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Big Brother 2012 Eye revealed
The official Big Brother 2012 eye has been revealed tonight during...
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The official Big Brother 2012 eye has been revealed tonight during an advert on Channel 5 to promote the new series.

At 6:10pm on Channel 5, an advert to promote the return of Big Brother 2012 this summer included the first glimpse of the newly designed eye, with the words “COMING SOON”.

The series is expected to launch early June and run for approximately 10 weeks, lapsing over the start of the Olympics, following a Celebrity edition of the show.

Following the same shape as the previous series’ eye, it consists of a rainbow coloured theme.

Take a look at the advert here:

No official launch date has yet been confirmed by Channel 5, although Brian Dowling will return to present the live shows along with Emma Willis presenting spin-off show Big Brother’s Bit On The Side.

Let us know your opinion on the break out of the new Big Brother eye!

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  1. Flamingjoe on 5:19pm May 7 '12

    It is awful! All my excitement for this year’s series has completely dropped.

  2. I :love: it.

    Looks so much better in live action on TV. We will have a video online shortly thanks to Matt at bbspy.

    Who saw it live on TV? What did you think of it?

    BACKING TO WIN: Gina JOINED: 03/04/2011
  3. Big Brother 8 All over again haha :c5:

  4. Eddy on 5:27pm May 7 '12
    Avatar of

    Awh, I missed it! Can’t wait to see it soon :)

  5. adamlink on 5:29pm May 7 '12

    :c5: hi i love the new eye

  6. Sally on 5:33pm May 7 '12

    Love the colours. It was on the screen at 6.10pm on 5. It was so fast didnt get chance to see it properly.Thanks for the picture above.
    love it :clapping: .

  7. It looks like the presenter (Emma, Jamie, Alice and Brian) are walking out into a football match so far. These ads are going to build on each other slowly revealing more and more. Looks like C5 is taking it back to the good old days of flashes and excitment building. Im so happy!

    BACKING TO WIN: Gina JOINED: 03/04/2011
  8. OMG! i didn’t like it at first but… seeing it now I love it! Although i hope they have a brighter background for the titles, Alec do you think they’ll be new titles? :bigsmile:

  9. Joseph on 5:48pm May 7 '12

    Finally something to whet our appetites! I missed the start of the ad on tv and the rest happened so quickly, seeing it again though i really like it :yes:

  10. i love it looks really different and quirky cant wait to the 7th june

  11. I really, really like the new eye! It took a few minutes, but I finally love it! Very C4 style! Well done Channel 5!

  12. Finally, a changed eye! I liked it better on C4 when they changed it each series, but when they moved to C5 and stuck to the same eye for CBB8, BB12 and CBB9, it felt to me like each series lost it’s individuality. That is why I loved the change – New logo, new feel.

  13. Aaron on 8:53pm May 7 '12

    The best eye ever! So unique and technofied! I hope they have redesigned the house to follow the same theme as this eye!

  14. Sally on 11:24am May 8 '12

    The more I look at the eye the more it looks ceramic reflecting the light.Very clever.Also the path leading into the pupil must have some significance, Spooky. What do you see? :giggle:

  15. Tombolian on 1:33am May 9 '12

    Let me be the first American (I think) to say bring on BBUK! Your BB is so much better than ours. Bring on Brian and Emma! Bring on Jamie and Pete (either of ‘em) and we’ll even take Lauren and Alice! (all those names are in no particular order). Oh, and Marcus is simply brilliant!!! Love the new eye too. Can’t wait!!!
    Hurry up!!

  16. microsis on 8:01am May 9 '12

    Hey Tombolian ,,great to have caught up with you at last ,we seem to pass in the night :bigsmile:: maybe we can arrange a time that is conveinient to you so we can chat some more : please keep the comments coming , :rock: :yes:

  17. :time: :drink: :cool:

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