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Audition for Big Brother 2012
It's that time of year again where you could be fronting the...
Nick | Day -499

It’s that time of year again where you could be fronting the producers and heading off to one of the most popular houses in Great Britain for the summer.

Do you have something about you that people love or love to hate? Feel like your personality is wasting away in the shadows? Got the goods that Big Brother wants? Then you better get yourself to one of the following UK audition dates and prove it.

The excitement will be kicking off around the U.K as follows:

Cardiff : Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th of February 2012
Millennium Stadium,
Westage Street,
CF10 1NS

Manchester: Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th February 2012
Manchester Central,
M2 3GX

London: Saturday 18th, Sunday the 19th AND Monday 20th February 2012
Wembley Stadium,
**Doors on Monday 20th will close at 2pm**

Glasgow: Saturday 25th February and Sunday 26th February 2012
Glasgow SECC,
G3 8YW.

All dates except for Monday 20th (as stated above) will operate with the following opening and closing times: Doors open at 8:30am and close at 5pm.

Let the games begin…and remember, Big Brother WILL be watching you.

You have until the 31st January 2012 to submit your online video auditions.

Don’t forget to let us know your wacky auditioning ideas and share with us your stories, we’ll get them featured on our website in a special ‘Audition’ post.

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  1. coff3e on 4:56pm January 30 '12

    omg so excited yey bb

  2. microsis on 5:44pm January 30 '12

    Go for it coff3e. Will vote for you. Lol

  3. Sally on 7:01pm January 30 '12

    coff3e for BB .

  4. Jules on 7:05pm January 30 '12

    what are we voting for? :clapping: do you want another vote?

  5. Jules on 7:06pm January 30 '12

    are you going to apply coffee? xx

  6. coff3e on 7:07pm January 30 '12

    get me in the house someone will hato keep wach at y snake i need a lock

  7. Go for it coff3e, we’re all behind you…Good Luck

  8. coff3e on 8:40pm January 30 '12

    SEEE EVEYONE WANTS ME IN THER you got to get me in if i was in the 1st thing ill do is make a coff3e wait then down it all i wud have a laght iam differnt than anyone els ill b in a happy mood most of the time and hepl others be :sun: :) iam always near tecnoley :phone: :movie: so it may b hard ill always try nd have a good time ill flert im loverble ill keep the fun even in the :rain: :bear: :party: :giggle: :drink:

  9. is thisa spesel way to apply

  10. :tongueout:

  11. Really want 2 go in bb house wats address 2 send application form 2?????

  12. you lot actually sound desperate
    big brother need a kick up the back side
    i hope this year is gunnna be more interesting than the last we need to see some real life action on tv and bring on the bitches no one wants to see boring tv
    big brother needs me someone who dont actually care nd either u love me or hate bring on the MARMITE i say loves xx

  13. microsis on 2:54pm February 14 '12

    Hi BARBIE. !!! Good luck. By the way I love. Marmite. Lol.

  14. microsis on 11:28am February 15 '12

    Rumour. !!! From M r. Celebuk on twitter ,,cbb will be back before normal show begins in the summer ,,,,,This is awful ,I thought if there was going to be an extra cbb it would be after bb13 ,so cbb will get brand new house again !! And take the anticipation of bb13 away ,,

    • Avatar of

      I agree Microsis, if this is true then it’s bad news. Don’t think I can face 12 more wannabe celebs so soon! Wish they would just stick with the normal BB. Hope you’re ok xx

  15. lets hope it is a rumour. :c5: have had two CBB already.I prefer BB any time.

  16. Really hope this is not true,, much prefer BB.

  17. Avatar of

    Microsis – I got some GREAT news today! WHOOPEEE!!!

  18. Its posible that CBB will start 11th May for 3 weeks.Followed by BB on the 8th June.Rumours regarding these 2 dates were for BB only. Now it is said that CBB will be on first.Only :c5: know the truth of of this.

  19. By here I come!

  20. Housemates are really exposing what BB gets up to! Someone tweeted to Rebeckah “@RebeckahVaughan you said you would be @adentheobald girlfriend on live television so yea tht makes you his ex” to which she replied “it’s all a set up babe everyone knows we all had the same management and were prepped before entering the house xx “. She also said that she has been engaged to “Dom” for 4 years, so why would she go near Theobald?. :devil:

  21. Rebeckah vaughan (@RebeckahVaughan) Ok you know how at the beginning of TOWIE it says “some of what you have seen has been set up purely for your entertainment” well that is reality tv just like BB is reality TV set up for your entertainment! Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but it’s not real!!! Chill out its only a TV programme :rain:

  22. Bobby It does not stop people enjoying it.Do you watch it?Im well chilled lol. :giggle:

  23. microsis on 5:21pm February 22 '12

    Bobby. I’m chilled Lol

  24. Sally totally agree with you, Bobby i’m chilled too,,lol

  25. wat if u missed the audition days…! wat happens then?

  26. rouqie If you sent in an audition video. Then BB may contact you.However if you didnt and you also missed auditions. then there is little chance for you.Enjoy watching this year and join in on TTBB with your comments.

  27. Sally on 8:41pm March 2 '12

    :hi: Fudge not seen you in the chat room for a while hope you are well x

  28. watch video and see how channel 5 treat people at there auditions .BADLY :angry:

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