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Ashleigh is evicted in 6th place
Grab your suitcase and mind your language, Ashleigh, it’s time...
Alec | Day -307

Grab your suitcase and mind your language, Ashleigh, it’s time to go.

Our potty mouthed Essex girl has clocked up almost eight weeks in the House and as one of the louder, more outspoken characters, her absence will definitely be felt – not least by lover-boy Luke S.

As one half of Lushleigh, she’s smooched her way through almost all of her 60 day residence. The couple have raised a few eyebrows with their under the cover activities, but in recent weeks housemates have started to doubt the legitimacy of their love. Ashleigh, too, has questioned her relationship citing the pair’s lack of common ground among her chief concerns. Luke S has had to persuade her his love is real but when she finally sees ‘that interview with the agent’, we suspect he’ll have a hell of a lot of grovelling to do.

Ashleigh says she’s not a typical Essex girl and, despite being a fully paid-up member of the fake tan crew, she dyed her golden locks brown in week one. She loves ‘the banter’ and can frequently be found filling housemates in with her no holds barred chat about her sexual exploits and history of dealings in the financial arena.

She’s a self proclaimed party girl and has proved her ‘larging it’ credentials by leading sneaky late night drinks thievery missions and successfully completing the All Night Rave task. Tasks, however have been Ashleigh’s downfall from time-to-time, with her refusal to face the paintball firing squad during the Gold Rush task being a low point. More recently she gave up mid-pillow fight during the Party Animals task, infuriating the boys.

Ashleigh also let the team down during The Letters Dilemmas task. Unable to bite her tongue and refrain from swearing, she lost Deana a letter from home. However, Big Brother gave her a chance to redeem herself through a secret clown task which she completed in style, allowing Deana to collect her correspondence. It was a low point in a fluctuating friendship, which went from the pair being occasional confidantes to outright enemies on the flip of a sixpence.

Ashleigh formed a brief alliance with Shievonne which brought out her cattier side, and her criticism of The Outsiders came thick and fast even after her pal left. But Ashleigh can offer a shoulder to cry on when needed and doesn’t like to see people upset. She wasn’t afraid to hand out advice and show support to housemates she thought deserved it.

Not known for her domestic prowess in the House, she compensated for this with an upbeat demeanour. A recent game of Personality Bingo revealed she considered herself bubbly, and three of her housemates agreed. Funny and confident were among the other traits chosen.

Ashleigh spent her last week in the House back with Luke S after his run in the White Room came in the end. Her boyfriend is guaranteed a place in the final, meaning the inseparable pair will have to spend at least three days apart. They’ll doubtless be three days of agony for the girl from Romford, but we’ve all got our fingers crossed that Team Lushleigh will continue long after the series ends.

Always up for a laugh and a glass of wine, the only way is the door for our Ashleigh now. See you on other side, babe. One hundred per cent.

[vimeo id="47335660" caption="Watch Brian call Ashleigh's name out, and her leaving the house..."]
[vimeo id="47335661" caption="Watch Ashleigh's best bits in the house..."]

So Ashleigh has gone, what are your thoughts?

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  1. on 10:15pm August 10 '12

    So glad that this pair have gone, I don’t know what programme Natalie Cassidy’s been watching, how can she have thought that Ashleigh & Scott deserved to stay.

    • Orchid333 on 11:37pm August 10 '12
      MEMBER (3192 COMMENTS)

      I am surprised at Natalie Cassidy. What a tosser. :surprised:

      • Jules on 12:13am August 11 '12
        MEMBER (2503 COMMENTS)

        Never liked her in CBB she was another mouthy so and so. Spoilt any admiration I had for her in Eastenders. She wasnt at all fair was pleased when she was evicted.

        • Agreed, did not like her hateful comments about Luke A and the soldiers . Hated her in CBB smarming up to nicola , badly acting the plain girl next door routine .

          • I thought Natalie Cassidy was OK before last night. It’s because she is like Ashliegh. People vote for people that they are like!!!!!!

            Luke A, Deana or Adam to win :love: :love: :love:

          • sammyvan on 5:43pm August 12 '12
            MEMBER (1316 COMMENTS)

            One of the nastiest of the CBB ‘inmates’ last year and still she has not understood why we voted her out? :puke: .It was’nt a mistake, Natalie, we did know we were voting to evict you! Obviously she is going to just love Ash, Caroline, Shiv, Conor and Lukeass – she is one of them. She needs to grow up and get a life . Anyone with half a brain cell can see this woman is a real ‘has been’.


  2. MarkSalem on 10:18pm August 10 '12

    So happy to see Ashleigh gone! She shouldn’t have been here past week 2!

  3. Whoop!! Although she should have been evicted BEFORE Scott. But anyway, the witch :yes: :yes:

    BACKING TO WIN: Gina JOINED: 03/04/2011
    • Raykco on 10:29pm August 10 '12

      What odds can I get on your choice of Lauren to win, Alec? :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

      • :bigsmile: I left Lauren up as to me she still should have won. :( Can’t belive she survived over Luke A!

        BACKING TO WIN: Gina JOINED: 03/04/2011
        • Yes Alec Lauren was my favourite too …Would have loved her to still be there….I changed to Luke A when she left as she said she wanted Luke A to win….
          So i hope he does,,,but i do like Adam and Deana too and won’t mind if any one of them win…
          Just so pleased those 3 have made it to the final…The Outsiders
          :music: :music: :music:

        • Orchid333 on 11:30pm August 10 '12
          MEMBER (3192 COMMENTS)

          LOSER :no: I loved Lauren so much but I don’t like the negative comment about Luke A.

