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Big Brother 2012 voting percentages released
Channel 5 have revealed the voting trends and eviction results...
Alec | Day -302

Channel 5 have revealed the voting trends and eviction results from the Big Brother 2012 series in the first time since the broadcaster took reins of the show last year.

The figures include every eviction result apart from selected eviction nights including the final when voting lines were frozen.

Here are the figures:

Week 1

Conor – 65.04%
Lydia – 17.95%
Victoria – 17.01%

Week 2

Arron – 61.63%
Chris – 38.37%

Week 3

Lauren – 62.36%
Benedict – 37.64%

Week 4

Deana – 65.61%
Lydia – 34.39%

Week 5

Deana – 45.46%
Becky – 21.30%
Conor – 20.44%
Arron – 12.80%

Week 6

Conor – 80.33%
Shievonne – 19.67%

Week 7

Luke A – 53.80%
Lauren – 46.20%

Week 8

Figures after the final vote from when lines were frozen
Luke S – 7.85%
Caroline – 6.65%

Week 9

Luke A – 54.56%
Deana – 33.72%
Ashleigh – 6.41%
Becky – 5.31%

Week 10

Deana – 40.11%
Adam – 35.14%
Ashleigh – 12.46%
Scott – 12.30%

The Final

Results from the top three places
Luke A – 33.73%
Adam – 28.16%
Deana – 21.47%

Let us know your thoughts on the figures and how they impacted the series – good or bad.

Celebrity Big Brother starts tonight at 9pm on Channel 5 with a brand new batch of celebrity housemates.

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  1. microsis on 10:40am August 15 '12

    Week 8
    According to what has been said lukeS was the hm going up until the lines were frozen
    He must have got a few last minute votes to put him slightly ahead of Caroline
    If lukeS had gone over Caroline that would have made a significant difference to the house and the up and coming White- room
    Maybe Conor wouldn’t have got his grubby little hands on the £50 000

    Week 9
    First indications that Luke A was topping Deana in the voting figures by quite a substancial percentage

    Thank you Ben very interesting
    :music: :music: :music:

  2. Very interesting stats. It seems the ‘outsiders’ were indeed always the most popular. Also interesting to see Deana ahead of Adam on Week 10.

  3. Jules on 3:50pm August 15 '12

    I think Deanna has been ahead most of the time tbh, there was one time when Adam was topping the bookies. Sadly it was Deanna’s last couple of weeks which seems to have let her down, the weeks after Connor and Beckie went.

  4. on 7:30pm August 15 '12

    It’s nice to see that the majority of viewers saw the insiders for the horrible individuals that they were and that we are still a country on the whole with good moral standards

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