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Ashleigh and the Insiders discuss nominations
As housemates prepared to nominate for the final time, Ashleigh...
Alec | Day -311

As housemates prepared to nominate for the final time, Ashleigh headed a discussion of nominations between the Insiders this morning.

In a conersation with Deana earlier today, Luke A suggested a divide between the In- and Outsiders was no longer present, but it appears he was wrong.

Gathered in the bedroom with Luke S and Sara, Ashleigh speculated: “We could all be up.

“They (Adam, Deana and Luke A) won’t vote for their friends. The three of them will vote for me, so they’ve only got two people (Sara and Scott) left.”

“They might all vote for the same two though,” said Luke S, who is immune.

Sara suggested that she would probably get a vote, but couldn’t answer when Ashleigh questioned her who from. “Do you know what I mean?” she asked. “They wouldn’t vote for each other like you wouldn’t vote for Scott… or me.”

In a  Big Brother first, housemates were permitted to freely discuss nominations at the start of the series, but the fundamental rule was reinstated after a few weeks, and the group has since struggled to obide by it since.

How should the offending housemates be punished?

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  1. Orchid333 on 4:21pm August 6 '12

    Two people are being evicted on Friday so there has to be 3 up so put Ashleigh and Sara up and not let them nominate and because Luke S has got his pass for the final, don’t let him nominate. They have to be seriously punished for this blatant rule break and not just be punished by switching the blooming water off. :speechless:

    Luke A to win :star: :phone:

    :music: :music: :music:

    • rionablue on 5:13pm August 6 '12
      MEMBER (3570 COMMENTS)

      Would you say the same Orchid if it were the outsiders who were discussing nominations as they have in the past as well. Its clear you dont like these three so its easy to say put them up. Specially Sara. I notice from many of your posts you dont like her. Anyway it doesnt matter now the votes are in

      • Orchid333 on 7:39pm August 6 '12
        MEMBER (3183 COMMENTS)

        RIONABLUE – I respect you for sticking up for Sara and you are entitled to your opinion. However, if you read one of my very recent postings, I have said that Sara is nowhere near as bad as a lot of the Housemates already gone.

        If the the Outsiders were discussing nominations, yes I would agree that they should be punished. Ashleigh made a blatant rule break by saying to Luke S – ” You wouldn’t nominate Scott or me” :whew:

        Luke A to win :star: :star: :star: If he doesn’t, then Adam :star: :star: and if he doesn’t, then Deanna. :star:

        :music: :music: :music:

  2. yeahyeahyeah on 4:48pm August 6 '12

    From the very beginning, BB should have taken away the right to nominate from any housemate discussing nominations. That would have clearly enforced the rule. But they clearly want nomination talk to happen so they can cause more “drama” in the house by “punishing” the housemates, albeit with extremely lame and ineffective “punishments” such as turning off the hot water. Dim-witted producers and creative directors, with no idea how to actually cause excitement for the viewing public. :fubar:

  3. dragon on 4:57pm August 6 '12

    I think the three who discussed nominations should be tied up together at the ankles for 48 hours, with Luke S in the middle.

  4. BBNut on 5:08pm August 6 '12

    I think for the show to survive a while longer, a new producer and creative team need to be installed. The task team are at their best and they can stay. The blatant format of the show we’ve seen this year has to end in order to keep the faith, the fans, the viewers and the show on air, period. Otherwise our beloved BB will sink without trace. I am now a lot more confident that this series will end well after all the controversy, fingers crossed! Deana for the crown! :makeup: :love:

    • The task team dreamt up the white room and 50K task. Conner thanked them last night!
      No, clear them all out and bring back the original staff from BB1. Good ideas/tasks and no mercy!
      Also replace the team who selected the HM.

      • BBNut on 5:46pm August 6 '12
        MEMBER (195 COMMENTS)

        Oops sorry Janice! Must admit I’ve not seen last night’s shows yet I’m a day behind! :doh:

      • Orchid333 on 7:45pm August 6 '12
        MEMBER (3183 COMMENTS)

        JANICE R. Strictly speaking, the Task Team did not dream up the White Room. They stole the idea from BB Australia!!

        Yes. I agree BB1 onwards on C4 was the best and fairest and clearly not FIXED. C5 will lose a lot of viewers – that is of course, if they get series 14.

        Thank goodness for the Olympics. That is keeping me relatively sane. :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

        WELL DONE GB TEAM. :star: :love:

  5. poppy44 on 6:05pm August 6 '12

    I really hope ashleigh and scott go on friday.

    Even though he has given me a few chuckles lol. :wondering:

  6. they should be punished when deana and luke a were talking about nomination they punished them but now that the insiders are talking about it they aren’t doing anything about it

  7. str-8-edge on 9:49pm August 6 '12


  8. put sara up and take luke s golden ticket of him put him up 2 :blush:

  9. luke a to win :hi:

  10. brains on 8:01am August 7 '12

    i think the reason there was no punishment is that bb has already made up there mind who they want in the final,and instructed emma willis and co to go along with this on bbbots,instead of letting the show take its course they have juggled with it to much,bb will decide and the great british public will just keep sending the money, they dont have to cheat just bend the rules when it suits them and then bbbots can say how much everyone loved the twist. to let a few hms get away with what they have is disgusting and they should be ashamed at what they have let happen all viewers know that one hm should have been thrown out weeks ago instead he got 50k and then tried to make him look a good guy on interviews ignoring 90% of what the public wanted. you the great british public decide what a load of rubbish.

  11. BB should have taken away Luke S’s right to be immune from Nom’s for discussing them with his trashy girlfriend. Yet again one rule for one etc etc

  12. Confused on 9:16am August 7 '12

    Don’t forget the final Turf War. Conor and his team all lost the right to nominate. It hasn’t been totally one-sided.

    Sara has sailed through on invisibility. HMs are nominated when they instill strong emotions in others. Sara has been behind the wallpaper. Inoffensive but not a winner. She would win an Olympic event only if all other competitors dropped out before the start, as she would soon drop out once the event began.

  13. Well BB has punished the HM for discussing nominations. Luke S, Ashleigh and Deana who was caught talking to the outsiders. Sara wasn’t punished as she didn’t actually try to influence people to nominate just stated that she thought she would be nominated.

    • ‘They wouldn’t vote for each other – just like you wouldn’t vote for Scott or me’. Hmmmmmmm, not trying to influence? Pretty strongly influential statement if you ask me, from someone perched precariously on a fence. Oh well, at least she has had a chance to wash her hair…. :giggle:


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