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Big Brother bans nomination discussion
Big Brother has changed the rule regarding the discussion of...
| Day -358

Big Brother has changed the rule regarding the discussion of nominations by banning it with immediate effect.

Up until now and in a break from tradition, housemates this series have been permitted to freely discuss nominations. However, Big Brother has this evening reverted the rule, and has promised to punish those who break it severely.

After gathering the housemates on the sofas, he announced: “You are no longer permitted to discuss your nominations with each other.

“This includes any discussion that could be interpreted as an attempt to influence nominations, discussing or hinting at who you have or will nominate, predicting or guessing who may be nominated, discussing reasons you may use to nominate someone, asking others to nominate you, and writing down with materials at your disposal names, initials or symbols.

“If housemates break the rules, there will be servere repercussions.”

Following the news, Caroline quipped: “What will we talk about now?”

Benedict and Lauren, who both face eviction on Friday, criticised the timing of the announcement and thought Big Brother should have waited until after the current public vote.

Earlier this week, Luke A expressed his anger at the freedom to discuss nominations and claimed the wrong people were up for eviction because of it.

[vimeo id="44458154" caption="watch Big Brother tell the Housemates that he has changed the rules right from under there feet..."]

Are you pleased that the nominations rule has now been changed?

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  1. BBNut on 11:23pm June 20 '12

    Well Caroline hit the nail on the head! Maybe they will all actually get to know eachother now, BB’s timing is perfect and it’s positive to see they have listened to the fans for once.

  2. Well pleased, Though I now need to apoligise for questioning the productions ego’s – So sorry :bigsmile:

    Must say it’s very refreshing when a show listens to it’s viewers and can admit when something doesn’t quite work.

    I must admit, I think :c5: do a much better job of BB, more humour and better tasks. The noms talk was ruining the show really and a bit of Live feed always goes down well.

    I have missed a few BB because of football though, only just found the :c5: plus 1 on freeview. Haha I didn’t know they had that channel, maybe a good idea to remind people on this website, in case they miss it.

    All in all,WELL DONE AND THANKS :c5:

  3. Arg!!!! I enjoyed nomination talk! :angry: :angry:

    BACKING TO WIN: Gina JOINED: 03/04/2011
    • I’m glad they banned nomination talk again… this is one of many reasons why I love BBUK over BBUS. If you like nomination talk, the game playing and all the bitching associated with it, I suggest BBUS. :yes:

      • I have started watching BBUS. I’ve watched BB6 and BB5. Going to watch another after the UK series has finished.

        I prefer the US style to Big Brother to be honest. I enjoy watching alliances forming, and the tactics used especially when alliances cross and people double cross each other.

        BACKING TO WIN: Gina JOINED: 03/04/2011
  4. BBNut on 12:05am June 21 '12

    Also have to say that :c5: are doing a much better job with BOTS this year. I watched a handful of episodes last year as it appeared to be nothing but a cheap, tacky, smut-fest with hardly any coverage of BB. I’m no prude and this year’s approach is much more professional, better guests, better features, still risque and funny but not to the extremes where it downgrades the show. Emma is fantastic, I couldn’t see Brian presenting the show and I think either Emma or Alice would do a much better job of the live shows. I didn’t like Jamie East to begin with but I do now and he adds much-needed wit to the show as does Alice.

    • Sally on 12:12pm June 21 '12
      MEMBER (2374 COMMENTS)

      :hi: BBNUT I have to agree with you Re BBots It was cheap and tacky.There is such a big improvement this time. We need to keep Emma on BBots. It would be such a waste If we only saw her once a week for the evictions 15 min interview.By the way you can tell you are a happy man now that talking about noms has been banned :bigsmile: :handshake:

      • sammyvan on 12:44pm June 21 '12
        MEMBER (1316 COMMENTS)

        I agree about the quality of BBots improving this year. Thank heavens they have reduced the ‘smutt’ content considerably. Last year I would fast forward to the news and ignore the rest of the show, Find it quite interesting this year – and so glad we no longer have to put up with Carole and others prancing around semi-nude.

