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“BB13 the bitchiest ever” says Brian
Big Brother host Brian Dowling has described the 2012 series as...
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Big Brother host Brian Dowling has described the 2012 series as “the bitchiest and nastiest” house in the show’s history.

During the series, which comes to its conclusion this evening, the housemates split into two groups known by viewers as the in- and outsiders.

The usual bitching, gossiping and gameplaying reached new levels between these groups as they worked to get their opposite numbers eviction, and former housemate turned presenter Brian claims he would have walked had he been put in the house with the current group.

He told the Daily Star: “I do believe this has been the bitchiest, nastiest and most backstabbing house we’ve ever had. They absolutely hate one another.

“I seriously think if I had been a housemate this year I would have walked. I couldn’t have lasted.”

Tonight’s series finale is a battle between three outsiders, one insider and a floater, something which previously evicted insiders appear to be quite bitter about.

“This is disgusting! Disgracefull! Worst final in Big Brother history!” claimed Conor on Twitter, a view echoed by Rebecca on her own account.

Caroline has also hit out at the public, posting: “Fuming the general public/studio audience/people that vote r clearly f******  moronic deluded t**** with no concept of reality/sense of humour.”

Continuing his interview, Brian said: “When they have come out of the house and I’ve interviewed them and shown them the footage, there is no remorse. I have pushed and pushed them, but they just go ‘Hey, that’s me. I’m young and I’m a bitch’.”

“But fair play to the producers. This lot did deliver the drama,” he added.

What are your views on the series as a whole?

The live final of Big Brother 2012 starts tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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  1. microsis on 1:38pm August 13 '12

    Well if that is how they feel ,,don’t allow them to attend tonight’s final or the wrap party BB
    sour grapes ,,

    Did they honestly think that harden bb fans would accept the type of behaviour they showed in the bb house
    NO WAY

    Luke A to win :love:

    :music: :music: :music:

  2. I agree Micro and they still dont know when they have lost, such ego!!!! :love:

  3. Orchid333 on 1:55pm August 13 '12

    I agree with Brian that this HAS been the bitchiest BB ever. Most of the people entering the house were not just opinionated people, they were darn right nasty and bullies – especially Conor and Caroline.

    The BB which Brian Dowling won was the best ever. It had live feed and Brian’s late night antics where he was being teased by the other housemates were hilarious. No wonder Brian has done so well since leaving the house. :clapping: :call:

    Luke A to win :phone:

  4. sammyvan on 1:56pm August 13 '12

    So sad. Hope this years HM’s do NOT reflect the young of today in UK. A truly nasty, arrogant, sly, and of course bitchy, house. A few exceptions – Adam, Deana and Luke A and to a certain extent, Sara and Scott……although even they seem to have been infected by the “bitching bug”, and in the later stages of the show have made some mean comments. Its the lack of remorse that is so puzzling and deplorable though – the likes of Conor, Caroline and Becky thinking they have done no wrong and the public have been ‘duped’ by the outsiders!! How can they not understand that the way they behaved in the house is just not acceptable?
    Problem is when the Natalie Cassidy’s of this world accept their behaviour and praise them for being ‘real’ – ugh :puke: She is as bad as those she supports.
    If there is a BB next year, pray that we have a change of producers and production team – this years was a complete fiasco. I wonder how many viewers turned off in disgust?
    A sad sad series. IMO :sadsmile:

    • Orchid333 on 2:09pm August 13 '12
      MEMBER (3183 COMMENTS)

      SAMMYVAN. I am a middleaged woman and work with mostly young people and I find them polite and very respectful so don’t worry. I don’t think that the arrogant bullying housemates who have already gone (Conor, Caroline and Becky) will reflect our young of today.

      The nasty housemates who have already gone or have been evicted (and some of the viewers) are always saying – “All of the interesting ones go first and the boring ones are left in”. That is not strictly true. Love them or dislike them, but what about Chris, Lydia, Benedict and lovely Lauren? In my opinion, they were evicted too soon. It is refreshing to see all 5 finalists having a good time together and working together. :clapping:

      Luke A to win :phone:

      • sammyvan on 2:22pm August 13 '12
        MEMBER (1316 COMMENTS)

        Hope you are right, ORCHID. Must say the youth I meet are also pleasant and lovely to chat to. Just when I see specimen’s like some of these evicted HM’s I do wonder if we need more discipline at a young age? Never did us any harm!! I think I am classed as a wee bit more than ‘middle aged’ – not quite over the hill but getting there!
        What I have enjoyed is seeing a different Luke S emerge after Ash and the other ghastly ‘Insiders’ left one after the other. He could have been a better HM if he had not been influenced. Always be vain and self-centered, but not as mean. Also a shame Sara let herself get too close to Ash.
        I wish them all well………..but Deana to win!

