the housemates as there have been no real shakeups like having all the HM’s up. I am as disgusted as everyone else about the actions of certain HM’s but if BB removed them the show would collapse.

    So if you do read these BB lets have something new… favourite moment was the suprise eviction in BB5 when Stuart got evicted after BB burnt his hat.

  16. I personally love the insiders, with their racist remarks. Not to mention the threat of being punched out, a threat of sexual violation and generalised bulling. I love it. NO not really I’m pretending to be one of the producers, who obviously have no moral standing. They should be put up against a wall and shot. They don’t listen to the viewers, otherwise Conor, Caroline or Becky would have gone last night.

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