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Big Brother 2012 will be Olympics meets Hunger Games
Show presenter Brian Dowling has reportedly said that this years...
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Show presenter Brian Dowling has reportedly said that this years Big Brother will be themed ‘Olympics meets Hunger Games’.

Speaking to omg!, a subsidiary of Yahoo, Dowling commented that this years Big Brother will tie in with the Olympics, as well as the ever popular The Hunger Games.

The Hunger Games is a movie and novel that is set in a future where the Capitol selects a boy and girl from the twelve districts to fight to the death on live television.

The revelation could potentially mean that this years tasks could revolve around physical challenges, with far harsher results for a failed task. Luckily for potential housemates, Ofcom will not allow for slaying of life.

The recent trailer for the upcoming series of Big Brother features Brian, Emma, Jamie and Alice walking through what appears to be a sports stadium tunnel. You can watch the trailer below:

What Olympics/Hunger Games themed tasks would you potentially like to see in this years Big Brother?

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  1. coff3e on 9:24am May 9 '12

    yer when u look at just that bit of the add it dose but when the lights turn on it looks like its in the big eye wher everyone walks out or in

  2. coff3e on 9:57am May 9 '12

    i have now updated my web pleas take a look and coment u canfind the link on this websights link page :sun:

  3. Sally on 1:00pm May 9 '12

    I hope all the tasks are not based on the olympics.Physical challenges can be so :yawn:

  4. Biddy on 2:13pm May 9 '12

    Oh!!! This could be so exciting, love sport of any discription. Could be weight lifting, long jump , high jump, shot put,, marathon challenge, who has most stamina….there is so much to choose from,,

  5. aye fs betr be sum gud taskz dis yr llf.x :love:

  6. Eddy on 7:02pm May 9 '12
    Avatar of

    I love this idea :D C5 are finally promoting the BB series, and not CBB.. for once. xD Love it :love:

  7. MrAnonymous on 1:02am May 10 '12

    That is a sports stadium tunnel ?
    Hmmmm no I think it is the secret access tunnel to the ‘C5 Big Brother’ house that the ‘Housemates’ will enter by every morning for the days SCRIPTED filming for the highlight show. They will then leave through it at night for the hotel. After all with no Live coverage 24/7 who would know ? :rofl:

    Show Should really be called ‘Borehamwood Shore 2′ shorted to BS 2 :rofl:

    No Live 24/7 coverage = NOT a REAL Big Brother QED. :bigsmile:

  8. microsis on 9:07am May 10 '12

    The Olympic torch has been lit today in Olympia Athens ,starting the 8000 mile relay around Britain ,It will pass my house 23 rd of May ,,oh dear I better get and clean my window it might be on tv :giggle: :giggle:

  9. microsis on 10:54am May 10 '12

    BB fans might get the chance to pick a wild card hm this bb13 ,( they did this in BB 2 and viewers voted in Josh ) :the wild card will be characters that will stir things up and set the sparks flying Ohhhh !

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