        • sammyvan on 5:46pm August 12 '12
          MEMBER (1316 COMMENTS)

          I agree, Alec, Lauren should never have been evicted. Would have been wonderful if she could have been there at the final with Adam, Deana and Luke A. If only BB had got its act together earlier, she would have been there still. I believe it is thanks to Lauren, in many ways, that the three outsiders are still standing!


  4. Raykco on 10:27pm August 10 '12

    Glad the pair of them went.

  5. on 10:34pm August 10 '12

    Can somebody at B.B please tell Adam to pull his trousers up it is sooooo annoying.

  6. adam a t*** thats why i cant what for this year to be over.

    • AmericanCousin on 11:10pm August 10 '12

      Adam is the man :clapping:
      I am happy thingswent the way they did.
      :party: Good Job Outsiders’ :party:

      • Orchid333 on 12:07am August 11 '12
        MEMBER (3192 COMMENTS)

        AMERICANCOUSIN. agree with you. :clapping: I don’t think that STAR can speak or write good English. Night Night.

        Luke A to win.

        • orchid 333 you should be taken of this site there are a large amount of comments from you that are misspelt also you are really getting up peoples noses hope you get evicted from this site

          • Orchid333 on 12:51pm August 11 '12
            MEMBER (3192 COMMENTS)

            OMG. I don’t think so. You should have proof read that LONG paragraph before you submitted it. You obviously don’t know what should be a sentence and what is paragrph! And learn your apostrophes mate! You haven’t even got the guts to choose a user name for yourself.. I can think of good user name for you – “TOSSER”. :giggle: :giggle:

      • Jules on 12:16am August 11 '12
        MEMBER (2503 COMMENTS)

        I agree also, well done Adam, he had a lot of cheers. Hope they all have a good weekend now but would like to see Luke S and Sara out first on Monday.

        • Orchid333 on 12:56pm August 11 '12
          MEMBER (3192 COMMENTS)

          JULES. I can’t understand why you agree with ANONYMOUS that I should be taken of this site! But hey ho, I have broad shoulders. I agree with you that it would nice if Luke S and Sara go first on Monday. :bigsmile:

          • Confused on 1:34pm August 11 '12
            MEMBER (237 COMMENTS)

            @Orchid333. Jules was agreeing with AmCous. You are wonderful and no one with any sense would every think of giving you the push. It is a bit shocking for me to see so much poor English and rude comments from this site. I am from Thailand where people are more polite. Just discovered this site and am enjoying a nice read.

          • Orchid no no no did i put it in the wrong place so sorry………..let me look back and see who I was agreeing with. I nearly wrote a piece to the plonker who said that about you, couldnt undertstand why it was said. There it seems that I have to say something to the ijit after all I was going to stay out of it. Really sorry let me go and look…….

          • Jules on 3:46pm August 11 '12
            MEMBER (2503 COMMENTS)

            Orchid, didnt sign in just now and my Rose counterpart came up, didnt realise until after. Anyway love I was agreeing with AmericanCousin via yours I think. Gets confusing eh!!! Definitely not being negative to you. Thought the other comments were uncalled for tbh. Am pleased that Adam and Deanna were saved last night.

            For the record according to Oddschecker Deanna has gone back to 1st place with Luke A being second, then Adam, Sara and Luke S last. No eviction results shown yet. :love:

        • rionablue on 3:58pm August 11 '12
          MEMBER (3915 COMMENTS)

          Adam SO doesnt deserve the final Neither does Luke S. Adam just lounges around staring from the smoking area. Luke S has been the vainest housemate in history. I want the two of them out first in whatever order and the top three to be Sara Luke A and Deana. Come on Sara you can do it girl

          • Jules on 7:46pm August 11 '12
            MEMBER (2503 COMMENTS)

            He most definitely does deserve to win, he has been a good friend to Lauren and Deanna when nobody else wanted them. He has been there for them but hasnt agreed with all of Deannas thoughts. He is his own man and doesnt follow the sheep for the sake of fitting in

            He has been forthright. He has had a lot of laughter. He hasnt been afraid to tell the others the truth. He has done his share in the kitchen. He is a great contender and would be deserving of every penny which he would put to good use. He has always done his best in the tasks not shirking anything at all.

            ADAM to win SARA and LUKE A out next.

          • sammyvan on 5:53pm August 12 '12
            MEMBER (1316 COMMENTS)

            Adam has been calm when needed, has stood up for himself and others when he felt he should, has a good laugh with his friends, has often been the mediator between the HM’s……..he certainly deserves his place in the final.
            Just wish he would pull his breeks up!! Not a fashion I understand – why would anyone want to have their pants ‘half-mast’ like that? Looks stupid.

  7. outsider just put me to sleep the insider they made this year. Sexy conner won 50k good for him and arrom got a fit arse.

  8. arron not arrom i am mad ha ha ha any way he has a nice arse. Ps sorry about that?

  9. str-8-edge on 12:29am August 11 '12


    • Jules on 10:52am August 11 '12
      MEMBER (2503 COMMENTS)

      Will definitely be voting for ADAM, he is great and I was so pleased that he had all cheers. Mind you it is nothing to go by really as it is the public outside as well as inside who vote. Hope he gets cheers on Monday.

  10. brains on 1:03am August 11 '12

    i cant
    understand how a few days ago when deanas name was said everyone was cheering tonight it was all boos,because she teased luke s over pushing the button and calling him charlie does that make them hate her, or was that a bought crowed told to boo her, tonight was the right result luke s next and let the lnsiders see that they cut their own throats

  11. b-cuz deana is a game playing 2face # hope they boo her on monday.

