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BB Facebook voting suspended permanently
Unused votes will be refunded after Facebook voting was suspended...
| Day -315

Unused votes will be refunded after Facebook voting was suspended for the remainder of Big Brother 2012 following recurring technical problems.

Issues with the service first occured during voting for week 7′s eviction between Luke A and Lauren, and arose again prior to lines opening ahead of this week’s public vote.

A Channel 5 statement read:

In order to facilitate refunds we will email those affected via the email address registered to their FB account asap.  However,  in some cases, security settings may prevent us from contacting those affected.

If you have unused BB votes and you are not contacted by us, all you have to do is complete an online refund form which will be available by Tuesday 7thAugust and follow the instructions to send it back to us. Votes will be refunded at the same rate of purchase, i.e. 33 pence each.

Details of other voting methods for this week’s eviction between Luke A, Deana, Ashleigh and Rebecca can be found here.

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  1. can’t understand why you ben knocked off facebook but they are getting very penickty recently maybe twitter is the way to go or some other site

  2. Don’t worry everyone, the phone lines are working fine. I’ve been through tonight for Deana and all was well. We will lose two of the disgusting insiders tomorrow so if there are noms next week there will be 4 insiders (I count Sara as one, she is being a bitch to Deana lately) against 3 soldiers so will be more evenly divided. I hope there are no more noms, I’m getting sick of them. Put them all up with the one getting fewest votes to be evicted next Friday. :clapping:

  3. Why don’t they introduce text voting might be easier and less expensive than this facebook nonsense

  4. Wish I could vote :sadsmile: I’d vote for the outsiders for sure.

  5. As an avid Big Brother fan since the beginning I am appalled by Big Brothers decision this year to let 1 out of 2 housemates leave with 50k in their pocket without the public being able to decide!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So after many votes cast to save every housemate other than Conor, Big Brother decided to let only Conor and Luke S take this task, this was not explained to Sara. They were told they would win ticket to the final not cash!!!!!! Ofcourse one would rather walk with 50k they are NOT goin to risk goin to the final with possibility of losing, even if they did win it would be 50k anyway! Adam was not up for nomination and should of been offered this task and the true intention of the task should have also been told to Scott! the public should have decided who entered the white room! and then between housemates who deserved to be offered the cash! You have now allowed a racist bully the chance to walk with 50k without the PUBLIC deciding!!!!!!!!!! if I was one of the remaining housemates that weren’t given chance I’d walk out the house with my integrity intact as clearly Big Brother has lost its integrity this year, complete disgrace!!!! I’d like a refund on all my votes as I was always saving someone with the intention of them possibly reaching a final to win 100k fair and square, not 50k after you let a bully walk out with the other 50k no questions asked!

  6. Totally agree it was “Who wins You decide” and at the beginning we were told the winner of Big Brother 2012 will walk away with 100K. We have cast our votes each week for out favourite to win that amount of cash. If that does not happen we have been betrayed.
    Big Brother knew when Conor and Luke S walked in that room they would be the ones left standingso they knew the public would not be pleased. Do they care – NO

  7. Absolutely MAGGIE2012! This absolutely stinks and is the dirtiest trick yet against the viewers and also the very few deserving housemates. I also imagine the undeserving housemates will not approve of this dastardly move. Not content with protecting Conor from every single phone vote when it was obvious he is hated and would be evicted for certain, they want to give him 50k or a free pass to the final – a reward for all of his disgusting behaviour since week one – outrageous. Obviously his pals on the production team have had to resort to plan B as he vapourised his chances of winning in week one. It wasn’t part of the deal obviously so he gets 50k compensation for giving it his best shot and failing epically. I dread to think how many complaints this will generate whether or not he subsequently takes the money and runs or enters the final, either way it’s a massive two fingers to the general public who have continued to watch, spent their money and also to the remaining housemates who were never in the running in the first place, winner’s title or not. The biggest injustice BB, Endemol and C5 have ever been guilty of aside from bringing this once great show back to our tv screens and tearing it to pieces, this is bound to kill Big Brother permanently and I will be amazed if this sham of a show survives this relentless campaign. I’m stunned :speechless: :angry:

  8. Where are the number to call to vote for tonight, the official BB site says that voting is currently closed?????

  9. microsis on 11:07am August 3 '12

    Everything you say is spot on BBNUT

    Whether Conor takes the money or not is not the issue here
    It’s the fact that BB is giving him the option in the first place

    :music: :music: :music:

    • I only questioned two days ago if they could possibly stoop any lower and hell, they have not disappointed. I’m ashamed that I have watched, that I have voted and spent money, that I have been treated like an idiot and also with the way in which the housemates have been treated (not Conor I couldn’t give a toss about him). I am particularly alarmed that C5 still expect us viewers to watch for another ten days, phone in, spend more money then vote for a WINNER?! There’s only one winner in this diabolical farce and that’s the greedy, caniving, con artist b******* that call themselves C5.

      • Totally agree with you BBNUT,,I am fuming too.
        I think Deana, Adam and Luke A should walk out…
        they have been treated diabolically…Why didn’t Adam have a chance to win this money ?? Not that i believe the money should be tampered with in the first place…
        Have been in touch with ofcom yet again….
        But now beginning to think that is a waste of time!!!

        :music: :music: :music:

        • How they can even think of launching another series off the back of this one is incomprehendable. I doubt many will watch, let alone vote, CBB should be shelved. Any decent human being taking part who is not interested in money or fame should abandon the show right now or they are condoning everything this show now stands for.

  10. I agree with each and every one of your comments guys

  11. Sally on 2:30pm August 3 '12

    This is unfairness at its worst. The prize money should be for the winner.

  12. becky to go but truly think one of the outsiders will go cos i really do belivie its gonna be fixed :sadsmile:

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