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Channel 5 today have revealed this years new Big Brother logo,...
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Channel 5 today have revealed this years new Big Brother logo, ahead of the show’s launch which is expected to be next month.

The new branding first appeared yesterday the 7th of May in ‘teases’ during Home & Away’s commercial break at 6.10pm on Channel 5.

Big Brother 13 Eye Logo

Big Brother 13 Eye Logo. Click for a bigger version, perfect for your desktop.

The eye, which is made up multi-faceted color squares reflects the constantly evolving and reinventing of the show says Jeff Ford, Director of Programmes at Channel 5.

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Please do let us know what you think of the brand new eye by voting on the poll found to the left. Let see if Channel 5 are in tune with the fans on what makes a great Big Brother eye logo.

The series, filmed at the iconic Elstree Studios, will kick off with ‘classic’ Big Brother, featuring members of the public, which will be directly followed by a celebrity version of the show. Channel 5 have stated that the logo will run across both versions of the show, just like past series.

What do you think of the new eye? Love it or hate it, let us know in the comments below…

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  1. Love it! Reminds me of big brother 8. Channel 5 are really taking care of big brother… better than I thought they would to be honest.

  2. i really like this eye its nice that the last one looking forward to this years series

  3. microsis on 12:27am May 8 '12

    Looks like a fruity chewy sweet , good enough to eat Ummm !! :love: it Good night !!!

  4. looks great just happy they are releasing stuff it shouldnt be long now

  5. SO glad they’ve changed the logo for the new series as per C4- for a while there I thought they’d leave it the same! And even happier with the new look they’ve gone with- LOVE multicoloured eyes because it could open up opportunities for a whole wide range of themes for this year!

  6. It’s a lot nicer on TV, and when you have a high resolution copy like above. All in all, im happy with the logo! :rock:

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  7. january on 11:01am May 8 '12

    :love: Love the new BB eye…Excited for the new BB to start…

  8. SO glad they designed a new eye! Looks amazing and started to get excited for the new series again! Not long.. :love:

  9. links 102 on 12:13pm May 8 '12

    It’s great. New yet familiar, good job C5 very impressed…bring on the summer!

  10. coxyy on 6:54pm May 8 '12

    :love: :love: the new look eye! especially on the enlarged copy at the top! it looks amazing compared ot any other big brother eye!!!!!!!!! LOVE IT

  11. Avatar of

    Love it :love: One of the best eyes BB has ever had!

  12. coff3e on 9:27am May 9 '12

    it looks like all the t.v. monaters they use for the show and the middle is like a camra

  13. Biddy on 6:26pm May 9 '12

    Love the new eye, gives a 3D effect. Very impressive… :love:

  14. Big Brother Fan on 8:09pm May 9 '12

    bigsmile :bigsmile: bigsmile bigsmile :yes: :yes:

  15. liam haining on 11:27am May 10 '12

    well i love this eye reminds me of bb8 c5 are really geeting better than c4 seris but there been no good twist like fake eviction. other house, and something like the tree of temption to tell them what to do if there is none like this then big brother will get boreing and iv loved this show im a masive fan have been since 2001 and i was young lol im 16 now im been watching the usa serise and au online and tbh usa one has diffrent rules and i love how there diffrent and bigbrother can change the rules when he wants thats the idea soo its cool oh i would be good to have a horror theme big brother where there is some scary pranks on the housemates and would be cool to have a scary eye lol :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

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