  12. jennyjuniper on 7:08am August 11 '12

    I’m glad Ashleigh has gone. Pity Sara wasn’t nominated as I would have preferred her to go before Scott. I’d like Luke A to win, but if Adam or Deana do, then I will be happy too.And just a note to Star, if your ideal man is conor or arron, then you are either a very confused teenager or are (or should be) taking medication.

  13. yes that right. ha ha

  14. Deana got booed and probably now wont win, she may have been playing a game but havent they all. If Deana doesnt win this then Conor has won….. do you want that, remember how Deana has been treated throughout this series not only by the housemates but by BB letting her down and allowing the bullying to continue. Put the picture of Conors smug face into your mind if Deana doesnt win….. thats what he wants.

    • Jules on 10:43am August 11 '12
      MEMBER (2503 COMMENTS)

      Aw sorry, to see the three as the top ones will be enough for me, that should prove to Connor and the others that the outsiders have had our support all along. We have watched and hoped that they wouldnt be annihilated by that lot. I personally have voted for Adam, Deanna and Luke A. Now I will only vote for ADAM to win but I say whoever wins out of those three well done.

      Deana isnt the main one now, she has a lot of support and will get through.

      ADAM all the way, he deserves to win.

      • Orchid333 on 1:27pm August 11 '12
        MEMBER (3192 COMMENTS)

        JULES. I agree 99% with you. However, I am voting for Luke A to win. I know that you are backing Adam to win and I can understand why. Both Luke A and Adam are good guys and both deserve to win.

        Did you know that they have a pact with each other that if either of them win, they will give the other one £5,000? I believe that they will be true to their word. :cool:

        • Jules on 3:53pm August 11 '12
          MEMBER (2503 COMMENTS)

          Hi Orchid, yes it was a bet wasnt it. Adam was saying that he bet Luke A would win and he put 5,000 on it then Luke A says vice versa. Thinking about it though it was a bit strange because if one lost they wouldnt have the 5,000 to give :rofl: So I guess it is more a pact that if one wins he gives the other 5,000 :rofl: OM goodness it does get complicated, lets hope one of them wins because I think they will keep to the agreement. :love:

          • Orchid333 on 5:48pm August 11 '12
            MEMBER (3192 COMMENTS)

            JULES: I might be wrong, but as far as I can recollect, the agreement between them was that if Luke A wins he would give Adam £5,000 if Adam wins vice versa. :yes:

            Luke A to win. :love: :love:

      • Adam sooooooo doesnt deserve to win. I dont even think he deserves his place in the final. I dont think he has been a good housemate just lounging around all the time. Sara Luke A and Deana the only deserving winners. Either of them win Im happy but I do love Sara and Luke A a little bit more than Deana

        • I totally agree with you Kiera I dont think Adam deserves all the hype and support the gets. Of the outsiders Luke A and Deana deserve their place in the final. Sara definitely deserves it also not Luke S and he wouldnt be there either if he hadnt got the free pass. Luke S out first then Adam then we have a contest

          • Jules on 6:48pm August 12 '12
            MEMBER (2503 COMMENTS)

            Most of us know that Adam deserves to be there in the top five. His qualities speak for themselves.

            Sara out first then Luke S that will be the best contest of all. Vice versa will do. I agree Luke S doesnt deserve to be there most definitely but tbh neither does Sara, in a different way but nevertheless it should have been Lauren. Would have liked one or two of the others to have stayed but it wasnt to be.

            ADAM to win

    • JaniceR on 6:34pm August 12 '12
      MEMBER (3915 COMMENTS)

      Did you complain to anybody? I did,to C5,OFCOM,Schwarzkopf. Thats what you should have done. The more flack these organisations get the more likely BB would have had to do something.
      I don’t agree that Deana deserves to or should win because of that though. Conner was the guilty party. I don’t think Deana was singled out anymore than Lauren or Luke A for bullying type treatment from the other housemates and Luke A and Adam were both set up by BB to create controversy .
      Yes BB has handled a lot of things badly this series including appearing to favour certain housemates but
      now we have a final 5 who in the main deserve to be there. They should be voted by the public based on who they found entertaining and who they would actually like to spend time with not as you suggest to not give Conner satisfaction.
      I won’t be voting for Deana as to be honest I couldn’t have lasted a week in the house with her. I did my bit by complaining about the racist and sexist comments made and BB inaction to stop the blatant bullying.

  15. poppy44 on 8:28am August 11 '12

    Go jennyjuniper! your soooo right about :star:

  16. conner is a nice guy he is a t*** for wot he said but like him or not he made this year a good show i’m glad he got the 50k

  17. str-8-edge on 10:37am August 11 '12

    I’M HAPPY ASHLEY AND SCOTT LEFT .BOTH WORTH LESS..That Vote List ,is a scam.They Haver DEnna to Win. When the audience was boo inng her

    • Jules on 10:48am August 11 '12
      MEMBER (2503 COMMENTS)

      I was also praying that it would be Scott and Ashley but was surprised that Scott had less votes than Ashley. The problem now is, the evicted Insiders will most likely be voting for either Sara or Luke S, possibly this is why Ashley received more votes. Did someone say that Connor was voting for her, Shievonne would have been as well and then you had that worn out celebrity who thinks she knows all, Natalie whatever, cant even remember her name, I have no doubt that she would have voted for Ashley. The bedroom scene was obviously her cup of tea. Yuck. She was a devious little so and so when she was in. Was glad when she left.