        • Orchid333 on 2:34pm August 13 '12
          MEMBER (3183 COMMENTS)

          SAMMYVAN. i might have been a little bit economical with the truth about being middleaged. But even saying that sounds old!!!

          However, If we could live to be 110, I could be middleaged – hey?

          I think that when Sara leaves the house her mother will put her straight about who she should mix with of the housemates.

          Looking forward to tonight.

          Luke A to win :phone:

          I think that my phone bill is going to be massive.

          When I call to save Luke A, my husband asks me to make a call on his behalf for Adam. :bigsmile: Before you ask SAMMYVAN, “yes I do”. :giggle: :giggle:

          Just glad all 3 outsiders are there in the final.

    • microsis on 2:09pm August 13 '12
      MEMBER (2007 COMMENTS)

      Hi sammyvan You ok ,,,,I have missed you over the pass few days
      Have you seen those lucky hms have had a Sunday roast
      alright for some ay ,,I’m back to bangers and mash this week

      Luke A to win :love:

      :music: :music: :music:

      • sammyvan on 2:15pm August 13 '12
        MEMBER (1316 COMMENTS)

        I’m okay thanks, Microsis. Spend most of my time with mum in the nursing home. Wish I had a lap-top so I could keep up where-ever! Frustrating.
        As for the HM’s – they have been spoilt this series with all the treats sent in – lucky them!

  5. Sally on 2:25pm August 13 '12

    I have seen all BBs from 1 to 13.
    I have to agree with Brian. This has been the nastiest backstabbing of them all .Sometimes I found it quite depressing,made me want to switch off.
    On botts last night Ashleigh no mater what question she was asked answered I dunno like I dunno like I dunno then proceeded to have a go at Deana she couldn’t let it drop.
    The outsiders deserve to be in the final. :clapping: :clapping:

    Becky ,Caroline and Ashleigh had their chance. :envy: Conor got his pieces of silver and walked :devil:
    Deana to win.

  6. I agree this series was the bitchiest but I think it was the best with regard to entertainment value in years. I hated last years and the year that Josie won was a snoozefest. Just because I liked this series and found most of it entertaining doesnt mean I condone bullying. The housemates were hand picked because they are all in their own way ‘different and unique’ and there was bound to be personality clashes. The only person who has been evicted that I would like to see in the final is Scott and the only person in the house I wish was gone weeks ago is Luke S. Just my opinion!

    • Orchid333 on 2:41pm August 13 '12
      MEMBER (3183 COMMENTS)

      KITTYGREEN. Quite right. You are entitled to your opinion which is what I have been trying to get over to people who have been slating me!!!

      I could not believe Arron winning last year. I was so shocked and I think that was the first time in the history of BB, that a winner was booed. :surprised:

      Anyway, looking forward to tonight.

      Luke A to win :phone:

      • Aaron was my favourite last year and quite alot of us on here were Team Aaron….
        BB tried everything in their power to make Aaron look bad, they were terrible and in that series they let Jay get away with some vile , bullying outbursts aimed at Aaron,,,,We loved him and voted for him to win, and win he did…
        This year BB have allowed Conor to get away with some vile outbursts and is still doing it on twitter,,this is why people are voting for Deana…and i will not be surprised if she wins…
        My votes will be going to Luke A , he has been my favourite since Lauren left,, infact l like all the outsiders……

        :music: :music: :music:

        • Jules on 6:33pm August 13 '12
          MEMBER (2505 COMMENTS)

          We had great fun protecting Aaron Biddy, I remember it well, this is when I discovered this site. i have to say that I liked the lay out better tbh, I liked the HMs faces with their popularity shown, mind you i didnt work out how it worked until nearly the end!! LOL :rofl: :giggle:

  7. I so agree with Brian. This series was TOO bitchy and nasty and made for such painful viewing that I had to stop watching for awhile until Caroline was booted out. I still believe that allowing nominations to be discussed was a mistake and created immediate divisions before they could get to know each other properly. A certain amount of bitching is inevitable when a houseful of strangers are thrown together but this group was off the Richter scale! Too many juveniles, as well. A few more mature people would have perhaps balanced things a bit. :mmm:

  8. It has been a terrible series to watch,, the bullying , the abuse, the foul mouthed rants. Have switched off a few times,, when it has appeared BB condoned this bullying…and rewards the biggest culprit with 50k….
    It has been so much better to watch since these HM’s have been evicted….
    All i can say now is well done all the outsiders.!!!

