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Ashleigh’s mouth lets Deana down
Ashleigh was always going to struggle not to swear but even we did...
Alec | Day -326

Ashleigh was always going to struggle not to swear but even we did not anticipate she would drop the f-bomb within the first minute of being given the task.

Unfortunately the consequences of her actions have spilled over beyond her own reputation. She lost one housemate a letter from home and that housemate was Deana.

Our Miss India UK took the blow well and disappeared off to the bedroom for a bit of alone time rather than listen to the other housemates reading out heart-warming passages from their own correspondence.

Luke A reassured her saying, “I respect you for taking it so well. Your family will be so proud of you.”

Sara also attempted to sugar-coat the pill offering to let her share her friends. Cheers Sara, not quite the same.

Ashleigh offered (in our opinion) a rather half–hearted apology before heading for the garden to lament the quality of her own letter which arrived in poem form, rather than a gushing outpouring.

She said, “I didn’t even want my letter. It meant nothing to me. Imagine it was Becky who didn’t get her letter.” A touch insensitive perhaps.

She later retired to the  chaise longue for a little cry and did tell Becky – who popped her head into the bathroom to offer a few comforting words – she felt bad for Deana.

Deana’s brave face seems to have earned her a new respect from her housemates. Caroline even cuddled up to reassure her with her slightly ‘cold’ letter from her own family.

And Luke S finally managed to drag himself away from crowing about his own correspondence to offer Ashleigh a shoulder to cry on. So all’s well that ends well. For now.

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  1. Silly cow. :wondering: She can’t even go one minuet without swearing. Would love to see her in a professional job, she would be fired on day one.

    BACKING TO WIN: Gina JOINED: 03/04/2011
  2. Jillie on 8:56am July 22 '12

    Having watched all of the show last night I was very proud of Luke A having the confrontation with Becky. He told her exactly the way it is !! Discusted with Ashleigh for going straight into the house, after having a chat with Luke A and telling the other housemates what he had said. Sher is some nasty piece of work. BUT what discusted me, more than ever, was the way Conor said …. he was messing with those f***kers (the outsiders) heads. What amazes me is … did’nt he hear the crowd outside on friday night chanting ‘get Caroline and Conor out’ or is he so deluded that this is’nt bothering him. Its time this guy was removed from the house. His attitude and repulsiveness towards ‘the outsiders’ is frightening

    • Queen Bea on 10:51am July 22 '12

      Totally agree they are both horrible people and Ashleigh is a nasty person 2…….hope BB show her “boyfriend” Luke S vertually finishing with her before they even got outside………GO LUKE A, its brought Becky down a peg or 2

    • jennyjuniper on 11:47am July 22 '12
      MEMBER (1179 COMMENTS)

      Conor is deluded. He doesn’t hear (or says he doesn’t) anything he doesn’t like. And yes his comment about ‘messing with the f…… heads shows who is pulling the three witches strings. Bravo Luke A for telling that b…. Becky how it really is.

    • Oh Conor heard the crowd allright, but he isnt going to tell the others in case they put a brain cell into gear and nominate him.

  3. Athanie on 11:03am July 22 '12

    Just watched the confrontation between Becky and Luke A out in the garden with Adam and Scott listening. YOU GO LUKE! that was priceless HA!

    How can Ashleigh sit and say you are such a nice guy and then within 1min go and stir it up like that. She’s gonna have a rude awakening at some point….. no wait, she wont understand it anyways…..

    I hope Scott will keep a true perspective towards these people, I like him.

  4. Sally on 11:45am July 22 '12

    Ashleigh can’t string a sentence together without swearing,in fact she can’t have a conversation that makes sence unless she is repeating what someone else said. I think the relationship with Luke A isn’t doing her any favours,he is just using her for the expected BB romance. Ashleigh keeps saying they have nothing in common what she means is that she doesn’t feel good enough that’s sad and in that respect I feel sorry for her. There have been much worse people in that house than Ashleigh

  5. rionablue on 1:56pm July 22 '12

    Ashleigh is a total disgrace and her family should be ashamed of her. What she did in telltalking what Luke A said to Conor and Becky was DESPICABLE. She is a proper bitch and losing Deana her letter was the final nail in her coffin. Im predicting that she might have just handed Deana the winners crown and it would serve her right. Vile little trollop!

  6. Why have you not been posting news from the house as fast as last year? You’re going down the pan like Insidebigbrother did before it shut.

  7. zeppelin on 6:07pm July 22 '12

    LOST Somewhere in Essex , Ashleighs brain , if found please return to Elstree Studios Borehamwood.

  8. The way Luke A handled Becky was brilliant, the best bit was when she went back into the house wailing ‘he looked me straight in the eyes’ yes of course he did because he knows he was right and made her look a complete idiot.
    Ashleigh is a disgrace, one miniute shes hugging Luke A saying I love you, then next shes in the house telling tales, hope he mentions that fact that she said she loved him to the rest of her gang, wonder what they would think of that.

  9. What is Conors surname does anyone know, it would be interesting to see exactly who he is and why he has this power over BB, just wondering.

  10. I don’t watch BB anymore beceause of the production teams support of racist/misogynist thugs in the house. As for trashleigh , she should be out , back on her usual street corner like a 2 bit…..