  18. arvintaylor on 11:31am August 11 '12

    Good result! Deana 2 win!

    • microsis on 11:41am August 11 '12
      MEMBER (2007 COMMENTS)

      Good result

      Luke A 2 win :love:

      :music: :music: :music:

      • Jules on 12:31pm August 11 '12
        MEMBER (2503 COMMENTS)

        Trio …….

        ADAM to win :love:

        • microsis on 12:43pm August 11 '12
          MEMBER (2007 COMMENTS)

          :yes: :rofl: :rofl:

          :music: :music: :music:

        • Orchid333 on 1:56pm August 11 '12
          MEMBER (3192 COMMENTS)

          JULES. I owe you an apoloigy :crying: ANONYMOUS posted me a comment (amongst other things) that he/she hoped I would be evicted from this site. Stupidly, when you made a comment and said – I agree also …”, I thought you were referring to ANONYMOUS’ comment about me. However, CONFUSED very kindly put me right and explained that you were replying to AmCous. Sorry. :bigsmile:

          Luke A to win :love:

          • Jules on 3:55pm August 11 '12
            MEMBER (2503 COMMENTS)

            Aw no Orchid, I dont believe in attacking the posters, only the posts. Mind you I have said to Star that we will let him sleep if he wants to :rofl: :rofl:

        • sammyvan on 6:06pm August 12 '12
          MEMBER (1316 COMMENTS)

          So glad the three outsiders have made it to the final. Wish Lauren could have been there with them, but I guess we can’t have it all!
          Deana, I hope, will win!!
          [takes cover under desk!]

          • Biddy on 7:59pm August 12 '12
            MEMBER (906 COMMENTS)

            My feelings too Sammyvan,,Lauren was my favourite, and would have loved her to have made it to the final too…but as Lauren wanted Luke A to win , i am now supporting him,,,but i don’t really mind which of the outsiders wins as long as it is one of them…
            :music: :music: :music:

          • Orchid333 on 10:51pm August 12 '12
            MEMBER (3192 COMMENTS)

            SAMMYVAN and BIDDY. I also loved Lauren and wish she could have been with Luke A; Adam and Deanna in the final but I am sure that she will be overjoyed that they have made it to the final. :bigsmile:

            Lauren will be there tomorrow night with the 3 Outsiders. :bigsmile:

            Luke A to win. :love: but I will not be too upset provided Adam or Deanna win. :cool:

  19. Confused on 1:25pm August 11 '12

    Not surprising that Scott got less votes. You have to feel strongly about someone to spend the money to vote. BOTS “experts” just rattle on, justifying bad judgement by saying people didn’t vote for Scott because they thought he was safe. Their audience seems to recycle the same group from the pub down the street. No one else in all of the UK wants to appear on that show? No wonder they are not in tune with the general public. When will BOTS learn that sock puppets can’t vote or think. The show has become a joke, filled with has-beens and never-beens, self-professed psychology experts and fillers with bricks to the head. Hopefully the fortune-tellers are gone for good.

    • Orchid333 on 1:49pm August 11 '12
      MEMBER (3192 COMMENTS)

      CONFUSED: Thanks so much for putting me right on me thinking that JULES was agreeing with ANONYMOUS’ comment on me being evicted from this site. I think that I will have to apologise to JULES.

      Glad you are enjoying this site. :bigsmile:

      Luke A to win :love:

  20. Sally on 1:49pm August 11 '12

    Well done to all 5 for getting into the final,
    It will be interesting to see what LukeS is like without Ashleigh in the house.
    I was pleased Scott got cheers, what a strange boy he is :bigsmile:
    What a great result Deana, Adam and Luke A together in the final.

    Favourite to win Deana :phone: :love:

  21. brokenangel on 1:55pm August 11 '12

    Conor , Caroline, Becky blast the final 5: Read more :
    They may no longer be in the house, but Big Brother housemates Conor, Caroline and Becky have been letting their feelings felt!

    Last night saw their pals Ashleigh and Scott evicted in a double exit, leaving Deana, Luke A, Adam, Luke S and Sara to compete in the final five.

    One of them will be crowned winner and walk away with £50,000 next Monday.

    But writing on Twitter, Becky moaned: “Well its safe to say that this years big brother will be the sh**est final ever.”

    She added: “Has never been as furious in my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    Conor, of all people, branded the result “disgusting” and “disgraceful”.

    He wrote: “This is DISGUSTING !! Disgracefull !!! Worst final in BIG BROTHER HISTORY !!!”

    While Caroline lashed out at the “moronic” and “deluded” voters for saving Adam and Deana in last night’s eviction.

    She said: “FUMING the general public/studio audience/people that vote r clearly f**kig moronic deluded t**** with no concept of reality/sense of humour.”

    All such charmers…

    Didn’t add link but found this on

    • Orchid333 on 2:06pm August 11 '12
      MEMBER (3192 COMMENTS)

      BROKENANGEL. What bad losers are they then? This BB has seen the worst bad loser housemates ever.

      Well, I have to say that us “deluded” voters were absolutely correct in saving good housemates and ensuring that those lot were evicted.

      I bet their families are very pround of them (NOT) !! especially Caroline’s.

      My blood is boiling. I’m so angry. Nothing left but for me to finish off the bottle of wine from last night. :drink:

      Luke A to win :love:

    • Bad losers comes to mind…
      I for one am finding BB so much better without them…
      Luke A to win !!!! :love:
      :music: :music: :music:

      • Orchid333 on 2:27pm August 11 '12
        MEMBER (3192 COMMENTS)

        BIDDY – Ditto.

