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BB viewers to pick wildcard housemate?
Big Brother fans will have the opportunity to vote for a wildcard...
| Day -399

Big Brother fans will have the opportunity to vote for a wildcard contestant to enter the house during this summer’s series, according to the Daily Star.

The paper reports that producers are finalising the initial line-up ahead of next month’s launch, but have also decided to let the public pick another housemate in the early stages of the series.

An insider revealed: “For years, fans have said that they want to choose housemates for the show and now they’ve got their chance.

“The wild cards will be characters who will stir things up and set the sparks flying. The lucky few will be brought out and do a Vote For Me piece to camera to explain why they should be chosen. Then it’s down to the public.

“This person stands a good chance of possibly winning. If viewers have picked them and they live up to expectations then they should be favourites to win,” they added.

In other news, it was reported earlier this week that we will see “two houses” over the summer, as the Big Brother compound goes into a 24-hour lockdown after the BB13 finale to receive a luxurious makeover in time for the CBB launch the following night.

Do you think it’s a good idea for viewers to have the chance to choose a wildcard housemate?

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  1. Sally on 11:04am May 10 '12

    I like this idea something new.The house-mates
    already in the house will be shocked, It will be good to see there reaction.

  2. liam haining on 11:10am May 10 '12

    ahhhhh i canny wait to choose someone ahhh lol im excited lol hope we have some old people in this seris because its better to have people with diffrent ages lol :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :

  3. liam haining on 11:12am May 10 '12

    well i think that bigbrother should have a sceret house so if the others that dont get voted in from us can try and win a house mate place by playing pranks on the other housemates and a fake eviction to put one of the housemates into the sercet house with them heheh lol :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes:

  4. coff3e on 12:56pm May 10 '12

    pic me lol

  5. People else where have been commenting that this has been done in BB2. But I personally have never watched BB2. So it is a fresh thing for me.

    I think it does sound good, BUT what worries me is how many housemates lie and brag about what the will do on their VT. Then they turn out to be really boring in the house.

    But yes, I would like this to happen.

    BACKING TO WIN: Gina JOINED: 03/04/2011
  6. Sally on 2:25pm May 10 '12

    We make judgments of people throughout BB.It will be dificult to judge who goes in. We only have to choose 1 .BIG BRO has to choose 12 at least. Im looking forward to seeing them walk into the house. :party: :nod:

  7. Biddy on 3:16pm May 10 '12

    It will be difficult to choose someone from a 2minute VT,,,,They say absolutely anything on these just to get in the house, then when they are chosen they don’t live up to it…they are dull and boring…I think it would be a good idea to put the wild card HM’s in a house on their own and film them for a couple of days unknown to them but shown to us and then let us choose, they could do an extra half hour show for the first couple of days,,,,,,

  8. :music: :crying: :clapping: :clapping: Great idea, but pleaseeeeeee can we have BIGBROTHER LIVE FEED pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee

  9. Joseph on 6:30pm May 10 '12

    I don’t know much about BB2 but if it did happen then that was 11 years ago! A good idea I think :yes:

  10. Dirtymonkey151 on 11:15pm May 10 '12

    It did happen in BB2. Josh was the 1th housemate, and entered a day after the first eviction.

  11. microsis on 8:38am May 26 '12

    Rumour !!!!!Three bb hopefuls who failed their auditions for being “too over the top “will get the chance to enter the bb house via the wild card ,!,The trio described as ticking time bombs ,and guaranteed to cause chaos will go head to head in a viewers vote

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