  11. having watched from the start i still cannot work out why connor hates deanna so much,he is a pig and such an ignorant f er,if he thinks hes going to get a carreer out of this he must be mad,no one would touch him with a barge pole,horrible,horrible man and not a true reflection of any irish people i have met :devil:

  12. Jules on 8:09pm July 22 '12

    I agree Connor doesnt have any reason to hate Deanna. Is it me or are the edits showing Connor in a better light now? Alternatively maybe he is thinking :bigsmile: It will be interesting to see who he noninates tomorrow, the crowd shout out “get Caroline out” and Luke A has had a barny with Becky. Will he use it to his advantage? Will the others use it?

  13. str-8-edge on 8:26pm July 22 '12

    I’m proud of Luke A for standing up for him self.BB put Caroline and conner for Noms this week and watch all the ratings get better when Caroline gets out.. Adam you being you and keep ping it real.Every one here in the states Love Adam to win…..

  14. str-8-edge on 8:27pm July 22 '12

    I’m proud of Luke A for standing up for him self.BB put Caroline and conner for Noms this week and watch all the ratings get better when Caroline gets out.. Adam Every one here in the states are cheering for you….We Love Adam to win…..

  15. Sally on 8:39pm July 22 '12

    The only reason Conor hates Deana is that she nominated him on the first night.He just can’t forgive her.

  16. wasnt he the one who stood up and said pick me i will be ok with it

  17. brokenangel on 9:50pm July 22 '12

    Only reason Conor was so nice to Deana, noms tomorrow and he knows the task will be aired ! Don’t trust him at all.

  18. yeahyeahyeah on 10:43pm July 22 '12

    Does anyone else find it amazing how the seemingly smallest comments can speak volumes about a HMs character? E.g., when the HMs were asked to pick the most genuine HM, Becky says, “Genuine? What does that mean?” Same as with Ashleigh and this task. When they first read out the instructions of the task, she says, “Act selflessly? What does that mean?”
    Honestly, if you don’t know what the words genuine and selfless mean by the time you’re a legal adult, there’s something wrong with you. >_<

  19. conor and ash have no sympathy or empathy conor saying he felt sorry for deena his mind is on the noms not anything to do with deena and ash is just thick .

    • She is just causing sh1t so people will choose luke A and Adam Deena for nominations.

      BB knows this is tactical voting and will not do anything about it.

      I am guessing that Luke A and Deena will be up next week or Luke A and Adam.

  20. 5169paul on 12:25am July 23 '12

    still think it will be luke a and one of the other two outsider will be up this week. have a feeling they think hes gonna win the show and conners main aim is to get him out. theres an outside chance that the insiders maybe 2 of them will nom :love: becky :brokenheart: BECKY. see the enormous knickers tonight!!!!!. please lord let one of the insiders be up tonight

  21. My ideal noms today would be to put 4 up-Connor, becky, caroline and Ashleigh and tell them there is going to be a multi eviction of at least two, then watch the tears and fireworks

  22. AmericanCousin on 5:16am July 23 '12

    Ashleigh is pathetic. Everyone sacrificed and did their best(even the dispicable Conorline), so why couldn’t she? She’s just grosses me out. Evertime she opens her mouth to speak, I cringe. She’s quite a laugh, though, when she puts her hair behind her ears, she looks like a giant rat :rofl: What also pissed me off was the fact she went to isolate herself in the bath to evoke sympathy as if she gives a damn about anyone but herself. What a waste of flesh and bones, that girl is.
    Conor is so transparent- he’s a spineless jellyfish. Why be so “kind and caring” now? Give us all a break because we all know the niceness is fake :sleepy:
    Becky :puke: she is utterly disgusting. Her big mouth, he reverberating throughout the house, her lying and pot sitrring. She kicked off with the right one, that being Luke A. He set her right straight and I was giggling with joy. When he said “I don’t give a fuck that you were saying nice things about me”, my heart swelled :love:
    Let us all pray there is a plot twist that doesn’t allow either Becky, Conorline, Ugshleigh, nor Luke S. to vote. I’m really hoping since votes will be private that Scott and Sara swing vote for one of the a$$holes.
    p.s. I think Scott is starting to see Becky for what she is! No, not just a lard, but a complete fraud, a phony, bogus, unreal, FAKE!! I really wanted to back Scott because I think he’s a decent guy, but I can’t support him for his affiliations.

  23. yeahyeahyeah on 5:34am July 23 '12

    If my guesses are right, I think we’ll see Ashleigh, Becky, Luke A and Adam up for eviction this week. Still not Conor and Caroline as would be best, but if Ashleigh goes that will be one less insider vote.

  24. I notice that there arent many comments about Scott on the site, I personally dont mind him, he is playing a carefull game but if he is the last insider left would you mind him winning???

  25. Ashleigh has had the chance to win Deanas letter for her, oh well done BB….just before nominations……saves Ashleigh rather nicely….. as much as I felt sorry for Deana what is the point of the task if BB are going to back track at every oppportunity, if it had been Deana who had lost someones letter she would have been thrown to the lions today, this stinks BB.

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