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Ashleigh passes task, wins Deana’s letter from home
Late last night, Big Brother revealed to the house that Ashleigh...
Alec | Day -325

Late last night, Big Brother revealed to the house that Ashleigh had passed her task and that the prize on offer was Deana’s letter from home.

During the Letter Delivery Dilemma task, Ashleigh failed her part of the task by swearing, which resulted in one housemate not getting a letter. That housemate was Deana.

To try and win back the letter, Ashleigh had been given a task to dress up as a clown and entertain the housemates during last nights party. The fellow housemates was unaware that if Ashleigh passed the task, Deana would be given her letter from home. With Sheivonne’s fear of clowns, we’re just glad she is still not in the house.

Deana elected Sara to read her letter from home.

[vimeo id="46218678" caption="Watch Big Brother reveal Ashleigh's outcome, and listen to Deanas letter..."]

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  1. Jules on 12:40pm July 23 '12

    I was pleased for Ashleigh as she really was upset at her misdemeanour. Well done gal for making amends. I also think that Deanna had the better of the deal as her post seemed longer.

    • Not to mention the ‘airtime’ ;)

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  2. BBNut on 2:28pm July 23 '12

    BB were very cruel, it could have been anyone but it had to be Deana, after everything she has been through and had to put up with. It almost felt engineered and like a test to see if the nasty housemates had feelings at all or if they really are vile people. It was certainly interesting and very convenient for Conor to show sympathy or a shred of emotion. He has three weeks or less to make amends with Deana (depending on if either of them stay) and until he does my opinion of him still hasn’t changed. Yet again, Deana handled another massive kick in the teeth from BB very graciously and with complete dignity as ever, the same way she has dealt with everything else thrown at her. Deana, Adam or Luke A to win now Lauren (who is such an adorable person and was my ultimate winner) is out, but I feel Deana deserves it the most after enduring all this time with a pathetic man who won’t even speak to her and an even more pathetic BB who didn’t stamp out this creature once and for all.

    • AcerEntwistle on 6:24pm July 23 '12

      That’s so true. I’ve got to admit Deana’s never been one of my favourites but she handled it very well. Everyone was talking about each others letters and showing them to one another but Deana didn’t moan or anything. Most of the others would have kicked off massively but she didn’t …+1 for Deana in my books! And yeah either her, Adam or Luke A to win. I’m favouring Adam now Lauren has gone. Lauren was my favourite!! :( She absolutely did not deserve to go…a great injustice in my opinion :(

  3. flossie on 2:56pm July 23 '12

    bbnut, it feels like you are speaking for the majority of bb fans. . once i find out who is up for nomination tonight, if there are no insiders to boot out, im switching off..

  4. 5169paul on 3:46pm July 23 '12

    I AM SWITCHING OFF 2 :devil: :devil:

  5. northernmonkey on 4:44pm July 23 '12

    I haven’t been watching it as much lately, all a bit too predictable. I may watch it tonight, but if it’s just the “outsiders” up yet again, then I will probably not bother watching it again.

    I am losing interest fast now.

  6. poppy44 on 8:11pm July 23 '12

    Conor or caroline to go. I just hope peeps not forgotten what conor said about deana a week or so ago. Caroline is soooo nasty x

  7. AmericanCousin on 9:37pm July 23 '12

    Deana is absolutely stunning. It’s no wonder those fuglies loathe her.
    Conor for eviction.
    p.s. I called her stunning b4 I heard it in the letter. Never a truer word for a person.

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