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Big Brother promo advert airs on C5
The brand new promotional advert for this year's Big Brother...
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The brand new promotional advert for this year’s Big Brother series has aired for the first time this evening on Channel 5.

Last week the new Big Brother eye was revealed, along with the ‘evolving’ new look that show bosses are pushing. The eye, which is made up multi-faceted color squares reflects the constantly evolving and reinventing of the show says Jeff Ford, Director of Programmes at Channel 5.

Tonight, the advert, bigger and better than last year’s, was broadcast; featuring Brian, Emma, Jamie and Alice.

“They’re preparing for the most competitive event of the summer”, were the words from the voice-over man, while the Olympic themed advert hurdled it’s way through to a stadium of chanting crowds.

Credit to Big Blagger for the video.

You can now watch a short behind the scenes video filmed by Bit on the Side host Jamie East:

If you where lucky enough to catch it, let us know what you think of the advert by making a comment below.

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  1. coff3e on 10:09pm May 14 '12

    very good very olimpic on eletric love the shoc task woner if they r brining it back

  2. I loved the advert, and the overall theme to it, but a couple of things spoilt it for me.

    1. Brian. The way he said his line at the end was just yack!

    2. The eletric suits. BB fans are bored of watching tasks evolving them. By featuring them in the adverts, you just know BB is planning on using them again. I really hope not.

    The closeup on the eye, with the BB13 eye effect was awsome! I loved that bit. Sent shivers down my spine. Really wished the advert set a date of when Big Brother was coming back.

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    • MacinTyler95 on 1:20pm May 15 '12

      I love the electric suits! You mean to say you don’t like watching the housemates squirm?!

    • The electric shock task may have been used in the ad to make it look exciting- because the way they shot it and edited it made it look quite good! Though if elements in the ad are to feature this year, we should expect a hot tub!

  3. Sally on 10:21pm May 14 '12

    It said Hot tub initiation. that should be fun.
    I hope they dump those electric suits.
    shame no date keeping us guessing.
    best add BB ad ever. :yes: :clapping:

  4. video is blocked in the UK Please Help

  5. Joseph on 11:01pm May 14 '12

    Another brilliant BB ad from C5, really looking forward to the series :bigsmile:
    What’s with Brian’s voice at the end though? :wondering:

  6. Aaron on 11:24pm May 14 '12

    Ha absolutely love it! Can’t wait!!!!!!

  7. At least the commercials are more creative than the USA ones are, the Africa series too.

    • Tombolian on 6:26pm May 15 '12

      Agreed. USA commercials show NOTHING about the upcoming series… No presenter (though we all know it will always be Julie), and we’re not fortunate enough to have anything as creative as BOTS or BBLB. Shoot, we only get the show 3 times a week! Boo! :no:

  8. I love the big brother eye I can’t wait until it starts next month & I am really looking forward to see the house I think the house this year will look fantastic from what I have heard from different website’s. :love: :rofl: :bigsmile: :star: :yes:

  9. jordannn on 4:16pm May 15 '12

    did you see the spray tan from bb12 when alex got it 5 time’s

  10. Biddy on 8:07am May 16 '12

    According to reports in Daily Star,,,,BB chiefs are going barking mad for BGT winner Pudsey!!!! He leads a wish list of stars that are being eyed up…Ashleigh and Pudsey would take part in a dog training style task,, :yes:

  11. microsis on 8:51am May 16 '12

    Are we going to have ,a live tour of the bb13 house ,on launch night , instead of just pictures :nod: :nod:

  12. coff3e on 9:28am May 16 '12

    both ads 4 the last cbb 1 and this one r simular with Brians voice and there both amazzing go team bb so r we playing against ofer bb house mates lol :punch:

  13. Sally on 2:03pm May 16 '12

    Nice to have a look behind the scenes.I wonder how many times brian had to say let the fun and games begin,befor it was a take. It does sound like a line from the film the Hunger Games.

  14. Sally on 4:38pm May 20 '12

    :hi: Marcus Bentley says on twitter. in on Thursday to record Big Brother promo- could this be to record the actual launch date? I hope so.

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