        My husband stopped watching BB with me some time ago because he said it was a FIX and it was just winding him up. When I read out to him BROKENANGEL’s text, he said – “who in their right mind would give Caroline a job?”. Got to agree with him there. :nod:

        Luke A to win :love:

        :music: :music: :music:

        • Caroline’s parents will get her a job, just as they paid for her private education and ongoing gap years. Is her dad , really a doctor? i find that almost impossible to believe, she seemed so ignorant about sex education and health. Having said that i have come across some useless doctors.

      • Definitely Biddy, they have kept a few of the others down with their bitchy and unfair play. It is a gameshow but there is no need to cheat whatsoever regardless of what age they are. :love:


        • Orchid333 on 10:23am August 13 '12
          MEMBER (3192 COMMENTS)

          Oh dear Andrea. :whew: I think that you should go and have a lie down in a dark room. ONLY JOKING. :giggle: :giggle:

          Luke A to win and if not then Adam to win and if not then Deanna to win. :star:

        • Orchid333 on 10:37am August 13 '12
          MEMBER (3192 COMMENTS)

          ANDREA: I couldn’t believe your hurtful comment about Luke A’s sexuality. I was astounded and felt that it was an unnecessary comment to make. Have you no compassion????

          If you think that Luke A is boring then you are entitled to your opinion, but please be careful about making personal comments about him.

          Luke A to win :star:

    • brains on 2:27pm August 11 '12

      its obvious that they know more than the viewers who have been watching the show and voting,or are they deluded and nasty people with a bit of envy thrown in,i suggest they crawl back to their rocks, good result would have been better if luke s had gone with them

      • They are just nasty people, bitchy to the end and they do not know what sportsmenship is. Thank goodness that we got rid of the lot of them. Caroliine, Becky, Connor and now Ashleigh, you are once again together out of the house, thank goodness for that. Jules

    • jennyjuniper on 6:10pm August 11 '12
      MEMBER (1179 COMMENTS)

      It says something for how despicable carowhine and conman are by the much lightened atmosphere in the house after they left. Even though some of those left bitched a little, it was still almost instantly a happier house.
      As for conman, carowhine and Miss BMI why don’t they crawl back under the rocks they emerged from and do us all a favour.

      • sammyvan on 6:16pm August 12 '12
        MEMBER (1316 COMMENTS)

        Would love to know if any of the evicted [ and not missed ] housemates ever read the forums? I know Emma tells them not to, but its human nature to want to know what is [or has been] said about you?
        Maybe we should have a page here, Alec, where all regular posters can leave constructive messages for the ex-HM’s? Obviously the mods would have a tough time weeding out some messages that might be a little too truthful!!? Would be good to be able to tell the HM’s our honest opinions….good or bad!

    • JaniceR on 6:44pm August 12 '12
      MEMBER (3915 COMMENTS)

      Are you sure that’s what Becky said?! She didn’t use the word literally!
      I didn’t care for these people and their opinions when they were in the house and definitely don’t now. Sad thing is that they believe taht they are right and everyone else must be deluded.

  22. brains on 2:32pm August 11 '12

    didnt that moron conor say in his interview that he would like to see adam win and he wouldnt mind if deana won,

  23. BBFANDEBS on 3:14pm August 11 '12

    What a result and what an interesting final. I see that the other evictee’s. apart from Conor because he CHOSE to leave, have been spouting horrible things.

    It worries me that the young generation have people like Conor and Ashleigh to emulate.

    Thankfully there are lots of young people who don’t act this way, and perhaps putting more respectful people in the house to show them how you should conduct yourself is the way to go. Oh but then that would be boring!! Give me a polite and respectful person any day over someone who can spout vile abuse, and someone else who can;t string a sentence together without use of expletives, not to mention the cumgate incident. :puke:

    • brains on 3:29pm August 11 '12

      well said, who would you rather have as a daughter,deana or ashleigh (no contest)

    • Sally on 4:15pm August 11 '12
      MEMBER (2372 COMMENTS)

      :hi: BBFANDEBS well said. Fortunately the nasty aggressive potty mouthed people are in the minority. No one expects the housemates to be angels my goodness it’s not a children’s tea party.It’s good to see them competitive. It’s good to see them working in a team. Like you say better to have polite and respectful people.But there will always be one :devil: .

      In that environment sparks will fly no matter what.

      I wouldn’t like to be the people who pick who goes into the house, would you? :rofl:

  24. to all deana fans sorry but she only cares about the money and she dont care about adam or luke a you will see that when she get out of the house. If deana won she will not give any money to adam or luke a. vote for any of them not her.

    • Jules on 4:04pm August 11 '12
      MEMBER (2503 COMMENTS)

      TBH Star I do not see why anyone should give money to anyone else. They will have won it fair and square. I didnt agree with BB giving away 50,000 and I certainly didnt agree with Connor having it, neither would i have agreed with Luke S having it. On the other hand I will own up and say that had it been me I think I would have taken the money. I guess though I would have to be put in that position to really say.

      Adam and Luke As began with a bet but they then agreed to give 5,000 to the other if one of them wins. If you remember Connor also suggested that winnings be split between three people, will he split his 50,000? (he could see him and Luke S in the final), I douibt it very much and yet Ashleigh seems to think that she will get a piece of it. They must have been talking about it, they were so confident with it all.