    Luke A to win :yes:

    :music: :music: :music:

  9. jennyjuniper on 3:23pm August 13 '12

    I agree with Biddy, channel 5 tried last year to favour some housemates over others, but this year they have shed all pretence of fairness. Brian says it’s the nastiest ever and so it is, but that is down to BB’s producers. If they had punished racist comments and the vile behaviour of conor, caroline etc with swift, hard punishments, the bullying wouldn’t have been allowed to go on as long as it did and the conman certainly wouldn’t have walked away with a case full of cash. All that happened did so because BB allowed it to happen, hoping that the viewers were as mercenary and morally redundant as they are. Luke A, Deana and Adam for the final three please.

  10. I agree with an earlier comment that Conor, Becky and Caroline should be excluded from the wrap party for their disgusting tweets. I hope they get loudly booed by the crowd tonight as the lovely Lauren will get cheers! She should have been in the final. :nod:

    • Orchid333 on 4:18pm August 13 '12
      MEMBER (3183 COMMENTS)

      BJKUK. I absolutely agree with you. :yes:

      Luke A to win :phone:

    • Jules on 6:35pm August 13 '12
      MEMBER (2505 COMMENTS)

      Definitely BJ, hope Lauren gets loud applause.

    • Lauren was a tease and a moaner. She was far from lovely and the public saw that when they booted her out. She went around in skimpy little shorts doing handstands before Adam then sitting on his lap and cuddling him then telling him she didnt like him in THAT way. Totally over rated housemate and deserved to go when she did. She teased Adam then didnt deliver!!!! By the way anyone who says it was an awful series to watch with the bitching bullying etc had a choice and a remote control to switch to something else!!!!

  11. jennyjuniper on 3:41pm August 13 '12

    I really hope Sara doesn’t win. I liked her at first, but she slyly drifts to whoever is the most popular in the house. Scott too was a floater, but at least he was more entertaining than Sara, who only gets energised when she’s had a few and then the drivel that pours out of her mouth is almost unstoppable. I would even prefer her to go before Luke S!!

  12. Sally on 4:06pm August 13 '12

    I don’t see how the producers can be held responsable for the behavior of the house-mates. They can eject them for unreasonable behaviour. I feel this should have been their action with Conor IMO.
    What we see is what the editors think we the public want to see . Hiding Connors rant would have changed the opinions of a lot of people.
    Who ever okayed the nomination on the first night.and agreed that the housemates were allowed to talk about the nominations created the format for a very bitchy show.

  13. If some of u dont guys dont like bb this why are u still watching turn of the tv and why keep talking about the show all u r doing is giveing big brother wot they wont. It has bin the bitchiest this year but no bullying if there was bb would of kick them of the show. This is not ment to have a go at any one it just wot i think if u dont like some think on tv turn it off.

  14. on 6:21pm August 13 '12

    I agree that this is the bitchiest BB, but we have to put the blame solely at the hands of the producers, they should never have allowed the likes of CONNOR, BEKKY & CAROLINE to behave the way that they did. It seemed that every time one of them made an unacceptable comment the other would make an even worse comment. The more that they were allowed to get away with it the more that they continued to insult people.
    For CONNOR, BEKKY & CAROLINE to show no remorse just goes to show what deplorable human beings that they are, it makes you wonder what there families must be like & for other people ( Natalie Cassidy ) to think their behaviour is acceptable says everything about there own character .

  15. thank’s i do agree with wot you said but i dont like wot conner said but he did say he was sorry it was up 2 bb 2 have take him out of the show as for becky and caroline i think it was more of there age. Just look at wot some of them got 2 say on line they love 2 bitch.

  16. I hope Deana wins after the way in which she was treated by Conor. I still find him undeserving of the £50,000 cut of the prize money and feel it is a kick in the teeth for the final 5 who got there legitimately.

    Looking forward to seeing who :c5: put in the CBB house?

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