      • BBNut on 7:18am June 22 '12
        MEMBER (195 COMMENTS)

        Very happy! I’m loving this series so far, it is living up to expectations but BB needs to be far more harsh and evil, plenty of time yet :devil:

  5. microsis on 12:17am June 21 '12

    Oh dear , that’s Lydia game plan gone for a Burton
    Thank you :c5:

    :music: :music: :music:

  6. This is great news sounds like :c5: have finally listened to fans like myself who have bombarded them with tweets telling them that this nomination talk is ruining the show. The new rule will also cause confusion in the block voting group of HMs led by Luke S and his deputy Conor who decided who would be targeted and their fates sealed by Caroline and Scott, hopefully we will keep the big characters who are threats to them now :party:

  7. rionablue on 12:27am June 21 '12

    Great news. let the fun and games begin!!!

  8. Raykco on 12:30am June 21 '12

    Hope that’s put a spanner in the works of the Witches of Elstree.

  9. Am I the only one that is upset with this change? I genuinely liked noms talk. :worried:

    BACKING TO WIN: Gina JOINED: 03/04/2011
    • Raykco on 12:37am June 21 '12

      Hi Alec.

      The reason I disliked noms talk, was that it played into the hands of the real game players.

      In other years, certain groups have tried to block vote noms, but not being allowed to openly discuss who to vote for, it never made it certain for them to manipulate the system. Allowing talk, does.

      Thanks for the re-introduction of the daily highlights by the way.

    • Did anyone ever think that maybe Bb planned this from the start to just lure the housemates into gameplay in order to create tension and rid us of the normally boring first few weeks by effectively beginning week 3 with the dynamic of the house at that of about week 7! Clever either way!!

    • Tombolian on 1:49am June 21 '12

      Looks like you need a poll on here asking if people agree with the decision to cancel noms talk :nod:

    • Sally on 12:27pm June 21 '12
      MEMBER (2374 COMMENTS)

      :hi: Alec talking about noms was good viewing. It got the house mates talking and the public involved. Maybe it was all in BBs plan. But to be honest it was beginning to get a bit depressing. :sadsmile:

  10. Raykco on 2:43am June 21 '12

    There was a poll taken on bots and 88% said that they agreed with banning noms talk.

  11. BruvFan on 4:12am June 21 '12

    Yes! Now this season can get back on track and be the great season I know that it has the potential to be!

  12. Biddy on 4:26am June 21 '12

    Best news ever..!!!! That will put fear into the witches…

    :music: :music: :music:

  13. yeahyeahyeah on 8:52am June 21 '12

    I just hope it’s not too late in the game. The zoo crew have pretty much established amongst themselves who they don’t like, and the alliances have already been formed. They’ve talked about noms enough now, that next week, it’s definitely going to be Lauren & Deana up, cause Bene will be gone. Then Lydia. Then Becky. That crew needs to be broken up somehow by sending one of them home. But I am really glad to hear nom talk has been banned. Over the moon actually! :rofl:

    • sammyvan on 12:51pm June 21 '12
      MEMBER (1316 COMMENTS)

      Yes, that could be a problem. They will remember who is on the “hit list” and continue accordingly. Maybe if BB used the punishment [if they talk about noms now] to put the HM up for eviction, then it may even the playing field. Otherwise I can’t see any of the zoo crew being nominated. Ash, Arron, Luke S, Conor, Caroline and Scott need to be up also.

  14. stella on 9:07am June 21 '12

    great news think will be lots of punishments now

  15. glad they’ve banned noms,now can we have some live feed please,thought that was whole point,to be able to watch 24/7!!!!!!!!!