      • Orchid333 on 5:37pm August 11 '12
        MEMBER (3192 COMMENTS)

        JULES: I think that Adam and Luke A are genuine guys and that they will be true to their word and give £5,000 to the other if they win. :star:

        Luke A to win :love:

        P.S. Hope you read my apology JULES. :bigsmile:

        • Jules on 6:37pm August 11 '12
          MEMBER (2503 COMMENTS)

          Aw Orchid of course I read it, no worries at all. TBH I had to have a good look at the post itself to see where it began from, it does get complicated at times if there are a lot answering one person. When you said I thought oh no I had slipped up, it is so easy to do….. :handshake: :love:

      • sammyvan on 6:22pm August 12 '12
        MEMBER (1316 COMMENTS)

        Conor giving any of his 50 grand away? Never mind ” pigs might fly”……….just seen the entire farm-yard fly overhead! Someone break it gently to Ash ‘that just aint gonna happen’.
        I can see Adam and Luke A sticking to a bargain if they made one, however I dont think it envolved Deana? Was she part of this as well?

        • No ,,it was just between Adam and Luke A…
          And i think they will stand by that promise..
          Two very genuine people ….
          Not sure where Deana was when they made this pact..!!!
          :music: :music: :music:

          • I agree Biddy they will keep to their promise. It began with the two of them saying that they thought the other would win, they used the words “I bet you will win” or words to that effect. They then ended up in saying well whoever won would give the 5,000. Deanna wasnt there but as I say it didnt begin as an intentional pact imo. :love:

          • Jules on 8:26pm August 12 '12
            MEMBER (2503 COMMENTS)

            Can I say damn, that one escaped me again, as I realised I hadnt logged in it went and came up under anonymous. Sorry.

            I think the time has come to congratulate everyone on standing up for their favourite. We each have different ideas and I know that we may get up tight if our favourite is criticised but, it is only a game and it is time to :handshake: and to say to everyone good luck for tomorrow.

            Each and everyone of those HMs deserve credit for going into the house to entertain us, they have shown themselves up good and proper, not an easy thing to do. They will definitely be remembered as the bitchiest house ever so perhaps some will stay on our minds instead of being forgotten :rofl:

            Many will hopefully have regrets for their own sake but if they do not never mind, we will go on to the next one and just wish them all luck.

            So good luck everyone time to wish the 5 all the best and to offer them a :handshake: for making the final 5.

            ADAM DEANNA or LUKE A to win

        • Orchid333 on 10:56pm August 12 '12
          MEMBER (3192 COMMENTS)

          SAMMYVAN. The agreement regarding the £5,000 was just between Luke A and Adam.

  25. you are so right star dont vote for deana

  26. yes all true get her out sara 2 win

  27. Jules on 4:05pm August 11 '12

    Would rather Sara goes than Deanna.

  28. Sara or Luke A to win :love:

  29. to jules sorry but deana just in it for the money she lies she dont care about adam or luke a thats y i dont wot deana to win. sara 2 win or any of them just not deana.

    • Jules on 5:30pm August 11 '12
      MEMBER (2503 COMMENTS)

      Matter of choice Star eh, I cant stand Sara I think she has been two faced all the way making out she was neutral but she never has been. She has been an Insider all the way along flitting from one to the other but mainly on the side of most of the Insiders. Sara has gone where she thought she would do best with the public. Listening out for the cheers, she has played a good game and stayed under the radar with the HMs but she hasnt been reliable.

      • Sally on 6:29pm August 11 '12
        MEMBER (2372 COMMENTS)

        Never a truer word was of the best games played this BB.

      • I’m glad you saw it too, Jules. I saw Sara as an insider who sidled up to Deana a few weeks ago when Brian announced that she had received the most public votes that week. She has been bitchy and confrontational with Deana quite a few times which proves she is two-faced and only keeping in with her for her own ends. She is probably confused now after the boos Deana received at the eviction last night. It will be interesting to see if she distances herself from Deana now, thinking she has become unpopular.

        • Orchid333 on 9:17pm August 11 '12
          MEMBER (3192 COMMENTS)

          JULES and BJKUK, what I have noticed about Sara is she is always saying – “I really, really, really, really like …” and – “he/she is one of my best friends in the house …”. :mmm:

          Last night on the live feed Sara said – “Scott has not got a bad bone in his body … I nominated him and I feel so bad for it …” So why do it then Sara??? What I did find funny was Adam keep replying to Sara saying something on the lines of – ” yes, he does have one or two bad bones” tee hee :giggle: :giggle:

          Luke A to win :love:

          • Jules on 11:05pm August 11 '12
            MEMBER (2503 COMMENTS)

            :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: I cannot understand the gal, sat in the DR saying that Scott was her best friend and yet, she nominated him as we know. Those nominations cost Scott his place. :love:

      • I totaly disagree Jules. You must be watching a different show. Sara wouldnt know HOW to be two faced. All the two faced people and now happily out of the house hopefully into obscurity. Just because Sara was friends with both groups doesnt mean she was flitting from one to the other. She likes Deana and Luke A and doesnt have a great connection with Adam. She hasnt a spiteful or mean bone in her body and no way on earth would she be clever enough to listen for the cheers and run to whoever she thought was popular. She was friends with the people in question even before they started announcing who won the public vote Sara is a sweet girl and has done everyone proud. I love her since day one and am so glad she is now in the final

        • Orchid333 on 12:43am August 12 '12
          MEMBER (3192 COMMENTS)

          LORILEE: You are deluded. Sara could be nice but she is only real when she is sober and probably being herself. She cannot say – ” I really really really like …” and – ” they are my best friend in the house …” AND then nominate them and cry because they have been evicted!!! :mmm:

          Luke A to win :love:

      • Sara is a totally genuine and least bitchy housemate and its the same people on every single thread here are slating her. There were plenty of false back stabbing housemates with game plans and bitchiness who deserved to be slated on here. Deana has been quite nice but has bitched as well as the best of them,. has been moody and had arguments so why dont you slate her? Sara to win!!!!!

