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Big Brother 13 : First Fight!
This year's bunch of housemate's are just 4 days into their Big...
| Day -370

This year’s bunch of housemate’s are just 4 days into their Big Brother experience, and up until now, there hasn’t yet been any serious arguments. However, Big Brother 13 has just had it’s first “fight” of the series, between pretty boy, Arron, and feisty former glamour model, Victoria.

The fight came as no shock, as tension had been building up from the very first night, surrounding this year’s big twist, which saw Deana nominate live on the launch night. Deana chose Victoria, Conor and Lydia, who will face the public vote tonight, in the series first live eviction.

Yesterday, Big Brother treated the housemate’s to some alcohol, and a spin the bottle game, in hope of giving the three potential evictees some fun, before one of them waves goodbye to their fellow housemate’s.

The game featured a dare, which would see housemate’s playing the game “Snog, Marry or Evict”. When it was Arron’s turn to play the game, he chose to evict Victoria, which possibly was a rather controversial choice, considering she is up for eviction this week. However, Arron managed to justify his choice, by explaining to Victoria that he only chose her, because she stated that she wants to leave the house. At the time, Victoria seemed fine with his decision.

Later however, was a different story.

Victoria kicked off the argument by questioning his choice of choosing her to evict, saying:

“I’m pretty sure there are people in here that you like less,”

She added, “I’d rather say I wanted someone out because I don’t like them so much rather than someone just because they said they wanted to leave.”

Defending himself, Arron stated “I don’t not like anybody though, I’m a nice happy go lucky guy but you’ve been hard to speak to. I’ve made an effort to speak to you.”

This only made matters worse as Victoria hit back, “I am looking forward to leaving and if I happen to stay I look forward to other people being in my shoes,” she said. “I can’t wait to be at home to watch the carnage. There’s definitely going to be some serious carnage” she added.

“I think it’s going to be a right laugh as soon as we get rid of people like you who put a downer on the experience. You just started a proper thing over nothing.”, Arron explained how he thought Victoria was putting a “downer on the experience”.

Victoria then stated that she “Couldn’t give a flying f**k.”

As the fiery argument came to an end, Arron couldn’t resist making one more comment at Victoria, which went : “I know, and that’s why me and you are not speaking from now on. I can’t be arsed. I’m done with people like you, you’re a negative vibe, girl.”

Watch the argument unfold during tonight’s LIVE evicition, 10PM, Channel 5. Who goes, YOU decide!

Who do you want to be evicted from the Big Brother house? Let us know in a comment below.

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  1. Jillie on 11:40am June 8 '12

    I cannot imagine the two of them having anything in common !! Interesting times ahead then (if Victoria is not evicted to-night)

  2. microsis on 12:03pm June 8 '12

    It’s a pity big brother can’t put one of them
    In the secret bedroom ,
    Wonder if the secret bedroom will be
    Part of tonight’s eviction show
    To early for that surely
    :music: :music: :music:

  3. coxyy on 12:03pm June 8 '12

    so victoria wants to go ;) then why she getting moody at Arron!! But shame it’ll be Lydia going since we have had no highlights show showing any ofConner or Victortia!

    • Avatar of

      Yup, I think you’re right. I think it’ll be Lydia too. It’s gonna be so awkward between vicoria and arron once she hasn’t been evicted, lol :rofl: Bring it on! :D

  4. NickJ on 12:18pm June 8 '12

    i was about to say they cant put anyone in a secret house but people havnt been voting to evict?
    does this change things?
    they may put the evictee and the wildcard in the secret house? Hope they do! its too early to lose a potentially good housemate (n)

    • Avatar of

      I like your thinking :wink: that would be fantastic!

    • microsis on 2:26pm June 8 '12
      MEMBER (2007 COMMENTS)

      BB7 the public was ask to vote for who they wanted to go into the secret house ,,,
      Between Ashlyene and Susie the two nominatated hms ,
      The public are still voting for who they want out of the house by saving the most popular
      They could put the two rejected wild card hms in there though
      :music: :music: :music:

  5. skippy1996 on 12:23pm June 8 '12

    Hope Victoria stays

  6. aamile95 on 12:28pm June 8 '12

    I think Victoria will end up walking tbh. Probably in the next week. Tbh I feel sorry for her because there is no one of her age or anything.

  7. I would like Victoria to stay in as she could cause some tension in the house! But i honestly dont know who will be going tonight?? :mmm:

    • Avatar of

      Yeah, she’s caused tension already with her fight with arron.. she could actually be a good housemate :D I think Lydia will be evicted tonight

    • Tombolian on 7:48pm June 8 '12

      They way it’s being edited, it makes me want Lydia to go tonight. In her VT, she said she would be a fighter, instead, she’s being shown to be nothing more than a pouter. I wouldn’t give her the sympathy vote. Get ‘er out! :hi:

  8. Jamie Pugh on 1:54pm June 8 '12

    I hope Victoria leaves tonight, she is always saying she doesn’t want to be there. :yawn:

  9. aamile95 on 3:04pm June 8 '12

    Has everyone heard the live show is coming from the bbbots studio today because of severe weather warnings!

  10. bob who aint a builder on 3:46pm June 8 '12

    no the secret flat/room has been retured in victors year and the ultimate final bb! :)

  11. jennyjuniper on 3:57pm June 8 '12

    Whether Victoria goes or stays I hope something will happen to liven up the show. Last night I fell asleep in the middle of it!. I know it’s on pretty late, but thats the first time I’ve nodded off during a show.

    • Biddy on 4:24pm June 8 '12

      Oh dear Jennyjuniper,, Same here,,,,i went to bed half way through, couldn’t keep my eyes open,,, :sleepy:……….. so we definately need some excitement to keep us awake !!
      :music: :music: :music:

  12. lorna22 on 5:11pm June 8 '12

    please please get lydia out tonite all she does is moan…..

  13. Gaynor186 on 5:45pm June 8 '12

    I started out wanting Lydia to go, but changed over the last 3 days – did you see Victoria’s reaction when Lydia said she got on well with Adam…..”REALLY”, she said….as if – how could you – snotty cow!! Victoria OUT.

  14. :smirk: Lydia to go!!!!!!!!!!!

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