  16. microsis on 10:28am June 21 '12

    First rule break ? Caroline and Conor seems to have been caught out talking noms ,,,,punishment. No hot water ,,,,,,first of many I think

    :music: :music: :music:

    • jennyjuniper on 10:38am June 21 '12
      MEMBER (1179 COMMENTS)

      I agree Microsis. Punishment should be hard and swift and BB should tell the whole house who has broken the rules and what was said. This should put the wind up Lydia, who seems to be able to spread her poison undetected by most of the house. Glad BB has re-instated noms at last.

    • sammyvan on 12:54pm June 21 '12
      MEMBER (1316 COMMENTS)

      Not enough of a punishment. BB must make the rule break automatic nomination for eviction. No messing around. Would so love Conor to be up – and out!

    • Biddy on 1:27pm June 21 '12

      Yes agree with you all,,,the punishments need to be very harsh,,,,not allowing them to nominate or up for eviction…hehe…
      In fact the harsher the better….
      Going to start enjoying this now !!!!

      :music: :music: :music:

      • jennyjuniper on 5:29pm June 21 '12
        MEMBER (1179 COMMENTS)

        It would be great if they were put up for eviction for discussing noms, although it would probably be a very silent house, with no-one daring to say a word in case they slipped up :rofl:

  17. Raykco on 12:21pm June 21 '12

    Hope Caroline and Conor get banned from nominating

  18. Vienna on 1:42pm June 21 '12

    It’s a good thing they’ve done this.

  19. Just knew it wouldn’t be long before :puke: Conor broke the ban on nominations talk, it’s all he’s done so far and ppl think :love: Lydia is bad. He is going to struggle in the house from now on. :party:

  20. Think I shall join as a member now, quite getting into the series. Change my daft name lol

  21. jjbb on 3:50pm June 21 '12

    Finally,let the games begin.Live feed and an edited repeat of BBOT @ 6.30 the next day would do justice to the really good show C5 are putting on.

  22. marieowen on 5:15pm June 21 '12

    thats the best news… maybe now the entertainment will start happening!!! good decision Big Brother :yes: :bigsmile:

  23. microsis on 5:23pm June 21 '12

    Oh didn’t Lauren look cute in her rollers
    Let the games begin
    :music: :music: :music:

  24. Sally on 7:44pm June 21 '12

    Please vote to save Lauren tomorrow after the noms warning. She wanted to know about Lydia’s birthday how selfless was that.

  25. Fudge on 7:52pm June 21 '12
    Avatar of

    Yes, I thought that was a bit random…..did she think that Lydia wanted to celebrate her birthday by having a good old noms chat with everyone :giggle: I would vote for Lauren, Sally, but I don’t think she has a lot more to offer the show sadly……nice girl though. Did anyone else think that Lydia’s make up was a bit Cruella-esque?

  26. I’m glad BB is back to normal. It was interesting for them to mix it up for a few weeks and it will be good to see how long it takes HM to stop.
    Punishments should be continually harsher. First no hot water, then food punishments, then putting themselves up for eviction or even removing their noms from the eviction roles, etc.
    I’ve always preferred the UK rules to the US rules as the US version highlight shows wind up being only nom talk & tasks and much too often the entire season can be predicted by halfway through. You actually find out something about the UK housemates by “forcing” them to talk about something other than nominations

  27. Its a good thing :c5: listened to their fans but it kind of sucks that they can’t talk noms now. It seems a little bit too late.

  28. mckbeth on 6:03am June 23 '12

    I think this whole noms talk ban was planned from the start with the intent that it would switch up the entire game after letting the HMs plot for a few weeks and I think it’s genius :rofl:
    Personally I think the hot water punishment is good for a FIRST punishment. I understand it’s not ‘ruthless’ enough but do we really want to scare the HMs so badly in the first instance to the point where they will be less likely to break the rules again? We want them to break the rules!! At least I do. I feel like it makes it interesting, it calls people out (eg horrible Caroline and her two-faced bitching about her ‘friend’ Becky)
    But I do agree that as the rule-breaking goes on the punishments should get worse, firstly banned from nominating and then onto automatically up for eviction!
    This series is turning out to be VERY interesting! :giggle:

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