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Ashleigh the favourite for eighth eviction
Tonight sees eight housemates face eviction from Big Brother...
| Day -321

Tonight sees eight housemates face eviction from Big Brother house, but who will be the eighth evictee of Big Brother 2012?

Adam, Ashleigh, Caroline, Conor, Deana, Luke A, Luke S and Sara all received at least one nomination on Monday and the public have been voting to save their favourite throughout the week.

Ashleigh is being tipped to exit tonight by the bookies. SkyBet currently have odds of 5/4 for the Essex girl to go, closely followed by Caroline at 13/8. Fansite polls suggest it could be close between Luke S and girlfriend Ashleigh, but he is the bookies third favourite at 11/4.

Sara and Conor look set to stay with odds of 16/1 and 20/1 respectively.

Adam (28/1), Luke A, (33/1) and Deana (40/1) are the ousiders for tonight’s eviction, and are also the three favourites to be crowned winner at the end of the series.

Details of how to vote to save can be found on the Channel 5 website by clicking here. Lines close during this evening’s eviction, live on Channel 5 from 9PM.

You can also vote in Total Big Brother’s eviction poll:.

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  2. Let’s not forget the bookies have got it wrong for the last three weeks, but I do think Ashleigh is at risk tonight.

  3. Ashleigh or Conor to go! :bigsmile:

  4. Joseph, could you get in touch with me when you can? :) Ta

    BACKING TO WIN: Gina JOINED: 03/04/2011
  5. 5169paul on 6:32pm July 27 '12

    luke s :brokenheart: should be going tonight not ashleigh as connor :devil: would lose his right hand man and with caroline making a joke of the shopping task (in fact it was connor who put her up to it earlier in the week) :devil: . she would be so unpopular would defenitly be up next. we are all being conned in this vote to save and not to evict. it looks certain connor is heading for the white room and the final its a waste of time voting anybody to save. :love: :love: :love:

  6. Luke A all the way to win,or Adam.Caroline and conor hope you go temperarily deaf from the boo’s you get !

  7. Kernow on 6:44pm July 27 '12

    Happy Birthday Conor: now P*ss off home tonight

  8. Lisaxx on 6:58pm July 27 '12

    Ashleigh is an angel compared to Conor. Get him out.

  9. Haha! i Bet Conor’s thinking if Deana goes it’ll be a b-day prezzie! He’s got another thing coming! :rofl:

  10. Let’s hope fans stay loyal to BB tonight for this series biggest and most exciting eviction yet. To hell with all that olympics shite! :party:

  11. AmericanCousin on 8:34pm July 27 '12

    As long as the Dream Team stays- Deana, Luke A. and Adam. I really am wishing for Conor to go. I wil settle for Caroline, though.
    Hoping for something good.

  12. Once Sara stays with Deana and Luke A also. Im not bothered bout the rest of them Sara is an absolute gem of a housemate not a mean bone n her body xxx

  13. brokenangel on 9:45pm July 27 '12

    I want Luke S to go, so Caroline suffers all week, she will be up next week for sure :)

  14. caroli :yes: ne out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Oblivious on 10:39pm July 27 '12

      Conor out next please…he was just lucky there was someone more loathsome than him up tonight

      • jennyjuniper on 12:01pm July 28 '12
        MEMBER (1179 COMMENTS)

        Yes but that’s what this thicko Conman doesn’t seem to understand, the only reason he’s been saved every time is because he’s always been up against someone who (mistakenly or not) the public disliked even more than him. If he had ever been up against somone popular he would have been gone long since.

        • I hope you are both right but fear that both conman and sara will be in the final due to loyal regional votes from Ireland and Scotland respectively.
          I pray (just like the Dream Team – but not as funny) that I’m completely wrong

  15. Bookies wrong for the 4th week in a row

  16. Conor is gunning for Sara as she was first saved together with the outsiders. He is saying he will never speak to her after the show. He says he would not even congratulate Deana if she won. Of all the most horrible housemates ever he is the worst. What the fuck has he against pretty women like Deana and Sara????? Oh I know he probably thought they would fall at his horrible feet. Please please people if he is up vote the fucking horrible man OUT

  17. the only decent people in the house is adam, a lovely man luke a also. a lovely person an of course deana who has kept her composure through all the hateful inuenda

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