        • Jules on 7:03pm August 12 '12
          MEMBER (2503 COMMENTS)

          They have all bitched tbh to a certain extent but there are different ways of playing a crafty game. Sara went in the same as the others to win……nothing wrong in that, nothing wrong in doing it the way she wanted to but……was it the right way for a lot of people to applaude her?

          We all have to open our eyes and look for the obvious things there isnt much point imo in watching if we think they are all going to be perfect, none of them are and when one interferes with an onlookers choice for no reason then they lose their vote.

          The money is a great incentive and if one plays “dirty” then that is their gameplay. Sara knew what the others were up to the same as she listened to the outsiders. She has played a game which has got her into the final five, she has gone undercover. She may win but in my eyes she wont be a worthy winner.

    • Sorry Star ,,but i cannot agree with you..I think Deana is far more genuine than Sara,,,Sara has flitted from one group to the other ,, then always goes back to the insiders and tells tales….not a very trustworhty person at all…
      Have never really liked Sara from the word go….tried to be in the background , but couldn’t help herself from telling tales to the insiders about the outsiders…
      Luke A to win…
      :music: :music: :music:

  30. oh Luke s 2 win he is so fit and sexy nice bum and a big ball oh my god i love him luke all way and win adam luke a and sara ok i dont like deana at all no i dont.

  31. get deana out next sara to win :rofl:

  32. all true sara to win

  33. Deana 2 win :party:

    • :clapping: :clapping: :clapping:

      DEANA for the WIN :yes: :yes:

      :star: :star: :love: TEAM DEANA :star: :star:

      :love: :love: :love:

      • Agreed, Deana for gold, would love to see a strong , dignified, beautiful woman win , especially after all the abuse she has been subjected to, because of her race and gender and poise from BB and certain reprobates in the house.

      • Orchid333 on 11:46pm August 11 '12
        MEMBER (3192 COMMENTS)

        FUDGE: Aren’t you lucky? Obviously, as a “Moderator” you can submit as many smiley faces as you want. LOL :giggle: Yesterday, I felt very bad because as a “Guest” I was told I was limited to only 5 smiley faces and I was made to feel like a naughty child. Now, I have a complex and before submitting my postings, I count how many smiley faces I am about to submit. :whew:

        Anyway – Luke A to win :love: If not Adam :love: and if not, then Deanna :love:

        I hope I have not exceeded my allowance!!! :wondering: Well done Mo Farah on his 2nd Gold this week. :star: OMG I KNOW I have exceeded my limit now!! :giggle: Oh well, maybe I have, but it is not the end of the world is it it?

        Luke A to win :love:

  34. Jules on 7:47pm August 11 '12

    Whilst I want Adam to win i will be putting in votes for Luke A and Deanna along with Adam.

  35. well done mo :clapping: double gold :bigsmile:

  36. no no no sara 2 win

  37. str-8-edge on 8:47pm August 11 '12

    ——————ADAM TO WIN————

  38. rionablue on 12:28am August 12 '12

    Sara to win she is the best left in there

  39. str-8-edge on 9:25pm August 12 '12


  40. Jules on 11:59pm August 12 '12

    Just watched BBOTS wow doesnt that Ashley ever give up having a right old dig at Deanna.

    It was confirmed that Scott was more for the Insiders, I would think that it was peer pressure even though he says he didnt like it. He wanted to seem to fit in, if, as he says, he liked Adam and Luke A he should have had the courage to be with them more not just when he realised they were getting the cheers. Had more found the courage things could have been different but the main group had the weaker ones in the palm of their hands, they thought they could dominate the house. Thank goodness they went.

    I like him better now that he is out of the house, this has happened with me with two or three of them. Good luck to him anyway.

    • Orchid333 on 12:07am August 13 '12
      MEMBER (3192 COMMENTS)

      JULES – Noted your comments about Ashleigh but I DUNNO: I DUNNO: I DUNNO: I DUNNO. Glad to see the back of her (Ashleigh, I mean – not Deanna).

      What a load of rubbish was BOTS. The phone room with Jamie was a waste of time and who the heck chooses the callers to call back????

      I did not like Scott on BOTS. He said he didn’t want to sound arrogant but he was probably out because people didn’t vote to save him because they thought he was safe. How arrogant. :surprised:

      Luke A to win :phone:

      • Jules on 11:23am August 13 '12
        MEMBER (2503 COMMENTS)

        I couldnt understand that idiotic phone room, I thought it was supposed to be about the HMs and not Jamie. The phone calls have to be fixed to a certain extent, waste of space along with those two idiots who make up such stupid things. Cant even think of their names now they are so forgettable.

        Scott is definitely in a dream world but I guess that that definition will make him feel better. He just didnt have enough people who liked him enough to vote for him. A lot of the Insiders are in denial.

    • Couldn’t agree more about BBBOTS.

      They have been so mean to Deana all week with their fake audiences and that ignorant Alice Levine who I bet doesn’t even watch BB and constantly goats Ashleigh of all people about the soldier thing and Deana bashing.

      Seriously Ashleigh is never going to be complimentary about Deana because shes a bitter foul mouthed ignorant typical Essex chav with no sense of reality with no class and morals.

      I hope Ashleighs parents are proud of her behaviour I hope shes crawls back under a rock where she came from and live in her own little imaginary world and try make everyone believe that Lushleigh is real well no one will buy that crap anyways. I hope she learns how to speak without swearing and learning some manners the woman is the most uneducated lowest form of human being in BB history. Grow up Ashleigh not everything is about you u nasty chav.

      Its people like Ashleigh, Conor, Becky and Caroline that makes this country look so bad.

      Now on to Scott how deluded and stupid he is to actually claim that the reason he got out because people thought he was already safe and didn’t bother voting for him how lame.

      I’ll keep it short. Scott joined the insiders after Conors fake apology, he nominated Lauren and Deana two outsiders, Constantly bitched about Deana for no reason, He stereotyped Indians, threatened to slap Deana.

      Is that enough reason Scott why u didn’t have a massive fanbase and why ur out and lets not forget about your close relationship with Becky and Caroline the bitchiest and nastiest housemate ever.

      Alice Levine your just another chav where do Channel 5 get these Z listers wannabe celebrities from? Well Des ‘O Connor the guy that refused to remove Conor out of the house no surprise there. That idiot Irish pycholigist or whoever he is who praised Conor last week and was shocked that Scott got evicted seriously are these people living in a different planet to us all. i bet they don’t even watch the show.

      They always seem to be slagging of the outsiders and favouring the insiders which means they condone bullying and threat of physical and sexual violence against a woman.

      This will be my last BB ever hope its axed for good.

      Hope Deana wins but don’t mind if Luke A wins.

      • Orchid333 on 8:01am August 13 '12
        MEMBER (3192 COMMENTS)

        Oh Dear ANONYMOUS. :whew: i do fear for your blood pressure. :giggle: I hope you feel better now after that – but you most certainly talked a lot of sense.

        BOTS is becoming a joke.

        I agree about Mark, the psychologist. For him to say that Conor was a true winner and played a blinder of a game was ridiculous.

        I would have thought that that any psycholgists are there to analyse housemates not give unworthy praise! Iain Lee was brilliant when on BOTS with Mark but Paul Ross last night sat on the fence. :yawn:

        Hope Luke A wins but don’t mind if Adam or Deanna wins.

        • I do feel alot better well i would have felt alot better had they removed Conor out of the house with his disgusting rant, I had to get it of my chest. This is the only site I feel I can express my utter disgust with this years BB the biased crap they feed us on BBBOTS with their anti Deana agenda, don’t Channel 5 realise the more they slag her off the more shes likely to win.

          I will feel alot better if Deana wins as I feel justice will prevail well not entirely as that thug Conor will still have the 50K, but I fear for her treatment afterwards on BBBOTS, so many housemates that don’t like her will be there and will probably have digs at her. The only plus side is that bimbo chav tart Alice Levine won’t be there.

          I don’t mind Luke A winning as hes very honest and genuine yeah he bitches but he only tells the truth. Adam would have been one of my favourites to win but I just don’t think hes confronted the bullies enough hes kinda been on the fence a bit to much, but I do like him and he is loyal and don’t mind if he wins as I’ll be happy for him.

      • Jules on 11:26am August 13 '12
        MEMBER (2503 COMMENTS)

        I much prefer Emma to Alice Levine. Emma radiates fun but she is wrong when she says that she has a right to put her favourite preferences forward, she is now a presenter and should learn to stay neutral. If she doesnt then she isnt very fair and should think about another lione of work. Still like her though but no excuses Emma, stay neutral.

  41. Couldn’t agree more about BBBOTS.

    They have been so mean to Deana all week with their fake audiences and that ignorant Alice Levine who I bet doesn’t even watch BB and constantly goats Ashleigh of all people about the soldier thing and Deana bashing.

    Seriously Ashleigh is never going to be complimentary about Deana because shes a bitter foul mouthed ignorant typical Essex chav with no sense of reality with no class and morals.

    I hope Ashleighs parents are proud of her behaviour I hope shes crawls back under a rock where she came from and live in her own little imaginary world and try make everyone believe that Lushleigh is real well no one will buy that crap anyways. I hope she learns how to speak without swearing and learning some manners the woman is the most uneducated lowest form of human being in BB history. Grow up Ashleigh not everything is about you u nasty chav.

    Its people like Ashleigh, Conor, Becky and Caroline that makes this country look so bad.

    Now on to Scott how deluded and stupid he is to actually claim that the reason he got out because people thought he was already safe and didn’t bother voting for him how lame.

    I’ll keep it short. Scott joined the insiders after Conors fake apology, he nominated Lauren and Deana two outsiders, Constantly bitched about Deana for no reason, He stereotyped Indians, threatened to slap Deana.

    Is that enough reason Scott why u didn’t have a massive fanbase and why ur out and lets not forget about your close relationship with Becky and Caroline the bitchiest and nastiest housemate ever.

    Alice Levine your just another chav where do Channel 5 get these Z listers wannabe celebrities from? Well Des ‘O Connor the guy that refused to remove Conor out of the house no surprise there. That idiot Irish pycholigist or whoever he is who praised Conor last week and was shocked that Scott got evicted seriously are these people living in a different planet to us all. i bet they don’t even watch the show.

    They always seem to be slagging of the outsiders and favouring the insiders which means they condone bullying and threat of physical and sexual violence against a woman.

    This will be my last BB ever hope its axed for good.

    Hope Deana wins but don’t mind if Luke A wins.

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